Wednesday, November 2, 2016

lawson: seven and eight month update

i'm sorry, but here we are playing catch up again. i'm pretty sure that i will never be ahead of the game... so with that being said, here's your seven and eight month blog combo ;)health:
you are doing great! you had your first ear infection at 7 months, but you handled it like a champ. i was on the fence about taking you to the ped because you were just acting a little fussy and not eating great- but when you woke up with eye gunk, i called to schedule an appt (because i remembered that happening to carter) and i'm glad that i did! you were about 16.5 lbs at that doctor's appt... though i am sure you are bigger now.
  routine and sleep:
you are ready for bed by 8:00 every night- and have just now started sleeping 11 hours! (mommy's FAVORITE milestone so far!). in the mornings, change you and feed you, and sometimes you snooze for a little longer... but you are usually up for the day about 7 or 7:30.

you are taking two pretty good naps a day...  though the times are not consistent- mainly because we spent a lot of the time in the car dropping off and picking up your brother.

we shoot to put you down around 9:45 for your first nap and then an afternoon one at the same time as your brother- about 2:00. sometimes you get fussy in the evenings and we try to squeeze in another nap, but you don't like to miss anything!
 clothes and diapers:
we have had to move you up to 12 month (!!) sleepers because you are SO long. 9 month separates usually fit, though you can sometimes go even smaller on pants.
and you are wearing size 3 diapers.

i am still breastfeeding and you take bottles in between that are usually a mix of breastmilk and formula- though you will take formula by itself now. you are not too into the bottle, but you LOVE trying foods! you have been getting two meals a day for a while now- i'll usually mix oatmeal with a fruit and some breastmilk or formula for breakfast and do a veggie for dinner. you are doing great with swallowing and you haven't really turned anything down, but you really seem to like sweet potatoes.

we're trying to do our own version of baby led weaning, so you've also tried a good amount of solid foods- so you've also had noodles, strawberries, watermelon, refried beans and eggs and you had a bite of a peanut butter the other day, thanks to carter sharing his sandwich with you when mommy wasn't looking (no allergies so far! yay!) oh, and a bite of a cookie... because you are SO grabby and want anything that we have!
our favorite baby gear:
you have a blast in the door jumper- and it is amazing how high you go! and we use the bumbo to feed you in several times a day.

milestones and development:
you are over laying down on your back and you've been sitting up for a while now, but sometimes you'd flop over, so we have been using the boppy to put around you to support you a bit. and you can stand up, while holding on to something (or someone) pretty well now, too.

and your top two teeth recently popped through, right around 8 months.
{strolling with your buddy, millie}
you love to play with your brother! and you like it when daddy comes home from work every day- you like to get the badge that is sewn on his shirt!

you hate being on your stomach.

we are still getting so many comments on your fuzzy hair that sticks straight up like a baby chick. it's my favorite.

you are the sweetest, little love. and the PERFECT addition to our family. we love you!

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  1. Goodness he looks SO much like his brother!! :) so cute!!


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