Monday, September 30, 2013

one month.

i can hardly believe that as of friday, you are one month old! your daddy and i can already tell that you have gotten so much bigger... and i have to admit, it makes me a little sad how quickly time is passing but i am also looking forward to seeing you grow and change each week.
your pediatrician says you are a perfectly healthy boy! you were 7 lbs, 4.5 oz. {25 percentile}, 21 3/4 inches long {90 percentile} and at your appointment last tuesday (you were 3 weeks old). they like to see you gain around an oz. a day at this point, so i'm going to guess that you are close to 8 lbs. now
{after your  doctors appointment}
routine and sleep:
you've been a relatively easy baby so it hasn't been too hard to establish a normal routine around here. during the day you like to eat every 2-3 hours and at night you will stretch it to 4, sometimes even 5 hours between feedings {on these nights, i often wake up trying to cradle a pillow because all my crazy mommy brain can think about is feeding my baby!} aside from the first 2 nights at home {which were rough for everyone}, you are sleeping pretty well at night {thank you for that, this momma loves her sleep!}

you usually wake up for the day at 7:30 or so... but have a mid morning nap followed by a couple of afternoon naps. ;)  you do really well on morning/afternoon trips out of the house, sleeping through most of the action. you usually have the most awake time in the afternoons and you tend to get fussy in the evenings, right around dinner time. 

you go to bed around 9 or 9:30 after you are fed, burped and have snuggled on momma or daddy's chest for a little bit. we were swaddling you {in a halo sleep sack} at night for the first 3 weeks or so... but you would fight to get at least one hand out {almost always your right hand} and it made it hard for diaper changes and feedings since we had to reswaddle you so much. in the past week we have just put you in a sleeper with a blanket tucked around you and you seem happy like that. 

clothes and diapers:
you are wearing newborn sized clothes and diapers. since most people expected you to be a bigger baby than you were, we didn't have many small sized clothes. so naturally on our first family outing after your pediatrician one week appointment, daddy let momma stop by kohls to pick out my baby some new clothes. and mimi came to the rescue with some more newborn sleepers as well.
{4 days old in one of mommy's favorite outfits}
i tried to exclusively breastfeed you... but we have had a difficult time. it's been hard for mommy feeling like i am failing you at times, not producing enough milk to keep you full and happy, and trying to deal with the pain. the pressure was really stressful and unhealthy, so we made the decision to supplement with formula. thankfully, you haven't had a problem going back and forth between nursing and taking a bottle- as long as you are being fed, you are happy! i am trying to be okay with the fact that it's been more challenging than i could have imagined, and at least you are still getting all of the milk i have to offer... and it's nice that your daddy is able to feed you sometimes as well.

our favorite baby gear:
you love your snugabunny swing... sometimes you like the movement, but other times you just want to sit still and look around. i also discovered the other day that the music helped soothe you as well when you were a little fussy.
{taken yesterday, 9.29}
your snugabunny rock n play keeps you cozy at night right beside mommy's side of the bed
you love the aden and anais swaddle blankets because they are light weight and your daddy says you're hot natured like him :)

milestones and development:
since it's your first month of life, you obviously have had lots of milestones... your first bath at home, your first trip out {pediatrician, barbaridos for lunch and kohls}, your first walk in the stroller. i think that you are starting to be able to see a little more clearly because you will usually look toward a person's voice.

you love snuggling and it makes me so happy!
{napping with daddy, 2 weeks old}
your favorite position is laying on my chest with your face towards my neck and you especially like it when i rub your back. a nurse {that mommy did not like at all} said that would wake you up instead of put you to sleep- but she didn't know my baby!
{4 weeks old}
you also love riding in the car and your car seat... we try to time our trips out during the morning/early afternoon since you sleep the most then and you have been a perfect baby every time! you seem to enjoy bathtime {as long as we keep you warm}
{your second bath at home, 2.5 weeks old}
you like your gumdrop pacis- we try not to give it to you too often so that you are dependent on it, but i'd much rather you suck a paci than your fingers- they're easier to keep clean... and take away when you get too old for them ;)

not being fed the second you decide that you are hungry... you scrunch your face up and give the most pitiful cry and pouty lip- that face just breaks your momma's heart. to be such a little guy, you sure have a set of lungs on you!
{3 weeks old.. upset that we were giving you a paci and not milk}
and as i mentioned before, you don't like to be swaddled and have your arms constrained.

it is easy to see that you sure are loved, little boy!! you have had LOTS of visitors in the past month... last week your uncle derek and aunt mandy even came from virginia with all of your cousins to meet you.
uncle derek even brought an awesome blanket chest that he made to go in your room and keep forever :)

happy one month. we love you, sweet baby!

