Friday, November 30, 2012

25 days of christmas...

inspired by the RACK project and holly's post, i decided to make a bucket list of sorts for the days leading up to christmas, some of these are random acts of kindness and some of them are just to make sure that i take the time to get away from the holiday stress, and enjoy the time with my little family.

1. pay for the car behind me in line at starbucks.
2. surprise delivery for a friend
3. send out christmas cards
4. make dinner for a coworker and his wife, who just had a sweet baby girl!
4. take goodies to the guys working on our house.
5. leave five one dollar bills in target
6. give a large donation to the salvation army person outside the stores.
7. buy a cup of hot cocoa for the salvation army bell ringer.
8. donate money to a worthy cause.
9. donate clothes.
10. volunteer my time
11. give food to a hungry person
12. give a waiter a really large tip
13. make hot cocoa and cuddle by the fire.
14. donate our old coats
15. make goodies for the hubs shift to take home
16. donate to toys for tots.
17. send an encouraging card to a friend.
18. make dinner for the hub's shift at work.
19. snuggle by the fire with my boys.
20. offer to babysit baby will so maggie and blake can have a date night.
21. leave a surprise for the mail carrier in the mailbox.
22. send a letter expressing appreciation to a teacher.
23. send a letter to someone who influenced me.
24. give to a family in need
25. host a christmas giveaway on my blog!!

does that last one have ya'll excited? 
any ideas on what i should include in the giveaway??

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

christmas card pictures!

each year i look forward to getting our pictures taken for our christmas cards... as i've mentioned before one of my closest friends, cara, is a photographer. and somehow this year i talked her into traveling to athens to take our pictures.

i am completely in love with the results!!
for my wiww friends...
shirt, vest: old navy
pants: LOFT
boots: famous footwear
watch: michael kors
on the hubs: 
shirt: polo via tjmaxx
jeans: chaps via belk
shoes: belk
and these are just a small sample of my favorites.

i have not included the one we decided to use for our christmas card... as well as a couple others i am saving for posts throughout the month. 

isn't cara super talented? 

i just love her.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

farewell to football season.

this past weekend wrapped up the regular football season...

it's bittersweet.

because while i love to watch the dawgs tee off between the hedges and travel to away games with the hub's family... i'm also ready for the hubs to be at home again. us police wives don't get to see much a whole lot of our men during football season {just ask maggie if you don't believe me}.

this past weekend ashley came with me to the big georgia v. georgia tech game... it was so fun go with a girl who actually likes to watch football as well. :)
most of the girls around here just think of football as an excuse to wear ridiculously small dresses in the freezing cold dress up, drink a little too much and stare at some boys in football pants. i'll admit, i can't say that i mind the football pants myself... but i do get into the game action as well ;)

obviously, we still have the SEC championship coming up... and then {HOPEFULLY} a national championship game following that. 

i'm already anxious just thinking about it!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


hey, lovies! 

i hope that everyone has a full belly and happy heart after spending time with the family and eating
plenty of thanksgiving goodness today.

even though i am a little late, i still wanted to take a few minutes to write a quick post saying how thankful for all the blessings i have in my life.
i am so thankful for the hubs... my best friend, soulmate and favorite person. i still don't know what i did to deserve him, but i am so grateful.
i am thankful for my family... the one i was born into, and the one i married into. both are so loving and supportive of greg and i.
i am thankful that in a few short months, we will be moving into our dream house... i still can't believe it and feel SO blessed.
i am thankful for my job... and for having a boss who texts me on thanksgiving, to say that they are grateful for me and all that i do.
i am thankful for my friends... old and new ones. a year ago, i was still very new in town and feeling very lonely in athens. i am amazed at how differently i feel now.
and lastly... i am thankful for all of YOU, reading this blog.

i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving evening.

and good luck to those of you who plan on braving the black friday crazies crowds tomorrow ;)

Monday, November 19, 2012

scenes from the weekend.

this past weekend was one that i've been looking forward to and im a little sad it's over.

every year the hubs' twin cousins, hope and alli, came to visit us for a weekend and go to a georgia game. so friday night we picked them up and took them to your pie and yoforia before an early bed time {is anyone else exhausted by the time friday rolls around? greg and i just can't hang.}

then saturday we went to the uga v. georgia southern game. of course, the hubs had to work... but we were able to find them to get some pictures :)

it's crazy how much these girls have grown up! when i first met them, they were in elementary school and climbing all over us... and now they're 13 and as tall as i am.
as a joint birthday gift for the hubs and myself {his just passed... mine is in january} my parents bought us tickets to see cirque du soleil, so sunday we met them in atlanta for lunch at copelands and to see the show.
we are huge fans of cirque and i recommend it to anyone and everyone. each show we have seen is seriously amazing, and totem was no different... we LOVED it.
one piece of advice... GO see totem. or any cirque show... you will not regret it.

on another note... aren't my parents the cutest?!
love them.

