Wednesday, August 31, 2011

25 things you may not know about me {US weekly style}

one of my favorite bloggers posted an Us Weekly inspired 25 things you may not know about me blog a while back... unfortunately, i cannot remember which favorite blogger it was {so if you're reading this... and it's YOU, please let me know so i can give credit}.

anyways, here's mine...
  1. i HATE being pale. i feel so much prettier when i'm tan.
  2. i smash my sandwiches before i eat them.
  3. my eyes are super sensitive to sunlight. i almost cannot drive without sunglasses.
  4. i have a love/hate relationship with working out. and food.
  5. i think im OCD. i find myself counting things for no particular reason.
  6. the only sandwich i like pickles on is a chick-fil-a. and i get extra.
  7. speaking of chick-fil-a, i could live off of it. i eat it so much it's embarressing (like the employees remember my name and order. heaven forbid i decide to switch it up).
  8. my favorite book is the help by kathryn stockett.
  9. i do not drink coffee {unless its starbucks with chocolate or other yummy flavors added}.
  10. my body requires a lot of sleep, like 9-10 hours a night.
  11. i do NOT do haunted houses. seriously. i get so freaked out, i just may punch someone in the face.
  12. likewise, i hate horror flicks.
  13. i had a pet lizard in high school. he was a blue tailed skink and his name was lengua (means 'tongue' in spanish)
  14. my short term memory sucks.
  15. i've never been ligit sleep-in-a-tent camping. husband wants to change that.
  16. people often mispronounce my name... i get LAURIE all the time. it's kind of annoying.
  17. my parents seriously considered naming me 'sally'. {all i can say is THANK GOODNESS they chose lori instead}
  18. my favorite ice cream is ben and jerry's half baked. im drooling just thinking about it.
  19. i perfer to drink with a straw {especially true while at restaurants}
  20. traveling is my favorite thing, ever. i LOVE to fly.
  21. i lose my phone and keys like, 27 times a day.
  22. i do not like spicy food, at all. in fact, it's fair to say i kind of have a child-like palate.
  23. weather doesn't really scare me, i love thunderstorms.
  24. i am THAT girl with empty picture frames hanging on the wall and sitting on shelves around the house.
  25. i'd rather go barefoot... but if i'm going to wear shoes, they're going to be cute!
i'd love to read your 25 things! let me know if you post one, too!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

vacation highlights and pictures.

last week was our family vacation to myrtle beach... we had such a good time playing on the beach, eating some good seafood and just spending time together! here are some of my favorite pictures from the week...
{the girls showing off their new beachwear}

{our view from the balcony}

{excited to go to the beach}
{sophia and uncle greg having fun}
 one day we went to an alligator farm and ate out for lunch....

{me and my lovie at the alligator farm}

{alyssa and i watching the show}
{me with ansleigh and a tiger!}
{me with baby eli}
{matching outfits!}
{ansleigh and sophia}
{feeding time!}
{my nephew- sucha cute boy!}
we surprised the girls with an after-nap early birthday party for ansleigh (she turns 4 this week)...
{ i decorated the cake!}
{they were so excited for the party!}
{the adults were excited too! haha}
{eli chatting with his mimi}
{group time out!}
{ansleigh loved pops pulling her around}
{me and my sweet niece, sophia}
{the whole crew... LOVE them!}
it's not a brown family vacation unless someone gets hurt (derek spent the night before the trip at the ER after throwing out his back) and someone gets sick (sophia threw up at the alligator farm and spent a couple of days with an off and on high fever). 

and sophia followed in her fathers footsteps and ate a glowstick. (derek did the same thing when he was about her age)...they're not toxic for any of you parents out there who may find yourself in the same predicament. 

we had such a good time!