Monday, September 16, 2013

carter's hospital pictures.

while you are in the hospital here, bella baby photography sends a photographer around to your room to take pictures of all the sweet newborns. unfortunately, they didn't catch carter on his best day. the little guy was kinda fussy and didn't want to cooperate... come to find out that he REALLY hates to be naked.

but i think the photographer managed to still get some sweet pictures of our pouty face baby.
so although i am pretty sure we paid too much for them, they suckered another new parent in to buying pictures of their precious baby.

i just can't get enough of our little guy!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

our hospital stay.

we stayed in the hospital three nights total... {since i had carter at nearly 2 am on tuesday, they didn't count monday as the first night} though we could have opted to go home a day early. which i was seriously close to doing, thanks to one terrible nurse, who had me in tears and freaking out on a lactation consultant.

but thankfully my night nurses were amazing and urged me to take stay the extra day, and i am so glad that we did. though my labor and delivery went really smoothly, recovery was pretty tough. and after that epidural completely wore off... things were painful. i like i needed another day needed the extra time to rest and heal myself before going home.

not to mention, we were exhausted... even though it is difficult to get good rest in a hospital, my nurses tried to limit their middle of the night visits as much as possible. we had been up about 36 hours come tuesday afternoon, so we took advantage of the nursery... i felt comfortable since my sweet nurse would give me an update on him every time she came to check on me and said that she had been in there snuggling my sweet boy.
we spent most of our time just loving on our boy in awe that he is ours.
my parents brought this cookie cake on tuesday afternoon- which made us pretty popular with the nurses since we shared ;)

my parents were awesome and brought us food for most meals for the duration of our hospital stay since the hospital food was pretty bad...
mimi holding her grandson for the first time :)
 and pops...
and grammy...
 and poppy...
 carter is such a snuggler! he loves to be in right on your chest, close to your neck :)
just hanging out in his basinet beside momma's bed :)
and here is us with my doctor the day we left the hospital. i am so thankful for him taking great care of me during delivery and making sure that my boy arrived safely!
our hospital stay was a great experience {despite the one bad nurse and lactation consultant i mentioned above}. 

overall, the nurses were so kind and would go out of their way to make me feel comfortable and help me any way that they could. i always felt that carter and i were in good, capable hands. and now i definitely have a stronger appreciation for all nurses!

Monday, September 9, 2013

carter's birth story.

as i sit down to write my little guy's birth story, i am so glad that i am a blogger and have this outlet to capture the story of my son's birthday. it's only been two weeks and many of the details are already fuzzy in my mind so i had the hubs help write them all down before i forget anything.
after my appointment, we gathered our bags and headed to the hospital. we got there about 1:00 and were in our labor and delivery room by about 1:30. first the nurse had me change into a gown and put the IV of pitocin in my hand while asking questions about our medical history and preferences for the birth.

 my doctor came by about 2:00 and broke my water... which was the weirdest sensation of my life- it's kind of like you're peeing on yourself... but not quite. remember how the nurse practitioner kept mentioning i had a lot of fluid? well, she was definitely right- even the doctor and the nurses were surprised at the amount.

we called our parents and they headed on to the hospital about this point... when they got there 4:00, i was 5 centimeters dilated. about 6:00, the contractions were getting stronger and i think i had dilated to a 6. i wasn't quite ready for the epidural {because i didn't want to be tied to the bed if it took a lot longer}, so i decided to get some pain medicine through my IV to take the edge off. the nurse described it to feel like you had just had 3 margaritas and it all hits you at once. i asked her if i could just have a margarita instead ;)

turns out, i did not like the medicine AT ALL. it did help me manage the contractions a bit, but it made me feel terrible. my eyes burned like i was staring straight into the sun, i couldn't focus and i was worried that i was slurring when i talked {though i don't think i was}. thankfully, it wore off pretty quickly and i was ready for the epidural by about 7:30.

i was nervous about the epidural because of the horror stories i had heard... but i had a good experience. the anesthesiologist was a little older {which was comforting to me since i equated that with experience} and even though he had to stick me twice {the first needle had a kink in it}, he did a really good job not causing me much pain and getting me good and numbed up. the epidural was immediate relief and it was funny seeing i was having a big contraction but i couldn't feel it at all.

after i got the epidural {despite the fact that they were increasing the pitocin every 30 mins}, i got stuck at 8 centimeters for a couple of hours. around 10:00, my doctor told the nurse to stop checking me for a while {apparently if they check you constantly after you water is broken, it increases the risk of infection} and let everyone try to get some rest since it could be 2 am before we had a baby. our parents left the room and i was able to doze off a little bit, but woke up a couple of times with low pressure - so i clicked the epidural button and continued to try to rest. a little bit later {i think about 1 am}, i felt more of a pain towards my backside, which made me nervous thinking that my epidural was wearing off and i would actually feel pain when i was pushing. my sweet nurse assured me that was not the case; i was just feeling his head move down into position. so she checked me and said that i was 10 centimeters and his head was "right there" and i was ready to push. she called my doctor {who just lives 5 mins from the hospital}, prepped the room and then had me push three times with her and greg holding my legs.

