Friday, August 31, 2012

friday letters

{please excuse the way i look and focus on the adorable baby in my arms}
dear baby will, you have got to be one of the cutest babies i have ever seen! next time i come see you {tomorrow}, i promise i will shower beforehand and not be sweaty from the gym. keep on being that angel baby for mommy and daddy and let them get plenty of sleep, mmkay? dear blake and maggie, you two sure make a good looking baby! {but i think you already knew that.}  dear college football, ohhhh how i have missed you! oh, and go dawgs! dear realtors, get your head in the game and let's get moving on this process. believe me, you don't want me to get feisty. dear readers, good gracious, i can't believe there are over 400 of you now! if you're a new face around here, WELCOME! please comment so i can get to know you and visit your blogs as well :) and just a reminder that the go for the goal link up is on tuesday!!

ya'll have a wonderful and SAFE holiday weekend!! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

it's okay

is anyone else as happy as i am to see thursday?? i feel like this is the week that never ends {like the song that never ends from lamb chops, ya'll remember that one??} i am so ready for a long, holiday weekend {assuming that i get monday off... i probably should talk to the boss about that}.

today i am linking up with amber and neely for one of my favorites, it's okay thursday!
Its Ok Thursdays

... a little anxious about meeting new people at our first small group meeting {it went great, by the way. i think we are really going to enjoy it!} 
... to already be planning what im going to feed my fellow small-groupers when they come to my house next week.
... to be sad it's almost labor day- ONLY because i don't want to retire my white pants/shorts to the back of the closet until next year.
... to plan on wearing my white skinnies pretty much every day until tuesday.
... that i just realized there's spell check on blogger... maybe i should start using that every now and then, huh?
... to want YOU to link up with us for our go for the goal series on tuesday, september 4th {check out examples here}
... to wish i could spend the day cuddling with this little guy instead of going to the office
... to be counting down the hours until the weekend. 

{can i get an amen?}

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

what im loving...

happy wednesday!
it's been a while since i've linked up for "what im loving wednesday" with jamie, so i thought i'd bring it back this week! 

I'M LOVING... that the hubs and i have joined a community group through our church. tonight is our first meeting and i am excited to get to know a new group of people. we are slowly but surely making new friends and connections in athens, and i LOVE it.

I'M LOVING... that this weekend is labor day- which excites me for two reasons- we get to go to the lake and spend time with the cousins and football!!! while i won't be going to the game this weekend {maggie asked me to come stay with her and that sweet baby of hers}, i am so excited to see my boys play again!

I'M LOVING... that the hubs suggest we get dressed up and have a date night on friday because it's been a while since. {he sure knows the way to my heart.}

I'M LOVING... the crazy downpour rain that we had yesterday... it almost made me think that fall is in the air... which of course, led me to pin numerous fall outfits like these: 

i am totally digging the shorts with tights look. and obviously, i need a gray blazer.

speaking of shopping, did i tell you guys that i mentioned doing a 30 day shopping freeze to the hubs {thinking that would make him super happy} last week?
wanna know his reply?

"i wouldn't want you to do that... shopping makes you happy". 

told ya i hit the jackpot on the husband.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

weekend recap + happy birthday, ansleigh!

hey lovies!
hope everyone had an amazing weekend! if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw that the hubs and i spent a long weekend loving on our nieces and nephew. since my brother is in the navy, they're living in virginia right now and we miss them SO much!
{eli with his mommy, and me with the girls- alyssa, ansleigh and sophia}
since ansleigh turns five this week, so we were able to be there for her birthday party, which was really fun.
{finger puppet that came in our card}
she was SO excited for her ariel party, and doesn't she looked SO clue in her blue dress?!? that color really shows how pretty her eyes are.
{thanks, mandy for letting me steal some of your pictures!! :)}
we gave her a birthday barbie doll and barbie convertible. she seemed to like them... of course, i don't think this child ever doesn't like a present... she gets so excited about them all :)
the girls absolutely LOVE their uncle greg. especially sophia... who pretty much refers to him as "my greg"
im definitely 2nd best if he is in the room... but i understand because i think he's pretty great, too ;)
 and since there's several kids to share, there's always enough love to go around.
eli was so much fun this trip! 
he stayed in a good mood the whole time, laughing and clapping a lot.
he was a big fan of uncle greg like the others... but he let me love on him lots, too. AND he even said both of our names!! {or some kind of version anyways... mine was kind of "lalala" but he got darn close a couple of times!}
i'm pretty sure my brother is going to die when he sees how much his boy has changed while he has been gone.

