Wednesday, February 27, 2013

what it's really like...

if you've been hanging around these parts for any amount of time, probably know by now that my husband is a police officer. {you can call him 'sargeant williams' if you'd like... or even 'officer hottypants', which was his nickname around campus while we were dating... i'll just stick with 'hubs'}

i get a lot of questions about it, so i decided to write a post on what its really like to be married to the law...
you can easily tell how busy of a night they've had by the amount of texts (or lack there of) received.

sometimes, the hubs comes home and says things like 'i got in a fight tonight... i'll have to show you the video'- which can be humorous to watch, as long as you know that he is already home safely... this situation is not so entertaining while the fight is in progress.

you learn to communicate in 10-4 codes and police lingo.

your acquaintances suddenly want to be your best friend when they think your hubs can get them out of a ticket or stupid decision that their boyfriend made.

you can watch 'cops' and easily point out the 'rookie mistakes', when they are showing off for the camera, and when someone has drugs, a gun, or is going to run. 

occasionally, he comes home with a really sad story that hurts your heart.

the reality is, sometimes it is scary. if you would have asked me 8 years ago about my future husband, i would have pegged him to be an 8-5 businessman who wore a suit and tie to work every day...

but i chose the man, who wanted to be a police officer since childhood. and i am ohhh- so proud of him and the work he does to protect and serve people regardless of other officers who give them all a bad name and citizens who often don't appreciate him.

and i gotta admit, the man looks pretty darn good in that uniform. 

{side note: i am wanting to write a "ask anything" blog post... so if you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comments or send me an email!}

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

fashion faves and flops at the oscars.

as i am sure you are aware, sunday night was a pretty big night for hollywood... personally, i only really cared about watching the oscars to see the fashion choices of the evening {since i have yet to see even half of the movies}.

i did however see silver linings playbook, and loved it... i was very impressed with bradley cooper and think that the movie brought his acting to a whole new level... and i am a huge jennifer lawrence fan... but i wasn't crazy about her dress choice. 
i thought her hair and make up looked great. and i liked the classic style of her dress, but the whole overall look was a little too "sweet" for me, i would have liked to see her in a more bold color.
now, let's move on to some of my favorites... 

charlize theron.
the dress was simple and elegant... i love the bold lines and cut on her. and really... who can deny that she is rocking that short hair and still looking ultra feminine?

octavia spencer.
she looked gorgeous and classy... i feel like she always does a phenomenal job picking out fashionable, figure flattering dresses.
sally field.
i thought her dress was perfectly age appropriate and absolutely gorgeous on her. and i love that she changed to sneakers for the after party ;)
and my vote for best dressed of the evening goes to.... 
naomi watts.
this gown was a real stand out... i love the sparkle and the unexpected lines of the dress paired with the soft updo. she just looks gorgeous!

and now.... let's move on to the looks that i think totally flopped on the red carpet... 

selma hayek.
i gotta admit, i was glad she finally chose something that wasn't bearing ridiculous cleavage... but i hated the velvet, high neckline and bun with a tiara.

nicole kidman. 
i think the dress was too harsh for her... i hate the little swirls at the bottom and the fact that her hair was in her face.

and the worst dressed of the evening goes to... 

anne hathaway.
do i really need to explain this one? between the awkward placed darts, chunky necklace and high neckline with the short hair... it just looks like a 90's prom dress to me. 

she said she decided about 3 hours before the show which dress to wear... and i think we all could agree that her last minute decision did not pay off.

so what do you think? 
who top's your best and worst dressed lists?

Monday, February 25, 2013

weekend lovin'... and some rambling.

 hello, pretty people! i hope everyone enjoyed some gorgeous weather this weekend... i sure am missing it now that this dreary, cold monday is here... so let's recap, shall we?

the hubs had to work an overtime basketball game so i had lunch at panera and pretended to work on something important caught up on my blogging all while eaves dropping on the couple beside me as the girl layed out the agenda for her poor unfortunate soul of a boyfriend. not for a day of exciting errands, but also for a weekend of driving 10 hours to meet her family and sleep on separate couches in the living room. i felt a little bad for the kid... but decided that if he can't see crazy when it's right there in front of his face, that's probably what he deserves.
then i decided that while the hubs' was busy making money, i might as well go spend some... of course all i ended up buying was another of my favorite sweaters at old navy {which are on sale for $20 in stores} also, all of their jeans are also on sale for $19 if you're looking for some cheapies yourself {i may or may not have snagged 3 pair for myself the other day}. why is it that the days you decide you're ready to spend some money are the days you can't find ANYTHING to buy?

i spent the morning with the kids at church and then the hubs and i had a chinese lunch before dropping $450 (!!) at lowes on fun home improvement supplies like towel racks, toilet paper holders, fertilizer and stands to hold up our poor beaten-in-the-wind new bushes.... we did have a coupon that saved us $50 {mom, you should be proud of that one}.

