Monday, August 11, 2014

11 months.

dear carter,

the closer we get to your birthday, the more i try to savor the moments. these eleven months have been some of the best times of my life... you have the sweetest, most fun personality and i don't think it's possible to love you any more. 
{after this picture i decided that maybe your hair is getting just a little long- so i trimmed it just a little bit- mainly around your ears, and just a little off the front to keep it out of your eyes}
you did well this month- no sickness {except a couple of days of bad change- the- sheets- blowout diapers, but no other symptoms- so we're not really sure what that was all about}, and no doctors appointments, so i really don't have any news to report. yay!
routine and sleep: 
is still pretty much the same, waking up between 7:30 (sometimes taking a bottle and going back to sleep for a bit) and then napping around 11 and 4... some days, if we are late putting you down, you will take one longer nap and we just move bedtime a little earlier {which is typically 8-8:30}
{see that smile? it makes this momma MELT!}
 clothes and diapers:
you are now wearing a variety of sizes-18 month pjs, and mostly 12 month outfits, your 9 month shorts still fit, and your rompers are mostly 18 months for length.

we also went up to a size 4 in diapers.
you have slowed down on the formula a bit, eating around 20 oz. a day, which is good since we are hoping to switch to whole milk in the next month. 
{lunch break with daddy}
 you are doing much better with the gagging, but still are pretty unsure about solid foods. you eat a puree at every meal- and we try to offer finger foods- you've decided you like bananas, blueberry muffins and you LOVE yogurt. you still like puffs, yogurt melts and cheerios... and also dried peaches and you're undecided on mandarin oranges.
{taking pictures on mommy and daddys old stomping grounds- GC&SU}
our favorite baby items:
the sit to stand walker- you are all over the place pushing that thing! we also got a ybike from a friend's sister who was selling hers, and you aren't as good with it yet, but i am sure it will be a favorite in the future.
{the fourth of july}
 milestones and development: 
tooth #7 {top right} and tooth #8 {bottom right} came in this month. you will sometimes stand without pulling up on anything, and love to dance.

you have also gotten really good with a straw sippy cup over the past couple of months and much prefer it to the kind you have to turn up to drink out of.
{carters face this EVERY time you lay him in the grass. we guess it tickles the back of your neck. you scrunch your nose and let out the cutest little giggle.}
you love to be outside, for us to blow in your face/hair.
{on the lake with mommy}
you haven't been as excited about bathtime lately, i think maybe because we have waited too late and you have been tired.

you also will eat anything you find on the group- especially fuzz from the rug and feathers from the couch pillows- we have to finger sweep to get it out of your mouth and you REALLY hate that.
{at the splash pad}
you are growing so quickly, but things just keep getting better and better.
being your mommy is the best!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

embrace the mess.

i'll admit it. i'm a control freak. 

i like for things to be perfectly planned, expected and clean. and i am constantly having to remind myself that now that i'm a mom, i've got to let go a little bit.
{my living room- complete with a make-shift changing area on the ottoman and inflatable pool ball pit}
it's okay if the laundry is overflowing, there's dishes in the sink, and it's 3:00 and my child still has squash smeared on his face from lunch... he is a boy {how convenient that people expect BOYS to be messy- though i'm not quite sure how the girl moms are supposed to keep their babes so perfectly pretty all the time}.
{that board is our fancy homemade"baby gate"- and the cat food must be kept on the stairs out of baby-reach}
i'm pretty sure my life will just get messier and messier. and maybe one day i will actually think it's cute when he has leftover food on his face. 
"my home is filled with toys, has fingerprints on everything and is never quiet. my hair is usually a mess and i am always tired. but there is always love and laughter. in 20 years my children won't remember the house or my hair, but they will remember the time we spent together and the love that they felt"- unknown.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

carter's first birthday wish list.

i can't believe that in exactly a month, my baby will be a year old! i made a list recently for grandparents of some things that i would love to have for carter and here's some of the things that were on it: first birthday wish list

1. PBK trailblazer anywhere chair: for christmas i asked for an anywhere chair to match carter's nursery, but have since fallen in love with this faux leather one instead... i plan on putting it in carter's {not currently in existence, but coming soon} playroom but i like that it could blend in anywhere in the house! 

