Friday, March 29, 2013

a little rambling to end the week.

hey, lovies! 

i've gotta admit, i wasn't quite feeling like posting today... it's been a long week and between coming down with a nasty cold and simply being overwhelmed with my to-do list, it would have been easy to talk myself out of it. but after my friend cassie gave me a hard time last night about not posting daily, i am feeling pressured. {gotta keep up with natalie, right cassie? ;)}

while i feel like i've got lots to say, it's all kind of a jumbled up mess in my head... so forgive me if this post is a little scattered.

you probably noticed that the blog got a makeover recently {which i still need to tweak a bit}, but did you see that i purchased the domain name? we are officially a '.com' address, which is nice since my blog name was slightly obnoxiously long. i hope that my posts are showing up in your blogger feed like normal and not re-directing you {can someone give me some feedback on that?}

of course i will talk about my pregnancy and baby williams here on the blog, i hope that will not become ALL i talk about. blogging is my space, my outlet... and there's a lot more to me than my growing belly. but of course i want to remember these exciting times, and there are just some things worth sharing... like this precious text message from my husband.
in other news, i am currently planning a couples shower for jon and katie... i'm sure i've mentioned it before, but katie is the hub's cousin- and jon is his best friend. they met at our wedding and have been together ever since. greg and i are excited to be standing beside them on their wedding day {me at a whopping 32 weeks pregnant, hoping and praying that i don't look ridiculous waddling down the aisle}.

 since we are close with both of them, i wanted to host a couples shower for the ladies and the fellas to come eat, drink and play games. i'm not usually one for "shower games", but i am determined to come up with some non-cheesy entertainment because jon and katie love to play games together!

when throwing a shower, i like to give the bride/momma a list of invitations that i like and let them pick their favorites... that way the shower reflects them and their taste, not just mine! katie picked this one...
i got them printed today and i think they look great. hoping to get them in the mail by tomorrow and then start on the rest of the party crafting/planning!

 well i better stop my blabbing and get some dinner before i go brave the grocery store to prep for my Easter lunch!

hope you guys have a lovely Easter!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

have you visited fabuless wardrobe yet?

Hey y'all! I'm Taylor and I blog over at Pink Heels Pink Truck. First off…HUGE thanks to my friend, Lori, for allowing me to share a project that I've been working on for the past 5 months! I'm excited to be sharing with you all today a brand new dream that I've turned into reality (finally!!) Without further adieu...Meet Fabuless Wardrobe!! FabulessWardrobeSnapshot1 
An online consignment shoppe. But not any online consignment shoppe. This consignment shop concept is different than most. :) At Fabuless Wardrobe, you purchase an ad spot for $1.00 per item. Each item is listed for 30 days for that $1.00. If your item sells, you will be forwarded the money (via paypal) without any additional fees (well, less paypal's original fees). 

The only fee you will incur is the upfront ad spot purchase! All items ship for free, so you build your shipping into your listing price. :) This site is basically a place to list your gently used items (even maternity!), no more than 2 years old ('ll only help you sell!). You might even have stuff you've never worn before or even still has tags on it. So why not put it up for sale and see if you can add some cash to your pocket! :) There are a few items already for sale in the shoppe, so you must head over and check it out. And if you are ready to get to listing your own items, click on the Sell Tab to get started!! You'll tell me how many items you want to list initially, and I'll send over an invoice and then the link to where you can start uploading your stuff! I would love for you to follow Fabuless Wardrobe's social media channels so you never miss a new item added to the shoppe!! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Thank you Lori for allowing me to share my brand new dream-turned-reality!! :) And I hope to see you all selling your items soon!! What are you waiting for???

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i'm a real grown up now.

... and not just because i'm having a baby {though that does tend to make ya feel kind of old}.

but because we are having our families over for easter lunch! this is the first family holiday that i will be hosting in our new house and i am pretty excited about it. i love to play hostess and i am looking forward to putting my gorgeous kitchen to good use! since greg is an only child AND an only grandchild and my brother's crew lives in virginia, we won't have a big crowd. which is perfect- since my dining room table only seats 8 ;) speaking of my brother's family- here's a picture that i never shared of all of us at sophia's birthday party...
seriously, could those kids be any cuter? make sure you check out eli's smile in the back... he cracks me up!
i gave up after trying to find a cute spring centerpiece, because i couldn't find anything i liked at hobby lobby or michaels... and while i COULD use some pinterest inspiration and get crafty, i am doubting that will actually happen this week.  what i do need to focus on is my hunt for some cute placemats {i don't have 8 that match}... crossing my fingers that bed bath and beyond has something- i am running out of options!

now, let's talk about the important stuff...

what's on the menu:
honeybaked ham {am i the only one who doesn't eat "pig" on easter?}
honeybaked turkey {mainly for picky ol' me}
squash casserole
green bean casserole
cheesy scalloped potatoes
orange salad {my momma's jello/cool whip fruit salad... one of my faves!}

and my daddy's key lime pie for dessert... yumm! :)
what are YOUR easter weekend plans?

