Wednesday, October 31, 2012

go for the goal {october}

{if you are not familiar... the 'go for the goal' link up is all about our personal resolutions and goals... they can be fitness, personal, professional, WHATEVER! at the end of each month, we link up and talk about our progress with each of our goals!}
and yet again i sit here wondering where the month went... this year is just FLYING by!

RESOLUTION #1: was to live a healthier lifestyle. i have had a hard time getting to the gym lately, but i have been working out more at home over the past couple of weeks. we bought an elliptical and bike last year, so i like to watch good morning america while i get ready to work {on the mornings i drag my lazy butt out of bed, that is}

RESOLUTION #2: was to get involved in a church... we're still sticking with athens church, and our small group. we should be starting our 18 month commitment soon and im excited to get to know everyone better!

RESOLUTION #3: was to improve my blog... in october, i was offered to do three product reviews which i am super excited about... and i would like to host a group giveaway when i reach 500 followers... if anyone would like to sponsor it, please shoot me an email!

RESOLUTION #4: was to cross off as many things as possible on my life list... i was able to cross off #43 by completing my shift at the food bank last week and #48 by going to the lauren conrad book signing with jenn.
and of course, we are still making huge progress in the home-buying process- our house is under construction and is coming along so quickly! it should be done late january/early february.
{the hubs checking out our entry way... full post to come with progress on the house soon!}
RESOLUTION #5: was to get out of my comfort zone.... {try new things or places. restaurants, coffee shops, whatever!}... which was basically a failure.
RESOLUTION #6: was to read at least 25 books this year... i'm still at 9/25 and haven't made any progress with this goal... my small group friend josh pointed out on my facebook that while 2012 is 83% done i am still 64% undone with my reading goal. whoops.

RESOLUTION #7: was summed up as being a better-than-average wifey. since the hubs has such a tough schedule it is that much more important for us to be aware of the little things, so we have put more effort into leaving notes for each other, texts in the morning, etc...

in october i wanted to:
lose 5 pounds... fail.
make 12 homecooked meals... apparently 12 was a bit ambitious {especially with us being out of town several days this month} i did manage to make 8 or 9... here's a couple pictures of some of my yummy dishes.
{calzones, lemon chicken orzo soup, chicken casserole, enchilada casserole and lemon cream tortellini with aspargus}
write ten non-link up blog post... i ended up with 9.
try two {more} new restaurants... fail.
surprise the hubs with a date night... i don't think i surprised him, but we did have several date nights with just us. mostly spent by going by the house to look at the construction progress and them going out to eat.

in november, im going to keep my goals the same, but drop the homecooked meals to 8, since we will be out of town for gregs birthday and thanksgiving, i feel like two a week is totally do able.

i have also participated in the five for 5 link up to focus on accomplishing weekly goals to keep myself in check.

how did YOU do with your goals this month? grab a button and link up!!
 {and it's never to late to make a goal list and join in!}

Monday, October 29, 2012

and the results are in...

last week i linked up with my friend jenn for 5 for five the first time. my timing wasn't so great since leaving for georgia/florida kind of threw the whole week off... but i'll try not to make any excuses for my poor performance ;) here's the run down...
1. workout/do something active at LEAST 30 mins a day.
i did really well with this goal... until thursday. so i'd say working out 3 times a week is an improvement... but i would like to

2. drink only water. and A LOT of it.
i did pretty well with this goal... add in a little wine and cocktails. {i mean give me a break, i went to the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party this weekend}
3. write down what i eat and bring lunch to work.
 i think i did this one day total. whoops.

4. take a multivitamin every day.
finally, a goal that i was successful with! this is a simple one, but it makes such a difference in how i feel.

5.  go to bed at a decent hour every night.
 i probably should have specified a time with this one... it was a little too relative. most nights i was in bed by midnight...until wednesday, when i didn't fall asleep until after 2 am... so i'd say this was pretty much a failure.

 obviously, i didn't own the goals last week... but i'm going to give it another go. here's my goals for this coming week:

1. work on my fitness
i am lumping all of this weeks goals into one fitness goal for this week... {being active 30 mins, tracking what i eat, drinking water, taking my vitamin AND going to bed by 11 every night}

2. clean out/organize my closet{s} and drop off the goodwill bags.
it's about time that i swap out my summer and fall/winter clothes

3. start my christmas shopping.
normally by now i am almost done with my christmas shopping. and i am kind of freaking out because i haven't even started this year!