Friday, August 26, 2011

meet bbea.

i'd like to introduce you to my new baby, bbea.
{its short for black beauty}.
she's a tuxedo (shiny metallic) black 2011 ford edge.

this is the first car that i've ever been able to pick out myself! sooo exciting.

you may remember me describing what an emotionally draining experience car shopping was...

it was totally worth it for this beauty. you know that feeling when a car just fits you? bbea and i are a match made in heaven.

after i drove her home from the dealership i told greg that we're in love.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

awkward & awesome

  • its the bossman's daughter's birthday. which of course means me going to kroger and getting 24 normal sized balloons and one GIGANTIC one, fighting the wind to stuff them in the car and deliver them without crashing because we can't see out the back windows.
  • while playing in the ocean, (honorary) niece on hip, a big wave comes, knocks me in the back, taking my swimsuit bottom with it. oh and did i mention my sister in law just pointing and laughing? (thanks for the help, mandy!)... {for the record, the whole beach may have seen my bare booty, but that child didn't so much as get salt water in her face}.
  • the next day, i am getting up from my beach chair and the ties on my swimsuit bottoms get stuck on the chair... again, exposing a little crackage. {are you noticing a theme here?}
  • spending a week with my family at myrtle beach.
  • i only have a ONE day work week this week.
  • im looking forward to a weekend at home with my hubbster... we plan on catching up on some movies and a date day in macon on saturday.
  • the official countdown is on... 9 days until georgia football!!! i cannot wait until uga v. boise state at the georgia dome! soooo excited.
is it bad that the 'awkwards' come to mind a little quicker than the 'awesomes'??

(we're back from vacation, obviously... stay tuned for myrtle beach pictures soon!!)

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Friday, August 19, 2011

myrtle beach & T.I.G.E.R.S ♥

as i mentioned in yesterday's awkward & awesome post- greg and i are leaving tomorrow for myrtle beach with my parents, my brother, his wife, my niece and nephew and two honorary nieces for week. {derek and mandy have mandy's nieces, ansleigh and alyssa staying with them right now} and i am so excited to get to know them!

myrtle beach is one of our favorite vacation spots. for those of you who don't know, i absolutely LOVE big cats so when i heard about T.I.G.E.R.S. {The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species} i was absolutely dying to go. you can read more about their mission here.

the tour is pretty expensive($179/person, with a coupon)... but you can also see the animals at barefoot landing and take pictures with them for a donation of $59.00. so thats what we did the first year (2009?)

when we went back last summer for the 4th of july i was so excited to go back and take the tour! three hours with some of the it was seriously one of my favorite experiences ever.

us with a 6 month old white tiger cub

a real life, 900 lb. LIGER!

this one shows you a good perspective for how BIG this cat really is.

sweet little baby!

us with an orangutan. they are soo sweet and smart!
i am seriously looking forward to a week with my family, relaxing and making more memories. and of course, there will be blog post(s) to follow and document the good times had.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

awkward & awesome!

  • how we have a {fabulous} king size bed, but between the hubby and the furbaby, who lays ACROSS the bed, i usually only get a sliver of space to work with. therefore, i become a contortionist instead of moving the cat... {something is seriously wrong with this picture}
  • going to get a pedicure and forgetting you have hairy toes... {i'm sure they've seen worse... right?!}
  • im early for a sushi date... so i take advantage of the extra time and tend to plucking my overly neglected eyebrows... to look over and see a person in the car beside me has been sitting there the whole time.
  • hiccuping and burping at the same time.
  • an old man giving me the peace sign as i turned the corner in front of his car... umm, hi?

  • on saturday we are heading to myrtle beach for some fun in the sun and family time!
  • i {finally} got my wedding ring(s) sautered together. and they cleaned it really good... it is like a brand new beauty! i couldn't stop looking at it. baby hasn't looked this good since i first got it.
  • the mani/pedi i got in preparation for our beach trip! its super sparkly and fun. and i love it.
    {O.P.I.'s teenage dream- i guess its katy perry inspired?}
  • i am {hopefully} buying a car tomorrow! we have it picked out and paid a deposit, but the dealership had to get it from elsewhere so i'm *crossing my fingers!*
  • we {finally} won trivia last night! they gave us a gift certificate :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

me:: a to z.

i've seen this on several blogs now and decided to join in the fun.

