Monday, February 28, 2011

red carpet fashion... according to me

so my fave part about watching award shows? the fashion, of course. or performances... i really dont care so much about the presenting of the awards part... so heres my take on the fasionistas of the oscars last night. my FAVE looks:

mila kunis: LOVE the lavender.
hillary swank: if i were to ever walk a red carpet, i could see myself choosing a dress like this. classy yet fun! i do think she should have added some jewelry though.
natalie portman: such a pretty color! and the dress seriously flatters her baby bump
(fun fact- im pretty much obsessed with preggo women. unfortunately, im afraid im going to be a huge hippopotamous when i myself am pregnant.)

 as for my "thumbs down" looks of the night.... here are my LEAST favorites: (don't worry, ill be nice) and i actually do LIKE all of these actors so its nothing personal :)

 christian bale: seriously, was it too much effort to shave?! he has definitely looked wayyy better.
 amy adams: don't get me wrong... she's gorgeous and classy. and i do love the COLOR of the dress. the style? not so much. especially with the necklace over the dress... too much. i think she could have looked better is all.
 reese witherspoon: again, i LOVE reese. but i didn't love this look. i just think she could have been a little more of a show-stopper. i feel like ive seen this dress a million times. and the ponytail was almost "dream of jeannie".

thats all... so should i become a fashion critic? yeah?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

my wish list...

i absolutely love online shopping and constantly have a "wish list"... here are my current fave things:

Small Triple Circles Customized Address Stamp
1. a stamp return address... i'm basically a sucker for anything with a monogram (find it here)Pink Rose Bouquet Necklace
2. i love long necklaces, and i love the pop of color in this one (find it here)
Personalized, Custom Rustic wood 5X7  picture frame, love tree carving Christmas gift for husband or wife
3. LOVE this rustic frame carved with your initials and wedding date (find it here)Image of NEW! modern pearl rosette statement necklace {coral}
4. rosettes are so cute and fun. i love the coral color. i want the "mini" version of this necklace- (find it here)
5.i love meaningful jewelry. (find it here)
6. such a classic bracelet. (find it here)

Friday, February 25, 2011

helloooo, weekend...

what a GORGEOUS friday it was! after work i decided to spend some time outside reading and enjoying the weather (since my car thermometer said it was 73 degrees outside and i have spring fever like whoa).

so i got home, made a smoothie (yoplait smoothies- you just add milk to the frozen mixture...they're healthy and DELISH. also, if you like them on facebook, you can print a dollar off coupon)

when i graduated college (and actually had some free time on my hands), i discovered my love for reading again. i like that i can actually read something for enjoyment now (something i hadn't done in probably a good 10 years)

bud (our fur-baby) who is strictly an inside-kitty even got  to enjoy some time in the sunshine...ive been working on this book for a while... its not that it wasn't good... just not necessarily a book that you will stay awake and forgo sleep to finish. i bought it at target... it was one of their "recommended reads"- which is generally how i pick my seller lists or amazon recommendations. now for my book review:
goodnight, beautiful by dorothy koomson
amazon summary: nova and mal have been best friends since childhood (and secretly half in love with each other). since mal’s wife, stephanie, is unable to have children they ask nova to be the surrogate mother. she agrees but when stephanie finds a text message from mal to nova saying "goodnight, beautiful" she forces mal to cut all ties to his best friend and his son. Eight years later, nova and mal are still not speaking to each other, and nova is raising their son, leo, by herself. But when leo becomes critically ill, nova realizes that despite their estrangement, mal needs to know his son before it’s too late.

my opinions: TEAR-JERKER alert. although i did not cry, it is not a "happily ever after" story by any means. i thought it was interesting and definitely worth reading... different than a lot of the stuff i have read before, which i appreciated. it is a very emotional read that kind of had an interesting psychological aspect as well.

other books that i recommend:
1. something borrowed- emily giffin (this is being made into a movie this summer- sooo excited! check out the trailer
(also check out eg's something blue, baby proof, love the one youre with and heart of the matter)
2. chelsea chelsea bang bang- chelsea handler (all of her books are hilarious... she has another coming out soon. so EXCITED!)
6. mommywood- tori spelling (again, all of her books are good- this is her latest, i would read them in order though!)
7. the girls from ames- jeffrey zaslow

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


so greg and i just got back today from our trip to virginia to visit my brothers family and meet my nephew eli for the first time.
this was the first time he met his uncle greg... 
he is a really sweet baby! i loved holding and snuggling him!  
another highlight of our trip: erin sent georgetown cupcakes (from the tlc show DC cupcakes)
we all enjoyed them... especially these two:

and just because i meant to post this last week... heres a (healthy) recipe to pass along. i made this when my in-laws came over for dinner. its a curtis stone (biggest loser chef) recipe and is very tastey for people like me who always want dessert and need a healthy alternative!
grilled peaches with raspberry yogurt and almonds
1/2 cup fresh raspberries (i substituted strawberries)
1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
2 peaches, pitted and halved
2 teaspoons agave nectar
1/4 cup sliced and toasted almonds
  • Place the raspberries and the yogurt into a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth and the raspberries are completely broken apart.
  • Remove from the blender and refrigerate covered until serving.
  • Preheat a nonstick grill pan over medium high heat.
  • Rub the agave nectar over the peaches so they are completely coated.
  • Place the peaches skin side up onto the preheated grill pan and grill for 4 to 5 minutes or until the peaches have caramelized and are tender Remove the peaches from the grill pan to serving plates.
  • Spoon some of the raspberry yogurt over each peach and sprinkle with the toasted almonds and serve.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy love day!

