Sunday, September 30, 2012

the big reveal.

our good friends aaron and holly have a sweet baby due in february, and we FINALLY found out the gender today at their reveal party!
holly with the banner that i made :)
we made mustaches and bows for everyone to vote if they think baby is a boy or a girl.
 i loved that aaron and holly chose to be surprised with us and find out four days after their ultrasound! the suspense has been killer.
we took a picture of team mustache vs. team bow... holly is holding her laptop because she skyped her sister so she would be in on the reveal, too. 

 it's a GIRL!!!!!
i cannot wait to meet you, baby brighton!
and i think you're parents are kind of excited, too ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

brain overload.

i've been meaning to blog all day... and here it is almost midnight, and i have yet to actually type anything of substance. we have been oh, so busy in the williams household... lots of exciting things going on. 

like this sunday, we will be going to a gender reveal party to find out if our good friends {aaron and holly} are having a baby girl or a baby boy. i can't wait to go on a shopping spree buy baby a cute outfit or two ;)

and if you follow me on instagram {@lori_williams}, you may have seen this picture:
yeah, thats the hubs. signing our lives away a contract for us to build our first house!! i am so, so excited but i don't think that is has sunk in that we're really doing this!
my brain is in overdrive. i am totally consumed with decor ideas flipping between pottery barn, crate and barrel and ballard designs. speaking of ballard designs, did ya'll know there's an outlet in atlanta?! holy moly. one of my new friends in our small group told me last night... i told her that she just made my life and asked if she wanted to go tomorrow. 
 the hubs better watch his wallet.

but seriously. i am trying to really trying to think through my purchases and make sure i only buy things that i LOVE because we could spend a small fortune in order to furnish this dreamy new house we'll have come january {give or take a month}

i have been looking at crafty blogs. i even searched through craigslist with no luck. how do you people find all of these amazing pieces?!
if anyone wants to come teach me the ways of thrifting/yard sale shopping, 
i am all yours.

i apologize in advance to those of you who follow me on pinterest. i am sure my pinning is going to get a bit out of control in the coming months!

since i am all over the place tonight, i am going to keep it short and sweet and {hopefully} put my thoughts into structured blog posts over the weekend.  
have a great weekend, ya'll!

Monday, September 24, 2012

true life: i only watch award shows for the fashion.

so i don't watch a lot of tv shows. yes, i am a reality show junkie... the kardashians and any bachelor/bachelorette show? im so there... but i just don't watch any series/ sitcoms. so i strictly watch award shows for the fashion. i love to see what everyone is wearing... so here are my picks for best and worst dressed of the evening:

can't get enough of...
jena malone. she looked really comfortable in her dress, i loved her hairstyle, shoes, and really just everything about this.
julie bowan. love the bold choice of color and the form-fitting-yet-classy style.
emily vancamp. love the soft, feminine look. and her bow bracelet is my fave!
kerry washington makes pink sparkle look sophisticated... i love the shine and the draping of the dress... just stunning. this is totally something i would wear if i were going to a fancy award show.

... and my FAVORITE look goes to:
ginnifer goodwin looked AMAZING. the color of the dress and contrast with her hair was fierce. everything about her look was flawless.

not my faves...
heidi klum. from waist up, it wasn't bad... however the matchy matchy earrings and shoes were too much.  it was just overkill. and i feel like her legs are trying to take angelina jolie's thunder.
laura beth says: "if heidi was standing beside seal in a black tux, they would look like a mint chocolate chip cookie"
kristen wiig. and this hurts me, because i love her. but sista looked a hott mess. although i do like her as a brunette.

meg says: " thirteen year old taylor swift called and wants her dress back"
claire danes. anyone who knows me knows im obsessed with a preggo belly... but this is just so not flattering on her bump.

 zooey deschanel. her hair is overpowering her face. i'd love to see a more soft, side swoop bang on her... and maybe a smile next time.