a. age:: twenty. four.

b. bed size:: king. its a tempurpedic and it DID change my life {as the saleswoman promised it would}

c. chore you hate:: ironing. and vaccumming.

d. dogs:: not in my house. im more of a cat person.

e. essential start to your day:: shower and good morning, america.

f. favorite color:: right now aqua. it constantly changes though.

g. gold or silver:: i really love both.

h. height::

i. instruments you play:: i don't play anything. i can't even read music. sad, i know.

j. job title:: office manager. and property manager. two different companies; same owners
k. kids:: not yet! but i do want three littles in the future :)
l. live:: georgia.

m. maiden name:: brown.

n. nicknames:: lori lu.

o. overnight hospital stays:: never.

p. pet peeve:: oh boy, i could write a list. and i probably will. {stay tuned}
q. quote::
'imperfection is beauty. maddness is genuis. and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring'.- marilyn monroe.

r. righty or lefty:: righty.

s. siblings:: one big brother, derek.
t. time you wake up:: 7 on days i work out, 8 on days i don't.

u. university attended:: georgia college and state university. go bobcats, rawr.
v. vegetables you dislike:: peppers and onions.

w. what makes you run late:: um, everything?

x. x-rays you've had:: my foot. {i broke my toe in 1st grade}

y. yummy food:: bread. sweet potatoes. desserts.... i love it all.

z. zoo animal:: TIGERS. no question about it.

beautiful cub at T.I.G.E.R.S

Monday, August 15, 2011

book review {the help}

i finished 'the help' last week and am just now getting around to writing my review... i had several people suggest the book to me and when i heard the movie was coming out i decided to give it a shot. it didn't sound like a typical book i would really enjoy so i wasn't in a hurry to read it.
when i finally broke it open it just SUCKED me in and i
amazon's summary:
the help is about african american maids working in white households in jackson, mississippi during the early 1960s. the novel is told from the point of view of three narrators: aibileen clark, a middle-aged maid who has spent her life raising white children, and who has recently lost her only son; minny jackson, a maid whose back-talk towards her employers results in her having to frequently change jobs, exacerbating her desperate need for work as well as her family's struggle with money; and eugenia "skeeter" phelan, a young white recent college graduate who, after moving back home, discovers that a maid that helped raise her since childhood has abruptly disappeared and her attempts to find her have come to naught

my opinion: the characters are just so real. it has just enough of every emotion. i actually found it pretty funny, which was a nice surprise. i think its safe to say it's my new favorite book. kathryn stockett is definitely a talented writer. she knows how to leave you hanging just enough that you want to keep reading. i hope she comes out with another book soon!

i cannot wait to see the movie.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

weekend review: triple dates, car shopping & kidney stones {lots of words, not a lotta pictures}

so i had big plans of taking pictures of all my fun plans this weekend and blogging about it. BUT i forgot my camera. and didn't even snap a picture on my iphone.
major FAIL.
(so i apologize in advance for the lack of visual appeal in this particular post. i will not blame you if you stop reading now.)

friday after work greg and i headed up to alpharetta and met up with two of my besties, erin and ashley and their men for a triple dinner date. we ate at pf chang's. it was all of our first times (except erin and chris, who had been before)... and i may be the last to know about the deliciousness of pf chang's, but it was super yummy. i recommend the mongolian beef. it was my fave out of the 6 dishes we got. (yeah, it was a TON of food.) good times with good friends.

saturday we went car shopping with nana and papa. we have been having issues with my explorer for a while and decided to go out looking for something new. and since the 2012's are about to come out we thought it would be perfect timing to get a good deal on a 2011.

it was a LONG and stressful day. this was my first experience car shopping. and i must say i seriously underestimated how complicated and emotionally draining it would be. i think we finally found the one... BUT it won't be at the dealership until later this week. more to come on that later and of course i will blog about it when it is a done deal :)

