Monday, December 31, 2012

two thousand twelve.

tonight, i am ringing in the new year with the hubs, furbaby and chinese take out. 
we flew home from new york this afternoon... we had an amazing time but you could not have paid me to stay in times square holding my pee and freezing my buns off for 12 hours to see the ball drop today. it was INSANE how many people were there. 

so while this new years eve is definitely a little more low-key than last year, it's exactly where i want to be right now. 2012 was an eventful year, with lots of change and some really good times as well as some really tough ones.

in january, i turned a quarter of a century old.
i had an emotional "job hunt" for the first months of the year, and was a stay at home wife until FINALLY getting offered a job in may.

after confessing my insecurities, i joined a gym and about killed myself in body pump, but became a fan of spin class. 

we lost a special family member when greg's papa passed away unexpectedly this summer.
we joined a small group through our church. 

we decided to officially {long term} make athens home by house hunting... and ended up deciding to build our first home instead.
we went on a couple football trips...  traveling to missouri for mizzou's first game in the SEC and we stayed in jacksonville for georgia/florida 
we celebrated the hub's birthday in asheville and went to see a couple of cirque du soleil shows. {michael jacksons immortal tour in july and totem in november with my parents}
and of course, ended the year with the family trip to new york {pictures will be posted this week}!

 i am looking forward to the new year, which is certain to bring some exciting things our way.

happy new year, lovies. 
may you be blessed in 2013!

Monday, December 24, 2012

merry christmas.

we hope that you enjoy your holidays and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. 
and since i just realized that i never posted our christmas card, here ya go...
from our house to yours merry Christmas, lovies :)

safe travels to anyone leaving town!

Friday, December 21, 2012

friday letters.

{photos by: stephanie riley photography}
dear brother, i am so happy you are home from your deployment! i hate that greg and i couldn't be at your homecoming to welcome you back, but it makes my heart happy that you will spend christmas with your little family. miss you. dear hubs, i am really looking forward to a date day this weekend... and maybe, just maybe, i can talk you into opening our christmas presents a few days early... ;) dear NYC, our trip is coming up soon and i am REALLY excited about visiting you for the first time!! making a game plan is slightly overwhelming, but i know we will have an amazing time with all the family. dear blog friends, ummm there are almost 500 of you... seriously unbelievable! you guys are the best, thank you. and if you are normally a no-comment reader, please leave me a note... i'd love to get to know you, and if you want to follow me on twitter, i enjoy connecting with ya'll that way {@crazywalkblog}

Thursday, December 20, 2012

currently making me happy.

... my brother is coming home today! for those of you who don't know, my big brother is in the navy and is wrapping up a 9 month deployment... i am sad i won't be able to be there for his homecoming, but i am so happy that he will be back in the states and home with his family on christmas.
{this picture was taken last week... his ship is the big one on the right.}

... christmas cards!! i am seriously loving checking the mail when i get home every day... and my fridge being covered with the faces of people that i love!
... this little guy. i am such a sucker for furbaby snuggles.
.... i won a new blog design from ashley, she has one of my new favorite blogs and i cannot wait to see what she comes up with! i am thinking something a little more soft, simple and mature... with a little spunk, of course.

... this big daddy present that appeared under the tree {with my name on it!}when i got home from work tuesday. i have no clue what's in it... but i am fighting the urge to shake it ;)
... the hubs only has 4 more night shifts left until he switches to evenings! sure, 3:00-11pm isn't an ideal shift for normal people either, but i am so over night shift and going to bed alone {when i am a married lady}, so i'll take it!

... giving things away to my awesome readers... CONGRATS to jane of in the pink and green, you are the winner of the shabby apple gift certifcate! please email me to claim your prize :)

what's making you happy today?

