Friday, May 31, 2013

may's favorite things.

can you believe may is almost over?! this month FLEW by, and honestly- it's making me a little anxious... i only have a little over 3 full months until my little guy makes his arrival and we have sooo much to do before then!! 

but... that's another post for another day. today i am linking up with the lovely ashley and sharing my favorites from the month :) 

we started the month out with a trip to orange beach with my parents... but unfortunately, i didn't take ANY pictures.

the next weekend, we had our gender reveal party and announced that baby williams is a BOY :)
{picture taken by cara, of our little family after the party}
we started {and pretty much finished} baby registries for carter... seeing the hubs try to figure out all of the strollers was so precious.
obviously, we are in target in this picture... but this is not the stroller we ended up choosing- i plan on posting soon about what we DID decide to put on the registries, for those of you who are interested.

next up was bloggy boot camp!
i had so much fun getting to know some of my blogger friends in real life {including ashley!!}... and especially emily, who was my roomie and rode to and from charlotte with me.

and then the next day, the hubs and i left for our babymoon/anniversary trip in turks & caicos! 
last week, we found out that my brother and sister in law are having another baby girl... 
{ansleigh, alyssa, and sophia holding the picture of their baby sister}
so it looks like my nephew eli and carter will be the only boys in the bunch... at least for now!

may was a pretty fabulous one for the williams... june sure has a lot to live up to- but with a bachelorette party, family vacation with my favorite muchkins, concert, and a baby shower on the books- i am sure it will be a busy, but great month!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

awkward & awesome: pregnancy edition.

{picture taken by my friend cara at our gender reveal party}
  • the first OB appt {otherwise known as "naked day",  according to my doc}... where all i got to leave on was my argyle socks.
  • people staring at your belly, constantly on bump watch.{this is especially weird in the beginning when you're not really looking preggo and you just feel fat}
  • itchy boobs. my skin was SOOO dry and itchy the first trimester it was miserable!
  • actually getting excited over a good bathroom break {tmi? sorry 'bout it}
  • finding embarrassingly long hairs on your belly that you'd swear were NOT there yesterday... apparently this is common for mommas of boys- because of the testosterone levels. 
  • the first ultrasound- which is awkward AND awesome.

  • special treatment- like getting upgraded to economy comfort when you fly {those seats are like $40 more!}
  • no one gets between you and food... and you almost always get to decide what's for dinner ;)
  • everyone loves a pregnant lady- strangers at the pool want to talk to you and tell you about their baby and pregnancy {though some of it you may not want to know}
  • the hubs' face after seeing your baby dancing around on the ultrasound and feeling him kick for the first time. 

although i have more "awkwards" than "awesomes" on today's list... definitely know that the good outweighs the bad- i am so excited to be carter's momma and i am sure that all of the awkward {and painful} moments will be worth it!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

24 week bumpdate.

 How far along? 24 Weeks- 6 months!!!
Total weight gain/loss: as of today i had gained 4 lbs from my last appt, which puts me at 
+8 total. 
Maternity clothes? still a mixture and mostly living in flowy dresses and maxi skirts. the dress im wearing in this picture is regular from gap, i just bought a size up.
Stretch marks? not anymore than i already had... i did have a painful rash pop up last week on my lower back/left hip area, which my doctor confirmed is shingles this morning
Sleep: is not going great ... having shingles has made it a little more difficult to get comfortable. the other night i woke greg up trying to get comfortable and then had a crying fit about how i "just wanted to go to sleep and it hurt"... and carter likes to kick me at night as well- though that's a much better reason to not be able to sleep!
Best moment: our babymoon. and my doctors appt this morning... this is probably the only time in my life i've ever looked forward to doctors appts! my doctor also assured me that he is not worried that my placenta was low lying at my last ultra sound, because at 20 weeks there's not really a lot of places for it to go and he is confident i will have the option of a normal birth.
Miss Anything? restful sleep. and some of my clothes fitting.
Movement: he has been very active the past couple of weeks, and this week- i've started to be able to see my belly shake from the outside! so crazy.
Food cravings: fruit!! specifically cherries and watermelon... and maybe wendy's frostys {it can't ALL be healthy, right?}
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope, i'm pretty good with that...
Have you started to show yet: oh, yes.
Gender: a BOY!!!
Labor Signs: all clear.
Belly Button in or out? in.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: definitely happy.
Looking forward to: getting carter's bedding in and picking a paint color to start working on the nursery!