{my new baby should look a little something like this}

after that we had dinner and drinks at longhorn (and ran into my old suitemate, emily!). being the 'old married couple' that we are, we went to bed pretty soon after getting home. greg and i made plans to meet erin and chris at church this morning, but unfortunately we had to cancel because i woke up at 7am with terribly awful stomach/back pains. (a couple of years ago i had a kidney stone and i have had a suspicion for a while that i have another one). but it hadn't been super painful until today. and let me tell you, it is BAD.
i've heard some women say kidney stones hurt worse than labor pains.
i sure hope thats the truth.
i was in tears and squirming, trying to find a comfortable position. the pain eased up after a couple of hours (plus advil, a lot of water, and a hot bath). now the pains are lower, and not constant but rather sharp and piercing. so i think im close to passing it. but if my memory serves me correctly, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

again, i apologize for this boring post. if you made it this far, a sincere thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what im loving wednesday {fall fashion}

i am SOOO over this hot georgia weather and SOOO ready for a new season.
i've been drooling over scarfs, sweaters, boots, and jackets on pinterest dreaming of the weather getting cool enough to wear them

so for this week's edition of 'what im loving wednesday' i thought i would share my fall fashion favorites with you.  

...blazers. after searching for what seems like FOREVER, i have finally found one that FITS properly (at gap outlet for 60% off- SCORE!). i am on the search for more... cannot. have. enough.
...camel colored leather jackets. i think i need this jacket. i was THISCLOSE to getting a cropped leather jacket last winter but didn't want to spend the cash (even though it was on sale at kohls) and im still kicking myself for not buying it. please oh-please let me know if you see one anywhere (for a reasonable price, of course)
... scarfs! and of course i love this one... i think it's obvious by now that i absolutely adore stripes.
... these fall outfits.


 my all-time fave fall fashion peice? the trench. so classy.
(yes, ashley lamb, i DID steal this from your pinterest. thank ya ma'm)
now have i gotten all of you craving some cooler weather as well? what are your favorite fall pieces?

(check out jamie's blog for more what im loving wednesday link ups.)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

weekend recap

remember how wednesday was my moms birthday? well, i went 'home' to spend some time with her in hco this past weekend. i left the hubbster at home since i would be doing girl things all weekend. (and he's always super sweet when i come back from a weekend away so thats a plus.)
friday after work i drove up and had dinner with my boo, cara. she's been one of my closest friends since high school. we joke that we're not sure why we're friends because we dont really have much in common. but we understand each other. we have a very REAL relationship. she is very blunt and honest. if cara thinks my shirt is ugly, she is going to tell me. and i appreciate that...but i'd probably still wear the shirt :)  
that little cutie is cara's three year old son, austin.

we always go eat sushi. its our thing.
on our last trip cara talked me into trying a new kind... it had mustard in it. i had a mini freak out session and could. NOT. swallow. fast. enough.
if you dont remember: i HATE mustard. in cara's defense... she didn't realize there was mustard in it until it was too late (already in my mouth)

or maybe she was getting me back for the time we convinced her into trying escargot on the cruise? i thought she was going to spit it out right then and there.

saturday momma and i went shopping at the outlets. they have gap, j.crew and LOFT- all of my favorite places. :) i got some pretty little things... several for the fall, and now i am officially ready for cooler weather.

my brother and sister in law currently have mandy's neices staying with them and they needed some new clothes so momma and i hit up the clearance racks and did REALLY good. we also got my niece and nephew, sophia and eli some things. all 4 of the kids are going to be looking ohh-so-cute.

today i went to church and lunch with my parents and then met up with another close friend since high school, mandy. we enjoyed a smoothie and got caught up on each other's lives. mandy is one of those friends that i don't get to see often but we always seem to pick right up where we left off.
i didn't get a picture with her, but i did get a picture of our cups. mandy is "going green" and brought her own cup. i was jealous and felt a smidge guilty for my lack of environmentally friendly practices.

after our smoothie date i headed home to the hubby. we had a dinner date and i made some goodies for the insurance agents at work tomorrow... and now i am off to bed to cuddle with my furbaby.

hope everyone had an equally great weekend and here's to a good, FAST work week ;)

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