Monday, May 30, 2011

yummy yogurt-bran muffins

i made these for breakfast (with the help of my three year old niece!) with a side of cheese eggs this weekend... and they were a hit! until recently i always made muffins out of the box... but i have found that there are so many delicious and healthy recipes that are actually really easy to make!  this particular one is from eatbetteramerica.

1 cup fiber one original bran cereal
2 egg whites or 1 egg, slightly beaten
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 containers (6 oz each) yoplait original 99% fat free french vanilla yogurt
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup packed brown sugar
1 1/4 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup fresh raspberries or blueberries

1. heat oven to 400 degrees. place paper baking cup in each of 12 regular size muffin cups
2. place cereal in resealable ziploc bags; seal bag and crush with rolling pin or meat mallet (or crush in food processor).
3. in a medium bowl, stir together egg whites, oil and yogurt. add cereal, flour, brown sugar, baking soda and salt; stir just until dry ingredients are moistened. gently fold in berries. divide batter evenly among the muffin cups, filling each 3/4 full.
4. bake 18-20 mins until golden brown. immediently remove from pan.

and ENJOY :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

anniversary trip recap.

you may remember me counting down to mine and the hubbster's trip to st. thomas to celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY! we had a really good time... the virgin islands are GORGEOUS. this was the view from our balcony...
can you see how clear the water is?! its amazing.
on our first full day we decided to go to st. john, which is about a 20-30 min. ferry trip...
we ate some lunch... a delish burger, skinny fries and daquaris (yeah, the diet was 'off' this week)
mine was strawberry... but greg's banana one was AWESOME.
and he was a sweet hubby let me drink half of it. :)

then we went to trunk bay, which is rated one of the top 10 beaches in the world.
we wanted to snorkel, but failed to realize everything at the beach closed at 4:30, so we just swam and chilled out for a bit...
then we got cleaned up and went to town for a dinner out in st. thomas...
the next day (sunday) we went to coki beach on st. thomas and we did 'sea lion swim'...
that is franko the sea lion... kinda overwhelming. he's way bigger than he appears in this picture...
like 425 pounds BIG.
Thats not the BEST picture of the cant get the full effect of franko... and the other couple is in the picture... but if you think i was going to post a picture that actually showed some skin in my swim suit... you're CRAZY.

monday we did a tour of st. thomas' highlights...
i bought a hat because it started pouringgg rain.
(thats megan's bay behind us... another one of the world's top 10 beaches)
and we got our grub on...
my plate: salad with balsamic (i took off the onions of course), grilled mahi mahi with sesame ginger sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. YUMMY.
tuesday we went back for another day at st. john...
it is more low key there, and the beaches are beautiful since most of them are national parks
and wednesday we headed home... despite a little bit of rain we had a FUN and relaxing time and i cant wait for our next anniversary :)

and to this hunk of a man:
i'd like to say HAPPY first ANNIVERSARY, love! this year has been amazing and i love you so much!

one year down... and FOREVER to go ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what i wore wednesday

its wednesday!! and im linking up with the pleated poppy.

wednesday: work
 seersucker dress: j.crew outlet
cardigan: belk
belt: new york & co.
nude wedges: dsw
necklace: allora handmade

thursday: work
blue top: jcpenny
skinnies: old navy
sandals: dsw

friday: work and hco.
top: marshalls
white capris: jcpenny
sandals: dsw

i dont like this outfit at all now... way too much white going on. i sometimes struggle with deciding what to wear with white pants... but i read a blog that said to try pastels with white pants... sooo we'll see about that next time. stay tuned.

saturday: nicoles baby shower at mom and dads house.
denim dress: kohls
yellow cardigan: belk
sandals: dsw

sunday: lunch with the in-laws
cardigan: belk
navy shorts: old navy
sandals: LOFT outlet

excuse my glasses and "tired eyes". i didnt get a lot of sleep that weekend...

 monday: work
floral dress: j.crew outlet
pink cardigan: belk
sandals: maggie lane (local boutique)

this picture seriously does not do the dress justice... its so cute!

tuesday: work 
black cardigan: LOFT
dark denim jeans: gap outlet
leopard shoes: target
lovers knot ring: james avery

my outfits may look odd with a dress one day and sweater the next... the weather went nuts and forgot that that it was may... but its back to being warm again.

look out for next weeks wiww, ST. THOMAS style!

