Thursday, August 28, 2014

party people.

yesterday was my nuggy's first birthday {can you believe it?!?}. we had his party the weekend before {had to get it in before football season started}.

how in the world has it already been TWELVE whole months since this little guy turned my world upside down {in the BEST way}?!?!

as a distraction and in efforts to prevent myself from getting a little teary eyed i completely threw myself into planning the best celebration of life possible.

i decided to go with a vintage airplane theme {in honor of "how time flies" when you're not sleeping, showering or having any alone time having fun}.
{in-flight refreshments included sub sandwiches, fruit, veggies, "peanuts, pretzels, or cookies" and "flotation devices"- aka donuts}

i obsessed over the details... the paper supplies and decorations... and crafted to add a personal touch. 
and other than the outlandish temperatures we exerienced {feeling like 105 degrees in the shade!!!!}, everything was perfect.
{lots of cupcakes and a smash cake, of course}

i decorated with vintage items and some instagram pictures of my boy.
 and asked the guests to write carter a note in the journal stamped with a compass saying "navigate towards your dreams" from this etsy shop.
 we had a ball pit outside for the kids to play in... {ball pit is larger than it appears thanks to the extra big "kid" playing in it ;)
 and my sweet friends let me borrow a water table to help the kiddos beat the heat a bit...
we used the screened in porch, so i decorated it a bit with this chalkboard sign that i had framed with all of carter's milestones and favorites from his first year.
 and this 8x10 easel art picture courtesy of tiny prints displaying one of my favorite pictures of my boy. it was hard to get pictures outside because of the glare, but here's a closeup of the chalkboard sign so that you can actually read it...

 carter did pretty well during presents, considering his age...
and the boy definitely racked up on some pretty awesome toys and books!

i love this next picture... it shows their relationship perfectly :)
 and then it was time for cake!!! 
carter didn't appreciate the birthday hat, but thankfully the cake made him forget about it for a few minutes so we could snap a few pictures!
he liked the taste, but he mostly liked the fact that mommy didn't stop him from making a big ol' mess.
thank you to all who helped us celebrate. our boy is so, so loved and we are so thankful.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to try not to blink and savor every minute with this blue eyed baby. {yep- still a baby in his mama's eyes}

Monday, August 11, 2014

11 months.

dear carter,

the closer we get to your birthday, the more i try to savor the moments. these eleven months have been some of the best times of my life... you have the sweetest, most fun personality and i don't think it's possible to love you any more. 
{after this picture i decided that maybe your hair is getting just a little long- so i trimmed it just a little bit- mainly around your ears, and just a little off the front to keep it out of your eyes}
you did well this month- no sickness {except a couple of days of bad change- the- sheets- blowout diapers, but no other symptoms- so we're not really sure what that was all about}, and no doctors appointments, so i really don't have any news to report. yay!
routine and sleep: 
is still pretty much the same, waking up between 7:30 (sometimes taking a bottle and going back to sleep for a bit) and then napping around 11 and 4... some days, if we are late putting you down, you will take one longer nap and we just move bedtime a little earlier {which is typically 8-8:30}
{see that smile? it makes this momma MELT!}
 clothes and diapers:
you are now wearing a variety of sizes-18 month pjs, and mostly 12 month outfits, your 9 month shorts still fit, and your rompers are mostly 18 months for length.

we also went up to a size 4 in diapers.
you have slowed down on the formula a bit, eating around 20 oz. a day, which is good since we are hoping to switch to whole milk in the next month. 
{lunch break with daddy}
 you are doing much better with the gagging, but still are pretty unsure about solid foods. you eat a puree at every meal- and we try to offer finger foods- you've decided you like bananas, blueberry muffins and you LOVE yogurt. you still like puffs, yogurt melts and cheerios... and also dried peaches and you're undecided on mandarin oranges.
{taking pictures on mommy and daddys old stomping grounds- GC&SU}
our favorite baby items:
the sit to stand walker- you are all over the place pushing that thing! we also got a ybike from a friend's sister who was selling hers, and you aren't as good with it yet, but i am sure it will be a favorite in the future.
{the fourth of july}
 milestones and development: 
tooth #7 {top right} and tooth #8 {bottom right} came in this month. you will sometimes stand without pulling up on anything, and love to dance.

you have also gotten really good with a straw sippy cup over the past couple of months and much prefer it to the kind you have to turn up to drink out of.
{carters face this EVERY time you lay him in the grass. we guess it tickles the back of your neck. you scrunch your nose and let out the cutest little giggle.}
you love to be outside, for us to blow in your face/hair.
{on the lake with mommy}
you haven't been as excited about bathtime lately, i think maybe because we have waited too late and you have been tired.

you also will eat anything you find on the group- especially fuzz from the rug and feathers from the couch pillows- we have to finger sweep to get it out of your mouth and you REALLY hate that.
{at the splash pad}
you are growing so quickly, but things just keep getting better and better.
being your mommy is the best!

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