ashley says: "zooey, barbie called... she wants her tulle back"

kat dennings. her boobs were out of control. and could she look anymore miserable? i mean, really.
christina hendricks... again, not flattering at all. as a big busted girl myself, i can say this... DON'T choose a wide belt, they do nothing for you, sweetie. she needs a dress with more interest on the bottom half so she doesn't look so top heavy.

ashley's thoughts?: "she looks just like jessica rabbit to me"

what were your fashion faves of the night?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekend recap + some confessions

we kicked off our weekend with a friday afternoon spin class before heading over and having dinner at aaron and holly's. holly and i then worked on some crafts for their gender reveal party next weekend and the boys watched some tv.
saturday i woke up early to squeeze in a breakfast date {at mamas boy} before the hubs had to work a 14 hour day. then i spent the rest of the day with maggie and baby will, who was an angel baby while we ate, talked and shopped the afternoon away :)

today i went to church and worked in waumba, hung out with the hubs a bit before heading over to watch the emmys with the girls
{taking notes for a blog post, of course}

come back on tuesday to see my fashion picks... but for now, we will move on to a few confessions:

i confess... that i am seriously contemplating getting my hair trimmed just so i can have someone else wash and dry my hair... it has got to be one of my favorite things of life.

i confess... that i haven't opened the jillian michaels 30 day shread video that i got for christmas {yeah, like 9 months ago}. i'm ashamed. and planning on opening it this week.

i confess... i feel like i have no clue what i am doing when i pick out shades of makeup... or really applying it, for that matter. you guys would tell me if i looked ridiculous, right?

i confess... i often wear the same thing to an evening event and then to work the next day... gotta make sure it's good and dirty before i wash it! ;)

i confess... the red cross has been calling me every day trying to get me to donate blood again. yes, i am screening my calls and let it roll to voicemail... its not that i mind them jabbing me with a huge needle and giving them my blood, its just a time issue. i swear im trying to fit it in my schedule.

i confess... i am SO forgetful. i have to write EVERY little thing down {usually in several places} to have a chance at remembering... and thank goodness for LB who keeps me straight on all my meetings and social activities. :)

and i confess... that i am living for the weekends. already looking forward to the next one!

Friday, September 21, 2012

friday letters.

 dear baby will, thanks for not crying when greg held you... {he isn't the most comfortable holding newborns}. i can't wait to see your cute self this weekend... and i kind of miss your parents too ;) dear aaron and holly, i can't wait for the gender reveal party next weekend... i am just dying to know if baby weimer is a little boy or girl! dear georgia bulldogs, you are rocking my world, but i think i will watch you from the couch this weekend. i think i am getting too old for night games. dear weekend, take your time. we are in no rush to see monday come again. dear hubs, i am sorry you have a super long work day ahead of you tomorrow, but i am really looking forward to our breakfast date in the morning. :) dear beth, congrats! you are the winner of my fall favorites giveaway!! i hope you love your new goodies :) {please email me with your address and i will send the package your way}dear readers, i am sorry i can't give you all a prize for being so awesome. i'd like to do another giveaway at 500, so share the blog and if you want to help us get there quicker :) also, if anyone wants to sponsor a giveaway, shoot me an email!

have a great weekend, ya'll!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

i believe in...

i believe in the power of a good margarita after a bad day. 
i believe in driving with the windows down and the radio up.

i believe in savoring the details.

... and celebrating ANY and EVERY occasion.
i believe in dressing up and feeling pretty. 

i believe in karma. {the good AND the bad kind}

... and in the importance of date nights.
i believe in spending money while you've got it. {you can't take it with you, people}

... and saving a little, too ;) 

i believe in laughing until you can't breathe. 