such a fun-filled weekend with the family! but we are slap wore out- i don't know how mandy does it every day! ansleigh's actual birthday is tomorrow. i really can't believe she's turning 5!
happy birthday, ansleigh! 
aunt lori and uncle greg love you so much!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


hey, lovies. 

i have decided to stop apologizing for my lack of blogging when i take a break for a day {or three}. sometimes i just feel like i don't have much to say, even though we are so busy. i haven't been feeling well for a few days. nothing serious... just a little cold {who gets a cold in august... right?!}. my head feels a bit foggy {which may or may not have something to do with the cold meds}- so im going to keep it simple today since my thoughts are a bit scattered.

OH! and you guys. i have big news. 
remember my friend maggie? the one i threw the shower for a while back?
 well she and her husband {blake} welcomed sweet baby will into the world today. william hudson denna entered the world weighing in at 7 lbs. and 10 oz.
i absolutely can't wait to meet him!

now on to the outfits... 

thursday: work and errands/shopping
dress {$13 clearance. and my first neon purchase}: target 
cardi: gap outlet
sandals: payless

friday: whitney's birthday dinner
dress {which i am wearing backwards, on purpose}: target
heels: payless
necklace: target
watch: michael kors

monday: work
dress and sandals: target

tuesday: work
chambray top: old navy
neon skinnies: LOFT
sandals: steve madden

... and i'm just now realizing that about 85% of my dresses come from target. i need to broaden my horizons... any suggestions on new stores i should check out??
pleated poppy

Saturday, August 18, 2012

i'd ilke to introduce you...

to my friends, maddie and taylor... i am quite fond of these ladies and their adorable blogs, so i think you should take a few minutes and check them out! 
Hi fellow ACWOTSS fans! - It's Maddie at Thriftary. I love to blog about doing more while using less. I also write about my nonsense life, Burley husband, wiley boxer pup, decorating our little bungalow, feeding our chickens & growing our garden, making delicious treats and cocktails, playing dress-up, and loving our little city life in Denver, CO. So I guess you could say I cover anything and everything. Come on by and check out the site some time! I promise... I won't bite. Cheers.
blog/ facebook/ twitter

Hello! I'm Taylor and I blog over at Goings on in Texas. I am a 30-something, Texas transplant who was born and raised in Arkansas. I moved to this great state in 1999 to attend college and I never looked back. I do miss the beautiful scenery of my home state, but I've grown roots in Texas and it looks like Texas will continue to be my "new" home. I'm married to fabulous guy (2006). We do not have any children, unless you want to consider our used car lot a child. :) I am a Petroleum Landman, Certified Personal Trainer, Used Car Lot Owner, Landlord, Christ follower, Entrepreneur, Crafter, DIYer, Cook, Organizer, Gardener, Traveler, Singer, Book-a-holic, Shoe Lover, Talker, Wife and probably a whole lot more, but that paints you a picture, I'm sure. ;) So, what can you find within my blog?? Bits and pieces of my life. Total randomness about my hobbies, thoughts and everything in between. The sky is the limit with me. Each Thursday I host a link party for all your DIY/Recipes/Craft Projects (come link up!) I hope you'll follow me on my blogging journey! :)
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happy weekend! :)

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