Monday, April 30, 2012

a typical monday post.

whew, it's almost 8pm and i am FINALLY sitting down to write this post! today has been a super productive day. poor hubs. he said i was "so matter of fact" all day. im not sure where it came from... i just woke up in the mood to get things done today. so i cleaned the house like a madwoman, did a little laundry, made a phone call attempting to persuade someone to give me a job network then ran some errands... since the hubs is working and i have a few more stops to make before i am ready to venture home, i decided to take a dinner break.
... at my favorite camp-out-and-blog-while-you-eat places. the hubs isn't a huge panera fan... while i could seriously make a meal of baguettes and butter. yummmm.

so how was ya'lls weekend? ours was pretty good... friday i made scallops with pimento cheese grits for lunch.
not to toot my own horn or anything... but i felt like the perfect little southern wife. {all you do is pan sear some scallops on the stovetop in a little olive oil + butter and cook the grits as normal, adding a little extra water and a couple of tablespoons of pre-made pimento cheese.} sooo good.

personally, i think the hubs is getting a little spoiled with all the lunches i've been fixing him before he goes into work. {i'm planning on posting a couple more recipes, so check back for those.

after lunch, we had a day date to see this... 
we both really liked it. it was cute... and i like a movie that gives a more realistic view of love/marriage. timing is never going to be perfect. but you just figure it out. together. 

i also happen to think that emily blunt is the cutest thing ever. i mean let's be honest... i would probably give my left arm to have that accent.
saturday we went to stay with the hubs grandparents to go to nana's family reunion, and i was able to meet some of greg's extended family for the first time {it may or may not have been the first time HE was meeting some of them as well}
and since i was productive not-so-fun-to-be-around this morning, i bought the hubs a surprise while i was at the mall using my victoria secret coupons {that expire today... they were out of the free pair of undies i was eligible for. i learned my lesson on that one. no more procrastinating}
these are his favorite. let's see if i can refrain from eating it until he gets home from work tonight...

Friday, April 27, 2012

friday letters.

dear hubs, 
i am super excited you have the weekend off work. be prepared for {at least one} movie date, lots of good eating and quite possibly some working out quality time.
dear the fray, 
i thoroughly enjoyed myself at your concert wednesday night. thanks for getting down with the crowd {literally} and not getting too big for your britches. i love it when bands are still humble after they experience success.
dear ansleigh, sophia, alyssa & eli, 
aunt lori misses the heck out of you. maybe this not having a job thing is a blessing so i can come see your sweet faces. im sorry, but i will probably have to leave uncle greg at home {i know he's your favorite}, but can we pretend that you like me JUST as much? im going to look into flights. lets hope there's some good deals out there.

dear blogger friends, 
i think you have convinced me to get on twitter... now, if only i can decide on a name. i wish i had planned ahead and not picked a blog name that is so long. i've thought about shortening it... but im just not loving anything i come up with. i've also contemplating changing the blog name all together and making instagram, twitter and the blog all the same. but i've seen people have to unfollow one blog, then follow another... and that just seems like a hassle. after all, i don't want to lose any of my lovely followers. pleaseeeee comment or shoot me an email if you have any opinions or advice!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

it's okay...

Its Ok Thursdays

it's okay:

... to unbutton your pants while you're driving... as long as you remember to button them when you get back out of the car.
... to paint one fingernail in the store to decide if you like a nail polish color before you buy it.
... to want to plan my next vacation RIGHT after getting back from the beach.
... to check instagram obsessively throughout the day (follow me @lori_williams)
... to consider getting a twitter account. even though i have said i refuse to sign up for any additional social media... i think it may be a good thing for the blog. yeah?
... to honestly be a little intimidated by tweeting. i have no clue what i'm doing. i also don't know what to make my name... i'd like it to mostly be associated with the blog... but "a crazy walk on the safe side" is far too long. any ideas or feedback, friends?
... to really enjoy cooking and eating at home after being on vacation and eating out for most meals.
... to LOVE the fray even more after seeing them in concert last night!
{with my bestie, in line for the concert}
  it was seriously fun. isaac slade {lead singer} said that the tabernacle is one of his top 5 venues in the world. i'd have to agree. love that place. it opened in 1910 as a church until the mid 1980's when the congregation relocated... and it wasn't until the olympic games came to atlanta {1996} that it opened as a concert venue... {didn't know you signed up for a history lesson today, did ya?}.

