Friday, June 29, 2012

friday letters.

dear hair, why can't you ever look this good when i try to curl you? one day when i'm rich, i think i'll get a live in hairstylist... right after i get that personal chef. and housekeeper. dear body pump, you kicked my butt this week. it was tough... but we will definitely meet again. hopefully i will be a little more ready for you next time. dear blog friends, the go for the goal link up is on monday... please join us sharing your goals and progress! {and if you are coming to the georgia blogger meet up, i am planning on emailing you soon with more details... but if you have any suggestions of what you'd like to do in savannah... let me know!} dear hubs, thanks for supporting and encouraging me. you the best. i am so excited for our little getaway this weekend. dear atlanta, get ready. i'm coming for ya!

have a good weekend, ya'll!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


hey lovies! 
thanks for all of your sweet comments on monday's post... i have to tell you that i was able to suck it up and i went to the gym.
i did the body pump class {alongside the hubs and our friend, blake}. while i did feel a little self conscious because i didn't put any weights on my bar {my friends warned me to take it easy} and i didn't know how to properly do some of the exercises, i am so glad i went.
and ya'll. i am so sore. i don't think i could do another squat if my life depending on it. i can barely walk up the stairs.
but i must admit. i am kind of proud of myself. i decided i really need to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit more often... so i bought a membership.
but now... since it's wednesday, i have a couple of outfits to share with you...

monday: work
dress: target
cardigan: gap outlet
wedges: steve madden
ya'll these wedges are my new favorite. they are a tad on the tall side, but they are super easy to walk in... and comfy! and at 50% off, i really couldn't leave the store without them. steve maddens never let me down.

tuesday: work
top & capris: old navy
sandals: target
necklace: local boutique.

wednesday: dinner & church meeting
white skinnies (which have stretched by the end of the day are not-so-skinny anymore): new york & company
top: clearance at belk
sandals: steve madden via dsw

and just a couple of comments:
if you follow me on instagram, you may remember me soliticiting advice about this last top... thanks for talking me into it. i feel like the picture doesn't do it justice... it's longer in the back and i kind of love it. plus, i got a compliment from a random girl at church, which is always nice.

please excuse the lack of scenery in my pictures. our "green space" is approximately the size of my dining room table... 
so disregard the neighbor's hondas and trashcans, mmkay?

if you can't get enough of me today... i am guest posting over here about my favorite summer trends.

and LAST thing... our go for the goal link up is set for monday {the 2nd}... i would LOVE to see you link up and share your goals and process, so check it out. {just grab the button on my sidebar and get your posts ready! you can email me with any questions}

happy wednesday, friends.

Monday, June 25, 2012


so i've never been a real, card-carrying member of a legit gym. 
i've always been intimidated by them.
i mean sure, ive used the fitness centers offered at my old apartments... but i've never had to pay (or drive) to get my workout on. 
we even bought workout equipment a few years so the hubs and i could work out at home, not having to worry if i match look cute.
which i do use {but not as much as i should, of course}.
let's be honest... it's not easy to get this sleephead out of bed in the mornings.

i guess i'm worried people i won't be able to keep up in the classes, people will judge me or i won't know how to use the equipment...
well last week, the hubs joined bodyplex with a friend. they have a super great special going on and it ends up being like $8 a month {when you sign up for three years... but still}
he told me about the body pump class he took {and how sore it made him}. he said there are people at all different fitness levels and i wouldn't have a hard time fitting in...
so here i sit trying to convince myself to get over myself and take the plunge.
do any of you feel the same way about gym memberships or am i just being ridiculous?

Friday, June 22, 2012

friday letters.

{random picture of me on my way to work... because i don't like to post without pictures}
dear weekend, 100 degrees, really?! good thing i'll be spending my saturday poolside, reading a good book and getting some sun. but i do have some things to get done, too... so let's not be in a hurry to end, okay? dear target, i am LOVING your dress selection this year. but i'd appreciate it if you would keep your website a little better stocked. there is nothing more disappointing then finding a dress you love and selecting your color and size... only to find out that it is out of stock. dear hubs, i love randomly dancing with you in the kitchen. and i am so glad that you're off weekends again. i sure have missed ya! :) dear blogger friends, thanks for reading and being patience with me slacking on your posts/emails. i am going to try to catch up this weekend!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

its okay.