Monday, May 27, 2013

babymoon bliss.

as most of you probably know, last week was our long anticipated babymoon/anniversary trip! after comparing several caribbean islands, we picked turks & caicos as our destination for several reasons... it was a short flight, felt safe {in case carter or i needed medical attention during our stay}, and it seemed really relaxing and laid back.

sometimes, the hubs and i like to plan trips with a lot to do... this, however, was not one of those trips. this time our goal was to do a whole lot of nothing and enjoy hanging out together as a family of two.
 when we first got there we checked out the accommodations and property. we were expecting a hotel room, but were pleasantly surprised with a nice sized condo- equipped with a full kitchen... which came in handy since food {and everything, really} is about double the price that we pay in the states.

there was a pool literally 5 steps from our door...
 and this what we saw immediately to the right...
the landscaping was really pretty and there were flowers all around the property...
this is the other end of the pool... and it really was this empty! there were usually only a couple other people at the pool... there was always a chair, umbrella and towels available which was really nice.
we arrived around lunchtime and were hungry, so we decided to have lunch at the restaurant hotel...
which is right on the beach.
their smoothies were so delicious that i didn't even get jealous of the hubs' regular margarita.

... and i may or may not have had one every day ;)
this was right before a quick pop up storm, so we ate lunch at the covered bar instead.
then we went to the grocery store and buy food for our breakfast and lunches... relaxed a little, had a frozen pizza and called it a night.
the next few days were gorgeous... we spent most of our time laying on the beach and by the pool.
the water is beautiful there.
you can see straight through it... i was a little sad that i never saw jojo, turks and caicos' famous dolphin who is often seen swimming by grace bay.
i mostly enjoyed just cooking in the sun... realizing that this is probably the last time i will be able to lay there, eyes shut and enjoy the quiet...
i spent a lot of time reading {and laughing at} this book... i met robin last weekend at bloggy boot camp, and loved her immediately. she is hilarious and so very real... i definitely recommend you get your hands on her book asap!
here's us dressed up for dinner...
our first night out we went to bay bistro, which we chose after hearing some ladies raving about their meals on the beach earlier that day.
the views were gorgeous and the food was really good! 
this is what the resort looks like from the water.
and of course we had to take a bump picture on the beach! {23 weeks pregnant}
and here we are before our anniversary dinner on another night at hemingways at the sands resort...
again, gorgeous views and delicious food! the homemade brownie dessert was the best, which is not pictured {after the sun set, it was hard to get good pictures}.
but i think my favorite part was the company :) it was so great to have some uninterrupted quality time with the hubs for the week!
hopefully carter will be a good traveler and it won't be TOO long until our next beach vacation :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

the worst of me.

today's blog everyday prompt is "my three worst traits"... which i was able to come up with pretty quickly... and honestly, i could have kept going- but i'll stick to the top three things i'd change about myself if given the chance.
{23 weeks pregnant in turks & caicos this week}
1. i am rarely punctual... and it even drives ME crazy. being on time is something i am constantly working on, but somehow always still failing at.
2. i tend to overanalyze everything. generally, i can make a quick decision- but then i no doubt will question it later {like when we ordered our couches and had to wait 8 long weeks for them to get here- i was terrified i'd made the wrong choice... but thankfully, i still loved them when they were delivered}... i also replay conversations in my head and question if the other person misinterpreted what i said, or how it came across, etc...
3. i can be just a little bit messy. i like to keep a clean space... but every time i have to get ready to go somewhere, my bedroom suddenly has clothes scattered everywhere and make up {and other miscellaneous beauty products} all over the bathroom counter. it's a constant battle cleaning up after me ;)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

what i've learned...