then the hubs worked on some projects while i enjoyed the sunshine outside and made a list of even more things that we need to purchase for the house {goodbye, clothing budget}. i did help those poor baby plants stand up straight and felt real handy using my gardening skills {or pretending at least}... and then i blogged and painted my nails.
then i watched the red carpet feed before the oscars... make sure to come back tomorrow to see a post on my opinions on the fashion choices of the evening!

oh, and on an unrelated note, i am thinking about doing one of those "ask me anything" posts and i would loveeee to know if you have any questions you would like to see answered on the blog! just leave 'em in the comments or shoot me an email.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

decorating styles by lauran: the real young housewife of southern virginia

Hey y'all! My name is Lauran and I blog over at The Real Young Housewife of Southern Virginia! I adore all things girly, southern, and vintage! I am also a newlywed {well sorta kinda if you count a year and half marriage as still newlywedded}! I honestly think my hubby and I will always feel like newlyweds with the constant laughter that fills our home! I started following Lori when I first joined the blogging world almost a year ago and I was completely taken aback with all that Lori and I had in common! I couldn't believe there was someone else out there in the world who had so many of the same views, beliefs and even quirks as I did! Almost creepy how similar we are! I am so excited to meet you all today and hope you stop by and say hello sometime soon!
The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA
Now, we all know that Lori has recently moved into her NEW- absolutely beautiful- I am super duper jealous- new construction home! I enjoyed the home tour greatly and can't wait to see what she comes up with for all the home decor! I mean she is totally working with a blank canvas! I would work that like Picasso himself!

When it comes to decor and starting with a blank canvas it can be intimidating, time consuming, and overwhelming, however if you know your style, it's easier to decide on pieces and accents as well as colors and accessories for your new home! Pinterest can also play a vital role in inspiring and expanding your decor ideas! Annnnd if all else fails you can hire an interior decorator.

If you aren't sure of your style you can find loads of little style quizzes on the internet to determine your Decorating Personality! I find this helpful in narrowing down the look you are going for in your home! Real Simple has a great one here - not to many questions and pretty simplistic answers. Better Homes and Gardens also offers one which pretty much nailed me right on the head! According to BHG, I am 40% Formal, 30% French Country, and 30% Vintage which is 100% accurate. Visit both links to see what decor style you have!

I am no interior decorator-not by a long shot- nor to I pretend to be! I, myself, am always changing my mind and just recently started redecorating my home after three and a half years of being in our here! I blame it on growth, mature, tastes changing, and the fact that we can now afford to buy nice pieces for our home and no longer need to "accept" hand-me-downs that don't fit our tastes. From simply perusing interior decorating magazines and Pinterest, there are four types of Decor Style I have noticed and in honor of Lori having to decorate a new home, I figured we could review them!

1. Traditional.  This style includes timeless pieces and luxurious materials! This style also evokes a more formal lifestyle with refined furniture and girly accessories like crystal. It screams elegance like Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, or Charlotte from Sex and the City!

2. Casual. This is a combination of Vintage and Traditional. You like the formality of the English and early-American style furniture with the relax feeling of a country cottage or farmhouse. Easy living and functional pieces are your go too in home decor. Think fuzzy blanket and hot chocolate on a plush comfy sofa!

3. Vintage. This style is for all lovers of flea markets and antique shops. You enjoy furniture pieces from all time eras. You are attracted to items that appear more worn and used and offer muted natural colors. Teacups, weathered painted dressers, and quilts fit this style best.

4. Modern. This style includes clean lines, color, and bold accents! Imagine a loft in New York City or the whole entire Ikea store! White leather sofas with large geometric art pieces come to mind when I envision modern decor.

*All images are curtesy of Google Images

So which style are you?! It's possible to be a combination of several or maybe you are a mixture of all four! Regardless your style, choose items for your home that YOU love and adore and will treasure for years to come! Possibly even special pieces to pass down to future generations in your family! I can't wait to see what all Lori comes up with and if you are at all curious to see the progression of my own home redecorating, please stop by my neck of the woods and say hi!! XoXo!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i'm the kinda girl who...

hey lovies! 
holly @ running in stilettos is hosting this fun {one time} link up and i was so excited to join!

i'm the kind of girl who... 
would prefer to go barefoot.

likes my nail polish to match my toe polish. 

would take the beach over the mountains any day.

would rather do any chore than vacuuming.

changes into "comfies" practically the minute i get home.

does not go camping. this girl does cabins and hotels... not woods and tents.

feels silly whenever i wear lip color.

constantly can't decide whether to let my hair grow... or chop it off.

would rather wear a dress than jeans.

stays up late every night, only to regret it in the morning.

does not like to re-watch movies {unlike the hubs, who could watch apolo 13 over and over again}

doesn't mind a rainy day... as long as i can spend it inside, sleeping. 

unfortunately i have to spend this gloomy day at work... 

here's to hoping it goes by quickly!