Its Ok Thursdays

... to be SUPER excited about the georgia blogger meet up jess and i are planning.
... to get embarrassingly excited when i realized it was monday night {= BACHELORETTE night!!}
... to way overuse the word "excited" on this here blog.
... to try on a dress at target {with a mullet hem} and decide against it... until you see another blogger post pictures looking right cute in the same dress.
{so of course i went to three different target stores until i found it.}
... to have a strong desire to go shopping after looking at everyone's cute outfits in yesterday's wiww posts. {blogging is not good for my bank account.}
...  to want all of my friends to have babies since i'm not quite ready yet.
... to order invitations, cake toppers and other paper products for maggies baby shower instad of DIY'ing everything to save myself some time.
.... to feel guilty that i'm pretty sure my furbaby misses me during the day now that i'm a working girl again.
... to put off getting a haircut until i just can't stand it anymore.
i think i'm going to get one next week. 
let's hope i don't regret it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

georgia blogger meet up.

It's Lori from a crazy walk on the safe side
Jessica from Stilettos & a fishing pole and we are pleased to announce that the Georgia blate is
REALLY happening - this year on August 18th so go ahead & mark your calendars, do whatcha gotta do & be there!
What is a blate?
We are tickled pink about meeting ALL of you.
We had several bloggers sign up for it, all of 19
so clearly it's gonna be a grand ol' time! Just because you haven't signed up yet doesn't mean you can not attend - it's never too late! However we ask to please let us know ASAP -  The more the merrier ladies! :) && if you for some reason can not attend this blate && have given us your name prior to this post, let us know as well.
So where is this Georgia blate?
Well, after getting all the feed back from everyone
there were more South-Georgians than there were North-Georgians. That being said, we thought
{Home of Paula Deens, The Lady & Sons Restaurant}
was a wonderful City for all of us to have our meet & greet && fun day together. If any of the North-Georgians feel they will have trouble traveling, please let one of us {Lori/Jessica} know so we can work out arrangements. We want you all there!
Together, we are planning
for all of us to soak up our time together && make real life friendships. Be ready to have an awesome experience with your fellow blog sisters!
We ask that you please place the Georgia Blate-Meet Up button on your blog to not only announce and spread the word around but also so every one can get a head start on learning lil'bits about each other before meeting in person.
Please fill free to check back every so often for more information on this Georgia Blate by clicking this
which you will find on both Lori & Jessica's blogs.
If you have any questions, answers, ideas or suggestions fill free to leave a comment.
We are both SO excited we almost can't stand it.
Lori & Jess

Monday, June 18, 2012

bloggers you should know.

hey ya'll!
 today i would like to introduce you to a few of my favorites in the blog world. a couple of them i even know in real life! i hope that you take some time to look at their blogs and leave them some love. tell em i sent ya, please?

take it away, ladies...

HEY THERE PARTY PEOPLE - It's Maddie at Thriftary.
I love to blog about doing more while using less. I also write about my nonsense life, Burley husband, wiley boxer pup, decorating our little bungalow, feeding our chickens & growing our garden, making delicious treats and cocktails, playing dress-up, and loving our little city life in Denver, CO. So I guess you could say I cover anything and everything. Come on by and check out the site some time! I promise... I won't bite. Cheers.

Hey y'all! I'm Ashley @ Little Miss One Big Mess.
I know Lori IRL and we get together a pretty good bit considering we live in separate cities! I recently graduated college with a degree in Sociology, planning to head back to school and get my Master's in Criminal Justice.  About 2 weeks after graduation I got offered a job I applied for somewhat randomly and I am now doing sales for a large company called Mainstreet Collection. I never thought I would be doing something like this, but its something that I am so passionate about and truly excited to do. I think that's what a job is supposed to be- enjoyable and fun. I have a love for all things monogrammed, (spoken like a true southern girl) Braves baseball, reality TV and shoes.
 I started my blog on a whim and it has become so much more to me than that. I have met so many great people through blogging and just love the friendships I have made. On my blog, you are guaranteed to laugh a lot, almost always at my expense and that's ok! I like to be honest and open because I feel like those make for the best blogs.I can't wait to share my new struggles and journey with you, so come over and stay a while!

