Monday, December 28, 2015

baby williams #2: 32 week bumpdate

 How far along? 32 weeks {2 months or less until baby makes his debut!}
Total weight gain/loss:
i had gained 4.5 in the past 2.5 weeks since my last appt {oops, holiday eating!}... making it a 10.5 total pounds gained so far.
maternity clothes? mostly stretchy waistbands and maternity tops, with some tunics and dresses thrown in.
 Stretch marks? still looking pretty good... i've been trying to be diligent about greasing up the belly before bedtime every night.
Sleep: i wake a lot in the middle of the night (sometimes to pee, other times to change position or pop a pepcid complete for my acid reflux), and my restless legs bother me some nights... but overall, it's going okay.
Best moment: opening some of our christmas gifts- including a double stroller and basket full of goodies for Lawson!
Miss Anything? my clothes fitting... my wardrobe choices are much more limited these days... and it's the worst when you go to put something on, only to find out that it doesn't fit anymore.
Movement: LOTS of movement going on... yesterday i felt him flip- and he's now breech. hoping he moves around some more in the next couple of weeks and gets back "into position" on his own.

Food cravings: sushi, juices, grapes,
Anything making you queasy or sick: sometimes when i've had something acidic for dinner, i wake up a little sick in the mornings. 
Have you started to show yet: definitely.
Gender prediction: it's a boy!
Labor Signs: nope.
Belly Button in or out? in.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy.
Looking forward to: working on the nursery and our next ultrasound- though i think we have to wait until our 36 weeks for that.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

family pictures 2015.

we've been so lucky that since my good friend cara and sister in law mandy are both photographers, we usually don't have to book through a professional that we don't know.... but this year, greg and i won a photography session in a silent auction package at a fundraiser we attended and i was so excited to meet kristin benton and have her photograph my family!
let me make this clear: Carter does NOT love the camera. the fact that she got several of him smiling at all is amazing and i am so in LOVE with these pictures!!
Kristin also convinced me to take a couple bump pictures even though i was mainly focused on getting a shot for our christmas card, and i am so glad that she did. i was about 28 weeks pregnant here.
 1988 piko top and furvest both purchased from my fave local boutique, cheeky peach. necklace is betsy pittard designs and bracelet is bourbon + boweties.
love this picture of my boys :). the hubs outfit is all courtesy of gap factory...
 and carter's is a mixture of old navy (button down), gap factory (cardigan), and sperrys.
sweet boy "talking" to his baby brother in mama's belly.
Carter always has to have a car in his hands... so it was only fitting that they made an appearance in our photo session as well ;)

i am so thankful that Kristin got the shots that she did; i will cherish these pictures forever!

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