Monday, December 17, 2012

oh, hey monday.

hey, lovies.

friday was kind of a somber day after hearing of the shooting in CT... i worked and we had dinner {chinese. yum} with aaron and holly and then spent the rest of the evening cuddling with my boys on the couch by the fire.
saturday the hubs and i slept a good 12 hours {give or take a few}... with me being sick, and greg always behind on sleep due to that stupid work schedule of his night shift, we needed it. we went to see our house {which is still a little mind blowing to say}... which now has brick, cabinets, and my b-e-a-utiful farmhouse sink. 

yesterday i worked in waumba land with my babies, grabbed some lunch with the hubs and finished up our christmas shopping. i spend the rest of the evening wrapping those gifts and watching ashley and jp's wedding special on abc... all my bachelor{ette} lovers out there, can we just talk about how cute these two are? and does that jp have a way with words or what?! so impressed with his vows.

and here i sit wondering where the weekend went by... but now that i'm finally feeling human again, i am ready to tackle this week head on. let's start with my 5 for five list...

last weeks goals were:
1. finish my christmas shopping and wrapping- success! 
i only have a couple little things here and there to finish completely. but every gift is purchased.
2. cook dinner at least three nights a week- failure.
i think i cooked once. being sick really made this one tough. the hubs did come through and cook an awesome meal though.
3. write and schedule review posts- in progress.
at least one of these should go up this week, i've been procrastinating on taking pictures until the weather and my cold both clear up.
4. cross five things off my 25 days of christmas list- success.
5. wash comforter and shams... i still haven't done it. how embarrassing. 

this weeks goals: 
1. cook three nights this week. 
let's try this again... 
2. organize my desk/craft corner. 
3. wash comforter and shams
i'm even grossing myself out at this point.
4. iron/clean the hallway
i mentioned in my wants and wishes post that due to my hatred for ironing, our ironing board has taken up permanent residence in our hallway... it's getting a little out of control. i am really craving little order in my life, so now that i have the christmas presents taken care of, i am tackling the hallway.
5. start planning for new york
i am getting stressed about our upcoming new york trip... greg's aunt and cousins are handling a lot of the planning since they've been to NY before, but there will be an extra day we have to ourselves... so i need to figure out what we are going to do then... and don't even get me started on what to pack, what to wear... ya'll, i have a literal fear i'm going to freeze my flat behind off. any and all tips are appreciated. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

be the good.

i, too, am heartbroken after the shooting in CT. while i didn't plan on posting today, but it's been on my heart... so i wanted to write a little something.

in response to yesterday, i think that we should do our best to prove that GOOD still exists in today's world.

i've turned off the news. it angers me to see insensitive reporters not choosing their words wisely and children being interviewed {even with their parents consent}. the media loves to report shocking, terrible events such as this... but often doesn't show all the wonderful, selfless acts that people are doing every day.

i'd like to remind everyone that now is not a time to talk about our views on gun laws {whatever they may be} or homeschooling. now is a time to mourn, and be respectful and loving.

i'm not saying this can make up for anything that has happened, or mend the broken hearts... but all America can do is come together, pray, and love each other. i choose to spend the day loving my family and making a meal for a new mama and her family. whether your heart leads you to send a card to the school, or just get down on your knees and pray... i'd like to encourage you to just do something nice for someone today... prove that kindness does still exist.
also, i will be participating in a bloggers day of silence this tuesday, december 18th and encourage you to do so as well.

Friday, December 14, 2012

yet another giveaway!

i am sure by now that most of you have heard of shabby apple, who is famous for their classy, yet completely stylish and on-trend dresses. i hosted a shabby apple giveaway a while back, and was thrilled that they contacted me again to do another.... because i just LOVE to give you lovelies things- and unfortunately can't afford to fund it myself all the time.

today shabby apple has so kindly offered to giveaway a $50 gift certificate towards anything you would like to purchase in the shop! 

so let's talk about my favorites, shall we?

while shabby apple sell skirts, shirts, accessories... and really a little bit of everything, i personally have a soft spot for a classic, clean lined dress like this one... 
or this one, which has the perfect feminine touches with the adorable bow...
they also has a great selection of little black dresses. i think this 3/4 sleeve little beauty would be a great addition to any girl's closet because you could dress it up or down and style it so many different ways!
this next one makes the list because i LOVE a maxi... and this one looks SO comforterable. it would be perfect for in between seasons or unusually warm winter weather like we've been having here in georgia.
 and if are still looking for the perfect dress for your holiday party... this little lace number is to die for!
honestly, the only hard part would be deciding how to spend your $50 credit. 

