Monday, November 28, 2011

miscellany monday.

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas around here! i am keeping it simple because we have limited space in the house for decorations {by that, i mean we have ZERO shelves}... but the stockings are hung and my tree looks gorgeous if i do say so myself.
the packages from two of the blog swaps i participated in came this week! the first was the 101 in 1001 blog swap that holly hosted. basically, you send your partner a couple items to help her cross off items on her 101 in 1001 or life list. my partner was susan of suze blog. she sent me some cooking magazines {for #5 on my list} and some elf eye shadow {for #4} and a journal {#60}. i love everything- especially the eyeshadow because i've heard good things about elf make up through some blogs. can't wait to try it!
my partner for the THANKful blog swap was kate of dancing in the minefields. i thought as a mommy, she is probably thankful for "mommy relaxing time"- so i sent her some burts bee's bath & body stuff and OPI nail polish {since she said its her favorite}.

 she sent me several handmade gifts. one says 'find the joy in the journey' and the other says 'thankful'... so thoughtful and fitting for thanksgiving! ive got them sitting on the shelf above my tub. :)

'thankful' sign from kate... picture is of me and my niece, sophia last year :)
one of my besties, cara is taking our christmas card pictures done this week! i know, we waited a little late... since greg's schedule has been a little up in the air, it has been so hard to plan anything! i have NO IDEA what to wear! im going to dig through my closet(s) tomorrow, but i think a shopping trip may be in order ;)

i must confess i have been a fail of a wife in the kitchen these past couple of weeks. i have avoided the holiday grocery store maddness and since we were out of town for a few days, i haven't cooked very much... i am FINALLY feeling up to it again. i will try to redeem myself the rest of the week.

now, i am off to pinterest to meal plan :)
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Thursday, November 24, 2011


i am thankful for....

1. the hubs... gregory is my best friend and favorite person! he will do anything to make my day brighter. he is a amazing husband and i am positive he will be an equally awesome daddy to our babies one day. you can read the things i love about him {here}
greg with our niece, sophia. :)
2. my family... i have amazing parents who have been married for over 30 years... my big brother married well and i now have a fabulous sister-in-law and 3 beautiful neices {ansleigh, sophia, alyssa} and the cutest 9 month old nephew {eli}!  I also married well and have a great set of in-laws and extended family, too! 
me with all the babies, august 2011
3. my friends... i have some great friends who have been there for some of the best & worse times of my life. and although everyone currently lives in different places and i don't get to see them as much as i like, i know each of these ladies is only a phone call away. in addition to the lovelies pictured below, i also have a couple high school friends {peeper and mandy} and a college roomie {bridgette} that i have remained close with.. i am so blessed to have them in my life!
my bridesmaids & besties {ashley, erin, mandy and cara} at my rehearsal dinner, may 2010
4. my health... personally, i think its easy to forget to be thankful for your health when you have never had any serious illnesses... in fact, i honestly hadn't given it much thought myself until recently. one blog in particular has made me realize that just because i'm young and live a relatively "healthy lifestyle", i am not entitled to my health. it is defintitely something to be thankful for and not take for granted.

5. my furbaby... bud has become rather attached to me now that im home and looking for work he is here to keep me company during the days.

6. everyday modern conveniences... my beloved car, my iphone, tv {and dvr!}, computer... all of it. i am so very blessed to have not only necessities, but also many things to make life easier and more fun!