Monday, March 25, 2013

our weekend + update on baby williams.

hey, lovies! 
i hope everyone had a great weekend! ours was okay... friday night i had a fun girls dinner with my small group ladies {have i mentioned how much i love them?}... but then between working a shift for bargainza {our yearly thrift sale fundraiser for junior league} and working in waumba at church, i was pretty exhausted. and thanks to some crazy dreams, our weather alarm going off in the middle of the night, and my baby hanging out on my blatter- it's been a little difficult to get a good nights rest around here. naturally, i am dragging a bit today...

i had my 15 week appointment this morning...even though i wasn't scheduled for an ultrasound, i managed to convince my doctor to do one and try to tell us if baby williams is a boy or a girl... unfortunately, baby is stubborn and was sitting between my pelvic bone with his/her knees together, so we couldn't get a good shot of "the goods"... so the gender will remain a mystery for another 4 weeks. at least they did schedule the appt at 19 weeks instead of 20 for me ;)

the important thing is everybody looks healthy and happy... the last time we had an ultrasound {week 10}, the baby didn't have legs yet- so it was really cool to see the changes. the hubs was especially excited that baby officially has five fingers {at least on one hand}... apparently he wasn't able to count the other, but i think we're good ;). i have been terrible about taking pictures but for the most part, i still look like i just ate too many burritos... even though i actually lost two pounds since my last appointment, which i am okay with, the weight will come- it's fine by me if it takes it's sweet time.

and since i don't like to post without a picture, here's another one that my favorite sister in law took while she was visiting...

Friday, March 22, 2013

happy friday!

{our mantle + cheerful spring banner}
dear spring, WELCOME into my life. please come baring bright fun colors and lots of sunshine. this cold weather is for the birds. dear hubs, thanks for being such a handy man around the house lately... the place is finally starting to come together and i am loving it! dear self, my to-do list is a mile long, so let's make this weekend a productive one with a little bit of fun! dear friends, thank you for all the congrats and well wishes for baby williams... the hubs and i both feel so supported and loved! also... i am still working on an "ask me anything" post... so if you have questions, send 'em my way! dear melissa, congrats! you are the winner of my spring loving giveaway! please contact me to arrange shipping :)
happy weekend, ya'll!

Monday, March 18, 2013

kinda sorta a big deal.

soooo, i've been hiding a little something from you guys, and i am SO excited to {finally} let you in on our little secret...
 that's right... 
i am {14 weeks} pregnant, and come september, we will be welcoming a little one into the family.
we are so blessed and i am looking forward to starting my family with my amazing husband {in our brand new house!}

{thanks to my sister in law mandy, for taking the time to take these pictures that i am sure we will cherish forever!}

Friday, March 15, 2013

spring lovin' giveaway!

partly to celebrate this little ol' blog hitting two major milestones in february {my 3 year blogoversary and 500 followers}... and partly just because it is fun, i have decided to do another giveaway!

i feel like the blog world is getting a little oversaturated with giveaways right now {especially those group giveaways where you have to follow twenty-seven people to enter}... so i just want to highlight that it is not my focus to bribe my readers... i hope that no one follows simply just to try and win something, but rather because they like what they read here. that being said, all of the following items are purchased by me to thank YOU little lovelies for hanging around these parts.
1. gorgeous large mint colored bag- the perfect pop of color for spring and summer.
2. journal/notepad- great for keeping all of your blog post ideas in one place...
3. two essie polishes- {bikini so teeny and mod square}, so you can show off cute freshly painted toes in sandals in the warm weather.