Hey there cupcakes! I'm Holly and I blog over at Perfectly Imperfect Holly.
I'm a pretty random blogger, blogging about everything from food to sports, fashion to travel. But here's the basics about me:
-I've lived in Ohio my whole life and I love it.
-I'm a Christian and strive to be an example to others with my faith.
-My family is very close and they mean the world to me.
-I have some of the best friends I could ever ask for.
-My dog is the best ever.
-Pink is the best color in the world.
-I'm a HUGE baseball fan; the Cleveland Indians are my favorite team and I'll always be a devoted Cleveland Sports fan no matter what!
-I love to travel and try to do it as much as possible.
-Music is a huge part of my life; I love to sing and dance.
-I recently got into running and now I can't stop.
-I have a 101 in 1001 list that I try to complete daily--not sure what that is? Stop by and check mine out!
-I love taking pictures of anything and everything.

Well, obviously that was a bit stop on over at my blog sometime and say hello!

I'm Allyson, and I blog over at Cupcakes and Candy Canes
I write about life in general (it's all I know how to do), with little tidbits thrown in about crafting, wedding planning, and finishing school.  I'm going to school to be a teacher, and I'll graduate in December, and I can't wait to get my life started.  On that note, I'm getting married next June, and the more I plan the more I have to share with all of you.  I would love for y'all to stop by; I love getting to "meet" new blog friends!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

for my daddy.

dear daddy, 
do you know how hard it is to find a fathers day card for you? they are all either too mushy gushy, too generic or too (not) funny. thankully, i have this blog here so i can do a little something to show my love and appreciation. since you like lists ("10 reasons i will never go to home depot again")... i decided to write this in list format.

reasons why my daddy is the best:
you try to give me advice without pushing it on me.
you don't laugh at me when i can't figure out how to open the hood of my car... again.
when my friends had car trouble in high school, you came to their rescue, too.
i have you to thank for my squinty eyes, easy-to-tan skin and sarcastic wit.
you're always so supportive of me in everything i do.
 because you love my momma so much.
you know everything (or at least you pretend like you do)
everyone needs a daddy and a pops like you.
 i sure got lucky.
i love you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

friday letters.

dear lori: i know you're having a hard time managing your time right now, but you REALLY need to go to bed earlier every night so you can get up and work out in the mornings. just do it. you won't regret it. dear weekend: oh, am i happy to see you! i am looking forward to "going home" for the weekend celebrating fathers day with my daddy and shopping a bit with my momma :) 
dear pandora: thanks for making long car trips more enjoyable. its like you can read my mind. dear alanis morissette: i am so happy that you are making new music! i believe you are making a solid comeback with your new single "guardian". dear friend who shall remain nameless: so excited. you know. 
dear jon and katie:CONGRATS on your engagement!! i cannot wait for all of the wedding festivities. and welcome to the family, "cousin, jon" ;) dear blogger friends: i am sorry if i am slacking on comments and emails this week... i'm still adjusting to the new schedule. i'll try to get better soon!! AND, if you're in georgia and interested in coming to our blogger meet up, let me know!! planning is in the works and details will be emailed soon... can't wait to meet your pretty faces! dear hubs: i love you. thanks for being patient while i try to figure out this whole new balancing act. and thanks for doing the dishes. and cleaning buds litterbox {you DID clean his litterbox, right??}

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


hey, ya'll. 
happy wednesday! is this week flying by for you like it is for me?! 
SO fast. i can barely keep up.
i'm trying to get better about posting AND taking pictures of my outfits! i think i did pretty good this week... and i have a total of FOUR to show you :)

wednesday: work, cancer auxiliary mtg and dinner and drinks
floral top: lauren conrad for kohls
white skinnies: new york & co
wedges: jcpenny 

thursday: dinner at aaron and hollys
 parrot top: old navy
shorts: new york & co
sandals: steve madden via dsw

friday: work
 top: LOFT
capris: old navy
leopard sandals: target
gold necklace: stella & dot
watch: michael kors

tuesday: work
polka dot tank: LOFT
mint cardi: gap outlet
black skinnies: old navy
sandals: target
necklace: new york & co.
pleated poppy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

blogger meet up+baby shower invites+ the bachelorette.

