Thursday, May 31, 2012

it's not like the movies.

i hate to be the bearer of bad news...

but i think the media gives us a very skewed and unrealistic view of marriage. and unfortunately, i believe that many people are fooled into thinking that this is how it's supposed to be. 

i think it's important that we don't go into marriage expecting it to be like our favorite romantic comedy...
i mean, why do you think we enjoy watching movies?
{i'll answer that one for you...}
because it's NOT real life.

i happen to think my marriage is pretty great. but it's made of up two very real {and flawed} people. 

no one is writing a film script about us....
because no one would go see it. my life is boring in comparison to the notebook or the vow or any other rachel mcadams and mr. dreamy movie... and that's kind of the way i like it.

my advice is marry the person who is truly your best friend. the FIRST person that you want to call when you are excited about something... or when you are upset. the person you not only want to do the exciting stuff with, but also just the "normal" stuff {like cooking dinner, clearing out your dvr or sitting by each other in church on sunday mornings}...because when the times get tough, its not the chemistry that will keep you going... it's the friendship that your relationship is based on.

if you expect a fairy tale, you will never be satisfied.

so if you're watching you're favorite romantic comedy wondering where your ryan gosling or {insert choice heartthrob actor here} is... just remember that there is a reason they are PAID ACTORS. and why most marriages in hollywood don't last...

but the truth is... real marriage is amazing. it's definitely not always the easiest thing in the world but it is so, SO worth it.

my hubs is awesome {which you probably already know if you've ever read my blog prior to this post}...and while he doesn't give me butterflies every time he walks in a room, or always say the perfect things... he is my best friend, partner in crime, #1 supporter {and occasionally, he DOES say the the perfect things}.
i wouldn't want to do life with anyone else.
{i think there is a lot of wisdom in this photo}
i believe if we all go in with realistic expectations... {and eliminate the D word from our vocabulary}, we would {as a whole} be a lot more successful in this whole marriage thing. 

thoughts? opinions? advice?

do share.

{and another reminder... the GO FOR THE GOAL link up is tomorrow!! please join us... and read yesterdays post if you don't know what i am talking about}

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wiww. and a couple of announcements.

just a bit of housekeeping... 

the next GO FOR THE GOAL link up will be taking place THIS FRIDAY, june 1st.
not familiar? go for the goal is a monthly link up that i co-host with meghan and meghan, where we share our progress and/or struggles with our new years resolutions... BUT don't fret if you didn't make any resolutions, you can join at ANY time! just make a list of goals you'd like to work towards and grab a button {from my sidebar}! it's a great way to stay focused and keep yourself accountable! 
hope to see you join.

also, if anyone is interested in swapping buttons, i have a few more spots open. you will get your button placed on my right sidebar as well as the opportunity to write a blurb introducing yourself to my readers. just let me know in the comments or email me!

now for a little what i wore wednesday:
a couple wednesdays ago: errands and dinner with the hubs
parrot top: old navy
dark denim skinnies: new york & co.
wedges: target
excuse the dorky pose... the hubs and i were goofing off... and as turns out, this one was the best of the outfit.

im sorry that i only have one outfit to show you this week... but since the hubs is on the early shift now, he leaves way before i get dressed in the mornings... and i don't have anyone to take my picture to prove that i've actually been dressing pretty cute lately. {i need a tripod for real... hubs, are you listening??}

my hair is at one of those awkward in-between stages... where i don't really want to cut it, but i feel like i need to do SOMETHING... it's been about 6 months since i have had a haircut {are some of you gasping now?} but i just recently got to a good length for a bun, but let's be honest... i wear my hair down straight like 95% of the time. 
i did buy some new shampoo... maybe that will help while i decide to cut or not to cut.

happy hump day, lovies.

pleated poppy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

happiness is... part two.

