Sunday, March 22, 2015

18 months.

.... or, a year and a HALF, as some people like to say.
dear carter,
well, mom is late again... but you are probably getting used to that by now, we are rarely on time for anything these days ;) my big 18 month old boy, i love you more than words can express. you are full of personality and keep our lives full of lots of fun and laughter.
overall, you are a healthy boy! you are currently 26 pounds (50%) and 35 3/4 inches tall (off the charts- the height of an avg 29month old!)
after battling five ear infections, we decided it was time to get tubes put in when you were close to 16 months old (in december, right before Christmas). while that was definitely one of the hardest days for us, you recovered very quickly and it has been SO worth it. you've had a couple of colds since then, and you've actually gotten over them without it turning into an ear infection! at your check up appt with the ENT, Dr. A said that one tube is currently crusted over, but since the only way to fix it is another surgery, we are hoping that we won't have any more problems (you ped, Dr. B, said that since cold and flu season are over- we should hopefully be okay!)
routine and sleep:
you usually wake up around 8:00. we give you milk and a cup of cheerios for a few minutes before we give you breakfast (your favorites are eggs, yogurt, waffles and blueberry muffins). you typically eat a big breakfast, and then less and less throughout the day, but according to Dr. B, as long as you get one really good meal a day- we're doing good ;)

you are down to 1 nap a day, right after lunch (12:30ish)... the length of the nap differs- 2.5 hours is typical, but sometimes lately you have even gone 3.5 hours! momma loves those days.
{i love this picture because i think it gives me a preview of what he's going to look like as a teenager}
clothes and diapers:
you are wearing a mix of 18-24 month jeans and pants (though they are getting too short now), 24 month bottoms and 2T tops. and still in size 4 diapers... though we swapped to pampers cruisers- they fit a little bigger than the swaddlers did. and your foot is growing so quickly! you are currently in a size 7 shoe.
you are doing great with eating! your gagging issue has completely resolved itself, and you can even eat tortilla chips now (those were the worst for you to swallow before). getting you to try new foods is still a challenge some days, but you do eat a decent variety... and you love breakfast the most. some of your favorite foods are: string cheese, strawberries, mexican beans and rice, and baked spaghetti and peanut butter sandwiches.

you still eat pouches on the go and between meals (which makes me feel better to know you're getting your veggies in!)... we stopped the bottle completely the day after your ear tubes surgery, and now you're drinking organic whole milk at meal times and before bed.
our favorite baby items:
some of your favorite toys are your push lawn mower, little people firehouse, and blocks.

items that we use every day are camelback sippy cups, munchkin snack cups, the sleep sheep, and aden + anais swaddle blankets are your biggest attachment item since you never really cared for a paci or lovey.

we use our mountain buggy jogging stroller a LOT and we love to tag wagon rides on nice days outside! 
milestones and development:
you are very coordinated and physically able to do SO much! you can run (pretty fast!), kick and throw a ball and you love to "jump"!

you are very interactive with people and love to make them laugh. you love to be chased or hide and say "boo". you love being tickled and thrown into the air.  and you especially love miss kate, your babysitter.

being told "no". you have your own ideas and you don't like it when we stop you from doing something that you want to!

we love you, baby boy! thanks for making life so much FUN!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

the best kept secret.

my friend angela is super special to me. we became close about two years ago, when we bonded over being pregnant with our boys- who ended up being born on the exact same day (despite being due FOUR weeks apart!!) since then, we have talked pretty much daily- mostly about the kids- sharing the sweet moments and the frustrations of motherhood and i cannot tell you how much her friendship has meant to me over the past 18 months.
a little after our boys turned a year old, i was SO excited to find out that angela was expecting her third sweet baby and even more honored when she asked me to set up a gender reveal for her. ya'll, she had her doctor write it down in an envelope and carried it around in her purse for DAYS before seeing me- can you believe the self control?! 
anyways, i met her for dinner and took home the envelope asap. i told her that i was going to wait a while to open it because greg was heading into work and i wanted to share the excitement with someone. i lied. i just didn't want her to question anything i said or did in the next couple of days... see, she has two boys- jackson, who is four years old, and harris- carter's birthday buddy... sooo, basically we were all REALLY hoping for a baby girl. 
i called greg and ripped that sucker open the minute she pulled out of my driveway. i was so nervous, it literally felt like i was finding out if i was having a baby boy or girl myself! and i just about cried when that paper said "female"- which was weird, but definitely meant a baby GIRL!!! 
through helping make the box, buying pink balloons, and a gift full of pink sleepers, hairbows and sweet girlie goodness... and waiting a week plus for the reveal- i managed to not tell a soul, okay, maybe except greg and my mom. they don't count.
do you see that face?! pure joy. i love it.

they decided they wanted to open the box with only their family (with my family party-crashing to take pictures and video... carter sat in the stroller watching, but we swore him to secrecy). and the gorgeous location is actually the very spot where angela and jason got married.
how sweet, right?!
it truly was the best kept secret. her reaction was priceless and i am so, so happy for my sweet friend to finally get her baby girl. congratulations, payne family... your life is about to get a whole lot sweeter!
 now, i'm off to plan the cutest baby girl shower you've ever seen ;)

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