Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what i wore wednesday!

it's wednesday, again! so lucky you... you get to look at my outfits from the past week! if you're wondering what wiww is all about... check out the pleated poppy, the creator of the wiww link party!

wednesday: work
green top: banana republic outlet
pink tank: kohls
skinnies: old navy
gold shoes: target
leopard bangles: belk
and for a close up of the shirt detail and bracelets....
thursday: work
dress: j.crew outlet
sandals: gap outlet
crossbody bag: target

friday: work and double date night (dinner and bowling)
dress: marshalls, i think... its old.
sandals: target
now, can't you just imagine how CUTE this was with BOWLING SHOES?! ha.

saturday: michelles wedding
navy dress: LOFT
coral belt: j.crew outlet
heels: payless (quite possibly the best heels i own... they have extra padding for comfort!)
clutch: DSW (my go-to shore for a good clutch)

oh, and don't worry... i DID take the tag off the belt... this was my "deciding on outfits" picture... where i try on all my options and make greg vote. he loves it. not. so when he's frustrated i send my ladies pictures and make them vote.

i dont have a full outfit picture from sunday... (easter) but you can get the idea from the picture in my weekend highlights post.

monday: work and dinner/shopping with momma.
black utility dress: target
gold sandals: target
wavy hair= me being lazy.

tuesday: work
top: banana republic outlet.
trouser jeans: gap outlet.
sandals: DSW

can you tell that i LOVE me some tanger outlets? ours just got LOFT... super exciting.

and don't forget to check out the lovelies for some style inspiration
the pleated poppy blog

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

weekend highlights.

friday night the hubbster and i went on a double date with nick and his lady, amber. we went to the brick and bowling. it was a good time...

unfortunately, i did not get any (good) pictures. but rest assured that i looked SUPER stylish in my dress with socks and bowling shoes.

i was ridiculously excited to sleep in on saturday and enjoyed laying around reading in bed before i had to get up. then we headed to athens for michelle's wedding.

the chapel was at the botanical gardens and was gorgeous. it was a small and intimate wedding and of course i have a couple of pictures to share...

doesn't the cake look lovely? it tasted lovely, too.

i loved all the orchids she used... sooo pretty.

and this is a picture from there first dance. it's probably my favorite of all the pictures i took that night because they both look really happy. so cute

and then of course i have to show off my stud of a date... i look a little sleepy in this picture, but it'll do..

(as im sure all of you realize) sunday was easter... after staying the night in athens after the wedding, we headed to gainesville to visit with gregs family over a delicious brunch at the country club.

here are jon and katie (jon is greg's best friend... and katie is his cousin) they're dating. and we like to take credit for the relationship since they met at our wedding :) i always say if i had known they would've hit it off, we could've set them up a LONG time ago! (unfortunately i didnt get pictures of everyone else)

after we stuffed ourselves silly, the whole family headed over to see greg's aunt donna. she is in the hospital after having surgery last week.

after visiting with her, we stopped by alpharetta for a couple hours to see nana and papa. we definitely did our share of driving but it was a good weekend and i enjoyed seeing everyone!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

book review: my best friends girl

after i posted my 'goodnight, beautiful' by dorothy koomson book review on my blog, a family friend recommended that i read 'my best friends girl' by the same author. i loved it!!

summary (from the back of the book): My Best Friend's Girlfrom the moment they met in college, best friends adele and kamryn thought nothing could come between them-until adele did the unthinkable and slept with kamyrn's fiance, nate. now, after years of silence, the two women are reuniting, and adele has a stunning request for her old friend: she wants kamryn to adopt her five-year-old daughter, tegan.

but kamryn is wholly unprepared to take care of anyone- especially someone who reminds her so much of nate. with crisis brewing at work and her love life in shambles, can kamryn somehow become the mother a little girl needs her to be?

... i thought it was a perfect mixture of emotions... a little happy, a little sad, even a little bit of a love triangle and it wasn't predictable and cheesy like so much of the 'chick lit' is. i just ordered another dorothy koomson novel- i just may have found another favorite author :)

thank you, amy. for the recommendation. i really enjoyed the book!

(to anyone else reading this: id love to know some of your favorite reads... im always looking for new book options!)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

i spy: around the house

one of my favorite blogs, little miss momma started a series called "i spy". every week the series has a different theme... this weeks? around the house.

so here is a look at some of my favorite things around our (rented) house:

I SPY....