7. blogging...  when i started blogging back in february, i never anticipated the relationships i would build with other bloggers! the blogoverse is full of inspiring and supportive ladies that i am so thankful to "know". blogging has been so important at this point in my life because it has made me feel connected to people after the move since i don't have my real life friends around.

happy thanksgiving, friends!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

what i wore.

wednesday: shopping & dinner with my hubs
white t: tjmaxx
vest: old navy
jeans: new york & co
watch & ring: charming charlie
necklace: lisa leonard designs
rose colored flats {that you can barely see}: jessica simpson via dsw clearance

 thursday: lunch with anna & running errands
navy striped t: j.crew
vest: old navy
jeans: LOFT
boat shoes: tjmaxx

friday: dinner with friends
the hubs said "give me tiger" and this is what he got. not cute.
but surprisingly, it was the best picture of my outfit.
so... you're welcome for sharing. ;)
striped t: belk
sweater: new york & co.
jeans: maurices
converses: dsw

monday: date night with my hubs
green maxi dress: old navy ($13 clearance!)
cardigan: LOFT
necklace: local milly boutique
rose colored flats that you can barely see: jessica simpson via dsw

tuesday: following up with a job application & running errands 
tank: old navy ($9 clearance)
cardigan: LOFT
black pants: new york & co
gray pumps: payless

sunday: church, lunch & a movie with the hubs
white lace tank, cardigan, jeans: LOFT
leopard wedges: target
leaf necklace: local milly boutique

sorry the quality of these pictures is not up to par... (some of them are from my phone) and none of my outfits thrilled me this week... bu i figured i'd share anyways. this weather is so hard to dress for!... i'll try to do better next week ;) 

Monday, November 21, 2011

i am {blank} because....

i am {weird} because...
i am scared of most farm animals {but not exotic jungle animals}
i smash my sandwiches before i eat them
i stop breathing when i get tickled
the walmart, folders, and publix holiday commercials make me cry

i am {a bad friend} because...
i hate talking on the phone
i'm forgetful
i hate listening to voicemails
i ramble when i leave voicemails

i am {a good friend} because...
i would do anything for my friends
i love buying thoughtful gifts
i am honest, but i won't hurt your feelings
my guest bedroom has your name all over it if you will come visit me :)
i love to listen and give advice
i really want all of my friends to be happy and successful

i am {sad} because...
i miss my neices and nephew so, so much!
im kind of lonely in my new city since i haven't made new friends yet
i haven't gotten a call back from the jobs i've applied for
i accidently deleted almost all the comments on previous blog posts
larry munson {the voice of the dawgs} passed away yesterday

i am {happy} because...
i got to spend the whole day with just me and loverboy yesterday- church, lunch, a movie and dinner date!
i scored some AMAZING deals on christmas presents at kohls this weekend
starbucks holiday drinks are here {helloooo, peppermint mocha!}

i am {excited} for...
thanksgiving with my family
decorating my house for the holidays
getting involved in a church here

i got this idea from little miss momma, who invited her readers to write their own versions of the post.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 day you challenge: five foods

five foods:
1. sweet potatoes... seriously my fave thing right now. i found the perfect recipe for roasted sweet potatoes last week and plan on making them EVERY week from now on :)
2. pasta... my all time favorite. i prefer the stuffed kind, like tortellini or ravioli. but i haven't been eating pasta hardly at all since i decided to make healthier choices. {sad face}.
3. bread... if i had to pick ONE food to eat for the rest of my life, i would choose BREAD. it is my weakness. i love all kinds of bread.
4. pizza... as i mentioned, we went to a place called 'your pie' for dinner last night... its a create your own pizza kinda place {set up like a moes or barbaridos}. LOVED it. it was fresh, not greasy and delicious. although i don't eat it often, i do love me some pizza.
5. frozen yogurt. i dont know if its all the craze everywhere or just around here... but there are self-serve froyo places popping up EVERYWHERE! i usually get a little vanilla and chocolate with dark chocolate chips, cookie dough, strawberries, blueberries {give or take a few toppings}

andddd now im hungry.

what are YOUR favorite foods?

Friday, November 18, 2011

fill in the blank friday.

today i am joining lauren for fill in the blank friday!
1. a nervous habit i have is: scratching my neck... i know, kind of weird. i didn't even realize i was doing it until recently. but apparently i do it when i am thinking or anxious about something.

