Tuesday, January 31, 2012

just a quick little something...

hey, friends! 

sorry i'm a little late getting you this to you today. i have been a busy girl, running errands all day... but i just wanted to let you know that i did my first guest post today! i would love for you to hop over to my {in real life} friend ashley's blog and leave me some love... 

also, you should check out her posts as well... she's so funny! and follow her if you like what you read :) 
she will be making an appearance on my blog this week as well.

Monday, January 30, 2012

miscellany monday.

you may have heard read that i got a much needed haircut last week. now, i am very picky with who i let hold scissors around my luscious locks. so naturally, i went to facebook and asked for recommendations since i am new in town. my friend courtney from college suggested her friend carrie... and since courtney always has cute hair, i trust her recommendation and made an appointment with carrie. carrie was so cute and had good hair herself {because let's be honest... we all judge the hairstylists hair... right?!} so i knew i was in good hands. several of you asked to see the results... so here's a picture: 
i had such a hard time getting a good picture... but i am so happy with it. she really listened to what i wanted, which was more volume on top while keeping my longest layer.
i've been feeling crafty lately! yesterday after the hubs and i went to church and lunch {and then he headed in for work} i hit up michaels and bought some goodies to get started on some projects that i've wanted to try for a while now {thanks to pinterest for inspiration}. 
do you love it?! im obsessed.

i also made a cute little hair bow...
and there are more in the works where that one came from...
i thought i would share my latest food obsession with you. i've probably mentioned before how i go through food phases where i crave a certain food for weeks at a time... here lately it's chobani vanilla greek yogurt with granola, sliced almonds, strawberries and blueberries... its often the first thing i have when i wake up and the last thing i have before bed. 
seriously. cannot. get. enough.

i am now on book three of the hunger games series... i read catching fire (the 2nd book) in a matter of days. it focuses on the quell games (every 25 years of the hunger games, they have a quarter quell games which has some unique twist). i liked it even better than the first book because it is slightly more complex but not hard to follow. it makes you think. personally, i thought the arena was very cleverly designed. it keeps you guessing a little more and ends with a serious cliff hanger. i stayed up late reading that night because i HAD to download the 3rd book and start reading immediately. {these are the times i am so happy i have a nook and can get my hands on a book instantaneously}. 

Mingle 240
Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters

what did ya'll do this weekend?

Friday, January 27, 2012

GO FOR THE GOAL link up {& a yummy recipe!}

i am super excited to co-host my first link up today!! 
blogging can be a great way to support and keep each other accountable.... and of course, to brag a little when you've had success ;) and that is what this link up is all about, my friends.

RESOLUTION #1: was to live a healthier lifestyle. i am happy to report that i have been working out on a regular basis... and on nasty days like we've had lately, i am SO glad we invested in the elliptical and i can workout from home. i like to workout first thing in the morning... i have found that it puts me in a better mood and i get so much more done during the day.

i have done a pretty good job with cooking and making healthy food choices... here is one of my favorites from last week:
 chicken and avocado soup. i found the recipe on skinnytaste. it is SO good!

RESOLUTION #2: was to get involved in a church... the hubs and i are still trying to find somewhere where we fit in... but we did re-visit a local church this past weekend and both really enjoyed it!

RESOLUTION #3: was to improve my blog... and i am SO excited to announce that a makeover is in the works! my sweet hubs has agreed to let me invest in my little blog {even though we are on a budget}. i contacted the cutest blog on the block and am so excited to see what the lovelies come up with!

RESOLUTION #4: was to cross off as many things as possible on my life list. while i have not made any progress with this goal, i do have some things in the works!

please grab a button and participate and join us in posting about our progress with our new years resolutions!!

happy weekend, lovelies :) 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

its okay thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

hey, lovelies!! today i am linking up with neely for it's okay thursdays!

its okay:

... to have SPRING fever. the weather lately has been so gloomy and gross!

... to try to find a way to incorporate sweet potatoes and/or avocados into every meal

... to consider yoforia {frozen yogurt} a balanced meal
i mean you've got dairy, nuts, fruit and chocolate... what else do you need ;)

... to be bummed that while you've been working out {almost} every day and watching what you eat, you haven't seen much weight loss.

... to always put off getting a haircut way, way longer than you should... but then be so excited to finally get it shaped up :)

... to be frustrated with the job search.

... to keep telling yourself 'just one more chapter'... and then reading for hours longer than intended.

