Thursday, February 25, 2016

lawson's birth story.

when i went to the doctor on monday morning, my blood pressure was still up and my urine sample showed +2 protein, an increase from friday... it would be the next day before they could get the results back from my bloodwork and 24 hour urine test to confirm, but my OB was worried about preeclampsia. i was scheduled to be induced tuesday morning {due to high fluid and large gestational size}- but my OB decided to send me on to the hospital that afternoon.
i got to the hospital about 11:00, and signed in. i changed into the gown, got hooked up to the monitors and the nurse put my IV in my wrist- and my vein collapsed. i felt really light headed, and my vision started to black out. i told her i wasn't doing good- so she gave me some oxygen and put a cold washcloth on my forehead. i normally do fine with blood work and needles, so i'm blaming it on the fact that i hadn't eaten anything since dinner {during the superbowl} the previous night. greg had gone to the car to get our bags- so when he came back to me with an oxygen mask on my face and a nervous, splotchy nurse- he wondered what the heck had happened. she had to do a second IV in my left hand {which still made me feel light-headed, but not quite as bad} and they started my antibiotics for GBS and pitocin (even though i was already contracting on my own). i was having some back pain and was starting to get nervous because i just felt like things were not going as smoothly as they had with Carter.

my doctor got there shortly after to break my water and after he checked me {still 4 cm, 80%}, he asked when was the last time that we confirmed he was head down (which was at my 36 week ultrasound... and i had been checked since then as well!). i said "oh, my gosh"... and i think he could tell that i was starting to freak out at the possibility of a c-section, so he said something about "maybe he just had a soft head, lets get an ultrasound machine to check". the ultrasound he confirmed that lawson was breech. and i just started crying. hard. i was terrified of a c-section... i had never had surgery, i'm claustrophobic, and of course, all of the horror stories you hear didn't help. my doctor was very comforting and answered all of my questions and told me that i was a great candidate for a vbac if i wanted to have another baby, but that right now a c-section was really the best option. he had a couple other ladies in labor, so he said he would be back in a couple of hours and we would schedule it for 4:30 that afternoon. 

so, i continued to cry while we packed up our things and headed to a c-section room closer to the OR. greg called my mom (who was at my house with my dad and carter) and asked her to come to the hospital. in the mean time, the anesthesiologist and the nurse anesthetist {lee} came to talk to me. they were both reassuring and the nurse had me take a nasty tasting anti-nausea "shot", which was terrible because they won't even let you chase it with water. 

the other deliveries ran a little later than expected, so i didn't walk into the OR until 5:30. it was the most bizarre thing ever- i felt like i was in a movie... the OR is so bright white and sterile- it's a small room, with a LOT of people in it- my doctor, an additional OB, the anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, at least two nurses for me and two for lawson, and my doctor's medical student who i had gotten to know on a really intimate level really quickly ;). i sat on the table and my nurse (megan) held onto my shoulders as the nurse anesthetist put in my spinal- which was better than the epidural i had with carter- it was pretty quick and painless, and they had me turn and lay down immediately. lee {the nurse anesthetist} was wonderful- he asked me about Carter and distracted me while they got everything prepped and made sure that i was good and numb before greg came in. 

the whole thing wasn't as bad as i expected. my OB had me pick out the music i wanted in the OR- my choice was Michael Jackson, and Billy Jean was the first song to come on the pandora station. while i didn't like the fact that my arms were tied down, it didn't feel as constraining as i expected- maybe because i was focused on other things? i did get anxious and really tense... i asked greg to rub my shoulders when he came in, because i felt like my shoulders were at my ears and they were starting to hurt. greg said when i started to freak out that the nurse anesthetist shot something into my IV... and whatever it was, it did help calm me down. the other complaint that i had was a sharp pain in my chest... i was told that it was because my body felt like i couldn't get oxygen- even though my levels were 100 out of 100 according to the computer screen behind me. 
they made the incision at 5:46 {thankfully, i didn't feel any of it}, and lawson was born at 5:57 pm. Dr. S said that he looked like greg and lee told me that he had a lot of dark hair. we heard him cry- which made me cry... it's just the best sound in the world! they showed him to us and then greg went to be with the baby on the other side of the room while they cleaned him up. my OB was so sweet to insist that i had plenty of time with the baby before they whisked him off to the nursery, but unfortunately, when they brought him back to me i got really nauseous so they ended up taking him to the nursery {with greg} while i got sick... which is why i have no pictures with lawson from the actual OR.

