Tuesday, October 29, 2013

two months.

TWO months old, already?! i just can't handle how fast time is going and how big you are getting! everyone still thinks you look just like your daddy, but you definitely have my squinty eyes! though you may have hit the awkward stage of infancy with your hair starting to fall out and a little case of cradle cap, momma still thinks you are the cutest!
they gave you your first round of shots (3!) yesterday at the doctor, and mommy cried right along with you. but you got another perfect report for your 2 month check up. you now weigh just over 11 lbs, and are 24 inches long! that puts you up to the 50 percentile for weight {quite a jump from your last visit!} and the 75th-90th percentile for length. your head circumference is 15 3/4 inches, which is perfectly average in the 50 percentile as well.
{7 weeks old}
routine and sleep:
you are still eating every 2-3 hours during the day and a time or two during the night.

normally, we put you to bed around 9:30 or 10... and you sleep about 5 hours, and wake up to sleep around 3 am, eat, and then wake up for good around 7:30. BUT you slept 8 hours last night!!! i'm hoping that it wasn't just a fluke from having a busy weekend, and you will sleep that long all the time now!

clothes and diapers:
you are still wearing newborn diapers {though i think after we use the last of this pack, we're going to try the size 1s}. At 7 weeks, your newborn clothes suddenly became too short, and your little feet weren't fitting in the sleepers! some size 3 month clothes fit you, but 0-3 months work the best for you right now.
{8 weeks old}
you are still getting a mixture of breast milk + formula. when i pump or we give you formula, you eat 3-4 oz. at a time.

our favorite baby gear:
we tried out two new baby items this month... a bouncer and a playmat. you seemed to like both okay (for a short time anyways), but were not a fan of laying on your belly...

I carried you in the moby at the pumpkin patch and you fell right asleep! 
{8 weeks old}
milestones and development:
between 6 and 7 weeks, you started smiling in response to us!! you also have some new noises- your daddy says they sound like whale noises :)
{8 weeks}
you went to your first wedding this past weekend! justin and brandi got married on front campus, and momma wore you in the moby... you refused to fall asleep like i hoped, but you behaved really well during the ceremony!

you also spent the night away from home for the first time this month. since the wedding was in milledgeville, we all stayed at your grammy and poppys house. you slept okay, but not as good as you seem to at home since we got you off your schedule. and the car looked like we were packed for a week vacation since you require so much stuff! 

you still like your swing, and snuggling on mommy and daddy's chest.

and i am so glad that you are a fan of bathtime, because there is nothing better than a clean, freshly bathed babe!
{after bathtime, 8 weeks old}
sometimes you have a hard time going potty and you get really fussy. we've tried gripe water and the nurse suggested giving you 2 oz. of gerber juice, but sometimes there's not much we can do except wait it out and it makes mommy feel so bad!

you also hate getting into your car seat {maybe you don't like feeling constrained?}, but are usually okay once we crank the car up and get moving!

and even though you like to hold your head up when you are on mommy or daddy's chest, you were not a fan of tummy time the first time we tried it (at 7 weeks).

{taken today, at 9 weeks old}

 we love you, sweet boy!

Friday, October 25, 2013

friday letters.

dear carter, it made me a little sad to pack up some of your newborn clothes last week... you outgrew them overnight! i think we may have to talk to daddy about a shopping trip ;) you are changing and growing so fast... you're now smiling in response to us, and it makes my heart absolutely melt! i love you sweet boy!

dear mom, thank you for coming to stay while greg was out of town last week... i appreciate all the help with washing dishes, clothes and keeping everyone fed and happy :)

dear hubs, we are so glad that you have the weekend off and looking forward to some family time with daddy home!

dear justin and brandi, CONGRATS in advance on your wedding this weekend! we can't wait to celebrate with you!

Monday, October 21, 2013

carter's birth announcements.

before carter was born, i picked out several options for his birth announcements from tinyprints.com. i told myself i would have them mailed out by the time he was 6 weeks old... and i barely met my deadline. it's amazing how much time such a little baby takes up!

i chose a couple of my favorite pictures from when cara came by and took these pictures {carter was 6 days old} and decided on this design since it had three pictures and i didn't have to pick a favorite :)
thank you, tiny prints, for providing these adorable announcements for our boy. 

and tiny prints doesn't only have announcements, you should also check 'em out for all of your invitations and stationary needs :) 

now i think i'll spend a little time on the website browsing their holiday selection for our christmas cards!

Friday, October 4, 2013

for my boys...

{carter was 6 days old here}
dear hubs, seeing you as a daddy has made me fall even more in love with you. i have always known you would be a good daddy... but you have even impressed me with how willing you are to change a diaper, give a bottle, or do anything to just take care of our boy. thanks for all you do... we are both so lucky to have you. and i am so excited to see your bond grow even stronger as carter gets older. :)

dear carter, you are the best thing to happen to your daddy and i... and i hope that you always know how much you are loved. i love our snuggles, when you grip my finger and stare at me with those pretty eyes as i feed or talk to you. i love spending time with you, even when you keep me up at night... since you are my favorite reason to lose sleep. i love you little boy!

dear bud, i am sorry that you haven't gotten as much attention since carter came home... but i hope that you realize he's not so bad after all, and momma has lots of love to go around :) you will always be my favorite furbaby ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

newborn pictures.

my friend cara came over and took carter's newborn pictures when he was 6 days old... photographers like to take newborn pictures within the first 10 days, since the babies are usually really sleepy and you can pose them easily. 

however, our boy decided to make things difficult. that day all he wanted to do was eat and stay awake... cara would try to get him down to a diaper for pictures, and he was just not having it.
 thankfully, she has a son of her own and was very patient with mine... and she managed to still get some really sweet ones despite carter's efforts.
he's not a fan of being swaddled... always trying to break free ;)
we think he's going to be right handed because he always has to have his right arm out :)
and of course we had to take some on his monogrammed blanket :)
 and one laying in his crib... full post of his nursery to come just as soon as i get the curtains hung and some artwork on the walls :)
you did a great job, cara. thank you for these sweet pictures!!

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