Saturday, December 31, 2011

christmas in virginia.

hey, lovies! 

im so sorry i have been kind of MIA this week... the hubs and i just got home last night from visiting my brother's family in virginia for our late christmas. we had such a good time loving on my nieces and nephew and spending time with my brother and sister-in-law, mandy. 

now, for the pictures... get ready for cuteness overload:
ansleigh has the prettiest blue eyes!
alyssa and her "hat", which was really a lamp shade.
the hubs and i offered to babysit the kiddos for derek and mandy to go on a date (since thats a rare opportunity with these 4 little ones around). we had pizza for dinner (with the exception of eli, of course) and watched a movie while i painted all the girl's nails... we didn't quite get the girls in bed before mommy and daddy came home, but at least everyone was in their pajamas with their teeth brushed. we had no meltdowns or boo boos, so i'd say that the hubs and i passed the test with 4 kids :)
aunt lori with all of the babies. ansleigh-4, sophia-3, eli- 10 months, alyssa- 2
daddy, alyssa and stella cuddling watching tv
eli playing with his uncle greg
we love our nieces and nephew!
sweet family :)
sophia broke her collar bone by falling out of the bed (for the second time) right before we came... so she was a little drugged up and had to swear a brace around her waist and arm to hold it still.... but that little girl is TOUGH. she doesn't let anything hold her back :)
sophia loves her uncle greg!
mimi and pops (my parents) came on thursday and drove up all the presents. the kids thought it was christmas morning again... we gave the girls a sweatsuit, magnetic doll (melissa & doug), fancy nancy book and brown boots. and eli got a teddy bear, ball and a couple of new outfits.
ansleigh is always the fastest opening presents :)
mommy reading fancy nancy to sophia
i love this picture! look how excited alyssa is about mommy's new pots & pans :)
alyssa is a little girl after my own heart. she LOVES clothes, shoes and accessories. she couldn't wait to put on her new clothes from us the next morning. :) (which was just a sweatsuit from walmart!)

and of course (like every other blogger), i am working on a post for new years... tonight we are going to a dinner and party with some of the hubs family, so i will post pictures on monday {along with a little review of 2011 and my resolutions/goals for 2012}.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

wiww {christmas week}

I'm back with another what i wore wednesday post!! the hubs has been off work for the holidays, so i have had my photographer back. i may or may not be wearing the same jeans in all four pictures... someone tell me I'm not the only one who only washes their jeans once a week... unless you spill something on them of course ;) 

friday: daddy's birthday dinner
blush blazer: lauren conrad for kohls
necklace: kohls 
jeans: LOFT
nude flats: steve madden (dsw)

saturday: christmas eve with the family  & church
sweater: kohls
jeans: LOFT
flats: jessica simspon (dsw)

sunday: christmas
tunic: new york & co
jeans: LOFT
flats: steve madden via tjmaxx

monday: hanging with the family, lunch and heading home
jeans, bow top & cardigan: LOFT
flats: dsw

thanks for stopping by, and make sure to check out the other lovelies for some fashion inspiration at the pleated poppy. 

pleated poppy

Monday, December 26, 2011

show me christmas {gifts}

today i am linking up with aly again for last day of the "show me Christmas" link up... i must have made the nice list this year, because i got some serious loot. several of these things i have been wanting for a LONG time! 
clothes: cobalt peacoat, marley lilly monogrammed pashmina scarf, LOFT furvest, and j.crew jeans from my parents :)
some of the miscellaneous items i have wanted for a long time.. a new camera (!!!), anthropologie utensil jar, michael kors watch, the pioneer woman's cookbook, just dance for the wii, and vs pajamas
doesn't the utensil jar look SO pretty on my counter?!
my gold michael kor's watch from my in-laws! i cannot wait to wear this baby... just as soon as i can get some links taken out :)
 of course, its kind of difficult to take a picture of your camera... so this is the box. i have a lot to learn, but i am so excited about this. the hubs did good!
my new slippers... they're SO comfy! think it would be frowned upon if i wore them to the airport? just kidding... (but really?)
a new coffee pot from nana for my recently coffee-addicted hubs. guess i should learn how to make it now, huh?

a MACBOOK!!! from my sweet hubs. (with a HOT pink case). i am one spoiled wifey... and i LOVE it.

what were your favorite gifts?! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy birthday, daddy.

it's my daddy's birthday today! 
my dad is mr. fix it. from barbie dolls to cars, if i broke it- he could (and would) fix it. when i was little i thought everyone's dad was like that. the older i got, the more i realized that this is not the case, and i am so lucky and blessed i am to call him my daddy. 

he always knows the answers to everything... and even if he doesn't, he'll pretend like he does ;). 

he was always there for me (especially when i had car trouble, which seemed to happen way too often as a teenager), whether it was the time my car was pouring oil all over highway 400 and i sat in a publix parking lot in atlanta... crying in the rain waiting for him to come to my rescue (i may have been a tiny bit dramatic as a teen)... or the time he come to push my friend's broken down car out of traffic when her alternator went out and we didn't know what to do. to this day, every time my car makes a funny noise my first instinct is to call my dad.

if there's one "job" he is better at than being a daddy, its being a "pops". my nieces and nephew have him totally wrapped around their fingers. he is such a softy for those grandbabies!! and i know he will be for my babies someday, too!

happy birthday daddy! we love you!!
mom and i after dad's birthday dinner
my parents came to visit tonight and we went to eat at hilltop grille. it was super yummy, and i think the hubs and i will be returning for a date night. 
with my hunnie after dad's birthday dinner

hope everyone has a very merry christmas! and be safe if your plans include traveling!! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas randoms.

