Thursday, September 15, 2016



i cannot believe that it has been THREE whole years since you were born, but i am so proud of the big boy that you are becoming! you weigh 32 lbs. (52%) and are 41" tall (98%).
after being by my side for (almost) every day of your life, you started school a couple of weeks ago. we've done pretty well with the adjustment- no tears from either one of us ;) you're only going monday, wednesdays and fridays from 9:00-12:00, and you love it! you have already learned so much and are picking up new phrases from your friends every day- daddy and i laughed when you said "let's go guys!" this past weekend.

you know how to count to about 17, know your abcs, call identify all of your letters and even write a couple. and i just overheard you saying the days of the week today (in somewhat correct order)!
{writing an "H" at school}
potty training has been a struggle around here... it's probably my least favorite thing about parenting so far (right up there with sleepless nights), but you are catching on. i'm convinced that you have complete control and do well when you WANT to- everything has to be on carter's terms. mr independent and strong willed for sure. (pink) starburst and peanut butter m&m's (you call them *blue prize*) are your favorite potty treats.

you had your first ER trip right before your birthday- Dr. B had put you on an antibiotic for pneumonia and after it didn't get better on a friday afternoon, we went to urgent care and they sent us on to the hospital. after a chest xray, breathing treatment and some more prescriptions, they sent us home. you were a trooper and we were able to convince you that the breathing treatment was silly.
you love building with blocks and playing with airplanes, helicopters, trains, cars and trucks. your favorite movie right now is the jungle book {the classic one, not the remake} and you love watching sports with daddy. mickey mouse and nemo are your favorite stuffed animals; they sleep with you every night. you love to read books- "yellow copter" and "goodnight airplanes" are two of your favorites right now. you also love being outside- playing on your slide and riding your tricycle.
 Will is your best bud. you guys have so much fun swimming and playing together. he even helped convince you to sleep in big boy beds at the condo so that you two could share a room!
{with Will at your birthday party}
 you love to "drive mommy's car" and give me a run for my money when i try to wrangle you into your carseat at preschool pick up.
 you are a wild one, jumping from couch to couch, and you love to make people laugh, but you also have a tender heart and sensitive soul. you melt my heart when you say "good morning, mommy" {all six times in the morning} or "i love you" and demand kisses and multiple hugs before bed. you are the BEST big brother; our only fear is that you may squash Lawson trying to give him too much love ;)
i am so glad that you're mine, sweet boy. it is the biggest joy to watch you grow!

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