Monday, January 25, 2016

my baby shower!

this past weekend my sweet friend angela hosted a precious shower at my house to celebrate baby lawson.
we had delicious brunch foods:
blueberry muffins
spinach salad
chick fil a nuggets
spinach dip in a bread bowl
make your own yogurt parfaits 
and these adorable {and yummy!} cookies
 baby shower game bags {guests guess what baby item they think is in each bag... the person with the most correct answers gets a prize, and the items double as gifts for the mom}
 i loved these abc cards that angela used to spell lawson's name!
love this beautiful, hilarious and honest friend of mine :)
and my momma is the best! my babies are so lucky to have her as their mimi.
and a cookie over the bump shot ;)
opening gifts... and one of the adorable hand-stitched onesies that angela gave us!
this is our sweet babysitter, kate. she was the first person that i left carter with {other than family}. we all adore her and miss her now that she's away at college. {and look how cute that diaper monster truck that she made is!}
everyone who came minus brantley, who had to leave early. it was a smaller group because of the snow and ice mix that we had the night before, but i am so thankful for these ladies who came to show us some love!
 me and my momma again...
 and we made greg jump in for a picture as the shower was wrapping up as well.
and a picture of one of my favorite details- did you see this chalkboard?! {pockets full of pebbles, bear hugs and worn out knees...cookie crumbs and kisses... lori's boy is made of these} so sweet!
{i ordered the stork on etsy and can't wait to hang in on my hospital door when my little one makes his arrival!}

Sunday, January 24, 2016

baby williams #2: 36 week bumpdate

 How far along? 36 weeks
... the weeks got away from me and it's been a while since i've updated!
Total weight gain/loss:
13 pounds {as of my appt last week}
maternity clothes? yep and in the past couple of weeks some of my maternity tops are even getting too short!
 Stretch marks? still looking okay... but my skin is SO tight and itchy lately. i feel like i am carrying him more straight outward this time.
Sleep: between the acid reflux, changing positions and my toddler waking up in the middle of the night {the big boy bed transition is not going great} i'm up a decent amount each night.
Best moment: seeing my boy on the ultrasound and hearing that he is head down and everything looks good.. except for the fact that according to the ultrasound tech he was already measuring 7 lbs, 4 oz. at 35 weeks {meaning if i go to full term, we would be talking about a 9.5 lb baby... which is terrifying}. the good news is i'm 2-3 centimeters and 60% thinned out- and my doctor said we will have a baby by 39 weeks- if not before. {crossing my fingers for "before"!}
and... my baby shower this weekend! i'll do a separate post about it, but it was a small shindig at my house and it was so sweet and perfect!
Miss Anything? wine and my clothing options.
Movement: still having lots of movement going on... which is getting pretty uncomfortable at this point.

Food cravings: sushi, zoe's chicken salad and fruit plate (with all the purple grapes they'll give me!), coke icees
Anything making you queasy or sick: sometimes when i've had something acidic for dinner, i wake up a little sick in the mornings. 
Have you started to show yet: definitely.
Gender prediction: it's a boy!
Labor Signs: nope.
Belly Button in or out? in, but getting more shallow by the day ;)
Wedding rings on or off? on. i've had some swelling in my legs/ankles this week, but my hands and face are still good!
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy- but emotional. i am having all of the feelings about the change that is coming... most of all- i'm excited, but i'm already having some mommy guilt for carter- and the fact that he just isn't sleeping well some nights is not helping with my emotional state!
Looking forward to: my baby shower brunch with my junior league friends... i dropped out last year, but they still let me come to the social dinners monthly and were so sweet to arrange a brunch next sunday to celebrate baby lawson!

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