Tuesday, June 30, 2015

our summer bucket list.

so now that summer is about half over, i'm finally getting around to posting about our summer bucket list!
so far we have gone strawberry pickin' and tried two different storytimes... both of which were a major fail. the first one was at the library- there were lots of fun songs and stories, but instead carter enjoyed making me chase him in and out of the room (i'm not sure why they didn't close the doors)... then he found the broken outlet cover in the middle of the floor and got mad when i sat on it to prevent him playing with that... ohh, and then he discovered the water fountain...
which was obviously the highlight of his day... so, at least he had fun?

the second storytime was at a local restaurant and the crowd was slim since it was the first one and i'm assuming not a lot of people have heard about it yet. but... carter still didn't want to sit and listen to the story, he and the storytellers son didn't want to share their cars, and the storyteller had the genius idea of giving not-even-two year old ink pads to make fathers day cards. needless to say, i brought my ink-covered kid home and took him straight to the bath tub.

so basically, i think we're going to hold off until the fall try another toddler storytime ;)

hoping that we can cross off the fireworks this weekend at the lake for the 4th of july!

did you make a summertime bucket list? i'd love to hear whats on it if so!

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