they finished putting me back together (i was aware that they were pushing on me... but it wasn't painful) and then transferred me to a hospital bed {you feel like you're falling!} and rolled me backwards back to my room. greg met me in there, and then brought my parents in to see me before they finally brought lawson to me.
he was perfect- squishy cheeks, a head full of dark hair and the sweetest little nose. he looked just like his big brother, plus a couple of pounds.

lawson's birth story was not at all what i imagined it would be. the fact that it was completely different than carter's serves as a reminder that each pregnancy, birth story and baby is unique... and as moms we have to roll with the punches. i am so appreciative of the doctors, nurses and {especially} anesthesiologists who made me feel so well taken care of... and in the end, it's THIS story that gave me this sweet chunk of love- so as unexpected and scary as it was- it was worth every second.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

meet lawson.

introducing: lawson weldon williams
born: february 8, 2016. 
8 lbs, 12 oz {almost two more pounds than his big brother!}
21 inches long
he is the sweetest little squish and we feel so blessed to have TWO happy and healthy boys.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

baby williams #2: 38 week bump date

i started this bump date before i went to the hospital to have Lawson, so in efforts to remember the details, i'm actually posting it after our little one has made his appearance.
definitely not the best picture of me- or the messy corner of the living room, featuring the baby swing and toddler toys... but it's about all i've got.
How far along? 38 weeks... it's was kind of weird being farther along than i was when i had carter- i hadn't ever been this pregnant before!

at my appointment on thursday (37 wks, 4 days) they said i had dilated to 4cm (and 70% still)... but my blood pressure had gone up. not as high as it did with carter, and over a week later- but still enough to send me home on bed rest over the weekend. my doctor was out of town until saturday, so i was just praying i wouldn't go into labor without him here. it also showed +1 protein in my urine, so i had to collect a 24 hour urine sample over the weekend as well. oh, joy.
Total weight gain/loss:
15ish pounds... but then i lost 3 being on bed rest over the weekend, so the final total was about +12 on the day i had Lawson.
maternity clothes? oh, yes.
 Stretch marks? i think i'm still good, but honestly, who knows what my skin will look like after it deflates a little.
Sleep: isn't going great... the past couple of nights, i've had some contractions... {nothing too uncomfortable, thankfully!} and i have to get up to go to the bathroom about 20 times.
Best moment: the baby shower brunch that my JLA girls had for me... {special thanks to LB for putting it together!} i failed at taking pictures... but the girl even bought a glue gun to get crafty for me making a centerpiece... it was so fun seeing everyone and i left feeling so loved when they filled the back of my tahoe with plenty of diapers, wipes, cute burp clothes and outfits! 
Miss Anything? being able to eat what i want without having acid reflux!
Movement: still having lots of movement going on, especially at night... probably not a good sign of what's to come, huh? ;)

Food cravings: coke icees. i want one every. single. day.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really.
Have you started to show yet: definitely.
Gender prediction: it's a boy!
Labor Signs: nope.
Belly Button in or out? it's kind of flat right now... definitely not in, but not TOO far out, either.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy... and just tired, really. i'm so thankful to be able to have another baby, but my body is pretty done being pregnant. it takes a lot out of you!
Looking forward to: meeting my baby boy!!
 greg will be home for two weeks, so i'm looking forward to lots of family time and getting used to our new {exhausted} normal ;)

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