today's prompt for blog everyday is "things you learned that school won't teach you"
1. take time for yourself and relax. of course, there is time to work hard... but when you think about your favorite memories, no one talks about those times at the office... so, in our family we put a lot of emphasis on taking time to vacation and enjoy each other... which is precisely what i am doing this week in turks and caicos with the hubs.
2. you get what you put in... i am a big believer in karma- good AND bad. sometimes it may take a little while, but it all comes back around eventually.
3. it's better to have a handful of good, loyal friends than a bunch of so-so friends.

what have YOU learned that school won't teach you??

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

three years.

today is the third anniversary of the day the hubs and i said "i do!"
dear greg, 
happy anniversary lovie!! i can't believe it has already been three years since our wedding day... {does that mean we can renew our vows in two more ;)??} 
i am so proud and thankful to call you my husband.
so much has happened in the past three years and it's a little hard to believe that on our 4th anniversary, we will have a little one to celebrate with- there is so much to look forward to!
i love you!

if you recently started reading, make sure to check out the details of our wedding... and spending our first anniversary in st. thomas

we're spending this anniversary in turks and caicos and i can't wait to share the pictures when we get home!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my first blogging conference.

i am a little behind on posting about bloggy boot camp, since i didn't get back from charlotte until sunday afternoon... and then turned around and flew to turks and caicos yesterday morning for our anniversary trip/babymoon. 

i needed to catch up on sleep before i caught up on my blogging... but i definitely wanted to talk about it a little bit- especially since it was on my life list to attend a bloggers conference.

on friday, after working a half day, i picked up emily and we headed to charlotte. although emily and i hadn't ever met in person, we've followed each other's blogs for a while now and i already felt like she was a good friend- but i was just a bit anxious to meet her {and everyone else} in person. just as i expected- emily is SO sweet... i couldn't have asked for a better roomie for the weekend!

we got to charlotte in time to make it to the cocktail party, where i indulged in a sprite and some hor d'oeuvres and had a late dinner with a few of the ladies before hitting the sack to get ready for the next day.
{so excited to meet ashley!, sweet gifts from emily, at the cocktail party, and with jessica, tiffany (co-owner of SITS girls, who put on BBC) and emily}
saturday was spent listening to speakers, networking, and just socializing with other bloggers. although at times, it felt like information overload... i did take away some good tips and advice that i feel will improve my blogging experience... now, if i can just find the time to tackle my "to improve" list for the blog!

 and of course it was so fun to meet some other awesome bloggers! i would love to attend a conference in another year or two

... and if you've been to one, i'd love to hear about your experience!

Friday, May 17, 2013

friday letters.

dear hubs, i had a good time registering for baby carter with you yesterday... thanks for hanging in there through the aisles and aisles of baby gear- it can definitely be overwhelming- but kind of fun, too... right? dear melting pot, you were delicious, as always. thanks for the complimentary chocolate covered strawberries for our anniversary :) dear new iphone 5, i love you. now please don't jump out of my hands like my old iphone 4 did, okay?? dear bloggy boot camp, i cannot believe you are finally here! so excited to learn more about blogging and meet some lovely ladies this weekend... and maybe a little anxious too!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

happy, happy, happy.

today's topic for the blog everyday in may is 10 things that make you happy... which happens to be one of my favorite things to blog about. i am so blessed and have so much to be thankful for that i even wrote a list of 100 things that make me happy a while back... but today, i will stick to just 10.
1. my family... and the fact that mandy and i are both pregnant in this picture, though most people didn't know yet ;) so excited that carter will have a cousin SO close in age!
2. cuddling with the furbaby
3. a day at the beach... relaxing and getting my tan on
4. fresh flowers- especially hydrangeas.
5. time with friends... this is erin and i at the fray concert last year
6. sweet tea in mason jars with cute striped straws... sometimes it's the little things ;)
7. freshly painted nails... even better when they're a bright, summer color!
8. feeling my baby boy kick in my belly. 
9. blogging to remember all of these little things. 
10. seeing the hubs with kids... i can't wait to see what he's like as a daddy :)

what is making YOU happy today??