this is the second half of identifying 100 {big and small} things that make me happy. if you missed part one, you can see it here.
51. pool time with friends
52. blogging at coffee shops
53. when the hubs kisses me goodbye in my sleepy slumber every morning 
54. browsing bookstores
55. picking out JUST the right gift for someone that i KNOW they will love
56. a cute teacup
57. flowers right outside the front door that smell delish
58. bath and body works soap {bonus points if they're on sale}
59. when a friend texts me for clothing advice
60. happy hour at starbucks {bonus points if you didn't know it was happy hour}
61. cutely wrapped presents
62. plants that are impossible to kill
63. empty laundry baskets
64. the hubs helping me around the house {bonus points if i didn't even ask}
65. the dollar spot at target
66. essie nail polish
67. emails and phone calls from my brother, who is deployed right now
68. holidays, of any kind
69. when a song comes on the radio with lyrics that describe exactly what you're feeling in the moment
70. watermelon in the summer time
71. anthropologie
72. going to the movies {bonus points if there's popcorn involved}
73. baking
74.  summer sandals
75. decorating books
76. the hubs going grocery shopping with me 
77. blogger friends
78. spring and summer fashion
79.  hearing that a friend is expecting a baby
80. getting professional pictures taken {bonus points if the photographer is one of your besties} 
81. long weekends
82. when people want to sponsor giveaways on the blog *hint, hint*
83. when the hubs notices the chores i did around the house
84. planning showers and parties
85. relaxing, reading my favorite magazine
86. bright colored cardigans
87. my nook, and being able to download the 2nd book of a series immediately
88. blates
89. reusable cups with plastic straws
90. margaritas
91. family vacations
92. when the hubs likes the clothes i buy for him
93. hitting all green lights on the way to work
94. summer dresses
95. cupcakes
96. wedges
97. weekends in atlanta
98. finding a swimsuit that actually fits well and i'm comfortable in
99. catch up phone calls with my old roomies
100. winning a blog giveaway {yessss, it finally happened... TWICE! more details to come}

Monday, May 28, 2012

miscellany monday.

happy memorial day, lovies! 

i hope ya'll are enjoying your long, holiday weekends.
it's been pretty noneventful around these parts. i've spent most of it cleaning the house, doing laundry and reading. the good news is the cold seems to have subsided, and though i'm still a little stuffy, i am much, much better.

today is the link up to show what we received in the send something good project i participated in a while back...

i was so excited to get my package... i LOVE getting mail!
jennifer of i wanna feel that fire had my name.
 she sent me two nail polishes, pink and glitter! {my faves!}, chapstick, sticky notes, a necklace, face masks and some kitty toys for bud... and some chocolates at the bottom of the box, that the hubs enjoyed stealing from me.
bud was super excited about his new toys and immediately began chasing them all over the hardwood floors. i think he shoved them under all the furniture (he likes to hide all of his toys for some reason).
thanks so much, jennifer!!

i was reminded to include the package that i sent out to christi at you are so deer to me.
we were encouraged to include items that said a little bit about us and where we are from, as well as things that we think they would like.
 i sent christi: 
a peach mango salsa yankee candle... because i am a georgia peach.
an apron... because in the south, we are known for our homecooked meals.
a pair of pearl earrings... an essential in every southern lady's wardrobe.
eos honeysuckle lip balm... because it reminds me of georgia summers.
and because i thought she'd like them i included:
a crochet magazine
a couple bottles of essie nail polish
and this mug that looks like wood {she likes all things wood... and seems outdoorsy... so i thought it was super cute}
{all wrapped up and ready to go!}
 thanks to gentri, kaitlyn and kristy for hosting!!

i'll be back tomorrow with part 2 of my "happiness is" post from yesterday.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

happiness is...

one of the things on my life list is to identify 100 things that make me happy. i think it's super important to not only remember the big things, but the simple pleasures in life... i'll be dividing it in 2 separate posts, so it's not so much all at once.
{these are not necessarily in order}

1. this guy:

2. crafting something pretty
3. girls nights
4. frozen yogurt
5. cuddling with this little boy: 
6. making a new recipe that receives praise from the hubs
7. traveling {bonus points if a beach is involved}
8. doing something to help someone else
9. volunteering with the babies at church
10. curling up with a good book
11. being outside on a sunshiny day
12. compliments
13. afternoon naps {bonus points if its during a thunderstorm}
14. getting packages in the mail
15. going to church with the mister 
16. an organized closet
17. driving on a gorgeous day, with good music and no traffic
18. comments on my blog
19. double dates with friends
20. these guys:
21. sales at the LOFT
22. getting a haircut
23. the feeling after a good workout
24. sweet babies with chubby cheeks and leg rolls
25. hugs from my nieces and nephews
26. weddings... {bonus points when i get to dance with my hubs}
27. making new friends
28. spending time with old ones
29. trying a new restaurant {and loving it}
30. georgia football
{especially when we're beating florida... see how excited we are?!}
31. good craigslist finds
32. grown up silky pajama sets
33. good hair days
34. fresh flowers on my dining room table
35. watching my nephew take some of his first steps
36. crossing things off my to-do list
37. shopping with my momma
38. massages
39. pictures that hold really good memories: 
40. soaking in the tub
41. monogrammed anything
42. mani / pedis 
43. weight loss
44. new episodes of my favorite shows
45. tigers... {especially baby white ones} 
46. instagram (@lori_williams)
47. pool days... lounging in a floatie catching up on my celeb gossip
48. a clean house
49. freshly washed bed sheets
50. impromptu date nights

what are the little things that bring you happiness?