shabby apple has also offered to give 10% off to ALL of my lovely readers by using the code acrazywalkonthesafeside10off at checkout. 
and no worries, shabby apple has completely free returns if something doesn't work out ;)

HOW TO ENTER: {mandatory}
1. visit shabby apple and tell me which dress is YOUR favorite.

additional entries:
2. like shabby apple on facebook
3. follow me on twitter {@crazywalkblog}
4. tweet about the giveaway and leave me the link.

that is FOUR possible entries per person. please leave a separate comment for each entry, and note that you must be a follower of this blog in order to win.

the giveaway will close on tuesday at midnight.
good luck!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

wants and wishes.

just in case you guys were wondering what you could buy me for Christmas, i decided to post a list of what i'm hoping santa {or the hubs} puts under the tree ;)
since we will be moving in just a little over a month {ahhhh!}, the hubs and i are mostly asking for things for the new house... but of course, i managed to throw a couple little girly things in there for myself as well ;)

1. pottery barn bedding- for the guest bedroom.
2. dishes for the dining room table.
3. monogrammed cutting board for the kitchen counter.
4. a clothes steamer. if you've ever been to my house, you probably know that my ironing board has taken up permanent residence in my hallway. i HATE ironing. maybe, just maybe, if i got this little baby, i would actually have freshly steamed clothes... and a clean hallway.
5. hadley bedding via pottery barn. for the master bedroom... i'm in LOVE with this bedding.
6. hunter rain boots. i mean, do i really need to explain these beauties?
7. vintage locker baskets from {my favorite} ballard designs.
8. longchamp bag. a classic in black to add to my collection. have i mentioned that i cannot even remember the last time i bought a purse!? who am i?!
9. naked 2 pallette. i can't bring myself to pay $50 for eyeshadow... but if someone else wants to buy it for me, by all means...

what are you wishing for this Christmas? 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

welcome, baby brighton.

this past weekend i hosted a baby shower for my good friend holly. the hubs grew up with her husband aaron, we all graduated from gcsu and aaron and holly moved to athens about a year before greg and i followed :)

holly told me they were pregnant this summer and i was so excited at the gender reveal party when we found out the baby was a girl.
doesn't she look so cute pregnant? i loved her outfit :) 

i made the cupcake toppers, banner and the diaper cake, aaron and holly had the cute baby shoes {that just happened to match the decorations} hanging on their christmas tree. 
we had a simple food spread: 
variety of sub rolls
chick fil a nuggets {with polynesian, ranch and chick fil a sauce}
ruffles with ranch dip
pretzel crisps with humus 
fruit with marshmallow dip

the guys all hung out at our place and played video games during the shower, but aaron stopped by to say hello to everyone and help open a couple of gifts...
 one of the best ones was a bag full of clothes from jon... it is SO cute how excited he is to pick out clothes for his friend's baby girl.
the polo dress is special because we all tease jon because all he wears is polo. 

i can't wait for baby brighton to make her appearance in february... i know a couple of guys whos hearts are going to melt for her!

Monday, December 10, 2012

5 for five

first, a quick weekend update: i'm still not feeling great, but the baby shower went really well on saturday {i am planning on posting some pictures tomorrow}, we were able to spend some good time with friends and then today my parents came to have dinner with us and see the progress on the house.

speaking of the house... they have finished the dry wall, put the brick on the outside and cabinets are being delivered tomorrow!! it is crazy to see the house taken shape and i can't wait to see it all come together :) i'll try to get some new pictures posted soon.

now, on to my 5 for five list to get the week started out right...

1. finish my christmas shopping and wrapping. the hubs and i were able to cross off several people on the list this weekend... so i am looking forward to knocking the rest of my list out and getting everything wrapped and under the tree :)

2. cook dinner at least three nights this week.  pretty self explanatory.

3. write and schedule review posts. i was so lucky to be chosen to do some blog reviews of a couple products and i have been putting off taking pictures for them/actually writing the posts.

4. cross five things off my 25 days of christmas list. again, self explanatory... i really want to try to make sure i complete the list before christmas!

