Wednesday, August 21, 2013

36 week bumpdate.

i can't believe that i am 3 days away from being full term! 40 weeks seems like an eternity in the beginning when you are exhausted and dragging yourself out of bed to get sick over a toilet every morning... but it has really gone by so quickly!

i had my 36 week appt. this week, and unfortunately, my blood pressure was really high {even though it's been good the whole pregnancy}, so they sent me home to be on bed rest for 48 hours. i also had to collect my urine for 24 hours {and keep it in a jug in the fridge- gross!} so they can test it for protein {a sign of preeclampsia}.

i have another appt. tomorrow morning to talk about the results and take my blood pressure again, but the doctor told me to mentally prepare to have a baby this weekend, if need be.
How far along? 36 weeks {+4 days}
Total weight gain/loss: i've gained another 5 lbs, putting me at +23 for the pregnancy.
Maternity clothes? yep... some of which don't even fit well anymore! I was so happy for some cooler weather last week and this weekend so i could break out some other non maternity cardigans and change up my look a bit... i am getting really tired of wearing the same things all the time! 
Stretch marks? still doing good... these are my go-to regimen: 
the in shower body rinse is great for when your skin is really itchy, it's super moisturizing and smells really good.
i also tried a sample of mama mio tummy rub {i think from our goody bag at buy buy baby?}, but i actually liked it more than what i've been using... i will have to remember it for baby #2!
Sleep: is frustrating. i guess i should just start getting used to the lack of sleep now...
Best moment: since i wasn't able to make it to small group tonight {thanks to bed rest} the girls came over while the guys met at kim and josh's... they brought my little guy some presents and amy even made super cute cupcakes with carter's initials on them!
Miss Anything? being able to get out of bed without rolling sideways first!
Movement: yes, and it's starting to get kind of painful now, i definitely think my little guy is running out of room!

Food cravings: fruit {specifically red grapes this week} and chicken salad from zoe's kitchen.
Anything making you queasy or sick: the coffee smell at work still bothers me... doesn't quite make me sick, just REALLY annoys me.
Have you started to show yet: definitely.
Gender: a BOY!!!
Belly Button in or out? still in.
Labor Signs: still at 3 cent. dilated and 70% effaced... my nurse practitioner said that i haven't progressed more because i still have a lot of fluid and carter is still "floating around in there" so there's not a lot of pressure on my cervix to expand.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
mood: anxious. i'm nervous about labor {especially since it may come a little sooner than expected}, but i am excited for him to be here.
Looking forward to: seeing what our little boy looks like :) and hopefully his monogrammed outfits and blanket getting here before he does so he has something super cute to wear for hospital pictures and coming home!

Monday, August 19, 2013

just checking in...

to those of you who may be wondering... 
yes, i am alive. and no, carter has not made his debut just yet... i've just been super busy! we're adjusting to the hubs working night shift, and after being at work and staring at a computer, i haven't really feel like blogging when i get home. instead, we've been using the time to have dinner together and do a little baby prep. 

pretty much everything is assembled, washed and ready to bring baby home... now i just have to finish up our hospital bags. 

i'm planning on posting my 36 week (!!!) bump date after my doctors appt in the morning. and then hopefully be back on a blogging schedule this week, as long as i don't have a baby or anything crazy like that ;)

Monday, August 12, 2013

this weekend, i...

linking up with sarah at life of love...
went to dinner friday night with aaron, holly and brighton at dominics. the hubs and i split the eggplant parm... which thankfully, i did not send me into labor yet ;)
the picture is a little blurry, but isn't brighton the cutest? she's such a happy girl! 

saturday we had a date day... we started out with a delicious lunch at copelands in atlantic station and then went by west elm to get some curtains for our guest room. they were having an "etsy shop display for local vendors, which would normally be so fun for me... but since i was on a mission, it kind of just annoyed me that it was so crowded.
 then we spent a couple of hours in ikea... we took home with us: some new plants for the house {because they're cheap and i usually kill them all pretty quickly}, cushions for our kitchen chairs, a throw blanket, tablecloth, tupperware, entryway rug {which unfortunately turned out to be too small}, and a coffee and end table for the hubs "man cave".
after we were sick of the crowds there and my feet were starting to swell, we went to buy buy baby to pick up the pack n play and couple other essentials for our boy and then rewarded ourselves for a hard days work with dinner at the melting pot.
 we came to the realization that this may be our last {nice} date night alone for a while, so we needed to enjoy it :)

then sunday we went to church together for the first time in a while {his schedule makes it tough}, got some lunch before i headed to angela's baby shower. 
it was a SUCH a cute shower, and a good time... and this momma deserves every bit of it!

what did YOU do this weekend??