... we leave on FRIDAY :)

and check out the other lovelies at lindseys blog.

Monday, May 16, 2011

i spy: cucpake toppers and a diaper cake! (tutorial!)

this week's theme for the i spy series is... hamemade edition! this came at a perfect time, since momma and i just hosted a baby shower at her house for nicole.... our families have been friends basically all my life... and i was very much looking forward to hosting a baby shower for her and baby-to-be, kendall. i decided to get crafty and make a diaper cake and cupcake toppers...

I SPY...

... a bathtime themed diaper cake!
this was the second diaper cake i've made (the first was for my sweet niece, sophia... 3 years ago!) they're actually quite easy to make...
... and rubber duckie & umbrella cupcake toppers
how to make a diaper cake:
1. start with several packs of diapers. make sure they're relatively plain without pictures all over them... and i recommend using a bigger size. this time i used about 2.5 bags of size 2 pampers.
2. roll each diaper up starting at the waistband and secure with a small rubber band.
3. make small bundles of diapers (7 or so together) and secure with a rubber band.
4. put the bundles together (about 7 bundles) and secure with rubber bands... kind of weave the rubber bands around to make the bundles all form one big circle (you may want to add in some extra diapers to fill in the gaps).
this will form your bottom layer.
repeat to make the next two layers, slightly smaller each time.
set the layers on top of each other... it should look something like this.
then decorate it with ribbons and whatever else you want! i like to add the baby's name on the cake as well.

how to make cupcake toppers:
materials: scrapbook paper, hole punches (2 different sizes/shapes, i used a 2.5 inch scalloped circle and 2 inch circle), sucker sticks, glue glue sticks, confetti or a stamp or sticker for the center)

1. punch your circles out of the scrapbook paper
2. glue the confetti to the smaller circle.
3. glue the smaller circle to the larger circle.
4. glue to the sucker sticks.
5. glue another large circle to the back to cover the stick.

ta-da! it really IS that easy.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

awkward & awesome thursday!

  • while eating at ihop, rachel accidently goes to the MENS bathroom. and doesn't realize it until after she's finished... and sees a man at the urinal.
  • overheard at CVS from a young (female) college student "so if you're married, but DON'T have kids- do you have to get your wife a mothers day card?"... her friends response: "no, not unless you have a dog or something"...... really?! is this a serious conversation?!
  • while waiting to make my purchases at the intimates section in belk, the old lady in front of me is talking about how much she LOVES her bra... and proceeds to pull down her shirt to fully expose herself to show the saleswoman.
  • getting ready for work, i notice there is blue paint on my foot. from when i made a diaper cake. TWO days ago. i swear, ive showered (twice) since then!
  • getting swarmed by cicadas on my way out the door yesterday morning. (for those of you who are not familiar with these obnoxious insects, they live underground and come out every 13 years... shed their skin and proceed to bug the heck out of all residents by making the most annoying sound known to man. constantly. for several weeks. and they're huge. with big, orange/red eyes. GROSS... yet oddly fascinating.

  • seeing the lumpkin boys this week... ive babysat brent for several years now and his new brother, ethan was just born a couple of weeks ago. precious!
  • i experienced yoforia for the first time last weekend. i had strawberry fro-yo with strawberries, kiwi, snickers, and cosmic brownie toppings... DELISH. we WILL be making a follow-up visit.
  • words with friends app. i'm addicted. (thanks to ashley!) if you have it, you should play with me :)
  • im happy to report that i have now lost over 15 pounds. i know, those extra 5 lbs. took FOREVER. but they're gone now!!
  • TJMAXX is coming soon to the small (thats what we call the mall here... because it is not very large. obviously.)

what i wore wednesday

happy wednesday, everyone! im back for wiww this week and linking up at the the pleated poppy
wednesday: work
entire outfit: old navy
sandals: dsw
necklace: lisa

 thursday: work
jeans: old navy, i think.
cardigan: LOFT
sandals: target
ring: new york & co.

friday: no picture... it was skinny jeans, black t and sandals for a date with my bestie in atl!