... and spending the day at the beach, just enjoying the view.
 i believe in jesus christ and a love that i don't deserve.
i believe in showing kindness to everyone you meet. 

i believe in taking pictures. lots and lots of pictures.

i believe in marriage. 
{my parents... who celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this week!}
i believe in doing what makes you happy.

i believe in writing when the mood strikes {which unfortunately is always late night for this one}

i believe in dreaming big... just ask my realtor ;)

i believe in love.
i believe in experiencing life. the good, the bad, and the ugly. {it's the bad times that make the good ones that much sweeter}.

and..  i believe in living the dream with this guy.

link up with erin and tell us what you believe in!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wiww: {confidence is key}

 happy hump day!
over the weekend my friend ashley commented on how much my style has improved since i started blogging and it got me thinking. i think sista's got a point. while i still think i'm a far cry from a fashionista, i do put a lot more thought into my outfits now... i have always loved clothes, but i think posting my outfits has helped my realize what styles are "me" and what i'm comfortable in. 

and i think we can all agree on the fact that the more confident and comfortable you are, the better you look in your clothes.

friday in missouri: sin bad comedy show + corey smith concert
striped top: tjmaxx
vest, skinnies: old navy
flats: marshalls

last friday: work and date night
top: new york & co
pants: loft
necklace: loft
heels: payless

sunday: date night 
 blazer: LC for kohls
wedges: JCPenny
shorts & necklace: LOFT
bag: belk

excuse the hair. it had rained and was SUPER humid out.

another part of feeling confident and good in your clothes? working out and eating right... which i have been doing a crappy job of the past couple of weeks... but i am back at it this week!
more on that later.

have a great day, lovies.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

let's hear it for new york...

we are planning a family trip to new york city with the hub's family{all 15 of us!!}... right after christmas. sarah {who is married to greg's cousin drew} headed up planning the trip {LOVE her!}
 i am looking forward to some bonding time and experiencing the city!

the hubs and i have never been to NYC and we are so, SO excited!
from what i hear there's nothing like new york around christmas time...
i am sure it is gorgeous!
sarah and greg's aunt donna have been to nyc so im sure will know a lot for us to do, but i bought this book to help us learn a bit before our trip.

i am looking forward to taking a stroll through central park...
fight the crowds in times square...
and seeing lady liberty herself...
i'd love to see the 9/11 memorial... 
 and of course i must cross seeing a broadway show in new york off my life list!
i'd imagine nyc can be a bit overwhelming for someone who has not been... so all of you experienced NYC travelers- please tell me, what MUST we do in NYC?

best places to eat? any other tips?!

do share!

Monday, September 17, 2012

it's monday, again??

hey you guys! 
i hope everyone had a great weekend! i was looking forward to a low-key weekend since we have been on the go so much lately. and mine was just what the doctor ordered.

we had big plans for a date night... which were ruined by everyone coming into town for the game. since the restaurant had no available tables until 9pm {give or take 3 hours after we got there}, we decided to reschedule our fancy date night for sunday and just have a casual dinner and early bedtime.

i spent the day cleaning, catching up on laundry and then went to the georgia game with jon and katie. i was also able to meet up with my long lost friend ashley, who also happened to be at the game with her new roomie... who went to middle school with my hubs... small world ;)
i love night games because and the weather is much nicer, but i hate them because the hubs ends up working a REALLY long day.

the dawgs brought in another win... and not to brag or anything, but uga currently holds the #5 spot ;) which probably means many more night games in our future.

i overslept and missed church... apparently my alarm was on silent and i woke up about the time i needed to be AT church to volunteer in waumba land... so i threw myself together in record time and made it there just as church was starting. thank goodness kids don't care if you showered or straightened your hair that morning ;)

the hubs and i spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and napping before heading out to sneak in that date night {don't worry, i did fit in a shower beforehand}. we ate at speakeasy, one of my favorite {tapas} restaurants. we had the cheese plate, calamari, steak frites, fried asparagus and sugar cookies for dessert. sooo yummy.
 you know how you know when you're getting old?
 you end your dates with coffee {the hubs pick} and barnes and noble {my pick}so i could buy a few more books/magazines for decorating inspiration ;)

well that pretty much sums up our weekend...

what did YOU do?