... our first furniture splurge: our gorgeous dining room table! 
...yellow pictures of paris grouping on the dining room wall. i ordered the pictures from little brown pen on etsy.
... bakers rack in the butlers pantry
i made the candle arrangement on the top left for centerpeices for ashley's engagement party... too bad that was before my blogging days, so i don't have a tutorial to share with you. orchid we got at ikea last weekend. seriously the prettiest yellow green color, ever.
...the fridge
covered with pictures, wedding & shower invites, thank you cards, magnets of memories (we always buy magnets from places we visit and shows we see!), and on the bottom are pictures drawn by my niece!
...books from our trip to barnes & noble :)
...engagement pictures on our bedroom wall.
... a cute kitty!
...williams sign, ordered from bosheree on etsy. of my fave pictures... yes, that is a REAL baby tiger. can you tell by my major cheesy smile how HAPPY i am?
... a sleepy bud.
in his favorite spot... a laundry basket in the laundry room/porch.
... some pretty purple flowers outside.

that's all i got for today! stay tuned for more of the i spy series...
and check out little miss momma's blog!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

awkward & awesome thursday!

  • a man responding "yes, sir" to me at work. and then me pretending not to notice.
  • while out to eat mexican, the chip turns longways in my mouth and cuts my gums between my front teeth. then the waitress comes to take my order... and im bleeding.
  • waking up not being able to tell the difference between dreams and reality.
  • side zippers on dresses. and me trying to zip them by myself in the dressing room. (they're ALWAYS on the left side... and my left hand is completely incompetent).
  • hairy knees. when i shave, i always seem to miss my knees (which also happen to be, like the most noticeable place to miss!)
  • having dinner with my sister in law, niece and nephew this week! read about it here.
  • one month from today, the hubby and i will be on our anniversary trip in ST. THOMAS!
  • on sunday, the hubbster and i attended the housing banquet and he given this award:
thats right, out of EVERYONE on campus... they recognized "officer hottiepants". no, i am not the one who made up that nickname, but i sure will claim him!
 I was a proud wifey.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the love(s) of my life

on monday my sister in law, niece and nephew drove the 11.5 hour trip to come to GEORGIA!!!

last night the hubby and i met up with my parents, mandy and the kids for dinner.

i could not wait to get my hands on those babies!
eli had already grown so much since the last time i saw him! we went out to virginia when he was only a couple weeks old.
he's 10 weeks old now... getting to be a big boy! he is making lots of facial expressions now. he was fighting sleep in this picture.

sophia had a big time playing with greg.
he's her favorite... and im okay with that because she loved on me lots, too. i think she got a little jealous of me holding eli.
she came and pouted and said "i want to love my lori". so i handed the baby over and took the lovin' while i could get it.

i cannot even imagine the love i will have for my own children (ONE day). i am crazy about these kids!

what i wore wednesday #8

it's wednesday! which means... the week is half over *happy hump day, people!* and its time for what i wore wednesday!

wednesday: work and impromptu dinner date
white button down: polo outlet
skinnies: old navy
leopard flats: target
(i changed to khaki shorts for dinner.. i liked the outfit much better then).

thursday: work
yellow top: banana republic
trouser jeans: gap outlet
sandals: gap outlet

friday: work, dinner with my parents 
tan cardi: belk
white tank: old navy
dress pants: gap outlet
gold peep toes: payless
yellow purse: marshalls

saturday: shopping and double date with my bestie
striped shirt: jcpenny
khaki shorts: old navy
flip flops: gap
crossover bag: target (new- clearance!) after this picture i realized it was hanging a little too low, and adjusted the strap. just fyi. in case you were thinking it looked a little odd hanging below my shorts there.

oh, and sorry for the bad coloring. it was a dressing room pic. obviously. (out of all those clothes i tried on, i only ended up leaving with 2 things)

sunday: church and lunch with my folks, shopping, banquet with the hubbster
*this was my second outfit of the day, i wore it to the banquet*
dress: jcpenny
heels: dsw
i also carried a cute clutch, but somehow it didnt make it in the picture. (oh, how i LOVE a good clutch).

i really hate this picture. but i do give myself a little credit bc this was take AFTER all the days activties.

monday: work
pink cardi: LOFT outlet
navy tank: old navy
khakis: new york & co.
bag: target (same on as i carried on saturday)

fun fact: i just realized that i have been spelling "khaki" wrong all my life. oopsie!

tuesday: work and dinner with the hubby, my parents, sis in law, niece and nephew!! (stay tuned for post about that later!)
army green shirtdress: banana republic outlet
sandals: LOFT outlet
i adore this color... it is my most favorite shade of purple ever. very bright and fun!

im linking up at the pleated poppy!
the pleated poppy blog

Monday, April 18, 2011

30 day challenge: 21-30

if you missed the first 10 or 11-20 check those out first!

21. a picture of something you wish you could forget
22. a picture of something you wish you were better at.
23. a picture of your favorite book.
24. a picture of something you wish you could change.
25. a picture of your day.
(my sis in law, niece and nephew are on their way to GEORGIA!!!)
26. a picture of something that means a lot to you.
27. a picture of yourself and a family member.
28. a picture of something you're afraid of.
29. a picture that can always make you smile.
30. a picture of someone you miss.

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