Friday, May 25, 2012

friday letters.

dear anonymous person, 
thank you for passing on my resume to the people at jittery joes. i am SO excited aboout my new job opportunity and would love to know who you are so that i can give you a proper thank you.

dear body,
we have a long weekend ahead of us with a whole lot of nothing planned... so please get your act together and kick this cold to the curb.

dear random girl in tjmaxx dressing room, 
while i am impressed at your knowledge of every word to every song that played... not everyone actually wants to hear you sing. save it for your car... please and thank you.

dear Ford,
i have a feeling you are ripping us off charging $450 to fix our back window... but we will pay it. because are suckers. and really, what other choice do we have?

dear hubs,
these past two years of marriage have been amazing. i am so lucky to call you mine.
love you.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

its okay...


Its Ok Thursdays

... to have several drafts written but not feel inspired enough to finish any of them to post today.

... to be a little ill at the hubs for getting me sick. {i always keep a cold WAY longer than he does}

... to really miss football season. baseball is just not nearly as exciting to watch.

... to wake up and already be looking forward to going to bed that night.

... to be annoyed that ford is charging $450 to fix the hubs' truck {the back window started rolling down by itself and won't stay up... apparently some motor is broken}.

... to be proud that i have been steadily working out for two weeks... even though i have been sick.

... to take a bunch of outfit pictures and hate how i look in them, even though i liked the outfit in the mirror.

... to not have any special memorial day plans. all i really want to do is sleep, eat and read.

... to give into the hype and download 50 shades of grey.

... to put off doing my nails... when it's already been like a month, whats one more day? or maybe several...

what's okay with YOU today? do you guys have any exciting memorial day plans? 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

it's only wednesday??

hey, friends. 
thank you for your sweet anniversary wishes yesterday. since the hubs and i have not been feeling well the past few days... {he brought a cold home from work and so kindly shared it with me}, we decided to have a low key celebration.

obviously, since i just started a new job, traveling isn't really an option right now... but we're hoping to have a trip of some sort later on in the summer. who says you have to celebrate actually ON your anniversary, right?

it's been two years, so we're basically an old married couple by now anyways. 

we DID go see 'what to expect when you're expecting' with maggie and blake. 
{even though i told maggie we couldn't hug or sit beside each other since she's pregnant and i didn't want to spread my germs}...
we all really liked it. i think you guys should go see it, too.
disclaimer: it may increase baby fever. 

after the movie we went out for dinner {nothing fancy} and picked up some dessert from gigi's cupcakes and cuddled while watching the recording of the bachelorette.
speaking of the bachelorette... just in case you're interested, my favorites are:

he's a stud. and a georgia boy so of course he's my front runner.

he seems really sincere and kind-hearted to me.

 i think he's super nice... i just don't know if he's the best pick because of the traveling he'd have to do for his racing.

 i believe he's in it for the right reasons. he and emily obviously connect on the 'single parent' thing... i think he'll be hanging around a while. 

my SEND HOME NOW list includes:

he is so dramatic and immature. absolutely not ready to be a father.

he really doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. surely it will catch up with him soon.

he's not confident in the least and i think a man needs to be sure of himself with a beauty like emily.

... and as for chris
i'm indifferent... think emily really likes him, but he comes across as very arrogant to me {and i hate that}. i predict he's going to be in it for the long haul though...

who's watching? what do you guys think??? 

i have the day off tomorrow, so i plan on spending most of my time drinking this...
and cuddling with this little guy...
maybe i'll get something done around the house... but i'm not making any promises. 
i'm hoping to feel better by friday morning when i go back to work.

Monday, May 21, 2012

wedding abc's.

today the hubs and i will be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary...
i don't talk a whole lot about the wedding on the blog {because i feel that some people over-do it}... but today, i want to share some of the details of our big day.

our guest count was in the 150 range. i didn't want a huge wedding, because i wanted us to focus on enjoy ourselves and not worrying about speaking to endless amounts of people.
i had four. erin {the brunette on greg's left} who has been my best friend since 5th grade, was my maid of honor. and my bridesmaids were my sister in law, mandy {the other brunette} and my longtime friends ashley and cara.
we used david sorrows, who came recommended by the venue. we had a buffet style dinner with flank steak, chicken fingers, salad, steamed veggies, fruit, rolls, and a mashed potato bar.