my doctor was there really quickly and with the two nurses holding my legs and greg standing by my head, i only had to push through two contractions with him before carter's shoulders were out and at 1:58 am my sweet carter was born. i remember saying "oh my gosh"; i just couldn't believe how fast it happened! the nurse had told me that the usual push time for first time mothers was an hour, and he was easily out in 10 minutes! i remember hearing him cry and thinking it was one of the best sounds in the world- to me that meant that my boy was okay. and boy are his 37 week lungs are loud and powerful!
greg cut the cord and they put him on my chest as they were cleaning him, listening to his heart, doing his footprints, etc. and my doctor finished delivering the placenta and working on me. after a couple of minutes of us admiring our son, greg noticed that he was starting to turn blue and he got a nurse's attention. she came over and unswaddled him to show that his chest was blue as well, and scooped him up from me, taking him over to the warmer and basinet... she said some things to my nurse in medical terms that we couldn't understand and had her call someone on the phone. within minutes a team of specialists from the NICU was there and had a skinny tube down my boy's throat.

greg {who normally gets pretty queasy} was able to watch the whole delivery without a problem... and it wasn't until carter had a problem that he felt lightheaded and had to go sit down on the couch. that part is kind of a blur to me... i know i was aware of the doctor working on me, but all i was doing was staring at my son and the nurses taking care of him. when my doctor was done, he came and stood beside me where greg had been. he explained that my placenta had separated and carter had inhaled a piece and it was stuck in his throat {along with lots of fluid}, blocking his airway. it was probably only a couple of minutes, but they were surely some of the scariest, longest minutes of my life. 
we knew carter was okay when his rosy pink color returned and the nurses were joking about how large his big toe is. they gave him back to me, and our parents were able to come in briefly to see us before the lactation consultant come in and help me nurse him for the first time.
after that, greg went with carter to the nursery to do some more measurements and have his first bath. he was so sweet and held his daddy's hand the whole time :)
we found out that he weighed 6 lbs, 15 oz and was 20 inches long... he wasn't quite a fan of the sponge bath, but he loved having his hair washed!
while they were gone, the nurses had me swap beds, which was a little scary since my nurse was an adorable little blonde and thanks to my amazing epidural, my legs felt like tree trunks and twice their normal size. i could not help them move my lower body at all, so they had me roll from one bed to the other. my mouth started watering really bad and i thought that i may be sick. the nurses gave me a bag just in case and i drank some water before wheeling me to our mother/baby room, where we would spend the rest of our hospital stay. thankfully, the nausea passed pretty quickly, but then i started to get the shakes really badly. my teeth were chattering and i couldn't control them... it was the most annoying thing!

it was kind of sad to be by myself when my husband and baby were gone in the nursery, but my nurses were fabulous and took great care of me, but it wasn't long before our parents came to see me and then greg came rolling carter down the hall as well.

since we had him in the middle of the night, we spent the next 24 hours or so utterly exhausted, but oh-so happy that our baby boy was here and perfectly healthy.

more pictures of our hospital stay to come in the next post!

Friday, September 6, 2013

carter's birth story: the preface.

well as you probably know by now, our sweet boy made his appearance a little over a week ago, but i wanted to start at the beginning telling his birth story from where i left off with my last bump date...

since my 36 week appointment, i had to go back to turn in my 24 hour urine sample and the next day {thursday}, i went in and went over the results with the nurse practitioner... my urine test did not show any protein, {meaning i did not have preclampsia} though my sample at the office that morning showed a "trace". 

since i wasn't quite 37 weeks, they decided to keep me on bed rest over the weekend and to see me back for an appointment on monday. they also scheduled an induction with the hospital for for following thursday {the 29th}.

monday morning, i went in for my doctor's appointment at 10:15am... since going on bedrest and blood pressure medicine twice a day, i had lost 3.5 lbs {bringing me to an even 20 gained throughout the pregnancy}, my blood pressure remained high and my urine sample showed a "trace" of protein once again.

when the nurse practitioner checked me, i was still "a good 3, arguably 4 centimeters" dilated {with a lot of fluid still holding me back from progressing}. she and the doctor agreed that i have a favorable cervix, and i would progress pretty easily after they started me on pitocin... so they decided to send me on to the hospital that afternoon to be induced.

so the hubs and i headed home, gathered our bags and called our parents letting them know that we were going to have a baby a little sooner than expected.
{just a day before meeting our baby boy... 37 weeks + 1 day}
 ... carter's full birth story will be posted just as soon as i have time between the feedings, dirty diapers and sweet baby snuggles to finish writing it :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

he's here!!

i'd like to introduce you to our sweet boy, carter.
born tuesday morning, august 27th at 1:58 am.
6 lbs, 15 oz. 
20 inches long

... and absolute perfection.

stay tuned for his birth story :)

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