Friday, August 9, 2013

friday letters.

dear zoes kitchen, i think this preggo momma may have found her newest craving! my chicken salad sandwhich was delicious and i will definitely be back to try more of the menu soon. dear weekend, i have been waiting for you!! i have so many exciting things planned including a date day with my man and a baby shower for my sweet friend, angela. dear ikea, i am super excited to visit you this weekend! hopefully, you are not crazy crowded and we bring home some really fun things!! dear hubs, i'd like to apologize in advance- when the doctor said i'm already dilated to a 3, this already nesting momma went into overdrive... thanks for helping me get some things done this weekend to get ready for our boy's arrival. dear carter, i'm happy that you seem to have flipped back around and are getting ready to meet your momma and daddy! i'd be okay if you made your appearance a little early... but let's keep ya cooking another couple of weeks, okay?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

34 week bumpdate.

 well, baby carter and i are making progress! when the doctor checked me this morning and i was 3 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced!! 

he was surprised, but said you just never know- i could keep progressing or stay at a 3 for a long time. my doctor wants to induce me at 39 weeks if i haven't gone into labor by then... so it's looking like by early september, we will have a baby regardless!
How far along? 34 weeks {+4 days}
Total weight gain/loss: i have gained another 5 lbs, putting me at + 18 for the pregnancy. i was discouraged by such a big jump since my last appointment, but my doctor assured me that i'm still doing really good.
Maternity clothes? yes, with a few regular (bigger sized) dresses mixed in.
Stretch marks? no, i think the ones on my hips from puberty have saved me from getting any new ones- and at least they're faded and barely visible!
Sleep: isn't going too good... i'm having a hard time finding a comfortable position and staying asleep with having to get up about 4 times a night to pee.
Best moment: my last baby shower and picking up carter's furniture yesterday- i can't wait to put it all together!
Miss Anything? mainly working out and my clothes- i am sick of wearing the same things ALL the time.

Movement: he is still moving around a good bit, though i do feel like he's running out of room, so his movements aren't "all over the place" like they were.

Food cravings: watermelon.

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.
Have you started to show yet: definitely.
Gender: a BOY!!!
Belly Button in or out? still in... but it's looking more shallow these days.
Labor Signs: carter and my belly are both measuring about 2 weeks ahead, so i'm hoping all of this means he's coming early... and not that he is just going to be a big ol' baby!
Wedding rings on or off? on... though i take them off when i get home. i have officially entered the swollen stage, my feet and ankles are usually pretty puffy come the end of the day.
mood: happy and excited... but if we're going to be honest, i'm kinda getting over being pregnant and getting ready for him to be here!
Looking forward to: getting the nursery organized and set up... mainly washing his clothes and folding them in drawers :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

"sweet little man" baby shower

this weekend i headed "home" to spend time with my momma on her birthday and my third and final baby shower! the cake was adorable with the little bow tie! {and delicious- with chocolate AND vanilla inside}
these were the lovely hostesses... my mom's good friends susan, debbie and her daughter nicole.
 the food spread... chicken salad croissants, grape salad, chips and fritos with dip... yum!
 you probably recognize this girl by now... cara and i :)
 and erin came down, too!!
after having some food and socializing, it was time for presents... yet again, i had more gifts then there were people there- everyone was so generous and many of those who couldn't make it sent a gift anyways!
we were laughing in this one because my mom gave us some of the exact same outfits that her friends had bought.
 and this is probably one of the cutest little outfits that is in carter's closet so far... love a little baby button down!
with the diaper bag from the moore's :) i can't wait to pack it with all of his little baby things!
"if mom says no, call 1-800-gradma"... so true! i just know he is going to have his grandparents wrapped around his finger!
speaking of grandmothers- i had to get a picture with the both of them... carter is going to be one lucky little guy to call these two his mimi and grammy!
 and dena and tessa came!... it's hard to believe i used to babysit tessa starting when she was only about 18 months old- and now she's going into 7th grade!!
 and cara and her son, austin... who i can't believe is starting kindergarten today!
me, my momma and my 34 week baby bump...
it was such a nice shower and i really appreciate all that mrs. debbie, susan and nicole did...
my boy is so blessed and loved already!