4. set an itinerary for the hub's SURPRISE birthday trip.
which is happening in just a couple of weeks... it is sneaking up on me, and i need to get some of the details in place. i am just so stoked that greg still has no idea what we are doing :) {ps. if you saw on instagram where we are going, please do NOT comment on our destination location}

5. buy the hubs birthday presents.
self explanatory. men are just so hard to buy for- so i end up procrastinating on gifts for  any ideas are welcome ;)

and while we're talking about goals, mark your calendars for our next GO FOR THE GOAL link up THIS thursday {november 1st.}

Sunday, October 28, 2012

a southern cocktail party.

the end of october doesn't just mean halloween around these parts. it also means GEORGIA/FLORIDA, aka "the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party"... and basically the biggest game of the year.

we drove down to jacksonville on friday. this was our first time staying in jacksonville... {in past years, we have always stayed at amelia island and rode a bus to the game}. it was nice to do something a little different this year!

we got in just in time to have dinner at ruth's chris. then the hubs and i went to the landing to see what the fuss was all about. we decided it wasn't our thing and took a water taxi back to the hotel.
such an old couple, i tell ya. oh, and and excuse the mushy gushy kissy picture.

the next day was game day!!! 
we rode the water taxi in and went on the hunt for some friends. who all happened to be in separate parking lots. BUT we got lucky and found whitney and laura beth together, and really quickly! {laura beth and whitney were two of my very first friends in athens and i just love them!} whitneys family was so sweet and let us join their tailgate for a bit.
then we went to find my friend, brittany. we became friends in college when we spent many hours working on group projects together :) she and her husband, josh moved close to jacksonville {josh is in the navy} so i was really excited to see her, even if it was brief. 

our other friend from gcsu, heather even came by our seats to say hello! she's the gator fan in the picture above... and one of the few classy ones ;) she even told brittany "some of these gator fans are embarrassing me"... brittanys response? "heather, this is your life... this is your reality as a florida fan"... all in good fun.
 and the best part... the dawgs won!!!
it wasn't a high scoring game because both defenses were SO good. 

and you know what? 
the ride home doesn't seem as long after a win :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

doing life together.

one of the reasons that i LOVE our church is the philosophy on small groups. i grew up with the whole sunday school before big church mentality... and i realize some people have a hard time letting the traditions go-
but small groups just make sense to me.

the goal is "doing life together"... the whole idea is that when someone in the group has a major life event {be it good OR bad}... these are the ones who share your joy or help you pick up the pieces.

they are the ones you can count on to show up at the hospital when you've had an accident, or bring food when you welcome a brand new baby. it could be doing something as small as calling or sending a card when they know you're dealing with something tough... they're friends to just BE THERE for you when life happens.

i've been thinking about this concept a lot.
as we get older, we choose our friends and companions by who we enjoy being around. we aim to surround ourselves with others who LIFT us up and don't judge or talk about us.

it's refreshing that those i now choose to associate with are people that i genuinely like. whereas in school {even in college}, i think people tend to gravitate towards the what is familiar and similiar to themselves or trying to fit in with the "cool crowd". now, i find myself being more open and understanding... i enjoy being around people who aren't just like me. people i can learn from.
and people who make me be a better version of myself.

and while we didn't exactly chose the people in my small group, i think we lucked out pretty good. i am definitely the youngest out of our group and most of them are a bit ahead of us in life stage, but i kind of like it that way.

i feel i can learn so much from them... and when the time comes for us to be welcoming a little one into the family, i am so thankful i will have mommy friends i can call on for advice and play dates ;)

the big man upstairs sure knows what he's doing. 
{the bulldog outside our church}

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


happy wednesday!
sometimes when i do outfit posts, i worry that people will think i'm conceited. 
it's probably no secret that i LOVE clothes and i love putting an outfit together... 
sometimes, the pictures make me cringe and sometimes they make me proud {depending on how flattering an outfit is and if i'm having a "fat" or "skinny" day}.
but mainly, i like these posts because they help me look at my outfits objectively and define what i like and don't like. i feel like i challenge my style and originality more when i know i'm going to take a picture of it... and that just makes dressing more fun.
i also think it will be fun to look back on these posts down the road... i wonder if i will say things like "who's idea were skinny jeans... and WHY did i wear them all the time?"
so, please know that i do not post self potraits in vain... i come from a place very far from that.
here's a couple outfits. take 'em for what you will.

starting out with an outfit from some random day last month that i found on my camera... i think it was a work outfit... and maybe dinner out?
 top: tjmaxx
skinnies: new york & co
sandals: payless
sunday: date night at the melting pot
maxi dress: target
cardigan: old navy

 tuesday: work and jessica's wildtree party
white tank, pants and denim jacket: old navy
leopard flats: target

do you post outfit pictures? what are your feelings on the topic?

