Tuesday, September 15, 2015

you probably already know this, but...

we're having another baby!!! 

i posted this picture on facebook/instagram several weeks ago, but it didn't feel official unless i made an announcement on my poor, neglected blog.

i'm due february 21st, but {but since carter made his debut 3 weeks early, we will be ready well before that}.

so, i'm currently 17 weeks {plus a few days}, and feeling okay. i have been sick this pregnancy, but it does feel different than it did when i was pregnant with Carter. With Carter, the magic number was 15 weeks... but here i am still getting sick a couple times a week in the morning and feeling yuck on long-ish car rides and sometimes in the evenings. it has eased up a bit in the weeks past, so i'm still hopeful that i'll be back to my energetic feeling good self in no time {who am i kidding, i'm probably going to be tired for the rest. of. my. life.}

regardless, it's a small price to pay and we are SO excited about this sweet baby and the new addition to our family! 

Carter isn't quite sure what all is going on yet, but he does know something about there's a baby in mommy's belly, and daddy taught him how to talk to the baby, so he sticks his mouth up to my stomach and talks a lot of gibberish... so cute!  

planning on updating more soon...
so stay tuned for that ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2015


my baby love. you have made me love deeper, laugh harder, and basically, life a fuller life. i am so glad that you are mine!
i love that sweet dimple in your left cheek. and your belly laughs when daddy tickles you and "counts your ribs" are my favorite.
{with your best buddy, will, on the 4th of july}
you like jungle animals like your momma does- elephants, monkeys (okay, mainly curious george) and you especially love to "roar" like a lion. 

i love your country accent when you say "that dog" when you see one walking by. you say hi and wave sweetly to neighbors. 
{with your twin cousins out to eat at the lake}
you can say short phrases like "i'm two!" and you are good about saying please ("eeease") but we're still working on "thank you". 

you can identify almost all of your letters, thanks to super why, your alphabet book and "chicka chicka boom boom".
{your first braves game, in july. you loved it and learned how to say "baseball!}
you love cars, trucks, airplanes, or any other mode of transportation. we're going to try to get you on a real "choo choo" soon, i think you would love it! you also love to read books before bedtime, and your favorite tv shows are super why, curious george and mickey mouse clubhouse.
{splash pad fun}
you had a great time at your birthday party- especially playing in the bounce house with your friends. you are so full of life and SO much fun!
{eating a cupcake at your birthday party}
you are so loved, baby boy!

Monday, August 17, 2015

c's 2nd birthday wish list

i cannot believe my baby boy is about to turn TWO years old! we are celebrating him this weekend, so i am in full party planning mode, but i wanted to share some highlights of the wish list that i sent to relatives for some gift ideas that i think Carter would enjoy for his birthday.c's 2nd birthday wish list

c's 2nd birthday wish list by lori-williams522 featuring KidKraft

isn't this melissa and doug mail sorter SO cute?! Carter loves going to the post office and putting the real mail in the slot, so i think that he would like this play version, too!

C loves books, and we are running out of storage for all of them, so i think that this sling bookshelf would be a great solution, that way he can get them out (and put them up? maybe?) by himself!

this kidkraft table would fit perfectly in the corner of our living room, and give C a good space to play, do arts and crafts or even sit to have a snack. 

and since he LOVES to drag the broom and swifer out of the pantry, i think this 'lets play house' set and dyson vacuum would be a bit hit... although, maybe i should give him a handheld vacuum that actually works so he could help out with the housework a bit...

i've got to admit, sandboxes haven't always been at the top of my list for toys (because: the mess!) but, i've been trying to think of some good wintertime activites... and this boy LOVES being outside... so, with the lid and the legs on this one (so hopefully he won't crawl IN the sandbox?) i'm thinking this one is a good option! 

and... puzzles. because they're good learning tools. Carter is currently obsessed with letters... i am so impressed that he can identify almost all of the alphabet (just missing about 4 letters!) so after he nails that, i want to work with him on colors and shapes.

nikes. because they're so darn cute... and the kid is growing like a weed!

i think this trampoline would be a big hit, because he loves to jump and he loves being outside! and, as long as he worn some warm clothes, that would be a good way to get his energy out in the fall and winter months. 

 this play climber seems like a perfect option for his age, because it's bigger than some of the "my first playset" kind of things, but not too high off the ground so that i would have to worry about him falling and getting hurt. 

if you have a toddler, what are some of their favorite toys and games? 

we haven't decided what we're giving him yet, as we are waiting to see what he gets at his party and we will probably give him his gift closer to his actual birthday, next week.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


at the beginning of june, we went on our first annual winna family vacation (williams + denna= winna... get it, like winners?). we decided on hilton head island, since it's only about 4.5 hours away, a relatively easy road trip with toddlers!

we had such a good time, the boys loved the beach and having a playmate 24/7 and the parents loved spending time with their friends, too!
 sweet boys excited on our first day at the beach! (will is almost exactly a year older than carter, but they're the same size since will is a little small for his age and carter is so tall!)
 toddler toes in the sand
 the mamas at the beach :)
 looking at the boats before dinner at Hudson's
 with my love. we couldn't convince the little one to take a picture with us. parents are SO embarrassing.
 our sweet friends at dinner the next night at skullcreek boathouse.
the grouper imperial was SO good!
 this is what most of our picture attempts looked like. these boys are busy!
 this is carter looking away from the camera on purpose- little stinker.
 sweet boys giving hugs
and a great day it was... until the meltdowns that followed this picture ;) 
we decided they didn't like being contained and told "no"... so, we found a playground to let them run around and it cheered them right up.
they were so worn out, they didn't have trouble sleeping at all!
hugs before heading out for day #2 at the beach.
 digging in the sand :)
i love seeing these two play together. they got along SO well the whole trip and didn't ever have one disagreement. one of their favorite games was hide and seek under the cabinets ;)
we ate at palmetto bay sun rise cafe on the way home... this is greg's blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast.
and i had crab cake benedict. both were delicious and we will definitely be going back the next time we visit the island.
is it too early to count down for next year's trip?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

our summer bucket list.

so now that summer is about half over, i'm finally getting around to posting about our summer bucket list!
so far we have gone strawberry pickin' and tried two different storytimes... both of which were a major fail. the first one was at the library- there were lots of fun songs and stories, but instead carter enjoyed making me chase him in and out of the room (i'm not sure why they didn't close the doors)... then he found the broken outlet cover in the middle of the floor and got mad when i sat on it to prevent him playing with that... ohh, and then he discovered the water fountain...
which was obviously the highlight of his day... so, at least he had fun?

the second storytime was at a local restaurant and the crowd was slim since it was the first one and i'm assuming not a lot of people have heard about it yet. but... carter still didn't want to sit and listen to the story, he and the storytellers son didn't want to share their cars, and the storyteller had the genius idea of giving not-even-two year old ink pads to make fathers day cards. needless to say, i brought my ink-covered kid home and took him straight to the bath tub.

so basically, i think we're going to hold off until the fall try another toddler storytime ;)

hoping that we can cross off the fireworks this weekend at the lake for the 4th of july!

did you make a summertime bucket list? i'd love to hear whats on it if so!

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