Monday, July 30, 2012

on the hunt.

i have exciting news... 

nope. not pregnant. 

but the hubs and i are officially house hunting!! we are so ready to put the renting days behind us and have our own place that i can paint and decorate exactly how i want to. {i would say "we"... but let's be honest, we know who does the decorating around these parts}.

we have been pre-qualified for the loan and have been out with our realtor once... who i just adore. she is such a momma bird and i know she will take good care of us! for instance... the first time we met she asked if she could pray with us and asked that God lead us to where he wants us to be. seriously. who does that? i loved her immediately.

so naturally, greg and i have been talking a lot about what we are looking for in a future home...
thankfully, we both tend to agree on what we like and don't like in a house.
{and if we dont... i persuade him until he feels the same way i do. im kidding. kinda}

must haves:
space. while we're not pregnant yet, we do plan on having several little ones in the future. and since the whole "starter home" concept has been crushed since you can't seem to sell anything these days, i want to make sure we will not outgrow our house... we need to make sure there is plenty of room for the three {future} babies.
i am a sucker for porches. no front porch is pretty much a deal breaker for me...  which shouldn't be a problem, seeing as we ARE in the south.
i also hope for a back screened in porch {or glass room} and a deck off the back as well.
 a good kitchen with lots of storage. we both love to cook and we hate to step all over each other in the kitchen. and a farmhouse sink would make my heart really, really happy.
and... good closet space. {but that's a given, right?}

a mudroom. has anyone else fallen in love with these since the invention of pinterest? i can already see my {future} littles each having a cubby with their initials to hang their bookbags by the door.
bonus room, basement or both.
basically, extra versatile space that we can use for workout equipment, kids playroom, man cave {and a WOman cave... can't get one without the other ;) hah}, whatever meets our needs at the time.

double ovens. 
i love to cook and entertain. i am already dreaming of future dinner parties and family thanksgiving dinners at our place!
 three car garage.
again with the storage. i may have a fear of running out of room and cluttering up my house. 
but seriously, we have a "two car garage now" and there is no way to fitting my SUV and the hubs' big truck in there at once.

so what about you... what are your must haves {or wants} in a home??

also, does anyone have any insight or opinions on which is better- a glass or screened in porch?
do share.

Friday, July 27, 2012

friday letters.

dear LOFT, you've got to calm down with the luring emails. that OR we have to be a little more sneaky. my entirely-too-large bag made the hubs raise his eyebrows last night and now i am having a bit of buyers remorse. dear weekend, welcome!! i am excited to spend you reading, relaxing, catching up on blogs and cleaning... well not so excited about the cleaning part, but it must be done. dear jessica {spin instructor} thanks for kicking my butt into gear. dear bridgette, happy birthday {tomorrow}!! i had fun with you and erin in charleston last weekend! love you, boo. dear hubs, how did i get so lucky?


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wiww, a little rambling and a blog swap.

hey, ya'll. 

happy hump day! i am so glad this week is half way over... i need a weekend to catch up on some sleep and get some things done around the house. i keep feeling like i am a couple of steps behind, or maybe i am just a little too ambitious with my to- do lists. 

i have gotten back to working out this week... since greg's papa went into the hospital and life got a little crazy, we missed about two weeks at the gym. and boy i could tell... not only were my clothes fitting a little tighter, i just didn't feel good. well monday's spin class gave me a swift kick in the rear and i am happy to be back at it!

enough rambling... it's wednesday, so i know you're all here to see what i've been wearing...

last tuesday: work 
top: tjmaxx
denim skinnies: new york & co
wedges: target
last wednesday: work
top: lauren conrad for kohls
skinnies: old navy
sandals: steve madden
watch: michael kors

i only have a couple true outfit pictures for you... but you can also see what i wore to maggie's shower here, and all weekend in charleston here.

 oh, and one more thing... a while back i participated in a christmas in july swap, hosted by one of my blog favorites, alyx. well i was paired up with kassi over at truly lovely and had to share a picture of the goods
thanks, kassi!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

our girls weekend in charleston :)

i am a bit slow on the blog post today. i'll be honest... i've been dragging a bit all day. 
apparently i had a bit too much fun in charleston with the {former} roomies. 

