Wednesday, January 25, 2017

lawson: nine and ten month updates.

i can't believe that you are 10 months old- that means your first birthday is right around the corner, and i better get to planning! it has been such a fun couple of months, you are growing and learning so much and we loved celebrating your first halloween, and thanksgiving! we are right in the middle of christmas and soaking up all of the joy this season has to offer with our TWO boys :)
you were about 18.5 lbs. when we went to dr. b for your second ear infection at 9 months (it was the opposite ear though- this time it was the right, so we are still hopeful that you won't have the ear issues like your big brother did). after your ear infection, you had a fever for a couple of days, but it went away with no other symptoms. other than that, you have stayed healthy!
{your 9 month picture}
routine and sleep:
you are typically up for the day between 6:30 and 7. we change you, then feed you a bottle and wait about 30 mins or so, and then give you breakfast.

after another bottle, you are ready for your morning nap around 10 (for about an hour) and take another one about 2:00 (for about 2 hours). and we moved bedtime a little earlier, to about 7:30.
 clothes and diapers:
you are wearing mostly 12 months! we even moved up to size 4 diapers just a little before you turned 10 months!
i stopped nursing right at 9 months, thanks to cutting two teeth. i think you were ready to give it up anyways, and that was okay with me. so you're now taking about 24oz a day in bottles and eating 3 meals of baby food with whatever solid foods you can handle. you pretty much want to eat anything that you can get ahold of, but you don't really get excited about being spoon-fed the purees anymore.
{thanksgiving at big brother's preschool}
our favorite baby gear:
we've started using the space saver high chair right after 8 months, and you love to sit with us at meal times. you also recently started using the walker to stand up and take steps while pushing it.
milestones and development:
we've recently had big changes! you started crawling right at 10 months (finally!) before that you were scooting but if a toy was too far away, you would scoot on your belly or fuss until someone helps you ;) you also started pulling up to standing the save week... and took a nose dive out of your crib, which made me feel terrible (you were okay, just a scratch on your forehead to prove it!).

you also learned how to clap, blow kisses (only to mimi) and take steps while holding our hands!
your number 5 and 6 (bottom) teeth popped through at 9 months, and your 7th (top to the left) tooth came through right at 9.5 months.
you and your brother love to play in your cars (yours is a walker, his is a cozy coupe) you follow each other around the downstairs, and laugh when you bump into each other. sometimes it feels like i'm living in a game of mario kart!
you don't like to be left alone, even if we are just going to the other room for a always want to be in the middle of the party!
life with you is SO much fun, baby boy!

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