... to be super excited/anxious about our new blog link up, GO FOR THE GOAL {which is happening TOMORROW, people!} please join us and share your progress with all of your your new years resolutions! it is only a once-a-month thing, so don't miss it this time!

what are YOU saying it's okay to?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my thoughts on the bachelor {episode 4}.

i didn't post about the bachelor last week... so there's a lot of catching up to do. let's get to it, shall we?

i'm sure you ladies know how it went down... but here's the highlights of LAST week's episode...

brittney was chosen for a one-on-one date... she showed her appreciation by leaving the show. odd. 
lindzi happily took over her date and was surprised with a private concert by matt nathanson. who lindzi didn't even acknowledge... {which i thought was kind of rude.}
shawntel {from brad's season} made a surprise visit to the house, just in time for the rose ceremony to stir up some drama. ben seemed a little too excited to see shawntel, so i was a little taken back when he decided not to give out the last rose {sending home erika, jaclyn and shawntel}. he earned a little more respect from me with that one.
oh, and then erika passed out and causes a little more drama. good thing she was standing by jamie, who is a nurse :)

and THAT, my friends, brings us to this week's episode...

so i'd imagine the ladies are expecting romantic helicopter rides and waterfall swims in true bachelor fashion, but instead ben seems to be enjoying making them fear for their lives. in episode 3, he took emily to climb the bay bridge in san fran. NOT my idea of fun {it wasn't for emily either, who is apparently terrified of heights}. my palms were sweaty for her and i very well could have had a panic attack just watching.
then this week, ben took jennifer {thats my girl!} on another potentially dangerous date. repelling down 300ft {!!!} into a water hole of sorts... and then dropping {rather violently} into the water. jenn {yeah we're on nickname basis now} was pretty scared, but sucked it up and all i could think about is how the heck would you get out of there??
he gained a few points back when he took her to a clay walker concert {although it was not-so-private this time} 

now, rewind {before the scary swimming in the hole date}.... rachel got a one-on-one date. i don't like her. not because she's mean or anything like that. i just don't think she's a good match for ben. i kinda felt awkward just watching their date... they couldn't even hold a conversation!
then several of the girls and ben went on a group date. fly fishing. {again, what happened to the romantic waterfalls and beaches?} anyways, the girls at least pretended to like it. courtney puts on the 'I'm having a hard week and i need reassurance' act... and ben takes the bait and gives her the rose.

courtney has done a great job at playing the game and pissing everyone off. everyone except casey, who thinks courtney is a nice person. obviously, if you're the only one who likes the girl, you're missing something. someone who says 'i want to rip her head off and verbal assault her' is not a nice person.
end of story.

courtney has especially gotten to emily. who makes a really poor judgment call and uses her time with ben to try and convince him that {without saying her name} courtney is actually a cold-hearted... {you fill in the blank}. ben decides to keep emily around, but if sista can't get a grip i am sure her days are limited.
the good thing is, since the gang has all bonded over their hatred for courtney, blakeley seems to be getting along with everyone quite swimmingly.

{my other girl} kacie is still in it to win it. her and ben obviously have 'a great connection'.

but i am a little over hearing kacie complain about not having enough time with ben {umm, this is the bachelor, remember?}... but at least she does it to the cameras and not to his face...

because ben sent samantha home when she complained about being on 3 group dates... {she was obviously WASTED and frustrated}- but ben got pissed, called her emotional and said he didn't feel a connection and sent her on her way.

monica also got sent home... she was actually starting to grow on me. after crazy jenna was gone, she actually seemed to be a nice person.

sorry this post is so lengthy... what were YOUR opinions of this weeks craziness? 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sometimes and always & a reminder.

today i am linking up with megan at mackey madness. go check out the par-tay.
sometimes: i plan on going to bed at a decent hour.
always: i stay up late either blogging, reading or watching reality tv.

sometimes: i plan on waking up and working out first thing in the morning.
always: i stay in bed longer than i should {even though the workouts usually do still happen}... i just love to sleep.

sometimes: i think I'm crafty and plan multiple DIY projects.
always: i have a hard time getting the materials and end up putting off the projects.

sometimes: our furbaby, bud sleeps RIGHT on top of me. 
always: i try not to disturb him in his sleep. which results in ME sleeping uncomfortably.... {um, something is seriously wrong with this picture...}

sometimes: i get a little shy meeting people in my new city.
always: i know that i need to put myself out there and make new friends!



this FRIDAY {the 27th} is the link up i am co-hosting {with meghan, meghan and whitney}... i mentioned "fitness fridays" before- but we have decided to change the name to GO FOR THE GOAL. i talked before about how we want all of you to join us in linking up about your progress with your new years resolutions, but i wanted to make sure that i emphasize that this is NOT limited to fitness goals... pleaseee share with us how you are making ALL of your goals happen. {if you have any questions, leave a comment and ill get back at ya!}

Monday, January 23, 2012

ten day you challenge: three films.

so i have been super slack about finishing the "10 day challenge". which has ended up taking me like 110 days. just a few left now...

