Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July's favorite things.

what a busy {but very fun} month it has been!! today i am linking up with ashley to talk about my favorite things from this month!

we marked several things off of our baby-to-do list... 
{like touring the hospital, getting our last {and 3d} ultrasound}

and of course, cara came to visit to take our maternity pictures... 
you can see more here and here

jon and katie GOT MARRIED!!!
laura beth and ashley threw me an amazing shower... 
and my parents came for another weekend so mom could go to the shower with me and daddy and greg could finish up the nursery...
didn't they do a good job on the woodwork and painting??!
now all we need is the furniture {which we are picking up next week! woo hoo!!}
and as always, morning snuggles with this little guy are my favorite...
 i swear he knows his time is limited being the center of attention around here and he is soaking it up while he can.

i can't seem to get enough of frozen yogurt, italian ice, smoothies... and really anything cold. being hot and pregnant, the sound of a hot meal is often not so pleasant- so i was happy to have a frozen yogurt date with lorrie yesterday.
i'm a little sad that july went by so quickly... but we have a lot to look forward to in august! we're going to try to spend a lot of time with friends, since we won't be getting out quite so much in the next few months.

... and of course we need to mark the remaining things off of our baby-to-do list. 
the countdown is on!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

maternity pictures {part 2}

today i am so excited to share the 2nd half of my favorites from our maternity session!
we took the pictures at UGA's bontanical gardens- the same place we took most of our christmas card pictures in november. but since it's a different season, they look like we are somewhere else completely!
the hubs was nervous about me slipping and falling while taking that one... i can't really say that blame him, i'm a clumsy one.
and then we tried to take these and not get stung by any bees that were flying around... oh, the things we do for pictures ;)
cara liked this shirt better because it made me look bigger than the dress did. have i mentioned how hard it is to find cute maternity clothes?! i was happy to see this the day before pictures {on sale at kohls}.
i just love this guy ;)
thanks, cara! i love the pictures and am so happy that you captured this exciting time in our lives... hard to believe that next time you photograph our family, there will be three of us!! :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

about to POP baby shower

this weekend was my shower hosted by these lovely ladies... 
ashley and laura beth are two of my closest friends- who just met and decided to get together and throw an absolutely BEAUTIFUL shower for me at hilltop grille, one of our favorite athens restaurants. 

they have a separate room for events and the location was perfect and the food was delicious! laura beth even got fancy and did floral arrangements for the table centerpieces.
they had all the ladies fill out several questions guessing my delivery date, where my water will break, how much baby will weigh, etc. - so fun!
 and then it was time to open gifts...
everyone was SO generous and thoughtful, and baby carter got some really good loot!
 several things were even monogrammed with my boy's name and initials... so cute!
 this little guy may have stole the show a bit when i was opening gifts, but i'm okay with that ;)
 ashley and jessica weren't able to come, but they sent this adorable basket for baby carter!
 and my momma gave us the quilt and pillow to match our baby bedding, i can't wait for our furniture to come so i can put it in the nursery!
 here's a picture of most of the ladies who came... unfortunately ansley, jeanette and kristin had to leave a little early before we were able to take a picture.
{leah, momma, paula francis, ashley, ali, me, whitney, laura beth, angela, maggie and will}
then we had to get a picture with the hostesses separately... ashley:
 and laura beth...
 and my pretty momma...
 my sweet also preggo friend, angela! {our boys are only due a couple of weeks apart!}
 and maggie...
 more pretty flowers and fun napkins...
 and a picture by myself {33 weeks preggo}
 and the super cute bubble gum favor:
it was such a fun day, and i am so thankful for my awesome friends... 

ashley and laura beth put so much thought and hard work into hosting the shower and i appreciate everyone who came or sent gifts for my baby boy!

Friday, July 26, 2013

friday letters.

{one of my favorites from our maternity session}

dear carter,  it was fun seeing you in 3d yesterday, even though you were a bit of a stubborn boy. i can't believe that since our last ultrasound {only TWO days before}, you flipped from being head down to breech. please do your momma a favor and flip again in the next few weeks, okay? dear hubs, i love to see how excited you are to be a daddy... carter is such a lucky little guy! dear jon and katie, congrats on tying the knot!!! we had so much fun celebrating with you last weekend... and although i am sure you are not ready for your honeymoon to end, we hope that you have had an amazing {and relaxing} time in mexico this week! dear ashley and laura beth, i am really looking forward to my shower this weekend... thank you in advance for hosting- i am so lucky to have such amazing friends!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

maternity pictures {part 1}

my friend cara came to athens to take our maternity pictures last week... we decided to do them earlier rather than later {i was 31 weeks along at the time}, due to our busy schedules, but also because we were sure that july would bring 100 degree temperatures and i would be swell up like a balloon. 

thankfully, though the humidity doesn't do great things for my hair- the constant rain we've had helped us escape the outrageous temps, and swelling {for the most part}. 