2. something that makes me sad: homeless/hungry people. especially since it has gotten colder in the past few days. my husband, being a police officer, has had many negative encounters with homeless people and is sometimes a little hesitant to help them. but last week, we saw a man standing outside of kroger {with a dog, too- which made me feel worse}. we had just finished grocery shopping and i felt kind of guilty for our bags of groceries. we drove by, talked about it and turned around to hit up the wendy's drive thru. when i handed him the food through the window, he was very thankful and asked us to pray for him. he was happy to have water for his dog as well.

3. today i am thankful for: that it's friday and my hubs finally has a day off work!! he definitely needs some sleep. and of course im happy to have him home :)

4. my favorite room in my house is: the living room? its where i spend the most of my time anyways... its pretty comfy, and i love the fireplace....

5. i cant stand: rude, holiday shoppers. i am trying to get my shopping done so i can stay out of the stores when the craziness happens.

6. if i had an extra $100 to spend on whatever i wanted, i would: probably christmas shop... and maybe buy a few new clothes for myself.... :)

7. the last person i hung out with was: besides the hubs, who i hang out with every day... i hung out with anna yesterday :) she is one of my favorites from milly {i babysit her boys} and was in the area for work, so she called me and we got to meet for lunch! i have really been getting a little lonely since i dont know many people in my new city so it was really perfect timing.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

awkward & awesome

for those of you new to today's link up, awkward & awesome was started by sydney at the daybook. syd happens to be a brand new mommy and the author of one of my FAVE blogs... head over, and check it out!

  • when the waitress at ruby tuesday brought back hub's debit card... and said she wasn't even going to try to pronounce the name. {im sorry, which is giving you trouble... gregory or williams?}
  • that moment when you're just about to drift off to sleep and your whole body jumps, scaring yourself to death and completely waking yourself up.
  • coming out of a department store and walking up to your car, hands full of bags, about to reach for the door handle... and realizing... that is totally NOT your car.
  • while walking out of bed bath & beyond, my receipt blows out of the baskets i bought... of course it's a super windy day and i end up chasing {at full force RUNNING pace} it through the parking lot while a lady watches from her suv.
  • mark kelly and gabby gifford's story. i watched diane sawyer's interview this week and it is truly remarkable how far gabby has come since being shot... through it all, she has not lost her sense of humor. her therapists are absolutely amazing- singing with her and offering kind words of encouragement. and i was also very impressed with how her husband has stood beside her through it all. he seems to be really loving and patient. really brings light to the 'in sickness or in health' part of the vows. 
  • we have plans for a double date tomorrow with one of our favorite couples, aaron and holly. we're planning on trying out a new {to us, anyways} pizza place called 'your pie'. im excited!
  • the holiday season is here!! while i have not put up my decorations { i like to give thanksgiving a little recognition first} i am secretly am loving the christmas music playing while i get a good start on my christmas shopping.
  • the happiness project. it has me totally motivated and inspired. {you may have noticed its been in my 'currently reading' on my sidebar for um, forever...} but with the move and all, i took a little break from reading... but i am back into it! you can expect a book review in the near future.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pinterest: where i plan other people's weddings.

yes, i am already married... but that doesn't stop me from having a whole wedding themed board on pinterest. while planning the wedding WAS stressful, i LOVED everything about it. and i MISS it. i told the hubs that we're definitely going to have to renew our vows...

so for todays 'oh, how pinteresting' wednesday i decided to showcase some of my favorites from my wedding board...

how dreamy is this barn?!
loving all the lace dresses...
how gorgeous is this bouquet?
babys breath makes such a cute boutonniere!
and we cant forget about the cakes...

soooo... is our 5 yr anniversary too early to renew our vows?

ha. just kidding.