erin, bridgette and i lived together for several years of college...  and i just love these girls. bridgette is now working as a PA in charleston, so erin and i took a little trip to go visit her and have some long overdue roomie time. 
 friday we got into town and did a little bit of shopping downtown before going to eat at hyman's. they have pictures of all the celebrities that have eaten there and they put plaques on each of the tables telling you who sat where. well, they must have put us at the cool table... because hootie and the blowfish, sandra bullock, lou holtz and vanilla ice had all eaten at our table.
saturday we went to the mt. pleasant area and hit up the beach at sullivans island for the afternoon... it was a bit overcast, but it felt amazing to lay on the beach {and maybe sneak a nap in}. then we had lunch at poe's, which is famous for their burgers. not being a huge beef eater myself, i had the fish tacos... and they were delish.
 then we took a little nap and got gussied up for a nice dinner out at magnolias

i had the balsamic glazed salmon... it was over a warm spinach salad with goat cheese, artichokes, mushrooms and dill-shallot vinaigrette. i am pratcially drooling just sitting here thinking about it.
the other food picture is bridgette's tuna over eggrolls... it was so pretty :) then we met some of bridgette's friends for drinks at rooftop bar before having dessert at kaminsky's {thats where the heath bar cake in the bottom corner was from}- SO good.

sunday we slept in and had brunch at fleet landing before we did a little shopping. there we had the best fried green tomatoes ive EVER put in my mouth. our server, tyler- who we nicknamed "23 and a half" {thats how old he was} was great. he even brought us free dessert and told us "happy birthday... if anyone asks"- little did he know, bridgette's birthday is in 5 days ;)
as you have probably gathered, most of the trip was centered around eating and drinking... and just being together again. we realized that we are no longer 21 and cannot hang til the wee hours of the morning like we used to, but we had a good time.

and just to prove how fun we {still} are... here is our blooper collage.
so yeah, bridge and i like to make faces at each other... apparently erin thinks im really, REALLY funny. and yes. we got photo bombed. and we thought it was hilarious.

now if you'll excuse me, i believe it is past this old lady's bedtime...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

july sponsors.

today i would like to introduce you to a couple of my recent blogger friends! now, remember... i do not sponsor/endorse blogs that i do not personally love... so i feel confident you will feel the same way about these two... make sure you check these pretties out and leave them some love!

Hi Blog Friends! I'm a twenty-something newly married girl living in beautiful Indianapolis, IN. I went to college at the University of Indianapolis and graduated in 2007 with a major in Marketing.
I've had a lot of blogging experience - not only do I read a lot of blogs, but I used to work for a blogging software company and had to blog quite a bit! And truth be told, I miss it a little bit and that's what has sparked my interest in starting my blog. I love to spend time with our yellow lab, traveling, working out, reading, planning, organizing, and crafting! I am always on the go, and rarely do I have any patience! :) My husband and I are somewhat newlyweds (married for almost 3 years - not sure how long you can have that newlywed title), we moved into our first home in 2010 and I feel like I'm still decorating and making it "ours", but I'm loving every minute of it.
My husband, my brother in-law, and myself have a marketing consulting and business development company - I love working from home and being responsible for something that we built! Now I know what you're thinking - is it hard working with your husband and family? Nope, they make it easy! We are growing rapidly and that has been the main focus in our lives for some time now - even though we always seem busy, I wouldn't change it!
Hi, I am Amber from Living in the Moment

A twenty-something newlywed from the Natural State.

A blog that is dedicated to anything and everything that my little heart desires on that particular day.

Have a cup of coffee {if it's early} or a glass of wine {if it's late} and join me.

My blog usually involves some random/awkward/entertaining/meaningless things.

Things such as:
My Husband Brad
My little fur baby Bentley
Fashion - But am by no means a fashion blogger
My slight shopping addiction
Amazing finds
My obsession with reality TV
oh and link-ups {love them}

Well ladies, that's all I've got for you today.

I am excited to meet YOU.

If you want to know more you'll just have to come on over here to my little corner of the blogosphere.