 hey, lovies. 
todays post is going to be a bit random... which is rather fitting for my life right now, i feel like i am all over the place... 
{but that's a different post for another day}.

today i am SUPER excited to tell you that jessica @ stilettos and a fishing pole and i are planning a georgia blogger meet up! 
we have ideas of planning an east coast blogger conference in the future, but we want to start out small and get any ladies in the peach state together for a blate! 
if you live in georgia and are interested, please leave a comment or email me with your name, blog url, email address, city/county and phone number! and please spread the word!

baby shower planning {for my sweet friend, maggie} is officially in full swing. as i mentioned before, i decided on a "southern gentleman" theme because maggie is really looking forward to teaching her little boy manners and how to be a gentleman. i decide to order the invitations and cupcake toppers rather than "DIY" everything to save myself some time... and i am in LOVE with the invitation we decided on:
{from delight paperie}
{and i say "we" because i asked maggie to help me decide... i think its important for the momma to be to LOVE the theme/design of the shower!} i am absolutely in love with it. i think the colors will be perfect and the little bow tie is TOO Cute.
now i am focusing on the food, favors and decor {any suggestions?}... and i may have a little surprise or two up my sleeve.

ohhh boy, have you guys been watching the bachelorette???
through the whole episode, i kept thinking "poor emily" {she obviously didn't feel well and had lost her voice}... but my next thoughts are "she's going to get EVERYONE sick! don't kiss all those boys and spread your germs, emily!"
i like sean. i loved their date exploring london. {i was pretty jealous of that one}. i feel like it is all very natural with him and emily. it comes easy to them being together.
i loved travis on the group date. he had a good time with it, regardless of how silly he felt {and sounded} trying to act out shakespeare. he seems like a sweet, southern guy. i just don't know if emily is that into him.
i don't know how i feel about ryan giving her jewlery...
he is such a smooth talker! he was originally {like after the first episode} my front runner. changed my mind on that. ive seen his type before.

about the kalon {calling her daughter ricki "baggage} issue...
obviously, he is a conceited jerk and needed to go home, like last week. i think he was over the whole thing because emily wasn't giving him all the attention.
i do think emily was a little tough on the guys for not telling her immediately.
yes, someone needed to tell her. but i feel like doug used it as an opportunity to make himself look better, which annoys me.
i loved how jef said "if ricki is baggage, then she's a chloe bag."
how sweet. 
 speaking of jef, he is really growing on me. he has a lot more depth than i realized. i think he needs to become a little more aggressive if he wants to keep her attention.

i vote sean as the "whole package"

and i think emily is GORGEOUS. but sister needs to lay off the spray tans a bit. ohh, girl.

what do ya'll think??

Sunday, June 10, 2012

sunday social. and a giveaway WINNER.

hello, lovelies! 
ours was pretty low-key, but good. friday night we went to taqueria de sol for a quick date night. i had been there before but it was the hubs' first time. the food AND the margaritas were delish. we will be going back.
and then last night we went to aaron and hollys for dinner and a movie. other than that, we've been trying to squeeze in some time with greg's cousin, drew and his wife, sarah, who were in town for a wedding.

so since i don't have much going on today, i decided to join in the first social sunday link up with neely.