it is so hard for me to pick three films... im not a very tough movie critic... BUT after ive seen a movie once, very rarely do i want to watch them again... (unlike the hubs will watch movies on tv over and over again). so, i picked these based on what movies i would watch twice or even 3 or more times ;)

three films:
the blind side: what an amazing TRUE story. such a feel good kind of movie. and sandra bullock is perfectly cast. she is one of my favorite actresses, such a classy woman.

the help: if you have yet to see the movie, you need to put it on your to do list. i love, love, LOVE this story. the book is my absolute favorite of all time... the movie isn't as detailed as the book and there are slight changes, but it is still so, so good. and i love emma stone (who plays skeeter).

remember the titans: i could quote a good portion of this movie. such a good story. it is loosely based on real titans football team but there are many differences and exaggerations in the book. {like for instance, it wasn't a brick that someone threw through coach boone's window (like in the movie), it was really a toilet. horrible, right?! just a little bit of random knowledge for ya- don't say my blog isn't educational}

what are YOUR top 3 favorite films?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

the hunger games {a book review}

 hunger_games_book_cover_01so i finally gave into peer pressure and decided to read this book. after SO many of my friends telling me how good it was, i knew i wanted to give it a try. i purchased it {on my nook} literally having no idea what it was about. 

when i got about 30 pages in and realized what the hunger games actually were, i wasn't sure that i wanted to continue reading. the whole idea of it was a little disturbing to me.

BUT after reassurance of several friends {who i trust their opinions/taste} i decided to go keep going... and i'm glad i did. it sucked me in and couldn't stop reading. you get invested in the characters and the storyline keeps you guessing. it's definitely an easy read {i think it's really targeted at young adults}.

yes, it is kind of a tough subject matter to swallow, but it wasn't gruesome like i feared. i am not sure if i will be interested in seeing the movies when they come out... but i know i definitely want to get my hands on the second book of the series.

who else read it? what were your opinions? and what do you think about the movie coming out? {i think its in theaters in march}

{sorry if this review is a little vague... i don't want to give anything away for those of you who have not read the book yet... but if you want to chat more about it, leave me a comment!!}

Thursday, January 19, 2012

awkward & awesome

  • while shopping at target, i hear a boy {about 10} saying "ahhhh, mommmmm" and look to my left to see his little sister {about 5} with her pants completely down, mooning everyone and laughing hysterically. 
  • not realizing our foot is asleep until you get up and try to walk and about fall over instead.
  • looking down and realizing your hands are blue, and you have no idea why {turns out my denim jeans were the culprit}
  • grating cheese for chili dinner and accidentally grating my knuckle in the process. 
  • trying to thaw tilapia for dinner and using a sponge to clog the drain... {i didn't realize how absent-minded this was until i came home to find the sink was empty because the water had soaked through the sponge}
  • the hubs is working 8-5 this week, which means dinners together every night.
  • AND he has saturday off this week. :)... which means DATE NIGHT this weekend :)
  • i have another interview tomorrow {prayers are appreciated... please and thank you!}
  •  i will be co-hosting a monthly link-up starting NEXT FRIDAY {the 27th} along with meghan (the perfect compilation tape), meghan (little girl in a big world) and whitney (the land of sunshine). we are calling it fitness fridays, and we want YOU to link-up your posts about your progress with your new years resolutions, healthy recipes, workout motivation or pretty much anything else dealing with fitness. i think this is such a great way for us to support each other in our goals and possibly learn something from each other! {so please mark your calendars and plan on joining us!}

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what I'm loving...

this week i am loving:

... chandeliers in the bedroom. romantic and chic.
Pinned Image
white comfy bedding... 
Pinned Image
this coffee table...
Pinned Image
this office space...
Pinned Image
having a pretty full-length mirror in the closet... 
Pinned Image
this cable knit throw... 
Pinned Image
what are YOU loving?

Monday, January 16, 2012

weekend highlights {miscellany monday}

you may recall that my birthday was last week... well i just HAD to share the cowl my sister-in-law made for me!
super cute, right?! i absolutely love the color... i have found a way to wear it almost every day since i got it :) {if you're interested in placing an order for your very own cowl, you can check out mandy's Facebook page for more info}

this weekend was so nice because the hubs had sunday off! (he is in a training class so he's living the normal 8-5 life this week... woo hoo!) our friends, blake and maggie came to visit and we got some lunch out and walked to yoforia. it had been a while since the hubs and i had yoforia {since we're trying to eat healthy and safe money} and it was DELISH. unfortunately, i took zero pictures. oopsie.