Friday, July 20, 2012

friday letters.

dear hubs, thanks for going shopping with me on tuesday. i like it when you get excited when i save money... and i realllly like middle-of-the-week dates.  dear kohls, i love it when you have sales... and i get 30% off coupons... and kohls cash. even the hubs gets excited about these deals. can't wait to wear my new tops :) dear blogger friends, this blogger is officially back in business. i have missed you so much! and thanks for your love, prayers, and support during our hard times- it means so much! dear emily, pick jef. dear (old) roomies, i am so excited to spend the weekend with you!! it has been wayyyy too long since i have seen your pretty little faces. girls weekend officially begins now. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

its okay...

hey ya'll! 
my bestie is on her way to my house right now... we're headed to charleston tomorrow to visit our old roomie, bridgette and have a girls weekend! so i don't have long, but i wanted to write a quick little post.... so i decided to do one of my favorite link ups :)

Its Ok Thursdays


... that i seriously missed my blogger friends when i took a little hiatus.
... that i am officially obsessed with picmonkey. don't be surprised if all of my pictures show up in collage form from now on.
... that my diet lately pretty much consists of meixcan food, chicken salad, and nilla wafers.
... to put off laundry until the hubs has no clean undershirts or work socks left.
... that i feel closer to some of my blog friends than some of my IRL friends.
... that i bought myself these little pretties today
... that i leave for the beach tomorrow and i have yet to finish packing.
... that i am SO excited to have some much needed girls time with the old roomies this weekend in charleston!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

maggie's 'southern gentleman' baby shower.

hey, lovies! 

you may remember me talking about my friend maggie... i often refer to her as my "sweet friend"... because she has got to be one of the most generous and kind-hearted people that i know. i was thrilled when maggie first told me she was pregnant and knew i wanted to throw her a baby shower. not only do i LOVE to plan parties and showers, i couldn't think of a more deserving person. 
i decided on a "southern gentleman" theme because when maggie found out that the baby growing inside her belly is a boy, she told me that she was very excited to teach her son manners and how to be a gentleman.
 maggie's mother in law offered to let us have the shower at her house, and was so sweet to help me with the food. we tried to stick with southern style food to stay true to the theme....
we served:
chicken salad on croissants 
{maggie's momma was so sweet to pick up her favorite chicken salad on the way up}
spinach dip with crackers
an edible arrangement
pimento cheese with pita chips
chicken nuggets {courtesy of chick fil a}
{made by maggie... i swear she wanted to help... i didn't make her ;) haha}
for dessert, we served banana pudding and cupcakes... and of course we had sweet tea {in mason jars} to drink! 

as a special surprise for the momma to be, we asked that the guests bring a childrens book that meant something to them to help start baby will's library... i knew maggie would love this because she and blake {will's daddy} have bought several books and love to read to him already.
 and just a few more pictures of me and the cute momma to be... {because i am obsessed with her and her adorable baby belly}
maggie says to top right picture looks like we're little kids telling secrets... i don't know what we were laughing about but i kinda love it.

ps... maggie is a blogger now if you want to go show her some love! ;) 
{she recently blogged her memommie's banana pudding recipe, which is to die for... so you should probably check that out!}

pps. the invitation, cupcake toppers and stickers for the favor are from delight paperie

Sunday, July 15, 2012

i'm backkkkk.

hey, friends.
i sure have missed ya'll lately.

on top of being super busy, i've been spending a lot of time with my husband's family. unfortunately, his papa (grandfather) passed away this week while in the hospital after having the heart attack. we believed he was doing well and expected to take him home on wednesday. 
we were shocked that he didn't make it to then. 

so it has been a tough week... the hubs has always been super close to his grandparents. i am so glad that i was able to know his papa. since the funeral, i have realized even more what a special person he was. 
when i first met them i remember the hubs telling me "if papa teases you, it means he likes you". he mainly teased me about marrying greg and "keeping him straight". he would do anything he could to help someone and would even lend out his own {brand new} car while he fixed yours. he was a hard worker who loved life and {in his words} "did it all". i feel that he knew it was his time and he was ready to go. it just is sad for those of us left on earth. he will definitely be missed by so, so many people.

so as you can imagine, even when i have had the time to blog- i really haven't felt like posting. 
 but i am hoping to make a full come back this week... we've had a lot of exciting things going on as well and i can't wait to get you all up to speed.

my sweet friend, maggie's baby shower was this weekend. i will be sharing pictures this week... but here is a little sneak peak of one of my favorite things from the shower... 
sweet tea in mason jars... can you get more southern than that?!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

life lately and wiww.