Monday, February 18, 2013

playing catch up...

i've seen several of these posts on different blogs {latest seen on emily of jones design company} and i thought it would be a fun way to catch up to speed on what's been going on around these parts since the big move...
loving: sweet newborn snuggles from baby brighton.

reading: fame by lauren conrad... its a little teeny-bopper for my taste, but its a quick read. and i hate to start a book and not finish it- so i will probably try to get through it this weekend so i can get back on that list of 25 books i'm trying going to read this year.

waiting for: the weekend. always.

using: momma's chicken casserole recipe... it is one of the first dishes i ever made and a go-to recipe when i take a meal to friends. i made one for aaron and holly and one for the hubs and myself as well...

excited about: the bachelor tonight... it's my favorite episode- hometown dates!!

trying to: be patient waiting on our new furniture to be delivered... but i am getting anxious to see it.

working on: getting my blogging groove back... now that we have our internet set up {finally!!} i am looking forward to getting back into the swing of a blogging schedule.

enjoying: our new home.

wearing: nail polish... valentines nails.
planning: 'midnight masters' golf tourny for cancer auxiliary... im on the committee with some of my very favorite people and i am sure the event is going to be SO fun!

learning: balance. it is constantly a struggle for me

listening to: kourtney and kim take miami {catching up on my dvr shows}

singing: lots of country lately. and a little bit of broadway tunes thrown in there... defying gravity from wicked is my FAVORITE.

needing: time with the hubs... between his work schedule and my social calendar, we haven't had a lot of down time to spend in our new house. but thankfully this week he is on a normal person's schedule so we will have our evenings together!

wishing: that the piles of laundry would wash & dry themselves...

doing: blogging... and procrastinating on the piles of laundry.

dreaming of: a new blog design... that ashley is currently working on!! i cannot wait to share it with you guys once we have it perfected :)

so that's what's up with me lately... what is going on with you??

Friday, February 15, 2013

happy friday!!

{photo stolen (with permission) from this little cutie's momma}
dear baby will, thanks for being my valentine since my hubs had to work... i am sure you were the cutest one out there! and tell your parents thank you for letting me crash their valentines dinner... they sure are sweet! speaking of your parents... dear blake and maggie, congrats on closing on your house today!! i am so happy for you and i absolutely cannot wait to come see it :) dear hubs, thanks for spoiling me and being an amazing valentine- even when you had to work. i am so excited about the jason aldean concert! you are my absolute favorite and i am so lucky that you are stuck with me forever! :) dear havertys, thank you for delivering some of our furniture with a quickness... if there's any way that our couches could come in LESS than the 8 weeks we were told, i sure would be a happy customer! dear blog friends, thanks for hanging in there with me during this transitional period... i am planning on being back in full swing next week now that we have some free time this weekend that i can devote to post scheduling :)

happy weekend, ya'll :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

baby brighton is here!!

this was a very exciting weekend in athens! our good friends aaron and holly welcomed their sweet baby girl into the world on sunday afternoon...

{you may remember them from their gender reveal party or the baby shower i threw for holly}
baby brighton gave her parents an early valentines present and arrived 4 days early, weighing 7lb. 7oz.

we went to visit the new family on monday morning before work, and greg was SO cute... he couldn't get ready fast enough... and he chose to wear a pink polo, on purpose of course ;)
this little girl is not only going to have her daddy wrapped around her little finger, but all of his friends as well. jon, erik and greg all couldn't get to the hospital fast enough to hold her :) it is the sweetest thing!
we are so happy for our friends and are looking forward to loving on their little one just as much as they let us.
welcome to the world, baby brighton! i cannot wait to get more sweet baby snuggles.

Monday, February 4, 2013

home sweet home.

soooo, we have officially MOVED in the house. unfortunately, our internet isn't guaranteed to be set up until valentines day... and i have really missed blogging :( i wanted to take advantage of the wifi at work write a quick little update before i go to my evening junior league meeting tonight {shhhh, don't tell the bossman}

we spent our first night in the house on thursday... and my parents were so sweet to come this weekend and help us... dad helped the hubs with all of the "manly projects"- like mounting the tv, putting together shelves and hanging the mirror in the dining room while mom mostly helped me unpack the kitchen.

i wanted to share a couple pictures of the house pre-move in... and of course as i get it decorated i will share updated pictures as well :)

the entry is two story, and the room to the left when you come in the front door is our office...
the dining room is to the right... we painted the walls a navy color, and i absolutely LOVE the contrast against the white.
if you walk through the doorway here... this door goes to the garage and there is one of my favorite features of the house... the mini mudroom/cubby area. {can't you just the future little's backpacks hanging there??}
past that is my kitchen which i am absolutely in love with... so far i've made muffins and brownies... but i am looking forward to cooking much more impressive meals here.
 and here's the view from the living room...
downstairs we have one bedroom and one bath... 
upstairs is our master bedroom... {which is now a lovely shade of greige}
 and bathroom...
and our closet... which looked HUGE, until we got all of my clothes in there.
also upstairs is the laundry room, another bed/bathroom and then two bedrooms connected with a jack n jill bath.
we have really been enjoying our new home- and made the move just in time to get invited to the neighborhood superbowl party where we were able to meet a lot of the neighbors... each year they have a chili cook off and the winner has to host the next year- so cute, right?!

it is really starting to feel like home now that we have all of our stuff... it only my closet would magically organize itself! 

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