Monday, December 29, 2014

christmas with carter.

this christmas was SO much fun... carter is still too young to understand- but he's old enough to get really excited about the presents.

the hubs got me a new camera, so i got to test it out on my little boy opening all of his gifts :) 

carter even posed by the tree for me! {which we left naked so we wouldn't have to constantly pick up the ornaments that carter had "rearranged" all over the house}
we did our Christmas a little early since we would be out of town on Christmas day, and we let carter open his wrapped gifts from us tuesday evening after his nap.
 he has been really good about leaving the presents alone under the tree for the past couple of weeks {minus swiping a couple of bows}, so when i put all of his on the fireplace he was pretty excited to unwrap them.
 first present: a personalized reindeer plate and bowl.
he loved the giraffe lunchbox and cup!
 daddy helping him unwrap his robe and slippers.
he may or may not have liked the boxes and wrapping paper better than the actual gifts ;)
 ... but the firetruck was a big hit, too! he loves to push any kind of vehicle around and say "vroom vroom!"
the little people firehouse is so cute! but i think we may have to superglue the top pieces together because he keeps pulling them off and scattering them all over.
 then the next morning was our CHRISTMAS! after waking a couple of times that morning and falling back asleep, carter slept in until 10:30! when he finally got up, greg walked him down the stairs to see what santa brought. he was pointing at everything as he saw it :)
 he went for the catepillar dump truck first {i think that made daddy happy}, but he loved everything and took time looking at each present!
 then he went for the kitchen and checked everything out- opening all the doors {finding lots of food, plates, cups and silverware}

 bud even had to come check out what was going on :)
 once he figured out that you can actually PUSH the shopping cart, he was pretty thrilled with it, too... and took his new reindeer on a ride ;)
 THEN he discovered the kitchen even had a phone and decided to call mimi :)
 checking out the contents of his stocking- a snowman sippy, bouncy ball, crayons, egg shakers, socks, converses, bath water fizzies that turn the water colors, hape car {great diaper bag toy!}
 i think it's safe to say he had a very merry christmas "morning"... he was such a happy boy and is still loving playing with all of his new toys!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

santa pictures 2014.

we took carter to see santa this weekend... and it didn't go quite as well as planned. carter loves people and always is smiling at strangers in the grocery store and restaurants... so silly me thought that santa would be no different. 
maybe he would even make carter laugh. 

well, momma sure was wrong about this one. he cried pretty much immediately after seeing the big guy. so we started off with a family picture to try to ease him into sitting on santa's lap.
 and then we handed him over...
 and things quickly went downhill from there...
 carter cried and reached for us to pick him up...
 poor santa.
 carter even gave him the pouty lip.
bless his heart, i think it had been a long day of dealing with crying and screaming toddlers. he and the photographer were both so kind and patient.
maybe next year we'll get a smile out of carter AND santa ;)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

christmas family pictures.

even though carter made her job a challenging one, cara by nothing short of a miracle, still managed to get some really good pictures of my little family.
i decided to get my hair done for pictures this time for the first time ever, and i highly recommend it. it was nice to have a little pampering on photo day and not feel rushed getting myself ready. and it definitely helped me to feel more confident with how i looked.
and can we talk for a minute about how precious carter's sweater is with it's toggle button and leather detail on the shoulders? i found it at target, and knew right off that's what he'd be wearing in our family pictures. dressing him is seriously SO much fun.
i left out my very favorite picture, the one we chose for our Christmas card- because i will be sharing it on the blog soon. 

thank you cara, once again, for delivering awesome pictures of my family. it's such a blessing to have a photographer who loves my baby and tolerates my husband's photo-induced grumpiness ;)

can you believe how different carter looks compared to last year's family photos?? 
it absolutely blows. my. mind.

Monday, December 1, 2014

25 days of christmas books

this year i wanted to start a few new traditions for carter to look forward to every Christmas season... and since carter LOVES books i decided 25 days of christmas books would be something that he would enjoy this year.
i found most of the books at 2nd and charles- a new and used bookstore that recently opened in town... so most of them only cost a couple of dollars! mimi and nana also gifted us a couple, so the whole collection was actually pretty affordable.
1. the story of christmas
2. christmas pop up peekaboo
3. the grinch who stole christmas
4. llama llama holiday drama
5. little blue truck's christmas
6. christmas in the manger
7. reindeer's christmas party
8. merry christmas curious george 
9. olaf's 1-2-3
10. jingle all the way 
11. the jolly christmas postman
12. the very snowy christmas
13. snow place like home
14. i want a dog for christmas, charlie brown
15. i've seen santa
16. bear stays up
17. one night in bethlehem
18. christmas is here
19. charlie and the christmas kitty
20. a star so bright
21. frosty the snowman
22. carter's night before christmas
23. merry christmas (pop up)
24. rudolph (look and find)
25. santa clause funny face book
they're all wrapped and ready to go! i am SO excited to have carter open up his first book tonight... i also think that it will help to practice opening presents before Christmas day is here.

what are your favorite family Christmas traditions?

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