Sunday Social

how did you come up with your blog name?
my original idea was something along the lines of "my life as a cop wife"... but it was taken. so i enlisted the help of my facebook friends and my friend meg suggested "a crazy walk on the safe side". i liked the play on words and felt like it fit my life at the time.

what is your favorite thing about blogging?
i love the sense of community in the blogoverse. everyone is super supportive and encouraging, which is hard to find in real life friends. i have only had one blate, but since meeting laura beth, she has introduced me to several lovely ladies and i've really started to develop friendships since moving to athens and i am SO thankful for that.

what is one thing you discovered because of blogging and now can't live without?
eos chapstick and essie nail polish.

facebook or twitter? and why?
i have a personal facebook account, i keep it activated because it is how i keep in contact with some friends and family, but i am kind of over it.  i am planning on making a facebook and twitter account for the blog. one of these days i'll actually get around to it.

if one celeb read your blog, who would you want it to be?
tori spelling. hands down. i just love her. she does it ALL, and she does it all well. and i just love her personality. i feel like we could be besties in real life.

what is one thing you want people to know about your blog?
i want people to see me as "real". generally, i try to keep things positive around these parts... but we all have bad days and tough times, and that's what makes us relatable. above all, i just want to be true to myself.
ohhh, and we officially have a winner of the shabby apple giveaway...

congrats to JAMIE!!

i am so excited to gift this to such a deserving woman! jamie is the wife of a U.S. sailor and momma to a beautiful little girl! i used random number generator but as it just so happens, she just celebrated her 30th birthday as well :)
jamie, be on the lookout for an email from me!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


happy hump day, lovies! 

 i cannot tell you how glad i am that the week is officially half over. 
not that it's been a bad one... it's actually been quite good. 

i'm just tired. 
 i have stuggled with going to bed late, waking up early and not finding time to work out, read and just relax in general. oh, and the hubs has most of the week off... so that makes it super hard to go to work while he's at home all day!

that being said... you may notice that i look a little sleepy in these pictures. this may be due to the reasons listed above... but it also could have to do with the fact that i really need to buy new make up. {more on that in a minute...}. 
now for my outfits:

friday: work and date night
maxi: old navy
cardigan: old navy

saturday: lunch and hanging out with ashton
white shorts with cuff: LOFT
chambray shirt: old navy
sandals: steve madden
watch: michael kors
bangles: new york & co
bracelet: bcbgeneration

tuesday: work
 maxi: target
cardi: gap outlet

i hate that this outfit didn't photograph well. i feel like the colors are off... i swear the cardigan matched- you just can't see the aqua color that is in the dress in this picture.
also, time did not allow to properly iron my dress. and yes, i still wore it.
my momma would not approve.

tuesday evening: gcsu alumni event at chops & hops
top: old navy
skinnies: old navy 
wedges: jcpenny
bag: kohls
necklace: local boutique

and after looking at the pictures of my outfits from this week, i have decided two things.

1. i need to invest in more makeup. pronto. 
i lost my blush, and my eye allergies have been acting up, therefore i have been wearing minimal makeup. although in these pictures, it appears that i am not wearing any at all. not a good look.

2. i need a haircut. like yesterday.
while the "moisturizing" shampoo helped, my hair is still looking rather dull and styling it has proven to be a lost cause. 

pleated poppy

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

shabby apple giveaway!

hey, ladies! 

i am SO excited that shabby apple has asked me to host a giveaway to award one of my lucky readers with a $50 gift certificate, which can be used to purchase ANYTHING you wish from their website! 

shabby apple is known for their classic vintage inspired dresses and skirts...
{forbidden city black dress}
{olive canvas bow skirt}
{pineapple princess}

but they also offer SO much more... like these adorable wedges...
{razia wedge}
shabby apple recently introduced a lovely line of vintage inspired swimwear...
{navy shoulder ruffle swimsuit}
and they also have some great accessory options... like this scarf:
{winding road scarf}
or this super cute, delicate necklace:
{bow charm necklace}
oh, the possibilities are endless!
{shabby apple is offering 10% off to all my readers for one month... just use coupon code 'acrazywalkonthesafeside10off'}

just follow these 3 mandatory steps... 

1. you must be a follower of my blog.
2. you must like shabby apple on facebook.
3. you must visit shabby apples website and tell me which dress is your favorite! {its a tough decision, i know!!}

leave ONE comment letting me know you did all three steps.
the giveaway will close saturday night at midnight.
{all readers entering must have a valid, U.S. address and please make sure your email address is enabled so i can notify the winner!}

good luck!! :)

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