HOW TO ENTER: {you must be a follower of this blog to win}
1. posting a comment answering this question-what are you looking forward to most this spring?
2. share this post on twitter and providing me with the link in the comments section.
3. post this to instagram, tag me in the picture (on IG), and leave a comment here saying you did so.

the giveaway will close on wednesday at noon... good luck, lovies!! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

sophia's 5th birthday: angry birds style

this past week my brother and his family have been visiting from virginia... my niece sophia turned five years old on the 5th, so we decided to have her birthday party last weekend while they were in town.
{now, prepare for picture overload}
sophia requested an angry birds party... so mimi made sure that is exactly what she got :) 
the kids were just waking up from their nap so we started out with cake a ice cream to give them a little sugar and get the party going!
then it was present time! 
greg and i gave sophia a set of legos and the game hungry hungry hippos.
mommy and the girls...
and since no party is complete without a game, we set up a real live angry birds game! thankfully it was a gorgeous day and we were able to play outside.
my brother, derek showing the kids how to play the game.
my sweet nephew, eli and his super cute baby belly.
i gotta admit, i mainly like this picture because my brother looks like an old man ;)
sweet sister love.
my cousin matthew and his girl, abbey... who was the flower girl in my wedding. i can't believe she's so big now!
 uncle greg is their favorite. {greg thinks this picture is a glimpse into his future... he says he's destined to have three girls... we'll see about that}
 even eli got a turn...
 alyssa loves her mimi!
and then we had a silly string fight to end the party on a high note. {this are my cousin's kids, jacob and abbey}
eli thought the day was a success ;)

the fam all came to athens last night to see our new house and spend some time here... despite two sick kiddos at dinner, it was fun...
and we ended the trip with a donut date before sending them home this morning!

Friday, March 8, 2013

highlights from the week.

helloooo, friday! 
boy, am i happy to see you... this week has been kind of a long {and busy} one around the williams' house and i can't say that i am sad to see it go. regretfully, i didn't get to blog as much as i had hoped to, so today i decided to do a highlights post on the happenings of the week. 

kate middleton may have slipped up and said the d-word {'daughter'} while greeting the public and i have to admit the potential of this makes me giddy with excitement. can you imagine how cute she will dress that baby??! {im envisioning lots of cute mini-sized peacoats and hats!}
emily maynard started a blog... and i am looking forward to following along. and since she's from charlotte and all, i think she should join us at bloggy boot camp, yeah? maybe i'll leave her a comment letting her know about it ;) 
 you may remember the journals i posted about wanting for bloggy boot camp... well i actually found one of them on clearance at target last night!! it pretty much made my night... well the combination of that, and the pizza buffet with maggie and baby will. thankfully, we walked all across the parking lot and around to store to work a few of the calories off ;)
also last night... my high school made me a proud alumni when the basketball team won the state championship. go {golden} eagles!

happy weekend, friends. hope you have a great one!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

i've got the fever.

spring fever that is! 
in the past i haven't gotten too into decorating for each season... but since moving in the new house, it seems like i am just looking for a reason to decorate... and with spring {hopefully} right around the corner, i am REALLY craving some pastels and bright colors, and world market sure has delivered for this upcoming season.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 

now, i don't want to overdo it... but i think my kitchen could really use some of these bright, happy colors! 

do you get excited about seasonal decor? 

what are your spring favorites right now?? do share!

Monday, March 4, 2013

preparing for a blog conference.

so, it's official. i signed up for my first ever blog conference... i will be attending bloggy boot camp in charlotte in may and i am ohh- so- excited! my blogger-turned-in-real-life-friend jenn told me about this day long conference... and i am looking forward to seeing her again as well as meeting {two of my other fave bloggers} emily and ashley in real life!

so i've been thinking on what i need to get to prepare myself to get the most out of this conference, and here's the list i have come up with so far:

1. a cute notebook to record everything that i will learn...
{via the college prepster}
these are from target last summer, they say "she makes the day brighter. she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" and "she's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. she sees possiblity everywhere".
i am hoping they come out with something equally cute this year!

2. a personalized waterbottle to stay hydrated... 
{or maybe i've just been looking for an excuse to buy a monogrammed turvis

3. probably some new clothes... {as if i need another excuse to go shopping}

who knows what i will actually wear, but i do love this comfy yet stylish look... maxi dresses are my absolute fave!

4. a new tote bag to carry all my essentials...
 target has some great options this season! this one is a good go-with-anything bag, but they also have some fun, bright colors and stripe options as well.

5. and last but not least, some business cards to network with my new blogger friends...
obviously, mine will not say "photographer"... but i love the simplistic look of these

have you ever been to a conference?

ashley wrote this great post on advice for attending a blog conference... but i would love to know if you have any other tips to share.

andddd... if you're a blogger in the southeastern region, it's not too late to sign up... i would love to meet all of your pretty little faces in person!

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