Friday, November 21, 2014

on being a better mom.

it's so easy to get caught up in the day to day frustration and exhaustion of being a mom... our whole family has had colds, and unfortunately carter's turned into an ear infection {his fourth}. he has been fighting me as i try to suck his snot with the nose frida (being a mom is gross sometimes). in his free time, he has been enjoying gnawing on his crib, thanks to the SEVEN teeth he's cut in the past two weeks... the canines and the molars! (i hear- and believe- that they are the worst).
my independent, hard headed strong willed boy has realized that he has opinions on how he wants to do EVERYTHING and has decided that he wants to feed himself with NO help from the adult folk- getting oatmeal (or whatever other sticky substance) in his hair- and everywhere within a spoon-fling away. baby sign language didn't quite catch on in our house, so instead carter just does the windshield wiper motion- knocking all unwanted food and drink on the floor to indicate that he is finished at the end of every meal.

... and i'm tired. i think i'm going to be tired for the rest of my life. {and my baby is a good sleeper!}

but just as i'm having one of those days... carter throws ol' mom a bone and does the sweetest little things. THREE times last week he fell asleep on me in the glider {which as it turns out, was a sign of the ear infection- but still a sweet gesture}. and the other night after we read our bedtime story, he reached around and hugged me tight laying his head on my shoulder. the unprompted kisses and the way he squints his eyes and laughs when you tickle his back and belly? probably my favorites thing in life.

the other night while carter was asleep, hinny up in his crib, i read baby boy bakery and hot tears roll down my face. tears of heartbreak for Jacqui having to navigate life without her son. and i feel guilty for ever being frustrated at my sweet carter baby.
and then i went to bed determined to be a better mom tomorrow than i was today because every day is a blessing with my boy and i am so thankful that God chose me to be his and him to be mine.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

cheers to 30 years.

today is this guy's birthday... we celebrated a little early last night because unfortunately greg is in the middle of working a 15(ish) hour day right now. i surprised him with a date night in atlanta- going to see cirque du soleil (amaluna) and eating dinner at the melting pot. it was some good, much needed quality time with my man. 

and for your birthday, i have decided to list 30 things i love about you...
1. you love being a daddy, and spending quality time with your boy.
2. you tolerate family pictures. and i think you may even secretly like them now...
3. you get up with carter and let me sleep in on your days off. 
4. you like to cook and don't mind fixing dinner sometimes.
5. ... but you rave on the dinners that i cook, too.
6. you're not afraid to admit you're a cat person.
7. you do the dishes.
8. you understand the need for retail therapy.
9. ... and giving me some mama alone time.
10. you work hard to take care of our family finacially.
11. you're cute.
12. how animated you are when you read carter a bedtime story.
13. you will do anything and everything in your power to fix all of my problems.
14. you look good in a uniform.
15. you genuinely care about people.
16. how you pick up little surprises for carter while you are out of town.
17. you compliment me often, even when i'm not dressed up or looking fancy.
18. you take the baby on publix runs.
19. you look good driving a big truck.
20. you are honest, trustworthy and protective.
21. that you're not afraid to act silly to make carter laugh.
22. you are my favorite travel partner.
23. you understand the importance of a good lazy day.
24. ... and a need to be productive day. 
25. you are respectful of others and a natural leader.
26. you find my phone all 27 times a week that i lose it.
27. your passion for georgia football.
28. you are always down for a fun family outing.
29. you have pretty eyes, a good smile and a cute butt.
30. most of all, i love how you love me.

happy birthday to the best husband a girl could ask for. i'm happy i'm looking forward to spending the next 30 years with you!

carter and i love you very much!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

it's not fall until you visit a pumpkin patch.

if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen the chalkboard fall bucket list hanging in my kitchen. 

well, on friday we crossed the first thing off of our fall family bucket list! washington farms is really close to our house, and has the cutest little pumpkin patch this time of the year.
our red wagon was perfect for carter to sit in AND to bring back our pumpkins!
originally, i planned on carter wearing jeans... BUT since it's been in the low 80s (!!!), we had to stick with shorts.
but poor thing still got pretty toasty in his long sleeve shirt... where oh where did you go, gorgeous fall weather?!
 thankfully, he didn't seem to mind.
 and isn't this father-son picture just the sweetest?!
 he loved the baby pumpkins!
... they were just his size!
and then of course, we had to get a family shot by the sign like we did last year when carter was an 8 week old tiny little thing.
we're planning on taking a picture like this every year to watch our family grow :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

little man fall style.

i get the majority of my boy's clothes from either baby gap or carter's. he has a few things from mini boden, and h&m has a cute boys section with a hipster vibe, and such great prices! i get his monogrammed and holiday outfits mostly on etsy, but today i just wanted to share some of our favorite every day looks for fall!
little man fall style.

little man fall style. by lori-williams52

one. colorblock moto tee.
two. colorblock stripe boatneck top.
three. footie jammies.
four. two piece jammies.
five. logo vintage sweatshirt
six. stripe pants / jeans.
seven. lunchtime one piece / gentleman jumpsuit.
eight. toms mid bootie.
nine. denim button front shirt / three piece toggle button set.
ten. striped cardigan

you'll notice that there's several one piece jumpsuits. i love them and i will be so sad when carter outgrows them. not only are they cute and easy to wear (no matching of tops and bottoms), they're comfy for him, too.

and why is it that a baby can look SO cute in sweats while his mama looks like a sloppy mess in them?

oh, and can we talk about those tiny tom booties?! seriously the cutest things ever. they're definitely going on carter's christmas wish list.

any cute boys stores or shops that i need to know about?! leave me a note in the comments!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

fall swap!!

happy october, ya'll!!!

emily / me / rebekah / ricci

i am so excited to co-host this fall swap with these lovely ladies. it's been a while since i've participated in one myself, and i am really looking forward to putting together a fun package to my partner! plus, who doesn't love getting a little something special in the mail??
sign ups are now through wednesday, October 8th.
you will receive your partners by october 10th via email. then, take some time to get to know your partner and their likes/dislikes using social media and {the best part!} START SHOPPING for lots of fun fall goodies!

there is a $25 limit not including shipping. this is open to US residents only, sorry!

mail your packages by October 22nd: so that everyone can reveal their partner and package live on the blog on October 29th.

sign up below to join the fun!
{and let me know if you have any questions}

Fall Swap

 and the partners are: 

Lori - Momentous Moms  
Ricci - Sarah  

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