Monday, May 13, 2013

22 week bumpdate... and baby's name!!!

as you probably saw in yesterday's post about our gender reveal party... we are having a baby boy!!! 
 his name will be carter lewis... and we will call him carter. 'lewis' is the hub's middle name, also after his uncle pringle, who was a big part of greg's life and unfortunately passed away several years ago. 

deciding on the name was relatively easy since we have had 'carter' at the top of our list for years- before we were even married... sometimes i still feel a little anxiety over choosing the RIGHT name, because it is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life... but i feel pretty confident that it will fit him ;)

How far along? 22 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: i try not to weigh myself {other than at the doctor's office}, so i am not sure yet... last i heard was +4 {at 19.5 weeks}, but i'm sure we're up a few since then...
Maternity clothes? still a mixture, i'm starting to wear a few more maternity items i've bought since i'm filling them out and feel more comfortable showing off the bump. i can wear most of my regular dresses, but maternity shorts are definitely more comfortable
Stretch marks? not anymore than i already had. 
Sleep: is going okay... except for the nights that i wake up from heartburn... i hope baby has a full head of hair after all this pain he's putting my through ;)
Best moment: announcing that baby williams is a BOY and sharing the name at our gender reveal party
Miss Anything? energy... while i feel pretty good these days, i do get tired easily.
Movement: i have been feeling him almost every day... and the hubs even felt him kick last wednesday {at 21.5 weeks}, which was really cute to see- he got all giddy about it, and then maybe a little weirded out ;)
Food cravings: i'm still liking cereal, fruit and i've gotten into salads again as well {which sounded terrible at the beginning of my pregnancy}
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really... just waiting too long to eat.
Have you started to show yet: oh, yes.
Gender: a BOY!!!
Labor Signs: all clear.
Belly Button in or out? in.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: definitely happy.
Looking forward to: turks and caicos for our babymoon/anniversary trip!! and my next doctors appt {which will be another 3 weeks}

Sunday, May 12, 2013

baby williams is a...

first of all, happy mothers day to all of you momma's out there... especially my own, who i happen to think is just a little bit better than all of the rest ;) i thought today would be the perfect day to announce the gender of baby williams, since i am a soon-to-be first-time momma myself... 

we had our party yesterday, two and a half weeks after we found ourselves! with our busy schedules, this was the soonest we could fit in it... and it was super hard to keep my mouth shut for so long, so i was REALLY excited for saturday to finally get here!
me in the dining room the food table... where i pretty much hung out for most of the party ;)
i tried to keep the food 'tailgate' themed...
we served: 
chicken fingers
mini corndogs
buffalo dip with scoops
homemade chips... made by zaxbys, not me ;)
veggies with ranch dip
apparently kroger didn't quite understand my explanation of the cupcakes, because instead of putting the color in the center of the cake part, they did it on top- in the center of a mound of green icing... which was so heavy that they toppled off of my cupcake stand... so we had to improvise a little bit ;)
then of course we had to take a picture of 'team pink' and 'team blue'...
 before the cupcake reveal.
everyone was trying to figure out how to not get a pound of icing all over their faces ;)
and.... the icing in the center was:
we're having a baby BOY!!
this is our small group, minus britain, who came but left before we took the picture... and paul, amy and jordan- who couldn't make it.
 and us with aaron and holly, and baby brighton... 

i can't tell you how much i appreciate so many of our friends came out on such a busy weekend. we feel very loved and blessed.
even though i said no gifts... several of our friends brought gender neutral items we will definitely need like diapers, burp cloths, shampoo/lotion sets and gift cards.... 
allie even made these adorable onesie cupcakes- i should have gotten a picture of the whole box before i tore them open, but apparently i was just too excited ;)

baby BOY will be so very lucky to have all of these people in his life!

cara took some more pictures that i will have to post later... but make sure to come back tomorrow to find out HIS name ;)

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