Monday, April 16, 2012

everyday is a new adventure.

Hey there all you crazies wanderin' around the safe side! NO! DON'T RUN AWAY JUST BECAUSE THIS IS A GUEST POST!!!  You're still here? Good. Let me introduce myself -I'm Alyx, and I have my own little corner of the blogosphere over here. I'm super excited that Lori asked me to guest post today!! I'm actually living in Europe right now - Germany, to be exact, and I'm going to share some things I've learned from living abroad with you all, you lucky ducks, you! You should know that I'm weird and have to have all my lists be in multiples of five, so if you get to the end and there's a few whacky things, that's why.

 1. Apartments in Europe are hobbit-sized. Seriously. I'm pretty sure that 430 sq ft is not considered spacious to anyone except those furry-footed creatures. Don't believe that things are midget-sized over here? Take a look at my kitchen. That thing on the bottom left? Yeah, that's our fridge.
2. You can live without WalMart, even though it's hard. I actually dedicated an entire post to that evil corporation. You can find it here. 
3. You may turn into a vampire if you live in Europe too long. Okay, not a vampire in the only go out at night and feed on innocent humans sense of the word, but a vampire in the I'm so pale my skin glows in the dark sense of the word. I am naturally a pretty tan person, but no sun for 6 months has made me paler than edward cullen. See? Look at him, then look at me.
4. You will probably break down at least once. In my case, it was because I missed sausage, egg, and cheese mcmuffins, cupcakes with frosting, and donuts. I swear I'm not a hippopotamus. I just really wanted some good ole American fattening I guess. My husband recorded my breakdown for your listening pleasure. I would have posted the video, but I was laying on our bed in my underwear crying, so... that was a no-go. sorry. 

5. Traveling is cheap and simple. Right now I'm actually in Scotland, just after spending a week in Ibiza, Spain. I've also been to Strasbourg (France), Prague (Czech Republic), Rome (Italy), Alghero (Italy), and pretty much everywhere in Germany.   
6. Food. There's good stuff, and there's bad stuff. I've learned how to cook, that's for sure. The lack of Taco Bell has me pretty certain that if somebody offered me a greasy taco right now, I'd give my left kidney for it. If you want to know what food I think is better in America, go here

This is where stuff I've learned stops, and random thoughts begin.  7. I want to ride an elephant. Because... who doesn't?
8. I hate sushi. Because... raw fish is nasty. Actually, fish of any kind is nasty. 9. I'm a giant. I wrote a post on being an Amazon woman here, if you're interested. 10. Germans are funny people. You can read some of my thoughts about them here, here, and here So... hopefully you weren't bored to death, and hopefully you stop by and say, "HELLO!" because I love making new friends, and I love people shouting at me with their keyboards. 


  1. Look at your itty bitty dishwasher!! Omigosh :-D You're right-- both my sister and I have traveled abroad and we both had breakdowns around timeframe of week 2 ;-) And her first meal when she got back? Taco Bell. Fun guest post (I'm on Thursday!) Now I want to go travel :-)

  2. Hahaha that video is too funny, sorry for your pain though!! I loved reading this post!

  3. Haha love this! Wish I was there!

  4. The small European fridge things baffles me every time! I suppose it does promote more fresh eating, but man, it just doesn't seem right at all :)

  5. Funny video! I have been in the same boat, I went to Spain for 3 weeks and at one point the only meal available was paella with seafood which I hate and I pretty much started crying because I didn't want to eat it and it smelled. I just wanted some regular yummy food from home.

  6. Great post. I love Europe. Can't wait to travel there again...Germany was one of my favourites. I'll check out your blog. :)

  7. Thanks for having me, Lori!!

  8. one thing i love about norway is apartments are normal sized here (although still small, but better than germany). i lived in germany when i was little so i get it COMPLETELY.

    and you had to put that taco bell picture up there didnt you?! :(

  9. I loved the video! Loved the post too! I can't believe how compact the apartments are! Thanks for sharing!
    ps. I would love to ride an elephant!


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