Friday, April 29, 2016

lawson: two months.

what a month it has been- filled with smiles, stress and lots of love!
you are a healthy boy! at 9 weeks, you weighed 10 lbs, 7.5 oz. and are about 23 inches long... you dropped from the 36% at your one month appt to the 6% for weight, so we are now trying to get you to chunk up.

you gave us a big scare last week (@10 weeks old)- you had been napping on my chest, and after you woke up you refused to nurse, made a bad face then started crying really hard... i got daddy to hold and noticed that your color was not good and you were starting to turn blue. you went limp in daddys arms and we noticed then that around your mouth started to turn blue, so he told me to call 911. it all happened SO fast... but thankfully an EMT was here within a couple of minutes (she lives off our road and works at the firestation about 2 miles from our house). you had started to come back around by then and she checked your oxygen levels (94%), but could tell that your color was not normal. i got you to take a bottle and calm down, but it took a little bit for you to look like yourself. in the mean time, 2 more paramedics got here with an ambulance. they listened to your heart but didn't see anything wrong (and your oxygen levels had gotten up to 97%) so, we didn't take you to the hospital but i called the pediatrician at the hospital to get his opinion and we made a follow up appt for the next day.

dr. B said that he believes you had some reflux, which triggered a larynospasm (basically your vocal cords seized up and you couldn't get air to your lungs ( ). he prescribed zantac to treat the reflux and make sure that it doesn't happen again.
routine and sleep:
your schedule has remained somewhat the same- still waking up around 7 and 8 for the day, after waking once a night to eat (usually between 4 and 5)

the mornings are filled with getting everyone fed, dressed and packed up for whatever we have going on that day. you've been wanting to nurse constantly in the mornings so i have been giving you an ounce or two of milk that i pumped through the night so that you are satisfied. the rest of the day, you eat every 2ish hours (with an oz or two of breastmilk given in a bottle as needed)

we start the bedtime routine between 8 and 8:30, and i feed you until you are content and falling asleep. daddy burps, changes and swaddles you before we put you down in the rock n play.
clothes and diapers:
you are wearing mostly 3 month outfits (the kind without feet work best since you're so long!) and sleepers and size 1 diapers.

dr. b wasnt too concerned with the low percentiles since you didn't show any of the warning signs of not getting enough nutrition (not spitting up, good diapers out put, sleeping well, etc) so he said we could just watch it, that maybe you were just going to be a smaller baby. but mommy went to a lactation consultant and found out that i have a low milk supply... you only got 2oz when i fed you there. so, i am currently taking supplements, eating all the milk boosting foods, drinking a ton of water and pumping in between feedings (including in the middle of the night while youre sleeping... that is love, baby boy!) in hopes to increase my supply. i've since gone to see the LC again this week (a week later at 11 weeks) and you got 2.5 oz during this feeding and had gained 5 oz in a week, so we are making improvements!

i've been able to only give you breastmilk so far, since i have some pumped that we can give you when you are not satisfied from nursing alone, but trying to keep you fed is getting exhausting and frustrating at times, so we're just trying to take it day by day and do what works and makes you gain weight!
our favorite baby gear
woombie swaddles- i'm not sure if these are the reason you have slept so well, but it's what we've been using from day one... so we'll still with it ;)
solly baby wrap was great when your head was still floppy, but now that you have some more head control we are liking the ergo for shopping and joining in your brother's activities.

milestones and development:
you are smiling (started about 6 weeks) and making sweet baby noises (started about 7 weeks) now! sooo fun! you have recently started to grab things- like a blanket in your car seat or mommys hair as well.
you still like to be held as much as possible... sleeping on mommys chest, watching your big brother. you have come around to the swing, so you've started napping in it some as well.

you do not enjoy tummy time and you still do not like the carseat... but i think it's getting a little better. at least you don't cry the WHOLE time we're in the car now.
uncle derek, aunt mandy and your cousins (sophia, eli and nora) came to meet you!
we love you, sweet boy!

Monday, March 28, 2016

lawson's newborn pictures.

my sweet friend, angela (the same one who threw me that perfect baby shower) came over and took some precious newborn pictures of my baby.
these first two are my favorite because they show so much personality... my boys neither wanted to sleep for their newborn sessions and made us work for the sleeping baby shots!
baby yawns are seriously the cutest thing, ever.
Carter is NOT into pictures right now, but angela got some sweet ones of him peeking over and checking on baby brother.
those sideburns and froggy legs will be two things i always remember about this little guy's newborn days.

i love this one because carter was trying to share with his brother and put his "choo coo" there for lawson to "play" with.
long and skinny fingers!
i love how his leg is flopped over the side in this one...
to this day {at 7 weeks}, this is still his favorite position: legs up and on his belly.
i love them {and all the others i couldn't fit in this post!} so much that my heart could burst. 

thank you, angela for capturing this sweet and precious time. 
love you, friend.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

lawson: one month.