Friday, September 14, 2012

fall favorites giveaway!

hey, friends! 

since hitting such a great milestone {400 followers} recently, i decided it's about time for another giveaway... i went with a "fall favorites" theme since i think just about everyone is excited about the change of seasons.

these are all items chosen and purchased by ME. 
because i love YOU.
i am giving away...
a leopard scarf from francescas
  a $15 starbucks gift card... for you to enjoy a couple of your drinks of choice ;)
a delicious smelling {pumpkin spice} yankee candle
mint eos chapstick
and two essie nail polishes {perfect for fall colors!}

to enter: {you MUST be a follower via GFC}
1. leave a comment telling me YOUR fall must haves
2. 'like' my blog on facebook
3. blog, facebook and/or tweet it {leaving me a link in the comment section}

{that makes FIVE possible entries!}

the giveaway will close on tuesday (9/18) at midnight and the winner will be announced in my friday letters post.

good luck!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

counting down to the weekend...

hey, lovers. 
hope everyone is having a great morning... thank goodness, it is ALMOST friday!  not that it's been a bad week... the hubs and i have just been rather busy lately. and when he's on night shift, it always seems like we're short on time, trying to get everything done.

but enough of my rambling... now,  i am linking up once again for it's okay thursday! :)
Its Ok Thursdays


... to be proud that i am back on my blogging game this week!! 
... to have a love/ hate relationship with instagram because it makes me crave not-good-for-me-food on the regular. and usually at bedtime.
... to have the urge to reorganize your closets at 11pm... i swear late night is the only time i want to clean! 
... to be relieved to have a weekend devoted to sleeping in, organizing, catching up on my dvr'ed shows and watching college football. 
... to make lists of what you need to talk to your husband about so you don't forget anything.
... to feel a little guilty that while i'm enjoying the game the hubs will be working approximately 16 hours on saturday... {night games are no fun for those that have to work them}
... to be pinning so much baby stuff it's bound to start some rumors soon.
... to feel bad for leaving the furbaby for several days when we go out of town... but love that he is so happy to see us when we get home.
... to post a self potrait because you hate blog posts without pictures.
but, you guys still read it anyways
... right?

... to be looking forward to posting a new giveaway tomorrow! 
{make sure you come back... i think its a good one}

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

welcome to the SEC.

as you probably know from yesterdays post, this weekend we traveled to columbia, mo for the georgia/mizzou game. as i mentioned before, i was so impressed with how welcoming and kind everyone was to us while we were in town. the locals all seemed genuinely happy we were there and really excited about being a part of the SEC.

so i dedicate this post to mizzou {and texas a & m, though i have yet to visit there}. and note a couple of things that would may help you guys fit in a bit in the best conference in college football SEC.
1. ladies, we dress up for games... now i'm not saying you have to go all out... you will not catch me trucking it up south lumpkin in heels- but by all means- PLEASE leave the hoodies at home.

2. players, you may want to put on a few pounds... if you thought our defensive line was big, wait til you meet alabama's.
3. don't talk trash before the game... {ie: don't accuse the other team of playing "old man football"} you talk shit, you get hit. {by the 350 pounders mentioned above}

4. ladies and gents, do not get married during football season. even if it's an away game... please don't make your friends choose {you just might not like their decision}

5. you need a live mascot. lsu has a real, live tiger. you can't let them out do you.

6. you also need to invest in more cabs and/or buses and parking lots/decks. waiting for an hour after the game is not fun for anyone.

7. although we may be rivals during the game, things will bring us together... like our hatred or the gators or getting a good laugh at spurrier throwing off his visor during an intense game.
{spurrier and richt}
i think we're going to get along just fine. 

welcome to the big leagues, boys.

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