Thursday, July 2, 2015


at the beginning of june, we went on our first annual winna family vacation (williams + denna= winna... get it, like winners?). we decided on hilton head island, since it's only about 4.5 hours away, a relatively easy road trip with toddlers!

we had such a good time, the boys loved the beach and having a playmate 24/7 and the parents loved spending time with their friends, too!
 sweet boys excited on our first day at the beach! (will is almost exactly a year older than carter, but they're the same size since will is a little small for his age and carter is so tall!)
 toddler toes in the sand
 the mamas at the beach :)
 looking at the boats before dinner at Hudson's
 with my love. we couldn't convince the little one to take a picture with us. parents are SO embarrassing.
 our sweet friends at dinner the next night at skullcreek boathouse.
the grouper imperial was SO good!
 this is what most of our picture attempts looked like. these boys are busy!
 this is carter looking away from the camera on purpose- little stinker.
 sweet boys giving hugs
and a great day it was... until the meltdowns that followed this picture ;) 
we decided they didn't like being contained and told "no"... so, we found a playground to let them run around and it cheered them right up.
they were so worn out, they didn't have trouble sleeping at all!
hugs before heading out for day #2 at the beach.
 digging in the sand :)
i love seeing these two play together. they got along SO well the whole trip and didn't ever have one disagreement. one of their favorite games was hide and seek under the cabinets ;)
we ate at palmetto bay sun rise cafe on the way home... this is greg's blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast.
and i had crab cake benedict. both were delicious and we will definitely be going back the next time we visit the island.
is it too early to count down for next year's trip?

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