Monday, October 22, 2012

starting the week out right.

so if you've been reading a while, it's probably no secret to you that i struggle a bit with my weight. unfortunately, i am not a skinny-minny-can-eat-whatever-i-want kinda girls... although i would give my left leg to not have to worry about the calories i consume and burning them off in the gym!

i've been slacking a bit with my working out and eating lately... while i am happy with the progress i have made in the past year or so, i still have a ways to go... and i've seen those pesky five pounds creep their way back into my life.

so today, in hopes to give myself a swift kick in the rear, i am participating it the 5 for five link up, hosted by my blogger turned IRL friend, jenn. {seriously, we had a blate this weekend. now we're practically besties}. in this link up, you set five goals for yourself for the week... similiar to what we do with our goal for the goal link up, but with a smaller time frame.
disclaimer: this week my goals will all be health/fitness related. this is simply because this is where my focus needs to be this week... this is not the case for everyone in the the link up, so make sure you check it out.

1. workout/do something active at LEAST 30 mins a day.
my goal is to work out first thing in the morning... the hard part is just getting my lazy butt out of my comfy bed.

2. drink only water. and A LOT of it.
you hear it all the time... you want to lose weight, drink water... and pee 20 million times a day. i'll get a double whammy since my office is upstairs, every time i have to pee i'll get a little exercise in.

3. write down what i eat and bring lunch to work.
i'm bad about skipping lunch and snacking... then when i get off work, i'm STARVING and can't get food in my mouth fast enough... obviously, this doesn't lead to the best of choices and may or may not be the reason that i ate chick fil a three times last week. whoops.

4. take a multivitamin every day.
i'm assuming this is straight forward enough.

5.  go to bed at a decent hour every night.
this is tougher for me than it should be. i am naturally a night person, throw the hub's schedule in the mix and i'm often up til 2 am getting things done blogging and pinning. but i know this is an important factor in order to have success with goal number one.

{just a forewarning... that these are monday through friday goals- we are heading to georgia/florida this weekend... and i can't be responsible for how many calories i eat... er, drink}

Sunday, October 21, 2012

a blate {and that one time i met lauren conrad}

jenn of party of one and i have been talking about meeting up for a while now... i just love her blog and felt like we connected pretty quickly. since we only live a little over an hour apart, when lauren conrad was coming to atlanta i thought a book signing would be a fun blate idea and asked her to join me!

we ate lunch at figo and headed over to barnes and noble for the signing.
lauren looked a little scared when she came out {i can't blame her... the four screaming girls in front of the line would slightly concern me, too}.

she was really sweet, and seriously JUST as gorgeous as she is in the pictures. but i was bummed i couldn't get a picture WITH her to show all of my blog friends.
our conversation went something like this:
me: hey, how are you?
lc: good, how are you?
me: good. your signature is so pretty.
lc: i get a lot of practice.
me: yeah i'm sure you're over it by the end of this. 

and then she was done, so i said thanks and exited stage right.
without wanting to sound like one of those crazy fangirls, i sounded like a bit of a loser. eh, thats the best i could come up with on the spot and with my five second window of opportunity.

but she did compliment jenn's dress... and a girl that was in front of us in line on her hair. the girl then of course told lauren that SHE had pretty hair... laurens reponse? "yeah, but this isn't even mine".

she won me over with that comment. 

it was a good time and it was so fun meeting one of my blog friends!

have you ever gone to a book signing? 
how was it?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

i like numbered lists.

please tell me i'm not the only one who sometimes feels like blogging, but {even though you've been busy} you feel like you have nothing to write about... i am hoping that it just starts flowing once i get started. i'm actually writing in the morning, which i don't do a lot of... while i do feel more productive first thing in the morning, i feel more awake and social in the evenings. 

since i'm lacking a bit of direction today, i think i'll go with a numbered list to catch us up to date. {since that makes everything seem more organized, right?}

1. we had small group at our place last night... some of the girls have said that they are checking out my blog, so now i have to sensor what i say about those weirdos. 
i love em. each week i am constantly reminded of how glad i am that we stepped out of our comfort zone and joined the group.