our cakes were made by a family friend, lisa thomas. the brides cake was a traditional white wedding cake, decorated with flowers and a monogram.
the grooms cake was devils food {the hubs' favorite}.
it was strapless with rouching and a beaded dropped waistline... i found it on a day i wasn't even seriously looking for a dress... i picked it out of a magazine and it was the first one i tried on (even though i did try on several after it).
{with my sweet momma in her hot MOB dress}
we got engaged in orange beach, al in august 2009... we had about a 9 month engagement.
{one of my favorites of our engagement pictures by ashah photography}
 i absolutely loved our flowers! we had mixed bouquets of stargazer lillies, peonies, hydrangea and roses.
we had 5 groomsmen. it was uneven because since my brother is in the navy we weren't sure if he would make it to the wedding... but i am so glad that he did :)
jon, greg's best friend since elementary school {to greg's right in the picture} was the best man. the groomsmen were: derek {my brother}, aaron, justin and nick.
{such studs, right?!}
we went to sandals st. lucia for 7 days.... it was ah-mazing.
we ordered our invitations online from wedding paper divas... but i don't have a picture of them. what i do have a picture of is our programs... which doubled as fans for the guests.
justice of peace:
paul leslie was our officiating minister- he is the preacher at my parent's church and also married my brother and his wife... and he did an amazing job! we got so many compliments on our ceremony.
we had our guests sign a photo guest book, made by our photographer of our engagement pictures. and we had a candy bar in place of a favor.
{my sweet niece, sophia.. so little then!}
ladies night:
for my bachelorette party, the ladies and i spent the day painting at sips n strokes and then went to eat at the melting pot and had drinks at the W hotel in downtown atlanta.
{mandy, ashley, bridgette, sabra, cara, me, erin}
our music was not very traditional. i put a lot of thought into our music {and probably drove the dj crazy with my micro-managing} but i searched for weeks to find the perfect songs...
precessional: the luckiest {instrumental} by ben folds.
sand ceremony: better today by coffey anderson
recessional: beautiful day by U2
first dance: everything by michael buble
father/daughter: the way you look tonight by frank sinatra
mother/son: mama by boys 2 men
last dance: man and wife by michelle featherstone... this one still brings me chills when i hear it. it was absolutely perfect.

mr. and mrs. greg williams :)
old, new, borrowed, blue:
old: my right hand ring (my great grandmothers wedding band) and my necklace (great aunt's engagement diamond)
new: my dress.. and our rings :)
borrowed: i really can't remember what i borrowed... surely i had something, but i can't remember what it was.
blue: there was a blue heart sewn on the inside of my garter.
ashah wood of ashah photography was our photographer... she is amazingggg. i picked her out before i even picked out my venue! and she also brought a second shooter so that we didn't miss out on any moments.
question popping:
greg asked me to marry him while we were on vacation in gulf shores, al. it was early august of 2009. we had a nice dinner at cobalt (the restaurant on the resort property) with my sister in law and niece that night and went for a walk afterwards on the docks where he popped the question.

same venue as our ceremony... lakeshore manor in high falls, georgia.
 we ate... drank... and danced a lot...
my brother was the life of the party.
i decided on ivory peep toes with a small heel that i found at dillards. i ended up ditching them for sandals at the reception :)
we decided to see each other before the wedding so that we could have almost all of our pictures done and over with and capture the first look pictures.
we had your typical, short, til-death-do-you-part vows.
wedding woes:
instead of the unity candle, we opted for a sand ceremony... but unfortunately, we left the sand (and monogrammed vase) at home and didn't realize it until right before the ceremony. my bridesmaids scrambled to improvise, sending daniel {ashley's now-husband} digging for dirt to use as my "sand". my friend tracy ended up running to the dollar store (the only thing close by) and buy sugar and pink lemonade to substitute and we used some empty flower vases. i don't think anyone even noticed the difference ;)

also, during the ceremony a bug {which i thought was a bee} landed on the top of my dress... i was terrified i was going to get stung, paul {the preacher} made a joke about greg being able to touch my chest since we were almost married... which is why we were laughing here:
it also rained immediately after our ceremony, thankfully it held off until everyone was under the terrace for the reception.

for the garter toss we played 'bad boys'... ya know, the cops theme song? {because the hubs is a cop} that's as dirty as we're getting on here....

young kids:
my niece, sophia and little cousin, abbey grace were our flower girls.
we were so exhausted after the wedding, i think half of our honeymoon was spent napping... and sipping frozen drinks by the pool :)

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