Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the end of night shift!!

for those of you who didn't know, the hubs has been on night shift for the past 5 months (minus the month of leave that he took when carter was born). I don't mention it too much on the blog... for safety reasons as i don't think it's smart to advertise when you're home alone at night (for anyone who thinks that's an invitation- the house is alarmed and were armed. and i'm a pretty good shot. just sayin'.) but it has been hard. like realllllly hard. 

greg rotates shifts three times a year and we knew that we (unluckily) timed it to where he'd be working nights when carter was born. and since he is such a big help with carter, so I really miss him when he's not home.with greg working 11pm-7am and sleeping during the day I often felt exhausted and frustrated. it was also hard to ever let carter cry it out a little (which is hard enough on a mom), because we had to worry about waking greg up during the day.

i am so, so happy to see the new year come with a new shift! the hubs will get to see carter in the mornings at his best/happiest times and sleep at night like a normal person!

all you single mommas and military wives have all my respect. and remind me next time we want to have a baby, to shoot for when the hubs is on day shift. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

you were good to me, 2013.

usually i am excited for a new year, a fresh start and beginning... but his past year has definitely been the best year of my life, so it's a little bittersweet. in 2013 we found out we were pregnant, moved into our new house, went on a babymoon to turks and caicos, welcomed our baby boy into the world and celebrated his first christmas.  

i'm not big on traditional resolutions, but there are a couple of things i would like to do in 2014:

... learn how to sew. this has been on my life list forever, and now that the hub's schedule allows him to be at home with carter for part of the morning, i decided to sign up for a 6 week course. i attended orientation this week, and my first class starts thursday! i'm so excited!
... read 12 books. i've set reading goals for the past 2 years and never met them... so this year, i'm trying to be more realistic. now that carter's sleep schedule is set, i think i can handle one book a month with a little reading before bed.

... continue to document and enjoy carter's first year... i get anxiety over him growing too fast and forgetting all the milestones and little things, too. i ordered this awesome baby book on etsy, and have done well so far documenting my pregnancy through his fourth month. i am determined to keep up with this and always have it for us to look back on {and then hopefully i can do the same for all the future kiddos that come along}.

... write in this one line a day, five year memory book. it's easy to keep up with and doesn't take much time to just pick the most noteworthy thing from each day, and write it down. hopefully i can keep up over the whole five year period because i think it will be so fun to read years down the road.
... make a photo book for each year since the hubs and i got married. i JUST printed pictures for the first time in about THREE years and framed some around the house, but i want to make sure that i do something with all the pictures stored on my computer before the amount gets overwhelming and they are forgotten about, or even worse, deleted or lost.

... lose weight/ live healthy. i was lucky that i only gained 20 lbs while i was pregnant with carter. after he was born, i lost the weight pretty quickly- within a couple of weeks. but what everyone doesnt tell you is how different your body is after baby... nothing fits right and i dont feel very good about my appearance at all. now that the hubs is done with night shift, we are planning on working out together again and cooking/eating healthier.

so while i am sad to see 2013 go, i am excited for the new adventures of 2014.

happy new year!!

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