Friday, May 29, 2015

twenty-one months.

dear carter, 
spending my days with you is my favorite... you have the best personality and are so much FUN! right now you love to play hide and seek {you hide, we seek}... your hiding spots are getting good, but your giggle usually gives you away.
it's been a good couple of months since you're last update, you have remained pretty healthy {with the exception of a week long case of the roseola virus}, but you have remained ear infection free since your tubes, yay!

you went through a week or so of fighting naps recently, but you are back to napping like a champ... sometimes up to 3.5 hours in the afternoons!

you're wearing size 18-24 (bottoms), 24m and 2T (tops and jon jons). a couple of months ago your eczema was really bothering you, so we swapped to honest company diapers in a size 5 and it helped clear it up. sometimes you pee through them in the mornings, so i'm still trying to figure that out, but otherwise we're happy with them... plus the designs look so cute on your little tush!

you are eating a lot more foods- you love baked beans, refried beans+ mexican rice, baked spaghetti, chicken casserole, peanut butter, popcorn, watermelon and strawberries... and chick fil a, of course. you recently decided you liked mac n cheese {i think because your friend Will was eating it and convinced you that it was good stuff}. and don't worry, you still get your veggies in {mostly in pouch form still}

spending time outside is your favorite and almost always have at least one car in your hands.
... and you really do like to wear sunglasses and hats!

you are such a water baby! you love to swim and try to dip your head under and "jump" off the sides to daddy. sometimes you're a little too fearless and it makes your mama nervous.

your speech is improving each week! you say about 30 words now, including mickey and donald duck, thanks to your current favorite tv show {barely beating out "super why"}

you understand almost all of what we say now and still don't like to be told no. {you think being cute gives you a free pass to do what you want- and to be honest, sometimes it does}.

i cannot believe i am already planning your second birthday party... time is going by way too fast!
i love you, my baby boy!

Friday, May 22, 2015

it's been FIVE years.

... since i made the best decision of my life.

God sure knew what he was doing when he sent this man my way. greg is truly a wonderful husband and i am so lucky to call him mine. he puts up with a lot of sass and does it with a smile on his face... well, most of the time ;) 

it's been an amazing five years and i'm looking forward to the rest of forever.

happy anniversary, babe. i love you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

strawberry pickin'

last tuesday the weather was perfect- in the 60s and sunny, and greg had the day off of work, so we decided to spend the morning picking strawberries at a local farm.
 carter knew exactly what they were when he saw them- he LOVES strawberries!
and daddy showed carter how to pick them off the vine.
 he did a good job picking the ones that were ripe and ready to eat.
but then he decided that he needed to taste test them before we committed to a whole half gallon
 needless to say, he gave his stamp of approval ;)
note the car in his hand in all of the pictures. he's obsessed with cars these days and will not leave home without a couple in his hands.
 he had fun running up and down the rows of strawberries.
 i love that this cute little farm is so close to our house.
 the strawberries are delicious. and the homemade strawberry ice cream is pretty good, too.
 carter liked it, but i think he would have been just as happy with plain vanilla.
 such a fun morning with my little family.
my little lovin' is getting WAY too big but we are so excited for some fun outings this spring and summer now that he is a little older.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

baby shower brunch.

a while back i posted pictures of my sweet friend, angela's gender reveal and mentioned how excited i was to throw her a girly baby shower! since we are both boy moms, our lives are currently consumed with trucks, dirt and bugs... and so we are so looking forward to a little pink in our lives.
on entry table when you walk in, i removed the pictures of carter that normally fill the space, and added some pink touches- the framed invitation and fresh flowers.
the print on the left side is the first game: baby bingo- all you do is print a bingo chart- (there are freebees online, but i had my invitation designer make me some that coordinated with the invites), have the guests fill in what they think the mama-to-be will receive as gifts (onesies, body wash, diapers, etc) and they cross them off as she opens presents. first to get bingo gets a prize... it's a great way to keep the guests involved during the sometimes awkward gift opening ;) 
 the favor: a homemade sugar scrub (just mix dawn dishsoap- the kind with olay/pomegranate scented and sugar and stir until you reach desired consistency- so easy and pretty, too!)
since the shower started at 11, we decided to have brunch type food... 
chicken minis from chick-fil-a
mini quiches
glazed donut holes
fresh fruit
spinach dip and pita chips
yogurt parfaits
and for an extra surprise, i got white chocolate cheesecake {angela's fave from our fave mama's night out spot}... it's likely the most well- known cheesecake in town, so several of the guests were excited about it!
and a mimosa bar!
i served three kinds of juice- orange, blueberry pomegranate and peach mango with several fruit options: oranges, strawberries, pineapple and limes.
{and of course we had water and sweet tea for the non-drinkers}
the "baby shower" bags in the next two pictures were for the next game... you place a baby item in each wrapped bag with the letter on the outside. what was in our bags:
 what was in our bags:
b- bibs
a- applesauce
b- burp cloths
y- yellow rubber duck
s- shampoo
h- headbands
o- onesies
w- wipes
e- ear thermometer
r- rattle

the guest who guesses the most correctly gets a prize.
i used the banner that i made angela for her gender reveal as decoration in the living room.
 i replaced this picture in the dining room (which is usually a picture of carter, of course) with an ultrasound photo... and these bags are the prizes for the shower games: my favorite scented candle, and a starbucks tumbler and gift card.
 a photo of all the lovely ladies who came to the shower :)
 angela opening presents. that little gingham onesie? i can't. so cute.
 so excited for all the girly things!!
angela is laughing in this next one because her friend kendra included a koozie- a gift for mama in her bag... loved it!
 lots of sweet PINK clothes!
this last gift was from my mom, who deserves a special shout out for coming and helping me throw the shower and being the stand in mimi for the day since angela's mom wasn't able to come. 

angela, i cannot wait to meet this baby girl, she will be the perfect addition to your sweet family! love you, friend!!

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