Friday, November 16, 2012

the hub's birthday surprise: revealed.

as you may recall, i have been planning a surprise birthday trip for the hubs for several weeks now... and sadly, it has come and gone... well for those of you who were still waiting to hear... our destination was.... asheville, nc!

we got in sunday night a little late... checked in and walked to the mellow mushroom {enjoyed a salad, calzone and pear cider} for a quick dinner before bed.

monday we slept in and walked around downtown asheville, ate at burgerworx and had probably the best burger i've ever put in my mouth {this is saying a lot... because im not a big burger person}...
that sauce? yeah, its a1 mayo... and holy moly, it's good.

then we walked around the grove arcade and this lovely trunk caught my eye from a store window... personally, i thought she was the perfect souvenir- so {after two days of thinking on it} i decided to bring her back to georgia with me :)
monday afternoon we went on a food tour, recommended by blake and maggie. it was so fun, and i loved trying food that we wouldn't normally order.
the restaurants we visited:
battery park book exchange and champagne bar: we had fish dip and champagne (not pictured)
chai pani {indian street food}: okra and something similar to an indian side salad. (pictured: bottom left) i was a fan of the okra... the other, not so much.
french broad chocolates: i mean, who doesn't like chocolate?
the gourmet chip company: (pictured: top right) we sampled several types of homemade chips... my faves were the sweet potato dessert chips.
table: (pictured: bottom middle)... bacon rapped fig with balsamic reduction and pinor noir. i passed on the food because i don't do bacon... but i did have the glass of wine {and maybe gregs too}
zambra: (pictured: bottom right) pomegranate braised pork springrolls... i normally don't eat pork, but the flavor was actually pretty good. the sangria was a little spicy for my taste, though.

since we were kind of tired after walking around all day, we decided to go to a movie before dinner. we'd been wanting to see flight {mainly because the hubs wants to see ANY new movie with denzel washington in it}. we both liked it, by the way... then we went to the chop house for dinner, since the hubs has been wanting a steak. the food was good, but nothing to get excited about.

on tuesday, we went to tour the biltmore {which is something we have both wanted to do for a while}... the grounds and the house are just beautiful.
i was so disappointed because you can't take any pictures inside the house, but we did get a few decent ones outside
 it looked just like the pictures i had seen... and bigger than i even imagined. we timed our trip just right so that the house was decorated for christmas.
it was pretty cold... i almost didn't bring a jacket because i didn't want to carry it around, but i am SO glad i did- i didn't end up taking it off all day.
my favorite part of the house was the "recreation areas"... where they had a bowling alley, gym and indoor swimming pool... it is just amazing how ahead of the times the house was with 250 rooms, 43 bathrooms {when most houses didn't have one}, motion censored closet lights, underwater lighting in the pool, synchronized clocks and an intercom system.

i also found it interesting that george vanderbilt and his wife, edith had separate bedrooms and would meet in the middle for breakfast- apparently this was common back then, so that the male servants didn't see the lady undressed and vise versa. i could be the only one who didn't already know that, or maybe you just learned something as well.
after the tour, we had a snack {pretzels and hot cocoa to warm up} and toured the winery... i took a couple of pictures of the grounds as we drove the miles between the house and the winery {which used to be the dairy}
we had dinner at the lobster trap. the lobster bisque was delicious. the mussels were not very good... and too fishy {this coming from a girl who DOES like mussels} and greg's crabcakes were fabulous. 

wednesday we had some breakfast at tupelo honey cafe, which came highly recommended by several friends... and ohhh, my gracious. you guys. it was SO good. greg said its a good thing we didn't have it until the last day because we would have wanted to go back EVERY morning.
i had sweet potato pancakes with pecans and peach butter and goat cheese grits. SO yum. but the pictures don't do the size justice... that biscuit was huge... and i only ate about a fourth of the pancake {and was beyond stuffed when i left}

then we picked up my new trunk and headed home.

