Thursday, January 22, 2015

being the mom of a toddler.

and just like that... 

carter is 16 months old and there is no denying that i now have a toddler instead of a baby... nana made a comment that he really wasn't a baby for long. and it's so true... my mister independent grew up and lost his baby look SO fast... but i've got to say, as much as i did enjoy the floppy, squishy baby stage, it doesn't have anything on this.
{partying hard on new years eve}
carter is very busy. he has been walking circles around me since right after his birthday, and being a mom is SO much fun right now. he is completely aware of what's going on around him, and he understands a lot of what i am saying... he says a handful of words- "mama" and "bud" {the cat} and "yeah", "ball" and "dada" {which totally counts as a word} and several B words- like "bird" and "balloon" and "button"- though they all sound quite similar ;) he has also said "hey", "bye bye" and "night night"- though just once or twice.
"babyproofing" is becoming more necessary every day. this little guy keeps me on my toes, and has a knack for getting into a cabinet and find the exact thing that he shouldn't. greg is in the middle of building baby gates for our stairs, and several cabinet doors have those annoying baby {and mama} proof locks on them.
carter loves to read and he will turn the pages or try to push the buttons/pull the tabs down on the peek-a-boo style books. and he is very opinionated on his preferences for which bedtime stories he gets each night {little blue truck, dear zoo and curious george are his most recent faves}

he is very interactive. he loves any type of peekaboo or hide and go seek games and sliding at the park is his favorite. he also waves, gives fives and blows kisses {which melts my heart every time} and he loves to make people laugh.
{enjoying his spaghetti with his "aunt" erin}
he is very coordinated, using dishes and learning how to use utensils and feed himself. which is equal parts fun and frustrating, and usually ends in a rather large mess. getting him to eat his veggies is still a challenge and i'm hoping that gets better with time. right now he especially LOVES peanut butter sandwiches and baked spaghetti.

maybe i will feel a little more nostalgic with future kiddos, but now i just love watching carter learn how to do new things.

it really is amazing what their little brains soak up on the daily. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015


so, i've noticed a trend of people picking one word to sum up their resolutions for the year... and i like it. i like that it is easy to keep one word in mind as you go about your days and months, making you more likely to be successful in accomplishing your goals for the year.

that being said, i have been searching for my word for 2015.

my "resolutions" are pretty typical...

1. live a healthier life- eat less, move more {and hopefully weigh less as well}. i want to learn more about the food i'm eating and make better choices for myself and my family, in addition to exercising on the regular and getting more quality sleep.

2. organize and declutter- greg and i have been married for going on five years, and i have no idea how we have accumulated SO much stuff. it's getting overwhelming. i have more {old and separated} bottles of nail polish, umbrellas and scarves than anyone would ever need... and there's just no need for me to have 45 pairs of "work socks" that i don't EVER wear anymore. and now with carter's toys taking over the house, i need organization in my life... so my plan is to move room by room and declutter and organize each space of our home.

3. to be present- spent quality time with my friends and family. i want to reach out to friends and build relationships. also, admittedly, i'm addicted to my phone. i'd like to spend a lot more "unplugged" time with my family, making memories and having fun with my little boy who is definitely NOT getting any younger.
so, basically, i knew what i was striving for... but the word wasn't coming to me.

until, i got on instagram the other day... and a friend, mary ashley, posted about being intentional- and it just spoke to me. THAT is the word i have been searching for.

oh, and just for a quick update- i feel like i have been doing really well at living a healthier life. i've worked out almost every day {missed one}, eaten well, and had NOTHING except water to drink and zero sweets in the new year. now, if you know my love for sweet tea and a snickers bar, this is HUGE.

operation get organized is also off to a good start. greg and i cleaned out our dresser and chest of drawers, resulting in donated a whole trash bag of clothes to goodwill... and i also threw away a whole trash bag of unhealthy, expired or stale food from our pantry/fridge/freezer.

i've gotta say- there's nothing i love more than a bag of stuff going OUT of my house... does anyone else feel that way?

cheers to a productive, INTENTIONAL, and very happy new year ;) 

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