2. yesterday, greg and i spent the evening with maggie and baby will while his daddy had to work.
this is not a new picture, but i had to steal it from maggie's facebook... this was the first time greg met baby will and it is seriously one of my favorite pictures ever. 
i love how greg looks so natural holding a baby {not exactly the case}... and see baby will's smile and little froggy legs? cuteness overload... i almost can't stand it. 
now at almost 8 weeks, he seems much bigger!

3. they have {hopefully} poured concrete for our house by now, but we haven't had an opportunity to go look at the lot this week...we met the superintendent last week and were so impressed with him. he is the one who will be on the job, overseeing all the progress.

 after we talked about the placement of the house on the land, we went to look at a spec house they're working on to see some of the details and finishes... we were able to see the cabinet color, brick AND stone! the designer had chosen the same brick and stone combo we did. ours will look a lot different but it was good to see the stone and brick on a large scale, and the good news is I LIKED IT!

 4. i posted this picture to instagram {@lori_williams}... its terribly quality, but it pretty much sums up life lately.
if you've ever wondered what it's like to be the wife of a police officer, here's the gist of it: 
leaving notes bc you're working opposite schedules and hardly get to see each other, learning to speak in 10-codes {notice the '10-4' in response to my note?} and if you're lucky, the hubs may leave you a little treat in the morning. i wouldn't trade it for the world.

... and yes, i just copied my IG caption almost word for word. i told you i'm not mentally awake in the mornings. some could call it lazy... whatever.

well i think that's about all i've got for today... honestly, i'm just ready for this work day to hurry up and get on to the weekend!

Monday, October 15, 2012

weekend recap.

whew, now that i finally have an opportunity to sit at my computer and recap the weekend, it's almost 10:00 on monday night... today has been one of those days where i feel like i'm one step behind... trying to get wayy too much accomplished on my monday. so it's looking like the bulk of my rather hefty to do list is going to roll over to tuesday... but for now, let's just focus on the fun stuff from the weekend {that came and went way too quickly}

{friday} we had our good friends aaron and holly came over for dinner and a movie. i love it when aaron and holly come over because they're the kinda friends that you can put your comfy clothes on, throw your hair up in a pony, sit around the table eating dinner and just talk about anything and everything... we don't have to worry about impressing each other and you just enjoy the company.
 those kind of friends are few and far between. 

i cooked #3 of my twelve home cooked meals for the month {chicken casserole... i'll blog the recipe sometime, its super easy and always a crowd pleaser}. they brought over snow white and the huntsman and we watched the movie after dinner.
i liked it, not the best movie i've ever seen... but definitely worth watching. kristen stewart was still pretty awkward as usual... she's just not my favorite. but i thought charlize theron was awesome... and i can't say that i minded staring at chris hemsworth too much.

{saturday} was the 'in their shoes' day... which is a 13.1 mile walk to benefit the loren smith cancer center here in athens. i didn't walk this year {mainly because of the demanding fundraising requirements... and i hate asking people for money}, but i did wake up early to cheer on the walkers from the cancer auxiliary. we made signs last week and it was a good time hanging out with the girls and supporting a good cause!
{ashley, laura beth, katie and i}
{sunday} after church and waumba land i headed to atlanta to visit my bestie. it had been FAR too long since i had seen erin's face and gotten to spend some quality time with her. this girl was my roomie from day one of college until she graduated {we're the same age... i just opted for the extended college plan}. we are adjusting to living in different cities, since we had been together since 5th grade and saw each other every day, we didn't have to rely on talking on the phone or scheduling time to see each other. recently we've both recognized that it has put some disconnect in our relationship so we want to try to fix that by planning trips to see each other more often.
first we had lunch at lure {pictured above are my "say what" drink (think amaretto sour with a twist), oyster sliders and mussels}. so yum! and we also had the roasted squash salad, which was to die for... obviously we don't play when it comes to food.

and then we went shopping to ballard designs, west elm and ikea.  it was so good to catch up with her... and get a good laugh over us trying to maneuver ikea furniture from the shelf to the cart, then cram it into her small car and carry it up to her second story apartment.

and here i am, monday night... counting down to another weekend already.

how was yours??