2. fisher price little people: these cute little sets are my current go-to gift for first birthday parties... and i love the noah's ark version as a way to incorporate bible stories in playtime!

3. mega blocks first builders big building bag: because every little kid needs a set of blocks...

4. fisher price see and say: i mainly like this because it reminds me of one my brother and i had growing up... i'm a fan of learning toys, and how cute is it when a little tot can tell you what all of the animals say?

5. jumbo knob puzzles: i'm also a fan of puzzles... and other toys that don't make any noise ;) melissa and doug is one of my favorite brands. i love their classic style wooden toys.

6. anatex mini rollercoaster: these "rollercoaster" toys will forever remind me of my pediatrician's office when my mom didn't want me to play with the germ covered toys in the waiting room. and again, another toy that doesn't make noise... ;)

7. tiny toms: because is there anything cuter?? {i really want these in EVERY color for carter. but red would be a natural choice for football season in athens} size 4-5 for fall/winter if anyone is needs to know ;)

8. radio flyer red wagon: i think this is a must for every child... super cute, yet functional for mom and dad, too! and i pretty much love anything by the radio flyer brand.

9. clothes: because who doesn't like a practical gift? these jammies are my favorite. gap has been sold out of them, but i'm hoping they will restock soon! oh, and if anyone is wondering, he's needing sizes 12 months for separates {summer and early fall} and 18 months for one pieces and pajamas. 

10. little tikes junior play slide: i love this slide because it's small enough that we could keep it inside and since my little one is SO active, i am sure we would love this during the winter months where we spend a lot more time indoors.

greg and i still haven't decided what we are giving carter ourselves {i think we will probably take him shopping on his actual birthday since his party is the weekend before}... so if you have any suggestions on some great gifts, please leave me a comment and let me know!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

momma style. {what i wore to a lingerie shower}

lets be honest, i pick out carter's outfit before mine EVERY day. I chose his clothes based on comfort and cuteness for the days activities and then i worry about myself. and i try not to clash with the baby... i'm not saying we need to match, i just can't wear pink when he's wearing red. do other mommas think about that, or am i just weird? 
i've always had confidence in my ability to put together an outfit. but since having carter, i really have struggled with my wardrobe. not only because your body is truly different after carrying and having a baby... but also because it really hard to be cute and and appropriately dressed to bend over and tote a little around. suddenly i can find something wrong with every. single. piece. of clothing in my closet. though i am not ready to cross over to mom jeans"- everything i wore pre-baby seems too "young", too low-cut, too tight, etc...

so i want to start sharing some outfits on the blog that i feel comfortable AND stylish in... 
i wore to my friend's lingerie shower a while back, and i think it's perfect for a night out with the girls- but still appropriate for a mom.

loose top: LOFT
statement necklace: target
leggings and leopard heels: target
wearing this outfit felt fun, and just a little bit sexy- just what i was going for.

{linking up with wiww}

Monday, July 21, 2014

when momma is happy

... everybody is happy.
if there's one thing i've realized in these 11 months (!!!) of mommyhood, it's that sometimes you need a break. that could mean just taking the time to enjoy a long, hot shower and actually shave your legs. or maybe having time to eat a hot meal- in silence. time to go shopping and pick out a new outfit, or pursue a new hobby and make something pretty.
i am so thankful that i have a hubby who understands the need for some "me" time... and he loves the one-on-one time with our boy, so it's a win-win for everyone.

what we have had a harder time doing is finding time for US as a couple.

sure, the hubs and i have had a couple date nights since carter was born... we've seen a couple concerts and most recently went to a wedding without the babe {pictured above}. up until this point we have been really lucky to not have to leave carter with anyone other than family or a close friend.

but i think that we're coming to a point where we need to find a babysitter {or two}... we're planning on joining another small group next month {ours ended this summer} and i think it's about time we make date night a priority.

i can't say i'm looking forward to it... i'm sure i will be a big ball of nerves when we do leave him with a sitter. but i'm starting the process of finding the perfect person for the job...
and one maybe one day i will relax enough to enjoy a date ;)

wish me luck.

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