... but really.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

happy birthday, hubs!

today is my handsome man's 27th birthday! in honor of his special day, i am going to post 27 things i love and appreciate about him.
i love....
27. how you support me in everything i am passionate about.
26. that you trust my sense of style and let me dress you.
25. our talks about life and the future.
24. that you always praise my cooking like its the best thing you've EVER eaten.
23. how you always tell me how beatiful and pretty i am when i first wake up in the morning.
22. that you will do anything to make me laugh
21. snuggling with you.
20. when you help with the chores that you know i hate.
19. that you try to text me every morning to start my day off good.
18. when you do the dishes after i cook dinner.
17. that you compliment me often.
16. you are so, so good with our nieces and nephew.
15. you will go see a click flick with me if my girls have already seen it.
14. that you rub my back almost every night.
13. how you don't mind occasionally eating cereal or sandwiches for dinner when ive had a busy day.
12. laughing with you.
11. how devoted you are to your family.
10. that you always make me feel safe and protected.
9. that you explain football to me when i still have questions.
8. being with you.
7. that you encourage me to meet my goals, and celebrate with me when i do.
6. that you're a good 'daddy' to our furbaby.
5. how hardworking you are.
4. that you love my family.
3. calling you my husband.
2. how commited you are to me and our marriage.
1. that you love {and like} me always!

happy birthday, sweet hubby. i love you so very much!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend highlights.

this weekend was the georgia/auburn game... gregs 12 yr old twin cousins, hope and alli had been planning on staying with us and coming to the game for a while now... we only get to see them once or twice a year, so we were all excited. i picked them up on friday and we went out to eat mexican and some frozen yogurt at yoforia.
since the game was at 3:30 and greg and nick didn't have to work the gates until 2:00, they were able to stop by our tailgate for a bit. 
with my hunnie :)

greg with his cousin, hope.

greg with his cousin, alli.
me with the girls.
the girls with their cousin, drew... who was wearing a really ugly orange shirt.
the team running in.
goooo dawgs!
hairy dawg waving the flag after we got a touchdown.
we won the game (45-7). we expected the game to be much closer, but of course we were happy! and the girls had a good time rubbing the win in their cousin drew's face. ;)

yesterday my parents came to see the new house and take us out to eat for greg's birthday (which is tomorrow!) we tried a little downtown restaurant called the last resort. the food was really good (especially the blueberry cheesecake!!)

tomorrow we will be visiting greg's grandparents and having a date at the melting pot {our fave!) for his actual birthday dinner.

have a great week, lovelies!

Friday, November 11, 2011

cma recap.

the country music awards were wednesday night. did you watch? i love a good awards show. mainly for the performances and fashion, of course.
carrie underwood co-hosted {with brad paisley}... sister is always so stylish. my fave was this gold dress: gorgeous, right?!
we know how im loving SPARKLE lately. my other fave looks were:
jennifer nettles of sugarland.
 hillary scott of lady antebellum
i loved miranda's sleek black dress with some silver sparkle...
but then she changed into this for her performance...
which i did NOT like at all... it reminds me of a blinged out WWF belt or something?

zac brown performed 'georgia on my mind'. loved it. it reminded me of summers at stone mountain, laying on the lawn and watching the lazer show.
we saw them in concert for new years last year. it was awesome! they played for like 6 hours {with a few guest performers}. but seriously, i was impressed. great show. and i dont think the fame has gotten to their head. zac is still just a good ole georgia boy. love that.

speaking of georgia boys...
luke bryan also performed his new hit 'country girl shake it for me'... LOVE THAT SONG! however was sporting an interesting ensemble of some black jeggins of sorts with sparkles down the side (?!?) ... and by the way, those are NOT country girls.

i loved sugarland and matt nathanson's performance as well...
even if matt did kind of move/dance around really awkwardly.

i also loved the band perry's performance of 'all your life'. i just love this song. great lyrics.
taylor swift took home the biggest award of the night: entertainer of the year...
but her performance bored me to death. {i fast forwarded through most of it}.

what did you think of the CMAs?

who else is excited for award show season?!

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