i think we have found a new favorite city... i'd love to visit in the spring and see the biltmore gardens when all the flowers are in bloom.

until next time, asheville.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

happy birthday, hubs.

happy birthday to... 

the one who takes all my outfit pictures without even complaining {most of the time}.

the one who kisses me every morning when he gets home- even when im grumpy and roll over the other way.

the one who is most impressed with the easiest, crock pot meals and cupcake mixes that come from a box.

the one who constantly asks how HE got so lucky, when quite the contrary is true.

happy birthday my love,
i AM the luckiest.
{us at the biltmore house on tuesday... a complete blog post of our trip to asheville will be posted soon}

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


happy wednesday! 
since the hubs and i will have a busy day coming home from our surprise vacation just in time for small group, i decided to share some outfits from the past couple of weeks today.

tuesday (oct 30): work
this is seriously my FAVORITE outfit right now... flannel button down, fleece vest and shoes that feel like slippers. so cozy. 
shirt and vest: old navy
jeans: loft 
shoes: target

wednesday {halloween}: work and hanging out with maggie and baby will.
polka dot bow blouse: target
tangerine skinnies: gap outlet

friday: work and triple date
button down and sweater: old navy
tangerine skinnies: gap outlet
boots: famous footwear

friday: junior league fall event
this is my second favorite fall outfit... i may or may not have worn in 3 days in a row... 
sweater: kohls
scarf: made by my awesome sister in law
boots: famous footwear

 what is YOUR favorite fall outfit right now?
pleated poppy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the building process.

 i wanted to post an update on the house not only to share with you guys, but also for us to document and remember this exciting time in our lives!

let's start from the beginning here is the first week of construction: i don't think i've ever been so excited to see a slab of concrete! 
we were a little nervous when we first saw it because it seemed small... but felt better after talking to our family members, who said they felt the same way during the early construction/concrete stage of building their first house. and then they started the framing...
 it seemed like the next couple of stages happened SO fast... each day when we would come out to the lot, there would be major changes! 
 to give you a little perspective, in the first picture the hubs is standing in the entryway... and in the last picture, he is staying in the living room.
 the hubs and i met at the house before work last wednesday {well before work for me, after work for greg} and one of the sweet workers offered to set up a ladder so that we could climb up and check out the upstairs... i was a little scared climbing up and down, but i went ahead and do it anyways. this was also the day we were able to talk to the superintendent about the questions we had and i started to feel really good about the house because i could really see it coming together. {it feels huge now, by the way}
they put the stairs in on thursday and they also have been working on the roofing and plumbing. they should have started the electrical work by now, and i am sure we will see some changes when we get back into town! we are meeting with dan {the superintendent} and our realtor on thursday morning to do a walk through to approve the plumbing and electrical before the drywall goes in.

everyone has asked me how stressful of a process building our house has been. and honestly, there have been a few moments of frustration {mostly due to lack of communication and procrastination on the realtors end}... but so far, it really has not been bad at all! 

i am loving that after studying the plans, i can now visualize the rooms and get on to the really fun part- the decorating! the hubs and i have SO much to buy, since we have been in rentals for three years and have put off buying any nice, new furniture until we were somewhere a little more permanent. 

so please tell me... where are some of your favorite furniture/home decor stores?!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

how do you want to be known?

recently in our small group we talked about how we want others to view us.

most common answer was a good mom/dad... but since i don't have kids yet, my answer is a little different.

i want others to think of me as...

the party planner... throwing showers for friends at the most important times in their lives, catered towards THEIR style, not mine.
the ultimate gift giver... who came up with JUST what someone needs and wants, every time.
basically, in one word... i want others to view me as thoughtful.
{with holly at her gender reveal party... before we found out baby is a girl}
i also hope to be seen as a good wife...
the kind that cooks up a delicious meal multiple nights a week
and keeps a clean, well decorated house... making you think you've stepped into a pottery barn catalog.
greg's PARTNER in life, not his inferior.
{one of our sneak peak pictures from our session last weekend}

and lastly, i strive to be known as a good friend...
the one you can call with anything, without fear of being judged or misunderstood.
who will drop anything to be there for you when you need me most.
{maggie and i at her baby shower}
and in the future, i do want to be the momma...
who's always going above and beyond to make holidays memorable- even when im exhausted and sleep deprived.
that makes the best after school snacks, and sits down to talk to my kids about their days.
that has the house all my kids friends want to come to, because we're just downright FUN.