it's been a little over a month since you joined our family and time is flying, baby boy. you have earned the nickname "squishy"... because your cheeks are just so kissable, and 
you are the perfect addition to our family!

 the pediatrician says that you are perfect {which we are going to pretend that he doesn't say to EVERY baby}. at 5 weeks, you weigh 9 lbs, 7 oz. and are about 22 1/2 inches long.

routine and sleep:
you and carter both wake up around 7:00-8:00, which tends to be one of the hardest parts of my day because you both need me at the same time and sometimes i have to let one of you cry while i take care of the other. 

i try to get you both up and in a fresh diaper first thing, and if were heading out that morning, i try to get everyone dressed fairly soon after getting up. then i feed you and get carter set up with some milk and breakfast. you typically eat about every 2 hours {give or take a little} during the day. and sleep off and on during the morning with a longer nap in the middle of the day, about 1-3ish- on a good day, yours and big brothers naps overlap and i can either eat, clean, or sneak in some baby snuggles. evenings are the tough times- between the fussy times and cluster feeding, i'm lucky if i can eat my dinner while it's hot.

we start the bedtime routine between 8 and 8:30, and i feed you until you are content and falling asleep. daddy burps, changes and swaddles you before we put you down in the rock n play.

you are doing awesome sleeping at night! we have been spoiled from the beginning- sleeping 4 hour stretches almost immediately. you average 5- 6 hours a night without waking up, but sometimes go even longer {twice you have even slept 8 hours!!}- which i did NOT think breastfed babies did, ever. so thank you for that.
{newborn pictures by cara at two weeks}
clothes and diapers:
you were a lot bigger than we expected, so unfortunately you never got to wear the newborn clothes that i washed before you were born. 0-3 months fits you best, but you can wear some of the smaller 3month sizes, too! you're wearing newborn diapers for now, but i think we will move up to size 1s soon.
 i am happy to say that nursing is going better with you than it did with your big brother.  i have been able to exclusively breastfeed you and i've pumped a couple of times for mimi and daddy to give you a bottle. 
our favorite baby gear: 
so far you are not a big fan of the swing. so the bouncer has been our go-to spot for naps during the day; i think you like the vibration. you also like to lay in the boppy newborn lounger during your awake time... and of course, the rock n play is great at bedtime. 

milestones and development:
you recently started turning towards our voices and have started to become more expressive, and though i think your smiles are still resulting from a milk coma or gas, i think we're really close to seeing a real smile. 
you are a snuggler. you want to be held as much as possible, so we've been getting a lot of use out of our solly baby wrap. i like to wear you if we are doing an activity with your brother so that i have my arms free. you like to be cozy and swaddled, and always keep your froggy legs bunched up underneath you.

you like bath time okay, as long as you are warm enough... and of course, you love to eat ALL the time ;)
you do not like the carseat or riding in the car at all- i hope this changes soon!!

you've had a lot of people excited to come and meet you this past month!
{with your cousins, lauren and katie at 4 weeks}
{snuggles with erin at 3 weeks}
you are the perfect addition to our family, lawson! 
we can't wait to see you grow!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

my big boy is two and a half!

my goodness, you have grown up so much in the past six months! you are such a fun loving little boy, and you have the best personality! your daddy and i are so proud of what a good big brother you have been to lawson {who you lovingly call "baby"}... even though he doesn't do a whole lot now, i promise that he will be a lot more fun soon!
it was hard to get pictures for this post... because you are NOT a fan of the camera right now. 

you are still so tall and skinny- about 32 lbs, and about three feet tall!
you are so smart! you understand everything that we say and can follow directions {and choose too- MOST of the time}. you can count to ten, recognize all of your letters, and most colors: green, red, yellow, pink, orange, purple {my favorite to hear you say!} and blue {"boing" as you call it- you used to say blue, and we think the new name adapted from us saying "blue one"} and we are working on white and brown {which you sometimes confuse with black things, too}
you are my little back seat driver- reminding us when we are driving that "red means stop" and "green means go".

you love thomas the train {choo-choo}... you got this train table for christmas, and i think you have played with it every day since then. 
you are a collector- you always have your hands full of toys {usually bath toys- "memo" (nemo) being the current favorite}, cars or trucks... and since baby brother's arrival, a "boing"- which is what you call the blue paci. and when you can't fit everything in your hands, you often will have something hanging out of your mouth as well.

you love bathtime, being outside, helping daddy with projects, marching around the kitchen island with mimi, jumping {whether we're at rush trampoline park or in the living room just jumping from the couch to the ottoman} and dancing.
you are the perfect mix of tough and tender hearted, my sweet boy. 
i could not love you any more!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

lawson's birth story.