i participated in Jess @ stilettos and fishing poles accessory blog swap this month {my last swap- at least until i have a job- promise}. anyways, i was paired up with molly @ fiddle-dee-dee. shopping for her was so much fun {i got her a headband with rosettes/feathers and a necklace}. i was SO excited to get the package this weekend.
she got me some classic pearl earrings {which i actually need a replacement pair, so these are perfect!} and a cute leopard bangle. 

thanks, molly!! 

hope ya'll had a great weekend!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Saturday, January 14, 2012

bachelor recap {episode 2}

the bachelor delivered some good entertainment again this week... 

kacie b. got the first one-on-one date... they went for a cute little date in ben's hometown of sonoma {which appears to be the cutest little town ever!} the date was really personal and intimate... i really give ben props for opening up and i think this bonded them quickly.... i predict that kacie will be around for a long time, if not the winner. i like her. she seems real.

i {along with the rest of the viewing audience, I'm sure} cannot stand blakeley. and for the record, i believe that the whole crouching-in-the-suitcase-room, crying while clutching her wine glass was strictly a strategic move. she knew the ladies would squeal and tell ben how awful she is, so she played the victim. apparently it worked.

courtney got the second one-on-one date. she has apparently really impressed ben. I'm not quite sure how... because all she does is agree with what he says. i hope he catches on soon.

i also have a new favorite. jennifer seems really sweet and genuine. and judging by their makeout session, i think ben likes her, too.
jenna's mental unstable-ness has reached a whole new level. i think there's serious issues there, people. was she REALLY that surprised ben sent her packing?!
side note: did anyone else notice {when jenna was crying in the bed} that the clock on the beside table said it was 2am?! yeah, and this was before the rose ceremony... {my observant hubs noticed that one}. so, yeah... i think they make them stay up/drink until they're all nutzo to make for good television. good logic on abc's part, really.

i heard from my friend cara... who reads reality steve spoilers {which i choose NOT to read. please do NOT tell me who is the winner, mmkay?} that the new bachelorette is emily {america's newest sweetheart- from brad's season, of course}... i SURELY hope so... sister is a class act. LOVE HER.

Friday, January 13, 2012


i confess...

that i fast forward through scary movie previews. i am such a wuss.

that i absolutely hate taking off my make up at night {well really, i hate the whole getting-ready-for-bed process... by the time i'm finished, the hubs is fast asleep}.

i have basically lived off special k lately. due to the hubs new work schedule, he {unfortunately} isn't home for dinner most nights, so i have resorted to a cereal diet. {maybe ill cook some good lunches this week?}

i didn't get the job that i interviewed for. and i'm really bummed about it. i wanted the job so bad and i really thought it was mine... {i mean, who tells you about all the benefits and fabulous perks of a job and has you sign for a background check and then calls to tell you they offered the job to someone else?}

i desperately want to go shopping to cheer myself up {obviously not an option}... this whole not having a job thing blows.

that i am REALLY excited to have a twilight marathon this weekend.

what do YOU confess today?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

quarter of a century.

yesterday was my 25th birthday. 

where has the time gone? twenty-five used to seem SO old. i used to think i'd have a couple of kids by now. 

i drove home from my parents house first thing in the morning... it was kinda rainy all night/morning {though it was not raining at the time}... and i was tired of being in the car. i was ready to be home and see my hubs since it was my birthday and all...

i was about 20 mins away when i sped past a sheriff's deputy... i slowed down immediately, but of course... he had already clocked me. so i held my breath and watched in my rear-view mirror as he proceeded to turn into traffic and follow me.

dang it.

the deputy was nice enough. he asked what my hurry was... and i told him it was my birthday and i was just trying to get home.

... i was ONLY going 70mph {speed limit was 55} and surely, he wouldn't give the birthday girl a ticket... right?!

after what seemed like forever, i see him walking back up to my car and he hands me a written warning {a WARNING, praise sweet baby Jesus!} then proceeds to give me a bit of a lecture about wanting to enjoy my birthday and not spend it in the hospital because i was speeding on wet roads. he was right, of course... but a little dramatic. {regardless, ill take a lecture over a ticket any day}.

the day got a little better when i got home and saw my sweet hubs waiting on me with flowers and lots of cards.
and in one of those cards was.... 
don't know what those are?

... lets zoom in a little
what about now?
why, yes those ARE tickets to michael jackson: the immortal world tour by CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!! 

ohhh my gracious. i cannot even begin to tell you how excited i am!!


{thanks to my hubs and my in-laws for the collaborative gift!!}
bud wanted to get in on the action a little... the little stinker was chewing on my leaves. but isn't he SO presh?

love that little boy.

for a surprise dinner the hubs took me to one of our faves, the melting pot in downtown atlanta. he even arranged for my bestie and her boy to meet us for dinner as our "mystery guests".
super sweet. such a great way to start off my 25th year!

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