5. wash comforter and shams. you guys, it's bad. i've been putting this off forever. it's hard to find the time because with the hubs on night shift, there's almost always someone sleeping in our house, day and night.

what's on your list to accomplish this week?

oh, and if your name is  ashley of loving life and lilly... you are the winner of my holiday giveaway!! congrats, sweet girl! i am sure you will get lots of use out of those scarves in NYC :) please email me your address and i will send the package your way!

and a birthday shout out to my father in law... johnny, if you're reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! we love you!

Friday, December 7, 2012

friday letters.

dear hubs, you have been so sweet this week! thanks for taking such good care of me when i am stressed, you are my favorite. dear mother nature, while i've never been one to complain about warm temperatures, i would like to wear my cold weather accessories sometime this winter. i have a closet full of scarves that are getting lonely, ya know. dear weekend, boy oh boy, am i happy to see you! i am so glad to see this rough week come to an end... and you should be pretty fun with a girls night, baby shower AND a friends birthday dinner. dear body, let's kick this cold to the curb... and in a hurry, we don't have time for this.

happy weekend, lovies.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

gift ideas for the new mama on your list

Hey y'all!

My name is Maggie and I'm super excited to be guest posting on Lori's blog today! She's pretty much my blog big sister. She has taught me how to do some pretty awesome stuff and encouraged me to get a blog in the first place. And let's face it- it's been one of the best decisions I've made. Even though I've only been at it for a while, I really love writing posts and making new blogger friends!

I'm in my twenties and I'm married to a pretty awesome guy who is a police officer with Lori's hubby. They are actually the reason we got to meet each other. My Mr. and I just had a baby boy in August and he's most definitely the light of our lives.

Since I'm a brand new mommy and this is my first Christmas as one, I've had some friends and family ask me what I'd like for Christmas. While having a baby doesn't change all of your wants (because, let's face it, I still want Viva La Juicy, and purses that don't have enough room to hold bottles and diapers, and about a bazillion other things) it definitely changes some of them. So, in case any of you have new mommies on your shopping lists, I thought maybe this list could help you out! Enjoy!

1) Ok, I'm ridiculously sentimental. Ask anyone who knows me and you'll find it to be true. So if the mommy on your list isn't quite so mushy, you might want to skip this one. By the way, it's number 1 on this list because it's number one of my personal Christmas list. Hubby- hope you're reading this! :)

Candace Kane on Etsy

I just love initial necklaces. What better gift for a new mommy than a necklace with her sweet little one's initial on it? They have some, too, that have birthstones with the initial. And if you have a newlywed on your list instead of a new mommy, try one of these bad boys with her new last initial on it and I promise that if she's as mushy as me, she'll cry over it. :)

2) Now this next thing is just too cool. I mean, check it out. 
It's a nursing scarf. It's like the accessory that keeps on giving. Let's say its freezing out and you need a scarf. Grab this one and wrap it around your neck and voila! You're warm. Then later in the day you need to feed your baby and you want some privacy. Just take it off, put your head through the hole (that you don't even know is there if you're just looking at it) and BAM! Nursing cover. Plus, it's super soft and lightweight, so you and your baby can stay comfy using it. 
From the iRobot store
3) So this next one is super practical, but would be SO helpful. If you're crazy busy feeding babies, changing diapers, and running errands, sometimes it's the little things, like house cleaning, that can fall to the wayside. Well, if the mommy on your list is someone you love, and I mean really love because these boogers are pricey, this may just be the gift for them. Meet Roomba. Who wouldn't just love turning on a gadget and having the whole house vacuumed?

4) This one's going to be sappy, too. Just a warning. I LOVE Willow Tree figurines. Seriously. While most of my friends love them, too, some think they are creepy because they don't have faces. To those people, I say- are you crazy?! They make such thoughtful and beautiful gifts and they each mean something so special. Even if the person on your list is not a new mommy, I promise you that there is a perfect Willow Tree figurine for them that either suits them or suits your relationship.

5) Ok, so it's common knowledge that new mommies don't get the "normal" amount of shut-eye. Even champion sleepers like our little man can make our sleep less than perfect. Moms are told to sleep when the baby sleeps. Well, that's much easier said than done. But- what makes taking a nap just a little easier? A soft, comfy blanket to cuddle up in. I mean, babies get their blankets. So should mommies. 
And this came from my favorite store. Target. It also comes in white and cranberry. 
All three are beautiful!

