Sunday, November 29, 2015

baby williams #2: 28 week bumpdate.

How far along? 28 weeks... and officially in the third trimester! 
Total weight gain/loss:
i haven't been to the doctor since my last update. but according to my scale at home, i'm still around the same +5 or so.
maternity clothes? still a mixture... maternity bottoms (loving these black jeans from loft and and i'm loving that i can still wear some of my non-maternity tunics and dresses.
 Stretch marks? not any new ones. i've started using honest company's belly balm because my skin has been a little itchy some nights, but overall things are looking good.
Sleep: is going okay. i still fall asleep pretty easily, and hug a pillow for belly support but i've had to get up a lot more often to go to the bathroom, which is frustrating. i've also had a little more acid reflux at night the past week or so, but still nothing like how it was with Carter.
Best moment: ordering a stocking with Lawson's name on it... so crazy to think that this time next year, we will be a party of four! i've also had fun filling in Lawson's baby book about my pregnancy so far.
Miss Anything? not being out of breath when i get to the top of the stairs ;) i keep thinking at least they make me get some exercise in daily! and i can tell that i am getting tired quicker now, my to-do list usually outlasts my energy level, which is tough this time of the year because i want to get all the things done!
Movement: LOTS of movement going on... i can see it from the outside now, which is crazy!

Food cravings: chick fil a breakfast has been a constant throughout this pregnancy... as well as cereal, and lately i've been more into shakeology again and having that for lunch often. i can tell it has made a difference in how i feel, too! i've been cooking more as well, lots of soups and comfort foods.
Anything making you queasy or sick: i've been fighting some congestion- i think just due to the weather change, and sometimes it makes me feel a little yucky.
Have you started to show yet: definitely.
{27 weeks before baby boot camp}
Gender prediction: it's a boy!
Labor Signs: nope.
Belly Button in or out? in.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy.
Looking forward to: working on the nursery and our next ultrasound- though i think we have to wait until our 36 weeks for that.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

baby williams #2: 25 week bumpdate.

 How far along? 25 weeks... my plan was to do an update last week {with 3 weeks between each post... but the week got away from me and i'm just now sitting down to do it!}
Total weight gain/loss:
i'm now up 4.5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.
maternity clothes? my pants are maternity, i've decided that i like the short band better (i wore more full panels my last pregnancy) i just ordered these olive skinnies from the loft and they're my favorite- SO soft and comfortable! i've been wearing some maternity dresses... i especially like this one that i wore to georgia/florida game. and for tops, i've mostly been wearing non-maternity, loose tunics/piko tops.
 Stretch marks? not any new ones. i've started using honest company's belly balm because my skin has been a little itchy some nights, but overall things are looking good.
Sleep: i'm still pretty tired, so sometimes i nap when carter does and i fall asleep pretty easily at night, only waking up a few times to use the restroom. i'm so glad that the heartburn hasn't bothered me like it did when i was pregnant with carter! {according to the wives tales, that means lawson is a bald baby... we shall see!}
Best moment: deciding on a nursery design and getting his bedding and accessories in the mail! {i'll do a post on it soon.} and greg teaching carter to "talk to the baby"... he puts his mouth right against my belly and mumbles or sometimes blows raspberries- so cute and funny
Miss Anything? not really.
maybe i just don't remember, but i feel like he's a lot more active than Carter was at this stage {which is saying A LOT!} it often feels like he's standing up and tap dancing straight down.
Food cravings: i've wanted sweets a little more than normal- especially brownies...
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope, doing good there!
Have you started to show yet: yes. so far i've had two strangers mention the baby- a lady at publix {who was telling carter that he needed to walk so i didn't have to carry him on my hip when his little brother or sister came- she was being sweet, not rude.}... and the man sitting in front of me at the georgia/florida game, who stared at me for a while {assuming he was making sure i was pregnant first} and then asked when i was due.
Gender prediction: it's a boy!
Labor Signs: nope.
Belly Button in or out? in.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy.
Looking forward to: we're trying to figure out if and when we can take a babymoon... this time of the year is just SO busy! hoping to get something planned in the next few days, even if it's just a mini-trip for a night or two away.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

baby williams #2: week 21 bumpdate

i'm a little late getting started with my bumpdates, but in efforts to not completely slack on documenting my second pregnancy, here is my first update on baby williams #2
How far along? 21 Weeks- over half way there!
Total weight gain/loss:
at my last appt. {19weeks+some} i was actually a pound down from my pre-pregnancy weight... but my doctor says baby is growing and gaining, so it's fine!

