Monday, December 30, 2013

four months.

what a fun month it has been! we celebrated your first christmas and your daddy and i loved picking out and setting up your new toys. we love seeing as you change every day, learn new things and develop that sweet personality! {while you may look like your daddy, we think your personality is all me!}
update: at your doctors appt (on the 6th) you were 14.8 lbs and 26 3/4 inches long. it seems like you alternate... one week you will get taller, and the next you will chunk up a bit. i swear you wake up bigger every day!

we're still fighting cradle cap on your head and have also discovered that you have very sensitive skin like your momma and may have eczema. it seems to have gotten a little better after using aveeno baby eczema lotion and swapped to all free and clear detergent. 
routine and sleep:
you wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 after going to bed around 9:30 pm. we have been working on transitioning you to sleeping on your back in the pack n play for a couple of weeks. overall, it's going okay. there have been a couple of times you've slept all the way through but some nights you toss and turn and fuss more than others... if you aren't sleeping well and fuss a lot {usually in the wee hours of the morning}, i will get you up and move you to the rock n play so we both can get a little more sleep. 

you still take several naps a day, usually starting an hour or two after you've gotten up for the day. we've also started putting you in your crib for naps whenever possible, you are doing pretty well with that.
clothes and diapers:
you are still able to wear 0-3 in baby gap and 3 months in carters and most other brands. i think we will try some 3-6 and 6 month sizes this week since soon you will be getting too long for many of the 3 month sleepers and onesies. and you're still wearing size 1 diapers.
you have been on all formula now for a couple weeks and are doing great! here lately, you have been eating 4 oz. almost every 2 hours (usually stretching to 3 or 4 around mid afternoon nap time)... so i guess that equals about 28 oz or so a day.

our favorite baby items:
since you like to put everything in your mouth, we have given you several teethers to try... you seem to like them when you are able to hold them and get them to your mouth.
{checking out all of his new presents on christmas}
you are getting good at sitting up in the bumbo, and seem to like it more now.

mimi and pops gave you this car for christmas and you think you are SO big in it!
milestones and development:
you now reach for your bottle and are able to hold it for a few minutes at a time. 

at 15 weeks, you laughed for the first time at your daddy... and then for mimi and pops while mommy and daddy had their first date night out! it wasn't until a couple of days later that you laughed for me.

and last week, you rolled over for your daddy but we haven't gotten you to do it much since then... so we are wondering if it was a fluke.

and you are starting to sit up with little support... it is so much fun to watch you grow and learn!

when mommy gets your belly during diaper changes, thats when we can usually get you to laugh.
mommy tries to read to you almost every day, and you seem to enjoy looking at colorful books with just a few sentences per page.

and you still like bathtime... you have even learned to kick in the water and splash a little recently!
you still fight naps during the day {but maybe not quite so much} and hate laying on your stomach {which is probably why you aren't rolling over all the time yet} or being confined to your carseat for long periods of time. but overall, you are a pretty happy camper!

thanks for making me a mommy, carter.
these 4 months have been some of the best of my life!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

i couldn't get a copy of our christmas card to save to my computer, so here's what i came up with for the blog... 
i hope each of you have an amazing holiday filled with lots of love and laughter! 

Merry Christmas and God bless.

Monday, December 23, 2013

carter meets santa.

we had taken carter to see santa already, but i was a little disappointed when santa didn't even have a big chair, or a real tree... instead just a cheesy backdrop and a very fake curly white beard.

so after my friend angela told me how awesome this santa and his photographer were, we decided to take a quick trip downtown for some pictures. he wasn't so sure about him at first...
 there were some tears...
 but in the end he decided he kind of liked the big guy...
we got the best of both worlds since we got the crying picture AND a smiling one. :)

merry christmas!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

what i didn't anticipate about motherhood...

... how little sleep you can actually function on.
... i don't mind doing laundry when it's full of teeny clothes and baby detergent.
... how excited i could get over a good burp or dirty diaper.
... the overwhelming desire to "make it all better" when the babe cries. 
... what a luxury a long, hot shower is.
... how long the days can be... but how short the weeks are.
... just how productive i could be during a 15 minute power nap.
... that a little baby laugh could make you want to cry {happy tears, of course}
... how seeing a gummy open mouthed smile can instantly turn me into a morning person.
... and most of all, the amount of love i would feel for this little one. it's enough to actually make your heart hurt.
this little boy has my heart. now, tell him to stop growing so fast!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

christmas gift guide: for baby.

i'm trying to keep it simple for christmas this year since carter is so little. greg and i are mostly giving him some things for his nursery, a couple of toys and outfits... and i am sure his grandparents will come through with some pretty fun things, too. he isn't quite big enough for many of the things we've asked for... but since he won't have a birthday for a while, we asked for things that he will use up until his first birthday.

here's a sampling of ideas i've come up with for him for christmas this year...

christmas gift guide: for baby.

1. shopping cart and high chair cover: i am looking forward to when carter is big enough to sit up while eating and shopping. i think he will be so much happier when he isn't confined to his car seat and can be be a part of the fun.

2. classic stacker toy: this is a version of the classic rings stacking toy. but it makes noise and lights up... so i think he'll really like it soon!

3. activity walker: this is a leftover item that we haven't gotten off our registry... i just think it's so cute!

4. the night before christmas: i found this adorable personalized version on pottery barn kids' website and couldn't resist.

5. PBK anywhere chair: these are just the cutest kids chairs! i asked for it in navy to match his nursery :)

6. vtech sit to stand walker: i like that he could use this in several ways and not outgrow it too soon, as he is learning to sit/reach for things through walking!