as always, cara did a great job and i am so blessed to have a good friend who happens to be a photographer that the hubs and i both feel comfortable with :) so here is part 1 of our maternity session...
the hubs doesn't typically like it when i wear shoes this tall {even though i am still not close to being as tall as he is}...
but i figured since my opportunities for wearing wedges will soon be few and far between, i better break them out for pictures!
this is one of my absolute favorite pictures of us...
carter is so lucky to have this guy for his daddy... i can't wait to see the two of them together!
it's still so crazy to think that we will be parents in a few short weeks...
about 7 {but who's counting, right?!}
we are SO excited to meet our sweet baby boy!
and of course we had to have a wardrobe change... so i will post the second set of pictures next week :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

32 week bumpdate

we had our last ultrasound yesterday, which was so fun... he is head down, and was facing to the left... towards his daddy ;). they estimated that he weighs around 4 lbs. 12 oz. and his head measured 32 weeks exactly {good news for me, since big noggins run in my family}, and his abdomen measured a little bigger, at 34 weeks- putting him in the 67 percentile.

we could see our little guy's face pretty well- he had the cutest little nose... and what looks like the husband's forehead. and we found out that my placenta is no longer low lying so it is not a concern! yay!
How far along? 32 weeks {and 4 days}
Total weight gain/loss: i have gained another pound... putting me at +13 for the pregnancy.
Maternity clothes? yes, mostly. i'm trying not to buy many more maternity things since i only have less than 8 weeks left!
Stretch marks? so far, so good- i've tried to be more religious about the mama butter and oils... but i've had friends warn me about the "under belly" stretch marks that you don't find until after the baby comes ;)
Sleep: is not going too well... it is harder to get comfortable, and i have to get up about 3 times to pee a night. the inside of my thighs is bothering me a lot at night- i guess from my ligaments stretching.
Best moment: taking our maternity pictures with one of my closest friends, cara and seeing our baby on the ultrasound yesterday!
Miss Anything? my body and energy in general. i'm getting pretty tired lately.
Movement: lots!

Food cravings: now that we have found a new favorite mexican restaurant, it's all i want! and cherry italian ice.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.
Have you started to show yet: definitely.
Gender: a BOY!!!
Belly Button in or out? in... but it's looking more shallow these days.
Labor Signs: i have had some low sharp pains- mostly toward my left side, but one on my right as well... the doctor said it could be braxton hicks, or it could be ligament pain. either way, it's simply because i've gotten out of the "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy and am likely to experience lots of random pains from here on out.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, despite the aches and pains. :)
Looking forward to: our 3d ultrasound tomorrow, my second baby shower this weekend and my daddy coming to help greg paint the nursery!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

mr. and mrs. saunders :)

we were supposed to meet at the salon at 10am, but my day got off to a a rough start when the gps took me straight to a neighborhood instead of the salon {granted, it was a really nice neighborhood... but not where i needed to be}... then i hit a squirrel {i'm hoping he walked away from the incident just a little banged up... though im not so sure about that}

 ... and got pulled over by gsp for rolling a stop sign {in a different residental area}. thankfully, after i apologized and said i was lost, and very late... he had pity on this hot mess of a bridesmaid and even gave me directions. a few mins later, i was at the salon and all was good.
{greg's cousin lauren and i after getting our hair done}

 we actually finished our hair and make up hours ahead of time, so we just hung out and had lunch before the photographer and videographer showed up, took a couple of pictures and then we headed to the church {via a super cute white trolly}
 two of my favorite details were the groomsmen boutonnieres and katie's bridal bouquet- it was gorgeous!
katie got dressed and finished the final touches... and then we just hung out in the bridal palor and took a couple of pictures waiting for ceremony time! here she is with her daddy...
and then a shot of the whole family...
and of course i had to get a picture with the stunning bride myself!
the ceremony was beautiful and went really smoothly... and then we took some pictures and rode the trolly back for the reception!
jon and katie snuck away for some alone time and to get a quick bite to eat while we enjoyed some dinner ourselves... the mac n cheese station was my favorite, i could have eaten a whole plate of that stuff! 

then they had their first dance... 
katie danced with her daddy to "the way you look tonight"...
and jon danced with his mom to "what a wonderful world".
we mingled a little and caught up with some friends, like tracy...
 and nick...
 and you probably recognize these guys by now, blake and maggie...
of course i had to get a picture with my stud of a date.
they cut the cake... which was several different flavors and absolutely delicious.
 and then the party REALLY got started ;)
{greg's cousin drew and his wife sarah, about to hit up the photo booth}
{greg with his twin cousins, alli and hope}
{greg and tracy}
{holly and myself}
ive gotta tell ya, this 32 week preggo got down on the dance floor... despite several comments from people urging me not to have the baby that night {i only WISH it were that easy!}

the band {livin' large} was amazing and we had such a good time dancing with everyone.
{tracy, me, nick and brandi... who is getting married next!}
and the hubs and i couldn't miss out on the photo booth fun...
now i just need to decide which of these to frame in the house ;)
erik and allie caught the bouquet and garder... so maybe we'll be going to their wedding next ;)
and then the happy couple headed on their way...
congrats, jon and katie! 
your wedding was beautiful and we had an absolute blast!

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