Wednesday, June 18, 2014

house tour: carter's nursery

well folks, it has only taken nine months, but i am FINALLY sharing pictures of the babe's nursery. 
carter's room is the closest to the master bedroom {with the laundry room conveniently located between the two}. we plan on always having it be the "nursery" and moving the bigger kids down the hall as we have more babies. 
from the moment i was pregnant, i started brainstorming nursery ideas {and since we were a few weeks away from closing on our first house, it was good timing}.... so when we found out that carter was a boy, i knew i had to have the preppy boats nursery bedding from pottery barn kids and planned everything around it. 
{changing pad on his dresser with the essentials- diapers, wipes, sunscreen, lotion, dirty diaper bags and hand sanitizer}
 we went with white furniture and i am in love with the wainscoting that my dad and husband installed on the walls.
{anchor and monogram were ordered from etsy, i found the mirror at target}
{in crib essentials- sleep sheep sound machine, blue teddy from pops, gray teddy from us, stuffed lion from mimi, and aden + anais swaddle blanket, he sleeps holding on to one every night}
{carter LOVES books. i found this trunk and side table at a local store, and toys bin is from PBK}
{where we spend much a lot of time feeding and reading to our boy... unfortunately not too much snuggling goes on with our busy little guy!}  
my brother made that blanket chest and it is one of my favorite things! and my sister in law crocheted the blanket on top of it. the giraffe is from my in-laws and the piggy bank is from greg's nana.
 i love having a little piece from each of the special people in carter's life in his room. 
{shower curtain from west elm}
 my parents finished his bathroom while we were at the hospital since C came a little earlier than we expected. we used some left over blue paint that we had from the dining room to tie in the nautical feel.
and my favorite part about his bathroom is this thoughtful gift from my college roommate, bridgette, with psalms 139 printed in the shape of an anchor.
carter would like to thank you for touring his crib... but now, it's naptime for the baby ;)

Monday, June 9, 2014

vacation pictures.

last week we took our first vacation as a family of three {plus mimi and pops}! we were a little nervous about the haul down to orange beach, alabama to visit my grandmother, but we were super excited to share this special place with our boy. 
we left the house right when carter woke up, around 7:30 and it took us about 8 hours with stops to get down there. 
we stopped at cracker barrel to change and feed carter breakfast, and then had an early lunch with mimi and pops in montgomery, and then had to stop for some strawberry shortcake and peach cobbler {the hubs' choice... it was better than mine- but he was nice and shared} at our favorite local market and bakery.
 carter did really well in the car, only getting a little squirmy when we were about 30 mins away {i couldn't blame him, i was tired of the ride myself}.
we got there in time to unpack, visit with alice a little and let carter crawl around and get some of his energy out. he LOVED playing with her yorkie, coco. then we headed to dinner at wolf bay lodge.
it was a little difficult to keep carter entertained for dinner, but he didn't fuss and overall was REALLY good after riding in the car all afternoon. 
the next day, we hit the beach. 
carter loved playing in the sand, and did a good job of staying under the tent even though he is quite mobile now. 
he lasted about 2 hours on the beach before he was getting sleepy and hungry {lunch on the beach is pretty difficult when the babe is still eating purees}
after that we took a dip in the pool and carter suddenly wasn't so tired anymore ;)
{playing with pops}
{at the pool with mimi and pops}

 and then greg headed up to the condo for naptime... and i snuck in some mommy time by the pool. 

which left me bright and sunburnt. i normally don't burn too easily, but i haven't been in the sun too much this year {since i'm taking care of a baby and all} and i think pregnancy may have changed my skin a little bit. 

