Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on friday.

honestly, most of the time i don't even realize what day of the week it is. now that i stay home with carter and my husband doesn't work a "normal" schedule, fridays don't usually mean a whole lot around here. but this week greg had training and it sure has been nice having him home in the evenings! it's been a good little break for me, and since the laundry AND dishes are done when carter decided to take a nap, i've actually got some spare time to blog and play catch up today!

on wednesday, we met up with my friend cara to take some family pictures and i am LOVING our sneak peeks. hopefully i should have the rest in a few days and i will be posting more, but here's one of my favorites so far:
{excuse the wonky crop job, thanks to my iphone... sorry, cara}

after being gone for a couple days, the furbaby sure was happy to have us home... he hasn't left my side, and jumps at any opportunity to cuddle. even though he looks super sassy here, he has been really loving. sweet thing even let carter pet him when we got home!!
 its no secret that i love a holiday... and this smiley boy in his easter bunny footie jammies. we will be wearing them AS much as possible between now and easter. thanks, target :)
my in-laws came for a visit this morning and brought us some yummy boiled peanuts and fresh, local jellies! yummyyy!
we all went to ihop for brunch before the hubs had to go into work. carter was a little cranky and squirmy since he hasn't been sleeping good at night and hadn't had a morning nap yet. so we took turns passing him around the table and then walking around with him in the lobby... until an older lady who was by herself wanted to come sit and chat with us and touch my baby's tummy, hands and toy. there needs to be a public service announcement that it is NOT okay to touch someone else's child unless you are related and/or close friends. why is this not common sense and/or courtesy???! i finally lied and said that he had a dirty diaper i needed to go take care of... which will now be my go-to get away tactic- messy diapers send strangers running ;)

my little guy is officially SEVEN months old and looking SO BIG these days!
his monthly update will be posted next week :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"just a mom"

sometimes i feel the need to defend myself when someone asks about my decision to quit work and "just be a mom". people want to know when i plan on returning to work, or if i plan to stay home forever. i find it interesting that most of the people who ask me this are not moms themselves...
the truth is: moms know that it is NOT easy whatever you do. whether you decide to work or stay at home, you will certainly feel guilty at one time or another. i commend those moms who work full time. i know it's hard to leave your babies. i cant even imagine trying to look the part and be present mentally (or at least pretend to be) after a restless night because your baby didn't feel well or refused to sleep for the fun of it. and i know that some of your families depend on your income... and some of you LOVE and get fulfillment from your jobs. and that's okay, too.

this just wasn't the case for me. the moment of clarity came for me when i realized that anyone could do my desk job... but i was the only one who could be carter's mom. i am sure that the next 6 months will fly by even faster than the last 6 did, and then i will be sitting here wondering where my baby went.
sometimes the days are long. REALLY long. sometimes there is forced feedings with a squirmy, fussy baby. sometimes there is hair pulling (which one of us thinks is hilarious. i'll let you guess which one). or a baby that wants to be held all day (but not rocking or sitting in one place), and i cannot get a single thing done. i am often counting down the hours and even minutes until bedtime because i am EXHAUSTED. and after he falls asleep on my shoulder and i put him to bed, i find myself wondering why i ever worried about the dishes, laundry or general appearance of the house and not giving that sweet boy my full attention. 

often there is a messy living room, with burp clothes everywhere (until you need one of course, then they are no where to be found). i am constantly praying for patience and reminding myself that he will only be little for a LITTLE while- so i will soak up the snuggles, kiss those sweet cheeks and tickle that adorable belly... and try to remember every. single. moment. of the good days. 

maybe i will return to work in the future, but for now i will focus on being a better mom today than i was yesterday for this little boy, who deserves the very best.
"your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise" - andy stanley.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

six months.

this month has seriously been my favorite since you were born... you are learning new things everyday and are SO much fun right now! this month you learned how to grab my face and give me "kisses" with your mouth wide open... and its probably my favorite thing in the world. can we pleaseee just freeze this super adorable stage for just a little while??
you are perfectly healthy and weigh 16 lbs 7 oz (25%), are 28.5 inches long (95%) and your head is 17 3/4" (90%). your weight dropped off the growth curve a little bit, but i attribute some of that to the stomach bug you got this month :(

you were sleeping (in the pack n play, still in our room at the time) and woke up throwing up... mommy jumped out of bed and stood in the shower while you threw up all over me. it was a rough 24 hours with you hardly eating and getting sick almost every time... and then mommy got it. thankfully it was a quick virus, and daddy took off work and managed to not catch it himself. 

doctor B respected our opinions about you having sensitive skin and not a milk allergy and he thinks that your skin should clear up a good bit when the weather warms up and the air isn't so cold and dry.
routine and sleep: 
we have been starting your bedtime routine a little earlier, and start giving you a bath about 7pm and give you a bottle around 7:30... you are usually asleep by 8pm (give or take a few mins) and thankfully you are back to sleeping through the night again- til about 7:15 or 7:30 IN YOUR CRIB. this was a big deal for mommy, but i think everyone is sleeping better with you in your own room now.

you still don't like to nap on a predictable schedule... some days you do great, and take a couple of hour+ naps and other days are filled with fighting sleep and only giving in for 15 mins here and there.
clothes and diapers:
you are still wearing mostly 6 month outfits with a couple 3-6 months mixed in and size 2 diapers. i've been thinking about trying size 3s the next time we buy a box though, i've also decided that we like huggies snugglers as well as pampers swaddlers- the straps are easier to get on and off. 

you are eating 4-6 oz at a time...sometimes you will eat 6 oz and wait 3-4 hours between bottles, which is nice... if you only eat 4 then you are usually ready for another about 2 hours later. so each day you're eating about 24-28 oz- depending on how tired you are before your nighttime bottle :)
this month we tried vegetables! the first one we gave you was peas, and it seems to be your favorite so far. you've also had carrots, green beans and squash. it's really cute how excited you get to eat... i think my boy loves food just like his parents :)

our favorite baby items: 
your door jumper is your favorite thing! you also still spend a lot of time going between it, your activity mat and your car walker.
one thing i don't think i've mentioned that we use every night is the sleep sheep! we turn it on while we lay you down to bed and it cuts off after 45 mins. and it seems to help

milestones and development:
we celebrated your first valentines day this month!
also, in addition to giving us kisses, you also will reach for us to pick you up if you are laying down! you are working on sitting up and i think you could roll from your back to your stomach if you wanted to, but since you don't like being on your stomach much, you kind of just roll to the side and scoot to move around.

you love when people acknowledge and talk to you... you even gave the nurses at doctor b's office the "cheeser" face AFTER your shots!
you are constantly playing with your feet. in the mornings, mommy usually hears you making noise as you roll around in the crib and play with your feet before we get you up for the day.
you LOVE watching bud... while he's not quite as thrilled about you, he has even let you pet him some when we help you do it gently!

you haven't liked being in your carseat/stroller sitting still lately while mommy is working out at baby boot camp or we're out eating dinner... we've tried sitting you in a high chair recently, but you slid down- hopefully you will be much happier when you can sit with us at the table and eat your dinner, too :)
we love watching you grow, little lovin'!

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