Saturday, October 13, 2012

recipe for a perfect evening at home.

friday nights usually aren't very exciting around here {even when the hubs is off work}... sometimes we'll plan a date night with just the two of us where we eat dinner about 5:30 or 6:00 {with all the senior citizens} and maybe we will even partake in a glass of wine {beer for the hubs} or a couple of margaritas... or sometimes we make it a double date with our couple friends.

but if you're like us you're just down right tired when friday rolls around.
chances are you're not going to want to spend the evening cooking after a long week at work...
so here's my solution for a perfect evening to wrap up the week.

friday when you leave for work, set up this super easy recipe in your crock pot:

easy chicken n dumplings:
{recipe originally found here}
 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts {or one rotisserie chicken}
2 tablspoons butter
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 carton broth
1 onion diced {or sprinkle dried onions like i did... it cuts down on time as well, and we don't like the texture of an onion}
1 tbsp. dried parsley 
4 grands flaky refrigerator biscuits 
place chicken in crock pot {i shred the chicken the night before to cut down on prep time in the morning}
add the butter, cream of chicken soup, broth, onions and parsley.
turn the crock pot on and leave for work. 
{cook on high 4-6 hours, or on low 6-8 hours... depending on your crock pot

and the best part: when you get home, your house will smell delicious. 
then all you do is stir the mixture and if you used chicken breasts, shred the chicken now. 
 add in the biscuits. {use kitchen scissors to cut each biscuit into 9 pieces} and allow to cook for 30 to 45 mins until biscuits are cooked.
have a glass of wine and enjoy your dinner.
then cuddle with your hunnie {and/or furbaby} on the couch catching up on your dvr'ed shows.
if you used the crock pot liners like i do {made by reynolds}, clean up is super easy and if we're lucky we'll be in bed by 10... maybe 11.
so, do ya'll think im super lame now?
... wait, maybe don't answer that.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

it's okay...

i'm trying to stay away from two many link ups, but this one is just too fun... and it's always easy for me to write come thursday when i'm just doing anything i can to make it to the weend.
it's okay:
... to only be cooking my second of the 12 homecooked meals that i wanted to cook this month tonight.
... to feel confident about my design choices for the house on tuesday... until bedtime, when i proceeded to almost have a panic attack.
... that i FINALLY did my nails after, like three weeks of having it on my to-do list.
... that my husband has to draino the shower basically every other week because my hair falls out in massive quantities.{it's amazing i still have so much left on my head, really}
... to not really get into halloween festivities... i'm kind of ready for it to be over and move on to thanksgiving and christmas myself.
...that my breakfast consisted of cookies and milk in a terrapin glass. classy, i know.
one link up a week isn't so bad anyways, right?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a quick check in.

hey, lovies!!! 
i don't know how it's already tuesday night {past} my bedtime. i mean seriously, the days are just getting away from me. there is too much to do and not enough time to do it.

i've come to the conclusion that not each and every blog post will be 100% thought out and perfect, and i'm trying to be okay with that... so i just wanted to pop in and let you know what i've been so busy doing :)

friday i had a {much overdue} date with one of my closest friends, cara and her little boy, austin- who {i still can't believe} is almost 5. it was good to catch up with her and austin was so cute when we went to leave he made me keep reaching through the car window trying to give him lots of kisses.

i spent saturday shopping with my momma {and might have caught a case of baby fever in carter's} before meeting my dad for dinner. then i headed home to watch the game with the hubs, aaron and holly. as for the game... it was not a great night for georgia, but this by no means justifies the idiots who rolled and egged aaron murray's house. {i mean really, are we in high school, people?} i'll still be supporting my dawgs :)

sunday was spent at church, waumba land with my 3 year olds, and taking a 4 hour nap {whoops}.

and since the hubs work schedule continues to be as ridiculous as ever, we're trying to squeeze in a little quality time here and there whenever we can. this includes dunch {thats what i'm calling dinner-lunch} at 3pm and watching 5 back to back episodes of the voice, our newest tv obsession.

in other news... we are making major progress on our house :)
ladies and gentlemen, we are officially moving dirt. and that guy driving the tractor? he's gonna be my new best friend. he just doesn't know it yet.

we also met with the designer today and picked out all the brick, stone, hardwoods, granite, cabinets, tile and all the other details of the house. and i think that should be the bulk of the hard decisions.

now, we get to just sit back and watch it all happen :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

friday letters.

dear lot #6, i am sooo happy to call you mine ours!! the contract is signed,the plans are purchased, permits are obtained... and we are meeting with the builder tomorrow to go over some details... so we should definitely be moving dirt soon!! :) dear georgia bulldogs, please play well in south carolina tomorrow, even though i will not be there to cheer you on. this will be the most challenging game yet, and i REALLY hope you keep that #5 spot! dear cara, it has been WAY too long since i have seen your face... i can't wait for our dinner date tonight- it just may take three hours for us to catch up! dear closet, could you please organize yourself while im gone? i'd like that very much. dear momma, i am excited to spend the weekend with you... and if and when the hubs asks- im going to blame my shopping addiction on you ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

if you REALLY knew me...