the acoustics are great and i love the intimate feeling that the venue has. you can actually see the facial expressions of the band members {and we were close to the back}. or the lead singer can just hop down into the crowd and walk around like he did last night. seriously. so cool. basically isaac summed it up when he said "this is the shit... right here" {sorry, mom. direct quote}.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

vacay pics {finally!}

hey, pretties! 

i wasn't sure what to blog about today... until i realized i haven't shared any pictures from my vacation {other than a quick check in}. 
it was a relaxing, low key week. just what we needed. 
i spent a lot of time reading this...
{book review to come soon}
and laying by the pool... 

we ate a lot of good seafood...
{my dinner at live bait}

and we mainly just had a good time together...
{with my lovie}
{with my pretty momma!}
{my alice, daddy and momma}
and i came home with a couple of souvenirs of course... 
{i LOVE this green color!}
{my sweet hubs bought me a coach bag}
of we had a really good time... but this little guy sure was happy to see us come home...

also, i don't know if you have noticed... but this little blog just reached 300 followers!! i am super excited. thank you guys so much for reading. and if you're not usually one who leaves comments... please do, so that i can get to know you :)

have a great wednesday! we're off to atlanta for the fray concert with the bestie and her boy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

send something good.

due to vacation.. i'm a little late with this post, but i am participating in the 'send something good' project that gentri, kaitlyn, and kristy are hosting...
it's kind of like a circle secret santa. and they asked that we share a little something about ourselves to help out our partner with picking items for us...

so, if you are sending me something, i apologize for my tardiness in writing this post. i hope i can provide some insight as to who i am or what i would enjoy getting. as for everyone else, maybe you will learn a little something about me that you did not already know. 

i am a southern girl {from georgia} in my mid-twenties.
i've been married for almost two years and my hubs and i recently moved to a new city. right now, i am perfecting the skills of being a stay at home wife while searching for proper employment.
i'd describe my style as classic with a little trendy mixed in.

i love anything girly. {specifically gold jewelry, sparkly nail polish, or anything with lace}
my favorite colors are mint, pink {all shades} and aqua.
i love finding unique mugs, that i use to drink tea or hot chocolate... not coffee.
i do NOT have a green thumb. i really wish i did... but let's be honest. they usually die from neglect. which is why i need this little baby:
A plant feeder that waters your plants, even when you’re away from home....I'm a dork and totally want this.
 i love to cook for my hubs and am currently trying to fill our bellies with healthy recipes.
i really enjoy reading. you can find out what i am currently reading on my sidebar or read some book reviews here.
i love fashion, but tend to "play it safe" with my wardrobe choices.
this is my version of color blocking:
i absolutely love anything monogrammed. my initials are LWE {first, middle, last}
if you still can't get enough "about me"... you can check out these posts.

to see more of my style, you can find me on pinterest or follow me on instagram @lori_williams. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

thank you & giveaway winner!!

first off, a huge thank you to these lovely ladies who guest posted for me while i was on vacation:

i hope you enjoyed their posts, and maybe even made a new blog friend! 

oh, and if your name is GENTRI you won my summer favorites giveaway! 
{i'll be emailing you momentarily!}

Friday, April 20, 2012

and they lived happily ever after {guest post}

Hello, A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side readers, I am Ashlee from And They Lived Happily Ever After.

While Lori is in one of my favorite states of all, Alabama (good men come from Alabama, ie hubberz) I told her I’d try to entertain y’all for a bit.  Her beauty routine post was quite the hit so we thought I could share mine.
I do love some beauty products.  The right shade of lipstick can brighten any day. Or nail polish. Or shoes for that matter.

As of about three years ago, I started using all natural, chemical free skincare and haircare. I learned about how chemicals in beauty products caused infertility, hormone fluctuations(read:PMS), and cancer.  Seeing friends have miscarriages left and right scared me straight and I embarked on a journey to slowly replace all of my products.
So, let’s start with skincare. That one is easy.
I use Arbonne RE9 skincare line. It’s fantastic.  It will literally change your skin in 24 hours(testing to prove it).  I have always had oily skin and this line balanced it out.  I don’t break out and it has caused me to still get carded.:)

Next, on to Makeup…

 I wouldn't let anyone do my makeup the day of my wedding.  First of all, I wanted to look like me.  Second of all, I love my makeup and it's taken me a while to get it "right." So here are my secrets.

Face: Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige applied with an Estee Lauder Foundation brush, Bareminerals powder in Medium Tan to set, Estee Lauder Doublewear concealer in Medium for any marks, Bareminerals blush in Beauty
Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, Ulta eyeshadow in Moonbeam , Arbonne Liquid Eyeliner in Black for Top Line, Lavera Eyeliner in Black for Bottom Line, Arbonne Triple Action Mascara
Lips: Arbonne Lipliner in Café, Hemp Organics Lipstick in Rose Quartz (My must have!)