hey ya'll.
i'm a little late posting because we just got back from the hospital... the hub's papa had a heart attack yesterday so we've been with them since last night. did you guys know that you only have 30 mins to act with a heart attack?
i am so thankful that nana called 911 and the EMTs and the doctors/nurses acted so quickly. papa is doing okay... he's a little irritable but his vitals all look good, so right now they are just trying to get him to rest. i'd appreciate any thoughts and prayers you could send his way.

now let's catch up a bit. i haven't posted a recap about our weekend getaway, which was certainly worth mentioning...
you may remember {from this post} that part of my birthday present was tickets to see michael jackson's immortal tour by cirque du soleil. i am a huge mj fan and have been looking forward to this since they announced it in 2010.
i was so excited the weekend was finally here!
we stayed at the omni downtown and had a great time! friday we went to the melting pot, one of our favorite date places.
we indulged in a seriously delicious meal... complete with a couple of these...
then saturday we got massages at the hotel's spa. and it was the best massage i've ever had. not sure if that had to do with the fact that it was the first time i've ever had a male masseuse.

we grabbed lunch at the cnn center, which was attached to our hotel, and relaxed a bit before going to ruth's chris steakhouse for dinner. this was our first time eating there... and the BEST steak i have ever put in my mouth.

then it was time for cirque du soleil!! the show was amazing, i was such a happy girl!

oh, and here's a couple outfits pictures from the weekend. normally like to dress up a bit more for dinner dates, but since it was like 110 degrees all weekend, i chose my outfits based on the least amount of fabric i could wear.
dress: old navy
sandals: steve madden via dsw
purse: coach

tank: LOFT
shorts: gap outlet
necklace: local boutique
purse: kohls
sandals: target

last thing... our cousin, katie {who recently got engaged to greg's best friend} is trying to win a bachelorette weekend in vegas... if you're on facebook could you pretty please like sarah kirkland and then like katie beebe's bachelorette party rap? she'd be so excited to win... and maybe she'd take me with ;)

hope ya'll had a happy 4th!!

pleated poppy

Monday, July 2, 2012

go for the goal {june} link up.

hey, friends.
 i hope that you all are surviving the heat wave and still have your power after the crazy storms. the hubs and i had a nice little weekend getaway {more on that tomorrow} and were welcomed home by a broken a/c unit. thankfully, the downstairs is working fine, but the upstairs is less than comfortable... we bought a window unit to get us through the night and hopefully it should be fixed today.

and now for the 6th edition of our go for the goal link up!!

{if you are not familiar... the 'go for the goal' link up is all about our new years resolutions... they can be fitness, personal, professional, WHATEVER! at the end of each month, we link up and talk about how we have done with each of our goals!}

RESOLUTION #1: was to live a healthier lifestyle. ya'll. i joined a gym {and about killed myself in a body pump class last week }. the plan is to go back tonight and try my first cycle class. definitely making progress with this goal.

RESOLUTION #2: was to get involved in a church.. i think it's safe to say that church has become a part of our routine... most of june, i even went without the hubs {because he had to work weekends}. since we have been volunteering, we were invited to an event called "room to grow", which went over the church's plans to expand. it's nice to feel like we are a valued part of our church, especially since it's SO BIG and easy to go unnoticed.

RESOLUTION #3: was to improve my blog... and i am happy to announce that i FINALLY created a facebook account for the blog... so would you do me a favor and pleaseee like it here? next stop: twitter. watch out, i am joining the century.

RESOLUTION #4: was to cross off as many things as possible on my life list. i only crossed off one... but it was a big one for me: number 49. to join a gym and try out a fitness class.

RESOLUTION #5: was to get out of my comfort zone.... {try new things or places. restaurants, coffee shops, whatever!} i officially joined junior league for the provisional year- our first meet and greet is next week and then in august we'll have a retreat. i also tried several new restaurants- chops n hops for a gcsu alum event, cali n tidos with the bosses and raffertys with jon and katie. {and just this past weekend the hubs and i went to ruth's chris steakhouse for the first time}

RESOLUTION #6: was to read at least 25 books this year {i even added a tool on my sidebar to keep track of my progress}... however, i am currently at 8/25... and still a bit behind with this goal. i think i just need a few vacation days at the beach to catch up, don't you think?

how did YOU do with your goals this month? grab a button and link up!!
 {and it's never to late to make a goal list and join in!}

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