so yesterday was valentines day... and i loveee valentines day (and pretty much every other holiday, too!) i just like an excuse to give presents, and find ways to make the day fun and exciting. maybe its because my momma is a hallmark lady? she always did the holidays right growing up... even if i didnt have a boyfriend on vday, i could always look forward to a valentines gift before school (or a purse for my easter basket before church!)
my day was off to a good start when i got a ridiculously large and beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses and balloons delivered to work. valentines day is such a holiday for girls- its so hard to come up with gifts for your guy. months ago i saw a hallmark book while i was in CVS that you fill out for your hunnie about your relationship (i often buy gifts WAY in advance when i see things that remind me of someone- ive been known to start christmas shopping in july!) i also picked him out some new jeans and a button down, reeses and peanut m&ms (a favorite around here)

we went out for hott date to mikata (my fave japanese restaurant... its in macon). it was delish, as always. it was low key, but probably the best valentines day ever!

and what kind of valentines day would it be without cupcakes? i made devils food cupcakes since they're gregs favorite :)

i cannot wait for holidays when i have kids... we will totally do fun valentines crafts together...and bake cupcakes, of course!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

living for the weekends...

what a fun weekend! on friday night greg and i had amici double date night with justin and amy (something we do about bi-weekly now).... we enjoyed some not-so-healthy but oh-so-yummy grub and talked for while before greg and i came home to ultimately crash before 10:00.

saturday we headed to athens for my friend lindsie's wedding (lindsie and i worked at monograms and more together a couple of years ago). since our good friends aaron and holly live in athens and were kind enough to let us stay at their house we made a weekend out of it.
lindsie was a beautiful bride as i knew she would be... i really didnt end up with many good pictures from the wedding, but heres a few to give you an idea. the dress was her moms when her parents got married (in the same church, 30 years ago- almost to the day!) the cake was gorgeous... and of course had their monogram!
she also had adorable monogrammed cookies, but i couldnt get a decent picture of them. stupid camera. maybe one of these days i can get an expensive good quality camera..... *hint for the husband ;)*congrats to lindsie and christopher... i hope you have a long, happy life together :)

after the wedding, aaron and holly taught me to play spades and we had card night. today we walked around downtown athens checking out some shops and got some lunch... then i dragged greg to do some more shopping. we hit the jackpot at tjmaxx/homegoods (i took a picture of my finds) and made a "quick" trip to target for a few things...
all in all, it was a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

happy birthday, eli!

i'm an aunt (x2)!!!!! :)

now i have a niece AND a nephew!
eli wescott brown was born today at 2:05 pm, weighing in at 8lb 9oz and 20.5 inches long....

of course i have to show off a few pictures of the handsome little guy... i haven't even met him yet, but i am so in love with this little boy!

greg and i are flying to virginia next weekend and i am soooo excited to see sophia and meet this sweet face...

underneath that blue cap is LOTS of dark hair, just like sophia's when she was born! and his lips/chin look exactly like hers did when she was a newborn, too.

and here is a picture of sophia (sleeping in aunt lori's arms!) a couple hours after she was born for you guys to compare...

They look like twins, right?!?

I can't believe that was almost 3 years ago... she is such a big girl now (and a big sister!!)

happy birthday, eli. aunt lori cannot wait to hold you!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

im a blogger now...

i've been wanting to start a blog for a while, but i never felt like i had anything very interesting to write about since i dont have kids or anything (yet!) . but i think i'm going to give it a go... maybe i can pass along a good recipe or two, if nothing else :)

i've been dieting for the past couple of weeks (and lost almost 5.5 lbs now)... so i've been trying out new (healthy) recipes and found that i really enjoy cooking! this past saturday i decided to try out my baking skills and make some "sunny lemon-raspberry muffins"... they turned out to be pretty good!

if you want to try the recipe, you can find it here
(this website has a ton of good recipes that i cant wait to try!)

on sunday we had a small party for the superbowl... i made my momma's chili, a crab artichoke dip and brownies (not so good for the diet, ha) but i promised maggie i would pass along the chili recipe... so here you go maggie!

momma brown's chili
brown 2 pounds ground beef or turkey (i use one of each). brown one chopped onion along with the meat. then in a soup pot (or crock pot) add that to 2 cans chopped tomatoes, 2 cans tomato sauce, 2 cans (drained) pinto, kidney or chili beans (i used pinto and kidney), 1 to 2 envelopes french's chili-o seasoning mix and 1 or 2 tsp sugar(or splenda). once everything is mixed together, cook on medium for several hours, sitrring occasionally. and enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

get in touch.

hey, lovelies! 
please feel free to contact me regarding sponsorships, guest posting or giveaways

{or if you have any questions or comments}- i love to hear from my readers! 

i promise to get back to you just as soon as i can!

looking forward to hearing from you. :)

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