And Can’t forget the Hair Products…

Cleaning: Arbonne FC5 Shampoo and Conditioner
Styling: Giovanni Root 66, Giovanni Hair Thickener, Giovanni Hairspray
Or the Hair Tools…

Dry: T3 Featherlite Blowdryer
Curl: BABYLISS Pro Ceramic 1 1/4 inch (Doesn’t damage hair and keeps my curls in all day!)
Straighten: Remington Frizz Therapy Straightener (I used to use a Chi, but this one is SO much better…and cheaper!)
My other two Secret Weapons are the NuBrilliance MicroDermabrasion System and the Arbonne RE9 Face Mask. I use these 2-3 times per week and they have gotten rid of every scar and sun damage spot that I had!

I think that about sums it up.  I have some samples if anyone wants to try any Arbonne products or needs any information on how to order.  Shoot me an email at  You can find all other makeup products cited at Whole Foods/Ulta and hair tools at Target/Ulta.

Have a radiant day!

XXX, Ash

Thursday, April 19, 2012

keeping up with kelly & co {guest post}

Hi! I'm Kelly from Keeping Up With Kelly & Co. When Lori asked for me to write up a guest post, I was a little apprehensive... You see I have never done a guest post before, and what on earth would I even write about? Over at my little corner of the blog world, I write about life with my high school sweetheart husband, a little shopping here and there, working out, my obsession with owls and my Kansas Jayhawks, and the activities that take up our free time. It's just a mishmash of things that I want to chronicle, like that one time when I beat my genius husband at Connect Four! ;-)

So as I was brainstorming about what to write about, my mind started daydreaming about birthday gifts. You see I'm turning 20-something in two weeks and although I don't like the increasingly large number that comes along with birthdays, I sure do love me some gifts! For example, you can see my birthday wishlist here if you're so inclined :-)

So I thought I'd take the time to reminisce about some totally bodacious and way cool gifts that I have been lucky enough to open up on past birthdays. We didn't have endless cash flow when I was younger, but my parents always found ways to make my birthdays special.

As a young kid I was really into drawing and painting, so an art kit was always a win in my book. I remember my Skip-It and Hypercolor tshirt both being put to good use. And I was always looking to up my "cool" factor by acquiring accessories for my American Girl Molly doll. I had that exact black and white Caboodle and anything with Joey Mcintyre or New Kids? Be still my heart.

In 4th grade I surprised my parents with my desire for an aquarium. Totally nerdy. But I remember having SUCH pride in keeping it clean and caring for my fish.

In 5th grade I PINED for my first big kid bike. It was purple and had big black tires, squishy handlebars, and a gel bike seat. My parents snuck it into my room while I slept and I woke up thinking that the circular shadows (the wheels) in the corner of my bedroom was a DRUM SET. Believe me, I sure was shocked when my utter disappointment in my parents turned into total excitement when I woke up.

In middle school I was (unfortunately) obsessed with labels and namebrands. Imagine my ear-to-ear grin when I was gifted my first pair of Eastland boots in 6th grade, or my new Z Cavaricci and Pepe jeans in 7th grade. Give me a giftcard to Claire's Boutique and I was set. And like every other 15 year old in the 90s, I was ALL about my Doc Martens.

In high school I was really into perfume and of course I neeeded a bubble couch for my friends to sit on while hanging out in my room. When I turned 16, I was gifted my mom's 1992 Potiac Firebird and I loved it. And for my 18th birthday, I got my FIRST cell phone!! Ahh, I miss that ol' Nokia...

And speaking of cell phones? Back in 2006, while I was finishing up college, my father-in-law surprised me with my first flip phone, the Motorola Razr. Ooooomigosh. I LOVED this phone. My fellow student teachers were SO jealous of me ;-)

And last year I got a new boyfriend watch from my husband Greg. Originally I had a Michael Kors at the top of my list, but I fell in love with this Guess watch. Every time I wear it, I smile. Guess you know it's a good present when it is still your favorite even after a whole year has passed!
So this year? Well. Only time will tell! :-)

So what were some of YOUR favorite birthday gifts as a kid?? I just LOVE reminiscing about the presents that you wished and hoped and dreamed about as kids. PURE joy is the best feeling! Tell me, tell me what birthday gifts made your special day the best??

Hope you're having a great time on vacation, Lori! Catch a bit of a tan for us all, 'k? ;-)

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