 then we went to dinner... we planned on going to one of our favorites, the original oyster house...
{carter with alice, his great grandmother!}
 but we weren't sure if nuggy could hold out through the hour wait, so we went down the street to desotos since we could get in and out quicker. and the food was the best we had the whole trip!
 the last night, mimi and pops babysat so that greg and i could go on a date... i surprised him with tickets to see zac brown band at the ampitheater at the wharf... so fun!
the last day before the ride home, we took him to the indoor pool to get him good and tired for the ride homw.  greg and i ate lunch in the car since he was sleeping, and then stopped for a bathroom break and to feed him lunch at a rest stop. after that, we stopped about an hour and a half from our house for dinner at ruby tuesdays and carter was a champ. i only had to hop in the back seat a couple times if he got hungry for a bottle or to read him books and play with him a little bit.

our major concern with vacation was if carter would sleep or not... but he ended up doing pretty good for us being in a new place and having greg and i in the same room with him... he woke up about 3:00-4:00 for a bottle each night, but then would sleep until 7:30 or so like normal. 
 he ate and slept a LOT while we were there, and i think he gained a little weight- boy knows how to do vacation already ;)

also, i'm planning on posting about our trip essentials later this week if anyone is interested in checking back for that! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

nine months.

what a month it has been! i feel like you are losing your "baby" look and are growing into a handsome little boy. you are definitely keeping me busy and learning something new every day!
after several weeks of being snotty and fighting congestion, we went back to dr. B just to make sure that you didn't have an infection mommy didn't know about. thankfully, you did not and since then it has cleared up a good bit... {we think its mostly teething related}. unfortunately it has also caused you to throw up your bottle first thing in the morning some days... which doesn't bother you too much, it's just a pain to clean up for mommy and daddy.
{"walking" with pops, mothers day}
you are about 18.5 pounds now, and i'm not sure how tall, but you are still long and lean.
{playing with the grass on mothers day}
routine and sleep
 you have been waking up about 7:00-7:30 ready to eat... and then often will go back to sleep for another hour or so. you're ready for a morning nap around 11:00, and then an afternoon nap between 3:00 and 4:00. and then we usually give you a bath every couple of days and get you ready for bed between 8 and 8:30.
{with "aunt erin" at the beginning of may}
 clothes and diapers:
you are wearing a mixture of 9 month and 12 months now and your diapers are still a size 3.
{watching the water go down the drain after bathtime... i like this one because it shows how small you are in the sink}
this month we started giving you breakfast food pouch as well... so you eat three "meals" as well as bottles throughout the day. Breakfast is usually a "fruit and grain" pouch, for lunch and dinner you have a "fruit and veggie" mix, and you typically eat between 24 and 30 oz. of formula a day, though some days are better than others.
though you aren't too excited by "finger foods" and snacks yet, you love blueberry puffs. we are working on giving you bites of our food as we have things that you are able to eat... so far we have tried mashed potatoes, grits, sweet potatoes, lemons, strawberries and a dill pickle. you weren't too excited about any of them {though surprisingly, the lemon was your favorite!}, but i am just happy to have you trying things right now.

our favorite baby items:
i got the idea to make a home made ball pit from tumble babies class... so i used an inflatable baby pool {that we got on target clearance last year for $5!} and filled it up with colored plastic balls. you have had SO much fun diving in and crawling back out with a ball at a time.
and we bought an awesome inflatable pool at sams on the cheap, and you have loved playing in it now that it is warm outside!
milestones and development
it has been a busy month! you started crawling AND your third and fourth {top teeth came in} about 8.5 months! you learned how to clap on the 22nd {mommy and daddy's 4th wedding anniversary}. you now pull up your knees easily, have gone up to standing a couple of times and even "danced" while holding onto your activity table. you are keeping us on our toes, little boy!
you love the water- whether it is bathtime, swimming at the pool or spending the day at the lake! you are such a happy baby and you love to be active and be around people.
you don't like to have your diaper or clothes changed- i think mainly because you don't like to sit still. it's becoming a difficult task since you like to crawl away without a diaper on every chance that you get!

you also don't like to be told "no" {what baby does?!}- which usually happens after you find something that you're not supposed to play with {like cords, and paper- which you like to chew on until it disolves- yuck!}

you sure do keep life fun. we love you so much, carter baby!

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