hello, lovelies! 

i'm sorry if i've been a little absent in the blog world. the holiday madness is in full swing and while i am trying to keep up, i am sure there are some comments i haven't replied to and blogs that i have not visited. but WELCOME and THANK YOU to all of my new followers! please leave comments so i can reply and get to know you, too! 

now, a little bit of what i've been up to the past two days... 

a super fun package appeared on my doorstep yesterday morning! ashley of love and lilly was my secret santa for the holly jolly blog swap! i recently started following her blog and was so excited to see the package was from her! she even wrapped everything in super cute paper and i love the blue stocking.
 she got me a "L" ornament, "the holiday", 2 christmas note pads, hershey kisses, 2 magazines and some essie nail polish (called "cute as a button")... i LOVE it!! thanks so much, ashley!! the package made my day! this was such a fun blog swap.
 we also had our christmas pajama party last night... unfortunately, i managed to get all of three pictures, none of which are impressive in the least... my apologies. we went with a taco bar... (the table was still missing the hard shells)... in my triple crock pot we had cheese dip, corn and black beans... it turned out to be a great, easy party menu and i think everyone enjoyed it.
 i also made a few goodies for the party... chocolate covered ritz crackers with peanut butter and white chocolate covered pretzels... now someone needs to come get the leftovers before i eat them all!
and this picture just proves that we were wearing pajamas. i didn't get any of myself in my super cute new pjs, but i plan on wearing them again on Christmas, so i'll try to get some pictures then :) the fella on the left is our friend, erik... and of course the stud on the right is my man.

the hubs and i exchanged gifts today and it is safe to say i am one spoiled wifey!! he did such a good job and i am LOVING my gifts...
i'm not going to reveal what i got quite yet... (i'll post about them on tuesday for the last 'show me christmas' link up) but i will say the contents of these bags are SURE to improve my blog posts!!! get excitedddd.
bud had fun playing in all the boxes and tissue paper :)
tomorrow is my daddy's birthday and my parents are coming to visit us :) it's kind of different to have my parents spending the night at MY house rather than the other way around!  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

show me christmas {traditions}

can you believe Christmas is only 5 days away?!?

todays topic for the Chrismas link up is traditions.

since the hubs and i will only be celebrating our second {married} Christmas, we don't really have many established traditions yet.

but the past two years, my sweet friend, cara has taken our christmas pictures in piedmont park in atlanta for us to send out a christmas card to our friends and family. i plan on doing this every year so we can see how we change and how our family grows over the years :)
our christmas card picture this year. you can see the rest of our pictures here
our Christmas card picture from last year
another thing i always like to do around Christmas is make some goodies. last year we made a TON of chocolate covered pretzels, ritz crackers, peanuts and peanut butter balls and gave them out to family, friends and people we worked with. this year im scaling back a bit and only making a small batch for greg's shift at work.

also, this year (as ive mentioned before) we have decided to have a Christmas pajama party with some of our friends. i love the idea of having a Christmas party every year, whether its a pajama party or different theme each time... maybe we'll start a new tradition... the williams family christmas party. yeah?
what are some of YOUR favorite holiday traditions?

i look forward to reading about other blogger's traditions for ideas for the hubs and i to incorporate in the future

Monday, December 19, 2011

miscellany monday.

oh. my. goodness. did that come fast or what?! i finished my shopping and wrapping like a week ago, so i thought i was doing good staying ahead of the game.... but i just have a mini panic attack when i realized how much i have not done!

there is so much to be excited for... wednesday is our christmas pajama party and friday is my daddy's birthday, so they're coming to stay with us for the night... then saturday starts our whirlwind christmas with the family... and next week we're heading to virginia for a few days to visit my brother and his family! i can't wait to love on my nieces and nephew!
is this not the sweetest family you have ever seen?!
my bestie, erin came to visit me this past weekend! i really enjoyed spending some time with her... we went shopping a little and ate at one of my favorite italian places (that i don't get to go to as much because the hubs isn't a huge italian fan). we also exchanged our christmas gifts, and i am loving what she gave me!
2 vera bradley costmetic bags, anthropologie bowls/oven mit and pot holder, muffin mix and a fox theatre ornament since we always go to see shows together.
i may have told myself that i was done with blog swaps... ive done several here lately, and while it is so much fun to shop for someone else and get packages in the mail, the expense adds up... BUT, when i saw jess' accessory swap, i just HAD to join. so, i decided one more blog swap won't hurt... (the hubs will understand, right?!)
there's still time if you want to join- the deadline is december 26!
you may or may not have realized, but i hit 100 blog followers this week!! i am SO excited. thank you guys SO MUCH for reading the hoopla that i post and especially for the sweet comments you leave. i feel like this means i should look into joining the big-league bloggers and do things like host giveaways? but i worry that no one would participate...  and i don't want to become one of those who are constantly posting contests and filler posts never posting "real blogs" anymore. what are your thoughts and opinions on giveaways? any other suggestions on things i should incorporate into this little blog?

now i better stop blogging... and start on my forever long to do list!

hope everyone has an amazing christmas week!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Saturday, December 17, 2011

ten day you challenge: four books

1. the help: kathryn stockett. my favorite book EVER. while the movie is good, the book is like 500 pages so it goes into so much more detail. definitely my favorite.
2. heart of the matter: emily giffin. i love all of her novels. she's working on a new one, and im super excited!

3. heaven is for real: todd burpo. the story of a little boy's trip to heaven and back. quick read but so, so worth it.
4. mommywood: tori spelling. i love tori. the woman does it ALL. all of her books are good, and i recommend reading them in order even though mommywood is her latest.

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