Monday, April 14, 2014

it's all about perception.

lately there's been a lot of talk around the blog world about the "reality" behind the posts... about people being "fake"- gushing over how much they love their husband and posting only pictures of a spotless house, adorably dressed kids, and momma wearing heels and flawlessly applied make up- and just making it seem like they have the "perfect life"

but i like to think that may not be their intent at all... maybe they are simply choosing to focus on the positive. and remember that there is SO much that you cannot tell from a still-shot photo... {which is kind of a good thing}
... for instance, by just seeing this you wouldn't know that carter was up several times the night before AND was trying to eat pollen while we tried to snap a picture of him and brighton :)

the hubs and i have been married for four years {together for a total of 8.5}... and we've had some REALLY good days, some really bad days, and some days were we just can't seem to get along or enjoy each other's company. if we're going to be honest, sometimes i can be a tough person to be married to... you like how i only admit that AFTER he put a ring on it, right? ;)

if you are one of our close friends who has the pleasure of hanging out with us in real life {i kid, i kid} you may experience greg doing something dumb and me snapping at him... because we're pretty candid {and i may be guilty of not always thinking before i react}... but of course i don't use my blog or instagram feed to post about the details of our last argument or how it annoys the heck out of me that he doesn't pick up carter's dirty bottles and always moves the burp clothes when i need them.

instead, i try to remember the BEST days and remind myself of the reasons why i love this guy to pieces. i like to make note of the sweet things greg does... like surprising me with flowers when he is out of town, or cleaning up the whole kitchen after i've cooked {plus, he may be a little more likely to continue doing them when he gets recognition and appreciation}.

so when you find yourself envying another blogger, remember that you are only seeing a snipit of their life and relationships... everyone has their own "dirty laundry", but these "perfect times" may just be the moments they are choosing to remember.

Monday, April 7, 2014

family pictures.

we recently met up with my friend cara to take carter's 6 month pictures {though he was really closer to 7 months}
and we managed to get a few of the whole family as well...
 i had originally planned really springy looking outfits with short sleeves... but the weather wasn't on my side, and after rescheduling due to really bad winds, it was still too cold that day.
 so we opted for {little} warmer clothing...
 and this guy was a trooper.
and despite being cold, hungry and needing a diaper change...
 he was very generous with his smiles.
{don't worry- we did stop taking pictures to feed and change him... and then blast the heat to warm him up}
and i can't get over how much older he looks {and acts} since the last time we took family pictures.
 thanks, cara for taking these amazing pictures of my sweet little family.
i can't wait to see how my nuggy has grown in our next photo session :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

friday letters.

dear hubs, i am SO happy you are coming home today!! you sure were missed this week... and carter and i are looking forward to some good family time on your days off. 
dear cara, thank you so much for always taking the BEST pictures of my family. we are so lucky to have you... not everyone has a photographer friend who loves their baby.
dear carter, thanks for taking it easy on me this week while i played "single parent". you really are the best kiddo in the world... i am so blessed to call you mine {now, can we practice SAYING "momma"... because i'm really going to need that to be your first word}
{more pictures from our latest photo session will be posted on monday... and i'm kind of in love with them}

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

seven months.

okay remember when i said 6 months was my favorite age? scratch that. 7 months has it beat! you are so sweet right now {even when you insist on pulling my hair and get mad when i don't let you}. you melt my heart when you squeeze me for a hug or reach for me to pick you up.
and you are SO cute when your head full of fuzzy hair :)
a couple of weeks ago you were congested and had a bad cough. mommy was afraid of you getting an ear infection without me knowing it... so we took you to the doctor to make sure that it was just a cold. i hated seeing you feel so bad, but you were a champ and kept smiling the whole time. you're 17 pounds now and we won't have another doctors appt until you are around 10 months old, which seems really odd to me now!
routine and sleep:
being sick messed up your sleeping again {that, and i'm beginning to think theres a 7 month sleep regression that no one warned me about}. the past couple of nights have been better, but it's been a rough couple of weeks with you up twice a night.
clothes and diapers:
you are wearing a mixture of 6 months, 6-9 month and 9 month clothes depending on the style/brand... you can still wear your 3-6 month pants from gap and old navy, but you are in 9 month sleepers from carters because of your length. and we moved up to size 3 diapers a little after you turned 6 months old.
you are back to eating 4 oz bottles, but lately we are lucky if you eat 20-24 oz a day... you lost your appetite when you were sick, and i'm not sure if it just hasn't come back completely yet, or if you have just decided that you'd rather eat real food than bottles all the time. but you do love to eat foods! we tried pureed fruits this months and while you will eat any we give you, i definitely think pears are your favorite!

our favorite baby items:
you still love your walker and jumper... you've been spending a lot of time on your jumbo play mat playing with toys as well. and you love your sophie teether and books!

milestones and development:
right after you turned 6 months, your first tooth came through... with your second tooth following the next day!
your coordination and balance have gotten a lot better, and you are sitting up like a champ now!
you also love being outside! since the weather is warming up a bit, we have been able to spend more time playing outside and taking walks, and you love it!
you love people! you also love when older kids pay attention to you... and the other day we went to eat italian with mimi and pops and you got this man's attention from across the restaurant and you were just grinning like crazy.

we also just tried a mommy and me swimming class for the first time last weekend and you loved it! you even hugged the instructor after she blew in your face and dunked you below the water! i definitely think you are going to be our little water baby this summer.
{excuse the poor quality of the picture- the humidity made my camera lens foggy!}
we've had a really hard time getting you to drink your bottles recently... and if you don't want to nap, you let us know right quick. other than that, you are pretty happy!
i love you, nuggy!

Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on friday.

honestly, most of the time i don't even realize what day of the week it is. now that i stay home with carter and my husband doesn't work a "normal" schedule, fridays don't usually mean a whole lot around here. but this week greg had training and it sure has been nice having him home in the evenings! it's been a good little break for me, and since the laundry AND dishes are done when carter decided to take a nap, i've actually got some spare time to blog and play catch up today!

on wednesday, we met up with my friend cara to take some family pictures and i am LOVING our sneak peeks. hopefully i should have the rest in a few days and i will be posting more, but here's one of my favorites so far:
{excuse the wonky crop job, thanks to my iphone... sorry, cara}

after being gone for a couple days, the furbaby sure was happy to have us home... he hasn't left my side, and jumps at any opportunity to cuddle. even though he looks super sassy here, he has been really loving. sweet thing even let carter pet him when we got home!!
 its no secret that i love a holiday... and this smiley boy in his easter bunny footie jammies. we will be wearing them AS much as possible between now and easter. thanks, target :)
my in-laws came for a visit this morning and brought us some yummy boiled peanuts and fresh, local jellies! yummyyy!
we all went to ihop for brunch before the hubs had to go into work. carter was a little cranky and squirmy since he hasn't been sleeping good at night and hadn't had a morning nap yet. so we took turns passing him around the table and then walking around with him in the lobby... until an older lady who was by herself wanted to come sit and chat with us and touch my baby's tummy, hands and toy. there needs to be a public service announcement that it is NOT okay to touch someone else's child unless you are related and/or close friends. why is this not common sense and/or courtesy???! i finally lied and said that he had a dirty diaper i needed to go take care of... which will now be my go-to get away tactic- messy diapers send strangers running ;)

my little guy is officially SEVEN months old and looking SO BIG these days!
his monthly update will be posted next week :)

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