Friday, February 28, 2014

friday letters.

dear blog, i am sorry i have neglected you lately. i really miss writing and keeping up with everyone's posts... but i'm trying really hard to focus on being a good mommy. i have made a conscious effort when carter is awake to give him my attention instead of being on my phone or having my nose buried in a computer. balance is a constant challenge for me, and i am hoping to figure it all out and get back into posting regular soon.
dear carter, i cannot believe you turned 6 months old yesterday!! you are so full of life and i can already tell that have a sweet soul... i am so lucky to be your momma!

dear gap outlet, thank you for having age {and mommy} appropriate clothes... it's so hard to be comfortable AND stylish post baby, and i was really happy to find some good pieces and not break the bank yesterday.

dear gap employee, i am so sorry about the shannigans that occurred in the dressing room- between me singing and dancing to 'mmmbop' to keep my baby entertained and then getting sprayed while changing a dirty diaper, we were a hot mess... thanks for being sweet and helpful to the crazy lady with the baby.
dear hubs, thank you for helping out so much around the house lately... carter and i are lucky to have you. and i cannot wait for our date night to see STOMP next week!

dear pot roast, i love you. a crock pot meal is a mom's best friend... and greg's recipe is delicious. i can't wait to have the leftovers for dinner again tonight.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


loving... our new home decor! my in-laws gave us some curtains and i've made a couple of online purchases myself lately. between checking my joss and main app daily for their decor deals and pinterest inspiration- the house is coming along! stay tuned for a home tour soon. :)
{carter's initials are finally up!}
reading... i just finished tori spelling's new book, spelling it like it is. and now i'm reading robin o'bryant's a second helping, which is a collection of her columns, so it's a quick read.

waiting for... snowmageddon 2014. it's the 2nd ice/snow storm we've had in a matter of weeks- which is very rare in georgia... the last one shut the state down, and lots of people were stuck on the interstates for a ridiculous amount of hours. so this time, they adviced that everyone stay in their houses and prepare for several days without power. we have gotten a good bit of ice, but it doesn't seem as bad as they projected. greg has to go to work shortly, so hopefully the roads aren't too bad... and i'm just crossing my fingers that we keep power so my baby doesn't get cold!

using... my new crafting skills to make a hooded towel for my boy- in january, i started going to sewing class and i am loving it. so far i have made a throw pillow, an infinity scarf and valence curtains!
{because who doesn't love a freshly bathed baby?!}
excited about... my brother's new job! they will be moving this summer FIVE hours closer to us- making them within driving distance away!!! :)

trying to... enjoy every minute with carter and document everything that i can, so i never forget the days when he was so small and changing every day.

working on... adding some little love details to the house for valentines day... i found this cute little banner at hobby lobby the other day... and next up, we will be attempting a craft involving baby feet!

wearing... lots of workout gear. and i pretty much live in yoga pants around the house. i've been going to baby boot camp, a strollfit workout with carter every monday, wednesday and friday mornings... and i just tried water aerobics over the weekend as well... and i loved it. sure, you can just call me 'grandma' ;)

planning... blog posts. trying to get back into the swing of things and post on a regular basis again...

learning to... have "me" time to get things done between carter's naps and bedtime.

listening to... sesame street. now you may not applaud letting your five month old watch tv... but he LOVES it! he even laughed at it the other day... and as long as he's not staring at the tv all day, i think we're good.

singing... goofy songs i make up to my boy.

needing... a haircut and massage... and you don't even want to see the condition of my feet. it's a glamorous life i lead.

wishing... for the above.

enjoying... life! i love being home with these two.

doing... laundry, dishes, straightening the house and taking care of my boy. always.

dreaming of... uninterrupted sleep. since carter was sick last week with a stomach virus, he has been waking up in the middle of the night to eat. the hubs has been good about helping out, but we're all pretty tired.

if all goes as planned... i'll be back with another blog post friday! hope ya'll are all safe and warm inside during this winter storm! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

five months.

and just like that 5 months have come and gone... i get a little sad packing up clothes that you have already outgrown {you seem to get bigger every day!}, but you are SO much fun right now! you melt my mommy heart with your smile and giggle.

you got a good report at your 4 month appt, doctor B thought you may have a milk allergy because you had a rash on your stomach/back {mommy thought it was baby excema}. he sent us home with some hypoallergenic formula to try... but you would turn your head and fight us, refusing to eat any of it {i don't blame you, the stuff smelled awful}... so daddy went to the store and spent a small fortune bought a different brand plus some soy options... 

the next couple of days were terrible- you didn't feel well and had a low grade fever from shots and we could barely get you to eat. when you did, you would projectile spit up all over mommy {and anything else within reach}. doctor B also gave us some cream that cleared up your rash, and since you never had any other symptoms, we went back to your regular formula and you have done fine since then.

routine and sleep:
the 4 month sleep regression is REAL! it was rough for a while... but for several weeks now, you have slept the whole night in your pack n play and i don't have to transfer you to the rock n play anymore. you usually stir a bit throughout the night, but will fall asleep again on your own. you have been going to bed earlier, about 8 or 8:30 when you get fussy and won't even eat because you are SO tired, so you've been waking up earlier as well. here lately, it's been 6 or 6:30 {followed by an early nap}, so i am hoping that you will get back to sleeping in a little bit again soon.

you still like to take several short naps throughout the day- we're still hoping to make it a couple LONGER and more predictable in the near future... but we can't complain too much, you're a happy baby!

clothes and diapers:
you are wearing some 3-6 sleepers but mostly 6 month outfits now. you are still pretty long and lean. and we went up to size 2 diapers right after your 4 month appt. 

it's taken a couple weeks for you to get back to eating as much as you were pre-doctors appt, but you're doing pretty good again eating between 26 and 28 oz a day... we tried rice cereal for the first time the day that you turned 5 months, and you got really excited! we've done it a couple of times now and you get better at swallowing and using the spoon each time!

our favorite baby items:
you still love your car, but your new favorite item is your jumper! we just hung it in the doorway between the dining room and kitchen a couple of days ago... it took a day or so for you to figure out, but you love to spin and kick your legs. 

your favorite toy is a ball that your daddy picked out for christmas. you also love your sophie {teether} and sometimes like your wubbanub even though you stopped really taking a paci very much a couple of months ago.

milestones and development:
you are getting so big and strong! you have lots of new noises and i love that you hang on to my arm or shirt when i carry you now and the other day you even sat up by yourself! 

you are getting more coordinated and love to play with your feet- especially during bathtime! 

you still love your activity gym, and can grab the animals really good now {though you like the birds more than the squirrel now}

you also love to have blankets in your face when you sleep and always end up like this...
{napping in the rock n play}
 and you are the happiest when you are laying on the bed or changing table and we kiss and tickle your belly/under your arms.

 you don't like to be in your carseat for long periods of time- you get really hot and sweaty in there.
{baby's first snow}

you are such a joy in our lives, and we are so blessed to be your parents, carter baby!

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