6) If you're wanting to do something budget friendly for a new mama and you happen to also love babies, an offer to babysit for an evening is always an appreciated present. Before we were a family of three, we were a family of two and sometimes a date night is just what the doctor ordered. Of course, while we're out, all we can talk about is our little guy and before we even get our check for dinner we are missing the snot out of him, but it is still nice to have some time just the two of us. Plus, we can go to eat at a nice place and not worry about how the people around us will respond to a crying baby. :)
And while you can always design your own certificate, the oh-so-wonderful Etsy has your back. You can download this if you please from KeuperCreative:

7) Life gets busy for everyone. Whether you're out working, or working from the home taking care of a little one, pampering yourself often gets put on the back burner. There aren't any ladies I know, moms or not, who wouldn't love a gift certificate to get a pedicure. There's nothing better than sitting in that massaging chair with someone massaging your legs and painting your toenails. Pedicures just make you feel good. 

8) What new mom doesn't want to show off pictures of her cutie? One of the sweetest gifts you can give a Mama is a beautiful picture frame. Once you know her taste, the picture frame picking gets easier. There are so many options: glass frames with etched initialssolid wood frames, collage frames, or my personal favorite- the one shown below.

9) Take her out for a ladies night! Tell her that her dinner and drinks are on you and that her hubby is going to stay home with the little one. Obviously, you'll need to chat with him beforehand, but most daddies want their wives to get out and have some fun! Then, take her to a fun place for drinks (like Chili's- who happens to have the tastiest frozen margarita ever!) and dinner! Bonus Christmas points if you can get her to let loose and shake her groove thang!

10) A gift basket is always a wonderful gift to give and to receive. If you include a big ol' bottle of bubble bath, a burned cd of nice, relaxing music, a candle (my faves are from Bath and Body Works), and a bottle of wine (or sparkling cider), you have yourself a winner. 
Hope you enjoyed my top ten gifts for new Mamas! Please come on over to my blog and visit for a while! Can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

holiday giveaway!

hey lovies! 

as promised in my 25 days of christmas list, i have a holiday themed giveaway for you... all of these items were purchased by me {from target, of course} and are favorites of mine for this time of the year.
here we have:
  • cream colored infinity scarf- so big and cozy!
  • merona gloves- neutral so they will match most anything you pair them with.
  • plaid merona scarf- in the softest fabric i could find :) 
  • hollyberry scented candle- that even the hubs says smells good
  • sally hansen nail polish- {390 red carpet}
here is a close up of the infinity scarf so you can see that it has a little bit of gold shimmer in there.
and a close up of the nail polish to give you a better idea... i am in LOVE with this color for christmas nails!

to enter you MUST be a follower of this blog
{FOUR possible entries- leave a separate comment for each}

1. leave a comment telling me your favorite cold weather accessory
2. follow me on twitter {@crazywalkblog}
3. like my page on facebook 
4. share this on facebook or twitter and leave me a comment with the link.

this giveaway will close this FRIDAY at 10:00am and a winner will be announced in saturday's blog post. good luck!! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

go for the goal {november}

if you are new around here, each month we set goals for ourselves and link up and talk about our progress {or lack there of, as the case may be}!
ya'll, im going to keep it real... short and to the point today. 
partly because im tired and i vowed to get in bed at a decent hour... and partly because i was a big, fat failure. 

i haven't really thought about my goals all that much this month. 
i did meet the goal of 8 non link up posts... and i did cross #61 {surprise the hubs with a weekend getaway} off my life list with our trip to asheville.
oh, and i FINALLY got on twitter (@crazywalkblog}... so i think that counts for some kind of a win. 
but i didn't work out like i should, or cook at home as much as i wanted... so of course i didn't lose any weight. 

for december... in addition to my year long goals, i am setting out to:
1. cross everything off my 25 days of christmas list.
2. work out 3x a week.
3. cook dinner 3x a week.
4.  enjoy the holidays and focus on blessing others!

trying to keep it simple so i can hopefully be successful.

i hope you ladies did better than i did this month! 
looking forward to reading about your accomplishments and getting some inspiration and motivation :)

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