Stretch marks? not any new ones.
Sleep: is going okay... we're on a much more normal schedule thanks to the hub's job change, so i feel much more rested... even though i usually wake up 1-3 times to go to the bathroom (and my coughing has kept me up lately because i can't kick this sickness!)
Best moment: finding out the gender of baby williams and announcing his name... Lawson Weldon :)

{we totally had to bribe carter with gummies to say "cheese" for this picture... whatever it takes!}
Miss Anything? red wine. sangria. and my wardrobe options... it's been super hard to dress this time around because of the changing seasons (my maternity clothes from carter were all summer styles)
Movement: i have been feeling some movement for about 2-3 weeks now, and a couple of light kicks the night before our 20 week ultrasound, and greg has even been able to feel him a little bit on the outside recently!

Food cravings: breakfast foods- toast with raspberry jelly was my first craving, i think... i also ate a lot of plain cheese omeletes and cereal... and lots of chick fil a- i can't get enough of their sweet tea. chips and salsa was one random one though that was just for a day or two.
Anything making you queasy or sick: i've been much sicker this pregnancy than with carter... my "morning sickness" lasted until close to 18 weeks, but then i've had a lot of congestion/sickness so that has made it worse. i think we're about past it now, thankfully!
Have you started to show yet: yes. i think about 15 weeks is when it looked like i had a "bump"... but some days it is more out there than others. jeans are particuarly difficult right now, because my regular size hasn't fit for several weeks {it kind of hits right in the middle of the bump, so uncomfy!} but maternity jeans kind of just slide down awkwardly.
Gender prediction: it's a boy!
Labor Signs: nope.
Belly Button in or out? in.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy.
Looking forward to: deciding on a nursery theme... i've been having a hard time finding something different than carter's that i love. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

you probably already know this, but...

we're having another baby!!! 

i posted this picture on facebook/instagram several weeks ago, but it didn't feel official unless i made an announcement on my poor, neglected blog.

i'm due february 21st, but {but since carter made his debut 3 weeks early, we will be ready well before that}.

so, i'm currently 17 weeks {plus a few days}, and feeling okay. i have been sick this pregnancy, but it does feel different than it did when i was pregnant with Carter. With Carter, the magic number was 15 weeks... but here i am still getting sick a couple times a week in the morning and feeling yuck on long-ish car rides and sometimes in the evenings. it has eased up a bit in the weeks past, so i'm still hopeful that i'll be back to my energetic feeling good self in no time {who am i kidding, i'm probably going to be tired for the rest. of. my. life.}

regardless, it's a small price to pay and we are SO excited about this sweet baby and the new addition to our family! 

Carter isn't quite sure what all is going on yet, but he does know something about there's a baby in mommy's belly, and daddy taught him how to talk to the baby, so he sticks his mouth up to my stomach and talks a lot of gibberish... so cute!  

planning on updating more soon...
so stay tuned for that ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2015


my baby love. you have made me love deeper, laugh harder, and basically, life a fuller life. i am so glad that you are mine!
i love that sweet dimple in your left cheek. and your belly laughs when daddy tickles you and "counts your ribs" are my favorite.
{with your best buddy, will, on the 4th of july}
you like jungle animals like your momma does- elephants, monkeys (okay, mainly curious george) and you especially love to "roar" like a lion. 

i love your country accent when you say "that dog" when you see one walking by. you say hi and wave sweetly to neighbors. 
{with your twin cousins out to eat at the lake}
you can say short phrases like "i'm two!" and you are good about saying please ("eeease") but we're still working on "thank you". 

you can identify almost all of your letters, thanks to super why, your alphabet book and "chicka chicka boom boom".
{your first braves game, in july. you loved it and learned how to say "baseball!}
you love cars, trucks, airplanes, or any other mode of transportation. we're going to try to get you on a real "choo choo" soon, i think you would love it! you also love to read books before bedtime, and your favorite tv shows are super why, curious george and mickey mouse clubhouse.
{splash pad fun}
you had a great time at your birthday party- especially playing in the bounce house with your friends. you are so full of life and SO much fun!
{eating a cupcake at your birthday party}
you are so loved, baby boy!

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