saturday: shopping with my momma, peepers grad party, and mothers day dinner
entire outfit: old navy

sunday: church, mothers day with gregs mom and nana
linen dress: belk
belt: j.crew
cardi: belk
sandals: dsw
pearl bracelet: villaines

monday: work
gray top: kohls
black super skinnies: old navy
sandals: target

tuesday: work and movie with the girls
top: jcpenny
skinnies: lauren conrad, kohls, a size down than my usual! woo hoo.
orange sandals: dsw
'lovers knot' ring: james avery

the pleated poppy blog

Sunday, May 8, 2011

giving credit where credit is due.

in honor of mothers day, this blog will be all about the most wonderful woman i know:
my momma is the most KIND and LOVING person i know.
she was a DEDICATED stay-at-home mom for my brother and i.
she never missed the important things, like my dance recitals or my brother's baseball games.
and i'd often come home to an afternoon snack of freshly baked cookies or a bag of popcorn
that we'd share while she asked all about my day.
she was PATIENT, waiting on me to out-grow my teenage attitude years.

she is THOUGHTFUL; the BEST at giving gifts (that are usually color coordinated)
she is STRONG; a breast cancer survivor.
she is STYLISH... although i like to take part credit for that ;)

she has always been THERE for me...
to laugh with me...
give me a shoulder to cry on when my heart was broken...
or just to LISTEN to me complain about whatever was bothering me that day.
 she has always been my number one fan and supporter.

i now call her one of my BEST FRIENDS.

...and i am so thankful for her.

happy mothers day, momma!
i enjoyed spending time with you this weekend.
i LOVE you so much!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i spy... shoes, purses and a little bit of jewelry!

so this week's "i spy" theme is SHOES and JEWELRY! (and i added in purses, because i love them so!)
I SPY...
... my everyday BAGS!:
yes, i DO have many more in the closet... but these are my favorites for spring that i am currently using.
top left: target
middle: marshalls
top right: kohls
bottom two: monograms & more

as i've mentioned before, i LOVE a good clutch collection:
all of these are from DSW, marshalls, tjmaxx, or ross. and the vera is from monograms & more.
now, onto SHOES
... my heels/wedges for the season:
payless, dsw, dsw, marshalls (?), target, payless sandals/flip flops:
clockwise starting with the yellow "blobs" as my mom calls them... they're from payless, dsw, target, american eagle, dsw, dsw, LOFT, j.crew, gap and target.
and since this was supposed to include some jewelry, heres a picture of my wedding ring:
... my other two fave rings:
on the left is my college graduation ring. the center diamond was my grandmommys. she planned on making me a ring with it for my graduation. unfortunately, she passed away years ago. so my parents gave me the money to put with it to make the ring and i got to design it myself.
on the right is my great- grandmother's wedding band.

you may remember the next two necklaces from my wish list new fun CORAL necklace from allora handmade newest and most FAVORITE necklace right now:
it's called 'my treasure' from lisa leonard designs
and I LOVE IT.

that's all ive got to show you today... check out ashley's link up party for some more fun accessories!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mr. and mrs. kaufman

on saturday i was priviledged to be a bridesmaid in one of my closest friend's weddings... ashley and i have been friends since middle school and she's one of my absolute favorite people. she was in my wedding last year and i was happy to return the favor... so heres a couple pictures of her big day!

ashley was calm, cool and collected... it was all the bridesmaids that were nut-cases. i was SOO nervous. i swear i was more nervous for her wedding than i was for my own wedding!
isn't she STUNNING?!
this is her "something borrowed" a family ring from one of her aunts.

the wedding was beautiful. i hate that i can't provide any pictures of the actual ceremony... it was at daniel's family's church- st. pauls in augusta- absolutely beautiful. it was traditional and meaningful.

so here's some pictures from the reception...
ashley and daniel's first dance
 ashley and her godfather, tom.
ashley and her grandad.
cutting the cake!
 my hott date.
one of my newest favorite people, rachel.
rachel trying to get grandma's boyfriend to dance... it was hilarious! turns out he REALLY liked rachel and didn't want to leave her alone for the rest of the night!
 claire, rachel and i
 the hubbster and stuart (rachel's boyfriend) got along really good too!
this is probably one of my favorite pictures from the night... haha.

ashley and daniel are one of my favorite couples... i have COMPLETE confidence in their marriage.they have already been through some hard times and i think it has even more so proven that think they are made for each other. i  i am SO happy for them and i wish them the best.

CONGRATS mr. and mrs. kaufman!!
i was honored to be a part of your special day.
i love you both.
(and im totally jealous that you're in HAWAII right now!)

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