i hope one day my kids will say {to their adult friends} "my parents did it right"... just as i say about mine.

what do you hope others view you as?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

whats new. bullet style.

hey, lovies. 

so i keep having plans of sitting down and typing out planned, well written posts. but as always, i'm running low on time... but just to catch the blog up to date, im going to hit the highlights. 
  • the hubs has shingles. contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to be a senior citizen to get the shingles virus... and it is painful, not itchy. poor hubs, he says it's really bad. i just hope it doesn't last too much longer!
  • the hubs went by the lot yesterday after his doctors appointment and ran into the superintendent {who is the one who oversees the jobs on a daily basis}... he was able to ask him a lot of my questions and clarify some things i've been wondering/asking about.
this is the back of the house... if things keep moving at this rate, they say we will be in the house in january! i'm planning on doing a post about the house soon... but i couldn't resist sharing a couple photos... we are just so excited.

  • i have officially set an itenary for the hubs surprise bday trip... and managed to successfully book {mystery} tickets... for the WRONG day. thank the good Lord when i called this morning and the lady told me there wouldn't be an issue. i hate to be vague on the blog {since the hubs reads it and we're not trying to ruin any surprises here!},  but if you follow me on instagram, you probably know what i am talking about. 
  • after work today, the hubs and will head to milly and vote since we haven't changed our address since moving to athens a year ago {whoops}. the people at the polling stations are sure going to hate me... since i don't know what name or address i'm under. i mean obviously with names, there's only my maiden and married... and i've got a couple of different addresses it could be... so it should be fun. it's kind of a pain to drive an hour and a half, and visit TWO polling stations... but it'll be a good excuse to have dinner with a couple of friends while we're in town.
i promise we will change our address when we move into the new house. 
and i will vote early next go around.
happy election day... now, go vote- if you haven't already :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

just call me gimp.

hey lovies!
how was the weekend?
mine was SO good... despite one minor big deal.
i'm pretty sure that i broke my toe on saturday.

but let's start at the beginning...

on friday, i got up early and had a breakfast date with the hubs before heading into work... we tried a new place called mayflower {to us anyways... definitely not new to athens. i'm pretty sure they haven't changed a thing in the place since the 80s}. our booth was slanted, the waitress was wearing hot pink lip stick and they didn't take debit cards. the blueberry pancakes were good, but nothing compared to mama's boy.

after my belly was full and happy, i worked for a bit then went to spend the day with my momma. we went to christmas made in the south in macon... i thought i may see honey boo boo mixed in with macon's finest, but she was no where to be found. i did buy a few small things, but mostly just enjoyed spending time with my momma.  then we had dinner at bonefish, which is one of our favorites. i spent the night and drove back to athens in the morning.

then saturday one of my favorites came to visit us! cara is one of my best friends and also happens to be a photographer... so every year she is so kind to squeeze us in and take our christmas card pictures. the past two years we have met in atlanta, but we decided that we wanted to change it up and take pictures in athens this year... and i somehow persuaded her to come to us!
i am so spoiled.

as i was running around trying to hurry and get ready for cara to get to my house, i ran into our exercise equipment and seriously hurt my toe. you know when you stub it on the corner of something and you say a bad word, dance around like an idiot and suck in your breath... but the pain goes away after a good minute or so? well, that's what happened...
except the pain did not go away.

i sucked it up in the name of fashion and cara and i spent most of saturday shopping... it has seriously been YEARS since we were able to have girl time like that and i enjoyed it so much! then on sunday we had lunch and went out to take the pictures... we were SO lucky because even though the forecast said rain, it turned out to be the PERFECT day for picture taking... not to hot, not to cold... kind of overcast and NO rain.

so despite the {possibly} broken toe, i somehow managed to shop AND wear boots/hobble around to take our pictures. i tried not to complain too much... and greg and cara may have thought i was being dramatic... but it hurts pretty bad... and my toe is a lovely shade of purple to prove it.

cara posted one picture to her facebook page tonight.
i just love it!! can't wait to see the others :)

oh, and since there have been a lot of goal related posts, i am not linking up for five for 5 today... i am working on the goals, and plan on doing a check in NEXT monday.

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