7. fisher price workbench: i saw this at kohls and just thought it was a cute "boy" toy, so i bought it on a whim. 

8. elf on the shelf: i went ahead and bought this to give to him this year, thinking ahead of traditions we want to have with our family, though our elf probably won't make an appearance for a couple of years. and that way, i have plenty of time to think of a name for it ;) 
9. jumbo playmat: another leftover item from our registry that i think carter would like as he starts to sit and roll around.

i think it's safe to say our little guy is going to be pretty spoiled in a couple of weeks... even though he won't really understand it this year, we are so looking forward to his first Christmas!

Friday, December 13, 2013

my christmas wish list.

my christmas list this year mostly contains comfy, casual things to wear and items for the house. when we moved at the end of january {almost a year ago!?} we didn't have near enough furniture and decor to fill the house... and though we've made some major purchases and progress, our walls and windows are still pretty bare.... and i've recently gotten a major urge to get everything organized and decorated.

so here's a sampling of my wish list this year... 

what's on your list??

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

what we wore {christmas card edition}

i was really looking forward to our christmas card pictures this year, and was so excited to dress THREE people instead of just two... but it proved to be a little harder than i expected. so i went last minute shopping the day before cara was scheduled to come to athens, and hoped for the best.
well i hit the jackpot at gap outlet. when i found this adorable sweater for carter, i knew i wanted to work mine and greg's outfits around it. i know i can only get away with the cutesy little boy clothes for so long, so i am taking full advantage ;)
then i started looking for some options for the hubs and i using navy as the common color. i found my sweater and his button down on sale, and put them with jeans that we both already had and added the vest {chaps, from kohls} for the hubs to tie in the navy blue.

and i just love how they turned out!

do you take pictures specifically for your christmas card, or do you just use one throughout the year? some of greg's friends tease him about how often we get pictures done... but i know we will forever love having pictures to look back on of how our little family grows!

check back... i'll be sharing our christmas card soon :)

{linking up with lindsey for what i wore wednesday}

Monday, December 2, 2013

Three months.


you are getting to be such a busy boy... you have so many expressions and "talk" to us a lot now and it is so much fun! your snuggles and sweet baby smiles absolutely melt my heart like i never could have imagined!
{sure, there were a few pictures of you smiling... but how cute is that pout face?!}
we don't have a doctors appointment until your 4 month check up, but according to our scale (mommy stepped on and then stepped on with you and subtracted the difference) you are a little over 12 lbs... so youre growing and doing great!

you have been a little congested some over the past couple of weeks which the humidifier at bedtime seems to help with.

you also have cradle cap around your head that we haven't been able to get rid of completely. your doctor says its harmless, and will go away on its own but mommy just doesn't like it!  
{10 weeks old}

routine and sleep: 
you sleep through the night and then some!! you seem to have had night time down for several weeks and go down about 9:30 (drowsy but awake) after your bottle and you wake up right around 7:15- giving us about 9.5 hours each night... for which I am SO thankful!! hopefully we can keep this up and avoid the common 4 month sleep regression that I keep hearing about. 
you are happiest in the mornings, giving out lots of baby smiles. nap time is usually scattered thought the day in 15 min increments (which you fight pretty fiercely), sometimes you will take a decent one in your swing about 2 hours after you wake up, but sometimes mommy has to hold you because you will cry and wake daddy up while he's sleeping. you're still eating every 2-3 hours. other than that, we spend our time reading books (not your favorite thing yet), playing/talking and running errands/shopping. 

clothes and diapers: 
you are wearing mostly 0-3 clothes and 3 month clothes and sleepers. you're definitely still long and skinny bc often the buttons will barely meet at the legs but it will still be baggy throughout the torso. and you are wearing size 1 diapers. we have tried a couple of different kinds this month, but pampers swaddlers are still our favorite.
You're still getting a mix of formula + breastmilk at this point, though we have increased the amount of formula as my supply has dropped. you eat 3 or sometimes 4 oz at a time (which equals about 26 oz a day)
{13 weeks after church... you will reach and try holding your bottle for a few seconds now!}
our favorite baby items: 
you love your sock monkey lovie {pictured in the first photo} so much that you no longer cry when you get in your car seat anymore.

we've been using the bumbo seat a lot more as well. you kind of lean over, but you're starting to get the hang of it.
milestones and development: 
You have started to reach for toys and it is so fun to watch! You really like your activity mat now, and will focus on the squirrel until you reach out and swat it! 
{12 weeks old}
this month you also went to church for the first time... you were so good and slept on mimi the whole time! 
{9 weeks old}
 you've gone to waumba land at our church several times now as well. i think you are a favorite since your one of the smallest babies back there :)

you still really like bathtime, which we typically do three times a week, before bedtime.
{13 weeks old}
and you like to have our attention and to be held and talked to... all the time :) you have even started responding when we give you kisses by turning and opening your mouth. and sometimes even licking us!
{10 weeks old}
You fight sleep so hard through the day. I often end up sitting on the couch to hold you while you nap because you are so tired but won't give in unless you're on my chest, wrapped in a blanket with a paci. i'm hoping we can establish a more regular napping schedule in the next month, but if this is our biggest challenge, I think we're doing pretty good. 
{your first thanksgiving at 13 weeks}
although of course you wont understand it, i am so looking forward to your first Christmas!! I have a feeling your grandparents are going to spoil you major!

You are so loved, baby boy! 

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