Friday, August 2, 2013

happy birthday, momma! :)

tomorrow is my momma's birthday... i can't quite remember how old she is, though i'm pretty sure she's turning 39... yeah, that sounds about right ;) 

since i'm headed 'home' to spend some time with her, i decided to give her a little love on the blog a day early.
{us in orange beach last spring}
 i know everyone tends to think that their mom is better than everyone else's, so i won't try to convince you otherwise... instead, i will just say is that my momma is the most thoughtful, giving person that you will ever meet. she doesn't have a mean bone in her body, she always thinks of others before herself and will do just about anything to help a friend or family member.

i used to leave notes in her bible saying she the best momma in the whole world. obviously, i was a smart kid.
and not to mention, she is the cutest mimi around... these babies are all so lucky to have her, and i am so happy that she will be there for my boy growing up, too.

happy birthday... i love you, momma!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

nesting is in full swing.

i cannot believe that today is august 1st... yes, this summer has flown by- but the part that's really getting me is i'm having a baby NEXT month. good gracious.

i think i am beginning to realize what this whole "nesting" thing is all about. thanks to the hubs and my daddy's hard work, the nursery is coming along nicely... we will be picking up the furniture on tuesday {yayyyy!} with the exception of the glider- which will hopefully be here soon and very soon. after that, i just need to find some wall decor, lamps and curtains and get everything arranged and organized.
speaking of curtains, i'm thinking navy and white stripes... does anyone know where i can find some?

but of course i can't limit myself to just carter's room, i want to decorate and organize EVERYTHING. we're going to be stuck hanging inside a lot in the next couple of months {hopefully with lots of visitors} and i want our house to feel comfortable and cozy. and since we just moved {oh you know, 6 months ago}- our house still needs some attention. i'm the type that has a hard time committing to home decor. i'm picky. and it's expensive... therefore, most of our walls are bare. 

i'm trying to fill in the gaps one space at a time, starting with the downstairs... since that's where we {and our visitors} spend the most of our time. after searching everywhere, we recently bought this kitchen table {for a GREAT deal at a local furniture store}
i loved that we packed it up in the truck and took it home with us that day- no waiting 6-8 weeks for delivery! {and yes, bud is about to jump on the table... we're still working on his manners ;)}

this week, i also bought this canvas to go in the entryway... it's the front porch of flannery o'conner's farm, andulsia, which is in milledgeville {where the hubs and i met at school}. i liked the picture, but i also liked that it had some meaning behind it. eventually, i may add a frame to make it a little larger.
i also found this set of three canvases at target, which happened to match my throw pillows perfectly... so i brought them home and made the hubs hang them last night :)
we still need curtains, and a bigger rug {i ordered this one in gray last night} to make the space feel more homey, but just putting something on the walls was a definite improvement!

the next wall i want to tackle is this one, behind the couch... i ordered this clock from wisteria to hang on it, and i am currently searching for a narrow foyer table {let me know if you have an idea where to find one} to add a lamp and some other table top decor...
and then there's the dining room, which needs some sprucing up {it is directly to the right when you walk in our front door}...
i am looking for curtains, "EAT" letters to put down the right side of the mirror, and then i'm planning on using some family dishes on the wall to add a personalized touch. there's a completely blank wall opposite the window that i'd like to get crafty and make a sign for... but we'll see how that goes.

 lastly, there's this ledge above our entry space, which i'm kind of at a loss of how to decorate... i'm thinking low maintenance greenery of some sort but i'd love to hear any ideas you may have!
and that my friends, is just my downstairs to-do list :)
it's definitely a process! i try to add a mixture of styles {and price ranges} to give our house a welcoming feeling without breaking the bank.

and after seeing ikea's 2013 catalog, i decided that we MUST go before i have this baby {or am too pregnant to walk through the store}... so i texted the hubs this morning and this was his response:
not only does he agree to letting me spend all his money going to ikea, he suggests a dinner date, too?!? 

seriously, i love that guy.

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