when i went to the doctor on monday morning, my blood pressure was still up and my urine sample showed +2 protein, an increase from friday... it would be the next day before they could get the results back from my bloodwork and 24 hour urine test to confirm, but my OB was worried about preeclampsia. i was scheduled to be induced tuesday morning {due to high fluid and large gestational size}- but my OB decided to send me on to the hospital that afternoon.
i got to the hospital about 11:00, and signed in. i changed into the gown, got hooked up to the monitors and the nurse put my IV in my wrist- and my vein collapsed. i felt really light headed, and my vision started to black out. i told her i wasn't doing good- so she gave me some oxygen and put a cold washcloth on my forehead. i normally do fine with blood work and needles, so i'm blaming it on the fact that i hadn't eaten anything since dinner {during the superbowl} the previous night. greg had gone to the car to get our bags- so when he came back to me with an oxygen mask on my face and a nervous, splotchy nurse- he wondered what the heck had happened. she had to do a second IV in my left hand {which still made me feel light-headed, but not quite as bad} and they started my antibiotics for GBS and pitocin (even though i was already contracting on my own). i was having some back pain and was starting to get nervous because i just felt like things were not going as smoothly as they had with Carter.

my doctor got there shortly after to break my water and after he checked me {still 4 cm, 80%}, he asked when was the last time that we confirmed he was head down (which was at my 36 week ultrasound... and i had been checked since then as well!). i said "oh, my gosh"... and i think he could tell that i was starting to freak out at the possibility of a c-section, so he said something about "maybe he just had a soft head, lets get an ultrasound machine to check". the ultrasound he confirmed that lawson was breech. and i just started crying. hard. i was terrified of a c-section... i had never had surgery, i'm claustrophobic, and of course, all of the horror stories you hear didn't help. my doctor was very comforting and answered all of my questions and told me that i was a great candidate for a vbac if i wanted to have another baby, but that right now a c-section was really the best option. he had a couple other ladies in labor, so he said he would be back in a couple of hours and we would schedule it for 4:30 that afternoon. 

so, i continued to cry while we packed up our things and headed to a c-section room closer to the OR. greg called my mom (who was at my house with my dad and carter) and asked her to come to the hospital. in the mean time, the anesthesiologist and the nurse anesthetist {lee} came to talk to me. they were both reassuring and the nurse had me take a nasty tasting anti-nausea "shot", which was terrible because they won't even let you chase it with water. 

the other deliveries ran a little later than expected, so i didn't walk into the OR until 5:30. it was the most bizarre thing ever- i felt like i was in a movie... the OR is so bright white and sterile- it's a small room, with a LOT of people in it- my doctor, an additional OB, the anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, at least two nurses for me and two for lawson, and my doctor's medical student who i had gotten to know on a really intimate level really quickly ;). i sat on the table and my nurse (megan) held onto my shoulders as the nurse anesthetist put in my spinal- which was better than the epidural i had with carter- it was pretty quick and painless, and they had me turn and lay down immediately. lee {the nurse anesthetist} was wonderful- he asked me about Carter and distracted me while they got everything prepped and made sure that i was good and numb before greg came in. 

the whole thing wasn't as bad as i expected. my OB had me pick out the music i wanted in the OR- my choice was Michael Jackson, and Billy Jean was the first song to come on the pandora station. while i didn't like the fact that my arms were tied down, it didn't feel as constraining as i expected- maybe because i was focused on other things? i did get anxious and really tense... i asked greg to rub my shoulders when he came in, because i felt like my shoulders were at my ears and they were starting to hurt. greg said when i started to freak out that the nurse anesthetist shot something into my IV... and whatever it was, it did help calm me down. the other complaint that i had was a sharp pain in my chest... i was told that it was because my body felt like i couldn't get oxygen- even though my levels were 100 out of 100 according to the computer screen behind me. 
they made the incision at 5:46 {thankfully, i didn't feel any of it}, and lawson was born at 5:57 pm. Dr. S said that he looked like greg and lee told me that he had a lot of dark hair. we heard him cry- which made me cry... it's just the best sound in the world! they showed him to us and then greg went to be with the baby on the other side of the room while they cleaned him up. my OB was so sweet to insist that i had plenty of time with the baby before they whisked him off to the nursery, but unfortunately, when they brought him back to me i got really nauseous so they ended up taking him to the nursery {with greg} while i got sick... which is why i have no pictures with lawson from the actual OR.

they finished putting me back together (i was aware that they were pushing on me... but it wasn't painful) and then transferred me to a hospital bed {you feel like you're falling!} and rolled me backwards back to my room. greg met me in there, and then brought my parents in to see me before they finally brought lawson to me.
he was perfect- squishy cheeks, a head full of dark hair and the sweetest little nose. he looked just like his big brother, plus a couple of pounds.

lawson's birth story was not at all what i imagined it would be. the fact that it was completely different than carter's serves as a reminder that each pregnancy, birth story and baby is unique... and as moms we have to roll with the punches. i am so appreciative of the doctors, nurses and {especially} anesthesiologists who made me feel so well taken care of... and in the end, it's THIS story that gave me this sweet chunk of love- so as unexpected and scary as it was- it was worth every second.

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