you'd know:

after a hard day, my after work snack of choice is cheese, crackers and sweet red wine.
i would pick a cheese danish over chocolate any day.
i dream of staying at home with the future babes and running a business out of my home.
i never cared about a "man in uniform" until i met this guy:
i do not read instructions/owners manuals. usually i ask my man {pictured above} do it and show me... i get too frustrated. 
i crave mexican like, every other night.
i loveee christmas decorations. especially these baby nutcrackers i've been coveting from stein mart.
i don't drink coffee... yet i work as an office manager for a local coffee chain.
i really love colored sharpie pens.
blogging at panera is one of my favorite things to do on a free day.
if i were to meet tori spelling in person, i'm convinced we'd be besties.
the hubs and i collect magnets of all the places we visit and shows we see together.
i do not like white chocolate, candy corn or butterscotch.
i wear leopard print shoes like 75% of the time... i have leopard sandals, flats and heels to cover all my bases.
my blog is not grammatically correct. i don't use capital letters or sometimes i don't use the correct punctuation or wording. 

 {this does not mean that i do not KNOW how to correctly write. it simply means i do what i want. 
my blog. my rules.}

if you want to share a couple things about yourself in the comments, i'd love to read em! 

have a great day :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

go for the goal {september}.

{if you are not familiar... the 'go for the goal' link up is all about our personal resolutions and goals... they can be fitness, personal, professional, WHATEVER! at the end of each month, we link up and talk about our progress with each of our goals!}

so this has been a tough month for me {as far as focusing on my goals goes}... i literally feel like i was JUST writing the august version of go for the goal. and most of my goals were major failures... but i guess that's kind of the point of the link up... to realize when you're slacking and boost yourself back up!

RESOLUTION #1: was to live a healthier lifestyle. in september, i wanted to lose 5 pounds. i'm disappointed that i did not accomplish that... i did pretty good with the working out, but not the cooking/eating healthy. we have eaten more fast food lately than we have in a LONG time. im not proud.

RESOLUTION #2: was to get involved in a church... athens church is definitely home now and we are so happy to be part of an awesome church doing such great things in our community. and we are really enjoying our small group- we are coming close to the end of the 8 weeks, when we will decide as a group if we want to stick to a longer commitment.

RESOLUTION #3: was to improve my blog... in september, i wanted to write 8 blog posts that were not link ups... which i did... exactly 8 of :) i also hosted my fall favorites giveaway {to celebrate hitting the 400 follower mark}. i would love to do another when i hit 500... anyone want to volunteer to sponsor it?!

RESOLUTION #4: was to cross off as many things as possible on my life list... can't say i've  had a ton going on here... except we are making huge progress with the home-buying process!

RESOLUTION #5: was to get out of my comfort zone.... {try new things or places. restaurants, coffee shops, whatever!} since the hubs and i often will eat at the same restaurants we know and love {and since athens has a such amazing variety of food!} i wanted to try two new restaurants in september... this is the one goal i did really well with and i actually tried THREE.
{georgia peach french toast from mama's boy; margaritas from agua linda (i did eat tacos, i just didnt get a picture of them), and tacos/chips and gauc from fuzzys}
RESOLUTION #6: was to read at least 25 books this year {i even added a tool on my sidebar to keep track of my progress}... 9/25... i was slacking most with this goal, so i decided to shoot to read two books in september, i didn't do that either. i have been struggling major with finding free time... maybe, just maybe, in november?

RESOLUTION #7: this one was added last month- since i decided to be more specific with my goals and all of the others fit in to another category, i thought i should add one devoted to the hubs and being a better-than-average wifey. my original specific goal was to surprise the hubs with a date night. he did this for me in august, and i loved it... so i decided we need to put a little more effort on focusing on spending quality time together with just the two of us. though i didn't surprise him, we did squeeze in a breakfast date with the hubs before he had to work the football game all day a couple of weeks ago, which was fun and out of the ordinary... and i am working on a surprise getaway for the hubs birthday in november!
in november i am setting out to... 
lose 5 pounds {let's try this one again..}
make AT LEAST 12 homecooked meals {the hubs will be happy about this one}
write ten non-link up blog posts {adding two more this time...}
try two {more} new restaurants.
surprise the hubs with a date night.
how did YOU do with your goals this month? grab a button and link up!!
 {and it's never to late to make a goal list and join in!}

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